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Top 15 in the WPRA Headed to Las Vegas

This is the UNOFFICIAL list of the top 15 barrel racers in the WPRA who should be heading to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo this December in Las Vegas, thanks to Miles McNarland, who keeps tabs on this all year long! As official results come in from the WPRA, I will update this post!

The number one cowgirl, Tiany Schuster and her horse Showmance, are ahead of Stevi Hillman who is occupying second position by $65,319, unofficially. The next closest by money won in the rough stock and timed events is bull riding sensation Sage Kimzey, who has won $234,136.27 in his 2017 season, then Tuf Cooper with $211,927.32.

Canada will be sending 9 of their best south of the border for finals, including Jordan Hansen, Tanner Milan, Scott Guenther, Jake Vold, Orin Ellis, Clay Elliot, Zeke Thurston, Layton Green, and Jeremy Buhler who will not be competing with his roping partner Levi Simpson as Simpson fell into the crying hole. Buhler will be roping with Tom Richards. Thanks to Ted Stovin with Everything Cowboy for the update. To learn more, check out his story here.

1 Tiany Schuster Krum, TX $250,016.98 90
2 Stevi Hillman Weatherford, TX $177,791.92 92
3 Nellie Miller Cottonwood, CA $130,536.75 46
4 Amberleigh Moore Salem, OR $120,852.11 50
5 Kassie Mowry Dublin, TX $115,162.81 24
6 Kathy Grimes Medical Lake, WA $111,785.38 45
7 Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX $97,778.87 66
8 Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD $93,438.32 57
9 Taci Bettis (R) Round Top, TX $93,222.32 66
10 Sydni Blanchard Albuquerque, NM $91,376.73 74
11 Tillar Murray Fort Worth, TX $86,019.79 88
12 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Victoria, TX $83,741.30 90
13 Kellie Collier Hereford, TX $83,342.23 96
14 Ivy Conrado Hudson, CO $77,490.74 83
15 Kimmie Wall Roosevelt, UT $73,819.70 58

16 Sherry Cervi Marana, AZ $73,015.80 76
17 Emily Miller Weatherford, OK $71,704.09 79
18 Jana Bean Ft Hancock, TX $70,654.26 92
19 Jackie Ganter Abilene, TX $68,758.99 96
20 Ari-Anna Flynn Charleston, AR $62,607.25 86

Arena Chatter Whats Happening

Current W.P.R.A World Standings as of July 26th

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- I know I just did a world standings post after the Calgary Stampede, but another huge paying rodeo was on this weekend and shifted the standings yet again. Of course this will continue to happen right ’til the last rodeo of the season, but this is important.

Hailey Kinsel, the same college student who won RFD-TV’s The American this past February for 1/3 of a MILLION dollars on her 5 year old mare named Sister who is out of Dinero aka PC Frenchmans Hayday, oh, and also won a College National Finals Rodeo title, won The Days of ’47 rodeo this past weekend, which paid $50,000 to first, plus the qualifying rounds, which send Kinsel from sitting in the 20’s, maybe it was even the 30’s, up to 7th spot with $92,812.19 after 47 rodeos attended. HOW EXCITING!!

The silver medalist, Kellie Tovar moved to 22nd and bronze medalist Lisa Lockhart moved to 9th position in the world rodeo standings.

Canadians Kirsty White and Carman Pozzobon are 32nd and 33rd respectively!

OH, and Tiany Schuster has almost a $100,000 ($97,961.10) lead over second place cowgirl, Stevi Hillman. No big deal..

Excited to watch how the standings play out the remainder of this season! Will we see Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi make a return to the bright lights of Vegas and finally get to watch the record setting Mona run at the T&M? Will Sydni Blanchard make it back? Will Amberleigh and Paige run again and break the arena record this year? I cannot wait to find out!

