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Thunderbird Brand – The New Rodeo Shirt

Sitting in the front lobby of Treasure Island during the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, I was waiting to pick up a saddle pad from #bossbabe, Sydney Fuller. A year prior I had purchased a Martin Saddle from her and we had since become good friends.  Over that year I had watched (via Facebook) Fuller sell many outstanding barrel horses, handling it all with grace and professionalism, as if she had done it for years; which she had. She began consigning barrel horses at the age of 14. One time in particular really stood out. There were over 200 (not exaggerating) rude comments regarding one high priced, high powered gelding. Sydney did not pay any attention to the negative, instead only replying to those seriously interested to the horse, and sold him at asking price, no problem whatsoever. She means business.

She came down from the elevator with a huge smile on her face, shoulders back, exuding confidence. Her sugar skull and cheetah print tattoo uncovered for all to see, radiating a give no F*cks vibe; When you meet people like Sydney, you can’t help but feel good in their presence.  I was mesmerized.

Many phone calls and texts later, the next time I would see Syd was California. We packed up the ponies and headed to Las Vegas for NBHA Super Show. Though we were in Sin City together, I didn’t see much of her after night one. We had gone to the M Resort Spa and Casino for a nice dinner and wine, then back to South Point where too many Tomato Beers & Washington Apple shots were consumed. Little did I know, Sydney is extremely allergic to alcohol..(but she had to show the Canadian a good time)  Somehow she managed to run 3 horses over the weekend, and thankfully she survived.

Had Miss Fuller not survived our evening out in Las Vegas, Thunderbird Brand would not be a blowing up, and the rodeo world would not be as bright. Thankfully, that is not the case!


Syd reppin’ one of her own creations, likely sippin’ on some Dr. Pepper!


How did Thunderbird Brand start? What was the original vision for the brand?
I started out with makeup bags and purses and eventually learned enough to make the shirts I had been planning on making from the beginning , I plan to keep expanding as time lets me.

What made you decide to start making rodeo shirts?
I have always wanted to design clothes I have had ideas lurking it the back of my mind for quite some time and decided now was the time to make something of those ideas and start building my empire for my family.

How many shirts have you sold so far?
I try not to count and honestly had no idea until you asked me this question! I went back and give or take, I have sold over 58 shirts. 


All of your shirts are hand sewn by you in California correct?
Yes ma’am! I am a 1 woman show. I design ,pin ,cut , sew, ship every shirt by myself!

What is the average price for a custom made shirt?
Average price would be $150. (Worth every penny!)

Who is sponsored by Thunderbird Brand in the barrel racing world?
Each one of my girls is special in her own way and brings something amazing to Thunderbird Brands table.

Sidney Forrest is my best friend and part of my inspiration.  I always had a vision of dressing her at the NFR -when she makes it she will be decked head to toe in Thunderbird Brand.

Stephanie Miller was the first person before I started this that I asked to be part of my team she is one of the most positive uplifting humans I have ever met , I hadn’t spoke with her in ages and tracked her down on Pinterest to approach her!!

Leah Baize and I crossed paths at a barrel race here in California. She has an insanely nice horse that she’s pro rodeoing on and we have since become friends. She’s an awesome representation of Thunderbird Brand.

Laremi Allred is my all around’r. She does multiple events and has such a rad style. She travels a lot and gets to show Thunderbird Brand off all over which is nice!


Syd running in a Studded Thunderbird Tee

Syd running in a Studded Thunderbird Brand Tee


What inspires you to create such fun pieces?
I have a wide eccentric view on art. I love tattoos and colors and expression – I have a southwestern soul but I’m also pretty ranchy. Anything that speaks to me on a daily basis gets put into my shirts in one form or fashion.  It may not be today or in a month, but it eventually ends up in a shirt.

What is your favorite pair of cowboy boots and lipstick?
I have an old pair of Leopard Boulets I scrounged out of the trash ! Haha true story. My favorite lip stick is D for Danger from MAC!

If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
I’m very family oriented so even though I eat lunch with my family every day I wouldn’t change it for anyone .

If you are looking to purchase a Thunderbird Brand shirt to stand out from the crowd, check out the Facebook Page or Website and shoot Sydney a message! Make sure your creative juice is flowing at max capacity! If you’re waiting on purchasing a long sleeve shirt, there are T Shirts, hats, and bags also available for purchase!!




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