Things You May Not Know About Me

I love lists. So here’s one all about ME!


  1. I cry when people sing me happy birthday. I have no control over this.
  2. I snort when I laugh. Again, I have no control over this. If my snorts offend you, leave the room.
  3. Superbad, Dark Knight, & The Man From Snowy River are my favorite movies.
  4. Peonies are my favorite flower. Mom grows massive peonies each year.
  5. I have zero tattoos. I have never found something I love enough to be on my body for forever, but I really want one on the back of my bicep
  6. My arms are double jointed, and my hips pop out
  7. I’ve been to England, Scotland, Cuba, Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Iowa, North Dakota, & Minnesota.
  8. Chai Tea Latte with a shot of Espresso is my favorite Starbucks drink throughout the year, but a Chestnut Praline is my fave come Christmas Time!
  9. I have never been hospitalized #knockonwood
  10. Blood makes me pass out. Or when people talk about a gruesome injury with detail, that’ll make me  sick too.
  11. I’ve never been to a branding, and want to go to one so badly, so if you’re reading this, invite me if you want extra hands!
  12. I never passed Level 6 of Swimming Lessons. Cannot do a front crawl to save my life. I went to level 6 four times, then just gave up. I am not very coordinated.
  13. I don’t remember the first concert I ever went to. It was probably Big Valley Jamboree when I was 11, but actual concert, I have no idea, which makes me sad. I don’t recall the first CD I ever bought either.
  14. I support hunting, but have never shot an animal in my life. Not even a gopher.
  15. My favorite book is The Lion Witch & The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis
  16. Valentina’s Hot Sauce is my favorite, especially when paired with fish tacos!
  17. When ever I go to Vegas, no matter how hung over my friends are, I make them come with me to The Red 8 at The Wynn for Hot & Sour Soup. Delish!
  18. If I could live anywhere in Alberta it would be west of Calgary in the foothills. The mountain view has my heart.
  19. French Bulldogs are another favorite. (Lucy is the best)
  20. I cannot watch scary movies. I will sleep with a light on for days after the fact #paranormalactivitywastheworst
  21. I never went to college. I wanted to be an event planner, but ended up convincing myself that nobody uses Event Planners where I live.. #dumbass
  22. I have never liked peanut butter. This year was the first time I ate it on toast. It’s not that bad I guess
  23. My favorite place in the world is Christina Lake, BC
  24. My biggest fear use to be people talking about me, but now I find spiders much scarier.
  25. I like white wine more than a red. Love Kim Crawford Sav Blanc
  26. Dancing is my favorite. I am not coordinated enough to be any good at dancing (see 12) but I LOVE it!
  27. I played Rugby in High School. Then I sprained my ankle. Still gives me grief.
  28. I love to dress up, but if you see me on any given day, I am likely wearing old riding jeans, stained sneakers, and a hoodie
  29. If  I won the lotto max, I would pay my parents debt off, buy myself a place in the foothills, and go to Fiji with friends & family.
  30. I have done a fire walk!

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