Standings courtesy of the WPRA–>

1 Tiany Schuster Krum, TX $229,279.82 63
2 Stevi Hillman Weatherford, TX $131,318.53 62
3 Kassie Mowry Dublin, TX $115,201.07 20
4 Nellie Miller Cottonwood, CA $112,500.60 34
5 Amberleigh Moore Salem, OR $106,751.81 37
6 Kathy Grimes Medical Lake, WA $99,804.79 28
7 Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX $92,812.19 47
8 Tillar Murray Fort Worth, TX $73,451.97 55
9 Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD $67,642.11 34
10 Emily Miller Weatherford, OK $66,189.48 45
11 Taci Bettis (R) Round Top, TX $63,453.31 48
12 Kellie Collier Hereford, TX $61,404.53 56
13 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Victoria, TX$54,318.68 53
14 Kimmie Wall Roosevelt, UT $51,730.41 34
15 Ari-Anna Flynn Charleston, AR $51,629.15 52
16 Sydni Blanchard Albuquerque, NM $51,334.25 44
17 Tammy Fischer Ledbetter, TX $49,212.45 56
18 Ivy Conrado Hudson, CO $48,826.05 48
19 Taylor Langdon Aubrey, TX $45,574.64 45
20 Carley Richardson Pampa, TX$45,074.60 38
21 Sherry Cervi Marana, AZ $43,848.12 37
22 Kelly Tovar Rockdale, TX $42,469.18 45
23 Cayla Small Bokchito, OK $40,261.91 41
24 Sabra O’Quinn (G) Ocala, FL $39,791.37 42
25 Jackie Ganter Abilene, TX $39,447.93 61
26 Sidney Forrest Lipan, TX $36,145.34 52
27 Jana Bean Ft Hancock, TX $36,102.27 50
28 Carmel Wright Roy, MT $35,699.73 48
29 Ericka Nelson Century, FL $35,366.56 60
30 Christine Laughlin Pueblo, CO$33,303.02 41
31 Jordan Moore Mauston, WI $33,000.69 47
32 Kirsty White Maricopa, AZ $32,432.23 22
33 Carman Pozzobon Aldergrove, BC $32,229.10 21
34 Shelby Janssen Coleman, OK $32,033.10 63
35 Tracy Nowlin Nowata, OK $31,892.57 34
36 Sammi Bessert Grand Junction , CO$29,785.80 27
37 Kim Schulze Larkspur, CO $28,842.32 31
38 Nicole Laurence Cresson, TX $28,456.15 48
39 Jane Melby Bokchito, OK $28,263.78 47
40 Laura Kennedy Quitman, AR $28,129.91 59
41 Michele McLeod Whitesboro, TX $28,100.88 62
42 Jaime Hinton Bulverde, TX $27,082.05 38
43 Mary Walker (G) Ennis, TX $26,282.39 39
44 Lori Todd Willcox, AZ $26,104.94 24
45 Jana Griemsman Piedmont, SD $25,818.53 25
46 Fallon Taylor Collinsville, TX $25,687.64 16
47 Nikki Hansen Dickinson, ND $24,157.40 25
48 Jessica Telford Caldwell, ID $23,682.42 37
49 Trula Churchill Valentine, NE $23,537.05 37
50 Brooke Rix Skidmore, TX $23,230.16 34

Arena Chatter Results

Canadian Regulation Pattern Record Times

The following times are the Top 20 Fast times on a WPRA standard pattern in Canada. These times are pulled from CPRA Results from 2013-2016, and from word of mouth.

If there are corrections to be made, please message me on the Lipstick and Cowboy Boots Facebook Page. I will continue to update this spreadsheet as times come in!

