The Canadian Tuxedo

Just going to do a quick write up this morning on wearing your best Canadian Tuxedo. If you dont know what I am talking about, I mean denim on denim, jean shirt with jeans, you get the drift?

Now we dont want you to show up to a rodeo looking like Brittany and JT back in 2001, especially not with that hat… But if you want to, I wont stop you..


I have always been told to wear a lighter wash on top, and a darker wash jean. Personally I think that works best, and looks the nicest, but you CAN match the right washes, with darker on top and a bit lighter on the bottom!


Cruel Girl Denim with Lace Yokes

If you can find a denim shirt with some lace on it, or with a navajo or aztec pattern, or even a badass studded firebird on the back, BUY IT and ROCK IT! I am still on the hunt for one like that!

Also when buying these shirts, make sure they fit you properly please! The seam in the shoulder of the shirt should line up with your own shoulders, and not be over. If you are busty, make sure the buttons arent about to pop, or make the shirt gap.. Wear a tank underneath, you never know when your saddle horn is going to catch and give everyone a show!

I would tell you to wear a belt, I mean it ties the outfit together, and right now there are a lot of sweet ones to pick from, like beaded ones by Sweet Tequila Beadwork , some nice tooled leather ones, or even the fabric ones from Peru (thats what I have) along with some cute earrings that arent to heavy and smack your hat, but I have caught my belt on the saddle horn coming around third… so I dont wear one anymore. It was rather embarassing and midly terrifying trying to un-hook myself before we ran out the gate.

I asked some lovely ladies for their best Canadian Tuxedo pics, and this is what I got.


Sam Smith rockin the tux at an FCA Rodeo this summer


Laramie representing Canada in more ways than one at the CNCFR!

If wearing denim on denim isnt your thing, then by all means this works too


Tanner Milan & Cody Haney



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