*updated March 29 2017








Lindsay Sears


Ponoka Outdoor

Ponoka Stampede



Sierra Booth


Stettler, Alberta

Diamond N



Justine Elliot


Ponoka, Alberta




Rayel Little

Stettler, Alberta

Diamond N



Nicole Pana

Crime Dreamer

Unity, SK

CCA Rodeo



Michele Mcleod

Slick By Design

Ponoka, Alberta

Ponoka Stampede



Tammy Key-Fischer

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Stampede



Traci Dawson MacDonald

Copy N Paradise

Ponoka, Alberta


Shannon Blakely

Major Dry Bar

Ponoka, Alberta

Fast Time Jackpot



Reagan Tebb

Concerned About Cash

Ponoka, Alberta

ABRA Finals



Jackie Ganter

Baby J

Teepee Creek

Pro Rodeo



Justine Elliot

Blondy’s Starlight

Ponoka, Alberta



Jackie Ganter

Baby J

Medicine Hat, AB

Pro Rodeo



Braidy Howes

Royally Wicked

Ponoka, Alberta




Rayel Little

Pale Face

Ponoka, Alberta

ABRA Finals



Vanessa Leggett

FDI Cash To Burn

CBR Finals



Kandi Horn

Unleashed Bentley

Ponoka, Alberta

Barrel Bash Slot



Carman Pozzobon

Rip N Lady

CBR Finals



Jessie Vandenbroek

Okey Dokey Zoom

Ponoka, Alberta

Bolt For The Colt



Rachel Prim

Proud Red Pepper

Ponoka, Alberta

Ponoka Stampede



Jenny Traub

LL Inuidious

Ponoka, Alberta

The Runaway



Christine Loflin

Strathmore, Alberta

CPRA Rodeo



Julie Leggett

Bonnyville, Alberta

CPRA Rodeo



Cathy Grant

Bonnyville, Alberta

CPRA Rodeo



Cassidy Smith

Indians Red Passion

Ponoka, Alberta

Barrel Bash



Katie Garthwaite

Bonnyville, Alberta

CPRA Rodeo


Arena Chatter

Rodeo Houston Begins

March 7th-26th is Rodeo Houston where contestants compete in sets of Super Series which include 15 performances, two semifinals, a wild card and a championship round where $50,000 is up for grabs. The money won at Houston does not count towards world standings for the cowboys, but for the cowgirls it does, which can send a lady to the top of the Womens Professional Rodeo Association standings with a really great shot at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

You can watch Rodeo Houston here on their live stream channel, and through Fox Sports Live Stream here.

Canadians that will be competing in Houston this year include:

Bareback Riders 
Kyle Bowers Super Series I
Luke Creasy Super Series I
Kody Lamb Super Series I
Jake Vold Super Series III
Orin Larsen Super Series III
Colin Adams Super Series V
Team Ropers 
Kolton Schmidt, with Shay Carroll Super Series IV
Levi Simpson & Jeremy Buhler Super Series V
Saddle Bronc Riders
Layton Green Super Series I
Jake Watson Super Series I
Tyrel Larsen Super Series II
Zeke Thurston Super Series II
Luke Butterfield Super Series III
Clay Elliot Super Series V
Dustin Flundra Super Series V
Sam Kelts Super Series V
Steer Wrestlers
Cody Cassidy Super Series I
Clayton Moore Super Series III
Tanner Milan Super Series V
Bull Rider
Jordan Hansen Super Series V
Barrel Racer
Nancy Csabay Super Series V
Wondering how contestants are qualified to enter Houston? See here


Barrel Racers that will be running at the NRG+ Stadium include

Bessert, Sammi Super Series I
Burger, Mary Super Series I
Collier, Kellie Super Series I
Crossley, Callahan Super Series I
Grimes, Kathy Super Series I
Jacob, Taylor Super Series I
Langdon, Taylor Super Series I
Schnaufer,  Kelley Super Series I
Kruse, Cassidy Super Series II
Mcleod, Michele Super Series II
Schuster, Tiany Super Series II
Taylor, Fallon Super Series II
Thiel, Britta Super Series II
Tovar, Kelly Super Series II
Walker, Mary Super Series II
Wall, Kimmie Super Series II
Bean, Jana Super Series III
Capper, Pamela Super Series III
Ganter, Jackie Super Series III
Hillman, Stevi Super Series III
Mays, Brenda Super Series III
Melby, Cayla Super Series III
O’Quinn, Sabra Super Series III
McDonald, Sarah Rose Super Series III
Cervi, Sherry Super Series IV
Conrado, Ivy Super Series IV
Dice, Rachel Super Series IV
Griemsman, Jana Super Series IV
Moore, Amber Super Series IV
Murray, Tillar Super Series IV
Schulze, Kim Super Series IV
Apffel, Callie Super Series V
Blanchard, Sydni Super Series V
Csabay, Nancy Super Series V
Little, Benette Super Series V
Lockhart, Lisa Super Series V
Richardson, Carley Super Series V
Swint, Megan Super Series V
Williams-Miller, Annelle Super Series V

Pay out looks like this:

*  Super Series I — V   Semifinals 1 & 2   Wild Card   Championship
Champion $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $50,000
Second Place $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $20,000
Third Place $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $10,000
Fourth Place $750 $750 $750 $5,500
Fifth – 10th Place N/A $500 $500 $1,250
11th — 12th Place N/A N/A $500 N/A

The schedule for each Super Series is as follows:

Performance Date
Super Series I, Round 1 Tuesday, March 7
Super Series I, Round 2 Wednesday, March 8
Super Series I, Round 3 and Super Series I Championship Thursday, March 9
Super Series II, Round 1 Friday, March 10
Super Series II, Round 2 Saturday, March 11
Super Series II, Round 3 and Super Series II Championship Sunday, March 12
Super Series III, Round 1 Monday, March 13
Super Series III, Round 2 Tuesday, March 14
Super Series III, Round 3 and Super Series III Championship Wednesday, March 15
Super Series IV, Round 1 Thursday, March 16
Super Series IV, Round 2 Friday, March 17
Super Series IV, Round 3 and Super Series IV Championship Saturday, March 18
Super Series V, Round 1 Sunday, March 19
Super Series V, Round 2 Monday, March 20
Super Series V, Round 3 and Super Series V Championship Tuesday, March 21
Semifinal 1 Wednesday, March 22
Semifinal 2 Thursday, March 23
Wild Card Friday, March 24
RodeoHouston® Super Series Championship Saturday, March 25
RodeoHouston® Super Shootout Sunday, March 26

 All info from*

Arena Chatter

WPRA Regulation Record Times

Below, I have listed what I am aware of as the top 10 fastest WPRA Regulation Pattern record time runs. Click on each time for a link to the video of the run. Click on the horses name and it will take you to where you can see the lineage on each horse, showing that the horse is in fact not a unicorn, just an outstanding specimen!

If you know of a record time that should be in the top 10, please contact me and let me know! 

Time Horse Rider Where Year
1 16.479 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Brittany Pozzi Loveland, CO Sep-15
2 16.568 Ms Perky Bug Courtney Duncan Brazil Jul-05
3 16.643 Biankus French Girl Nicole Aichele Pasco, WA May-10
4 16.644 Nate Shilabar Tanya Steinhoff Lazy E Arena Oct-03
5 16.646 MP A Man With Roses Sherry Cervi PacWest, AZ 2011
6 16.653 Proud Red Pepper Barb Merrill Buckeye, AZ 2010
7 16.665 Frenchmans Jester Jordon Peterson Alvardo, TX 2008
8 16.677 Sheza Blazin Move Ryan Lovendahl Buckeye, AZ 2010
9 16.680 JL Dash Ta Heaven Benette Barrington Dodge City, KS Pro Rodeo 2011
10 16.682 Red Headed Jonsey Louis Fincher Tulsa, OK 2003


Arena Chatter

L&CB Wrangler NFR Recap

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is over for another year. This means we can all start to catch up on some sleep, our non-rodeo friends can talk to us about civilian matters again, and those of you who unfollowed me on Facebook for fear of seeing live results before you witnessed the run, can “follow” or “friend” me again.

First things first. HOLY INTENSE BARREL RACE!!! Huge congrats to Mary Burger and Mo on their world title. Though her and Mo may not have the prettiest pattern each night, he still managed to make up time with his huge stride, probably saying to Mary, “hang on tight lady, here we go!”

Queen B beat Ambereigh Moore by $10,793.24. Moore came into the finals in 15th position and finished 2nd! Amber & her mare Paige were amazing to watch and quickly became all anyone could talk about. They even tied Taylor Jacobs arena record of 13.37 and could’ve beat it but tipped a barrel to be a 13.31. Now, you may say “Cass, she tipped that barrel, if she went around it she wouldn’t have been that fast.”  But when you watch that run, the horse had to take an extra stride around the tipped barrel and she didn’t hustle the mare home. So I still believe she would’ve had the new record. I got in on a WNFR Barrel Draft and after I had made my picks, watched Amberleighs runs on Facebook from earlier in the year, and KNEW I should’ve put her on my team. Paige works phenomenal indoors. They are a great team and hope to see a lot of them in the 2017 season.

Lisa Lockhart and Mr. Consistency himself/Louie, won the Average title staying clean for all ten rounds, and have the new average record of 137.98! They always make just the prettiest runs. Sherry Cervi broke her own WNFR earnings record which was $155,899 from 2013; Sherry earned $164,634.63 this year and Amberleigh Moore earned a whopping $187,692.29. Poor Mary Walker & Latte were unable to pull a single cheque and only had a few clean runs. I was completely shocked that Tibbie ducked third barrel on the first night and second barrel on the last night. Hats off to Ivy for riding the hair off of that power house each night. They are still one of my favourites to watch! I was also happy to see a Facebook Live feed with Sarah Rose McDonald where she was asked how she feels about all the talk regarding her riding, where she happily replied “I don’t care.” Round 7 was my absolute fave to watch of her and Bling where they ended up 2nd with a 13.66. Also, how about Cervi and Arson bringing the heat! She rides him so so well (duh, Cassie it’s Sherry, she could ride a camel at finals and do well) but they also won (tied for 1st) the last round the same as she did last year on him. Way to be Sherry!

My recommendation for all barrel racers for next year that will be watching, go follow Blaine McDougal on Facebook. He’s a barrel racer out of Kansas and did hilarious 20 minute live feed recaps of each round. He also has perfect brows. You’re welcome.

Lastly regarding the barrels, kudos to those who were able to bring new ground into the Thomas & Mack, which allowed the top 15 to give us the most exciting finals to watch!

Okay, okay, now onto other WNFR excitement. Snow Mexican’s (Canadians’s) brought home THREE World Championship titles. Holy sweet maple syrup, we’re really doin’ it Harry!

Levi Simpson won the world with $249,133.31 and the average along side his pard Jeremy Buhler who took home a grand total of $258,311.13. They were the first all Canadian team to make it to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, and the first to clinch the world title. Though it was not Buhler who started #FearTheBeard, ropers across the world now do, fear the beard.

Zeke Thurston beat out Jacobs Crawley for the world title by $2,831.39 after winning the average and a 3/4 place split in the final round where Crawley received a no score for missing his horse out of the chute. Jake Watson made it into the finals just by a few hundred bucks, and silently flew under the radar during the first bit of the finals, slowly climbing up by dominating the average. Watson ended up 2nd to Thurston in the average, and finished 5th in the world!

Jake Vold finished second in the world with $240,161.06. Vold had 3 go-round wins which launched him towards the top. Orin Larsen finished third in the world with $219,372.59 and had a go-round win despite all the pain he was in with his ribs during the finals. Kolton Schmidt came into the finals first in the world, but the pressures of the finals may have got to him with several misses, though he and Shay Carroll did win Round 9, they finished 10th in the world. We all know that Kolton is one hell-of-a roper and all of Canada looks forward to watching his 2017 season!

Also I would like to give a shout out to Dennis Halstead for being Alternate Barrel Man during the WNFR, and to Gary Remple as one of the pickup men! As well a shout out to Calgary Stampede as their 6 year old mare Xplosive Skies was named top Bareback Horse of the 2016!

Other Canadian’s who were making it big in Vegas this December were Daryl Thiessen, Travis James &  Monty Philips who competed at the Bull Fighters Only Championships, Thiessen making it to the short round, Monty was out early with a bad knee, and Travis did not advance.

Veronica Swales won the 2D taking home $10,000 at the All In Barrel Race in Las Vegas that ran during the WNFR. Sandy McGinnis & Jordyn Schuett also competed at the All In. McGinnis figured she may as well go big or go home while down in Sin City, she entered the American Qualifier finishing 20th against NFR horses and some of the best out there right now. Rylee Shields & Lindsay Sears also entered and finished in the Top 10 and will be competing at the Semi-Finals in Fort Worth, Texas.

Canadian Matthew Mousseau won the Pro Fantasy Rodeo draft that thousands of people enter.

Dang, the Canadians sure cleaned up down south the past ten days, eh?

Full World Standings are below.

1 Tim O’Connell $374,271.53, 2 Jake Vold $240,161.06, 3 Orin Larsen $219,372.59, 4 Caleb Bennett $217,167.12, 5 Tanner Aus $213,152.41, 6 R.C. Landingham $211,986.10 7 Clayton Jon $171,064.17, 8 J.R. Vezain, $159,508.019,Winn Ratliff $153,679.51, 10 Wyatt Denny $148,861.91, 11 Richie Champion $129,092.09, 12 Jake Brown $120,282.43, 13 Evan Jayne $119,081.12, 14 Ty Breuer $114,329.92, 15 Jessy Davis $79,916.05

Steer Wrestling
1 Tyler Waguespack $298,675.58, 2 Matt Reeves $226,542.67, 3 Clayton Hass $213,111.08, 4 J.D. Struxness $213,107.74, 5 Jason Thomas $205,136.76, 6 Dakota Eldridge $176,672.53, 7 Ty Erickson $145,672.82, 8 Riley Duvall $129,103.74, 9 Josh PeekP $119,156.51, 10 Nick Guy $118,308.09, 11 Billy Bugenig $109,330.21,12 Trevor Knowles $101,336.11 13 Cody Cabral $101,331.34, 14 Jacob Talley $96,686.36, 15 Baylor Roche $93,635.63

Team Roping (Headers)
1 Levi Simpson $249,133.31, 2 Kaleb Driggers $230,283.97, 3 Luke Brown $228,435.76, 4 Riley Minor $220,166.07, 5 Clay SmithB $218,611.20, 6 Dustin Bird $200,102.27, 7 Erich Rogers $189,184.93, 8 Matt Sherwood $145,906.76, 9 Zac Small $143,787.19,10 Kolton Schmidt $132,378.12, 11 Colby Lovell $122,245.15, 12 Tyler Wade $114,529.41, 13 Garrett Rogers $109,731.45, 14Cody Snow $100,717.73, 15 Coleman Proctor $92,049.18

Team Roping (Heelers)
1 Jeremy Buhler $258,311.13, 2Junior Nogueira $230,283.97, 3 Jake Long $225,091.16, 4 Paul Eaves $219,900.02, 5 Brady Minor $218,658.07,6 Russell Cardoza $193,441.35,7 Cory Petska $190,411.17, 8 Quinn Kesler $145,876.06, 9 Wesley Thorp $138,221.06, 10 Dakota Kirchenschlager, $120,755.43, 11 Shay Carroll $110,968.20, 12Jake Michael $109,152.43, 13 Dugan Kelly $106,510.45, 14 Travis Graves $106,450.23, 15Billie Seabees $98,833.62

Saddle Bronc
1 Zeke Thurston $265,449.45, 2 Jacobs Crawley $262,618.06,3 CoBurn Bradshaw $219,867.17, 4 Ryder Wright $211,758.01, 5 Jake Watson $204,101.75, 6 Cody Wright $196,927.15, 7 Allen Boore $184,385.46, 8 Jake Wright $166,818.43, 9 Rusty Wright $163,903.88,10 Jesse Wright $150,423.80, 11 Clay Elliott $139,759.79,12 Cody DeMoss $138,768.01,13 Sterling Crawley $132,376.23,14 Heith Allan DeMoss $110,986.86,15 Chuck Schmidt $83,244.36

Tie-Down Roping
1 Tyson Duffey $212,445.46, 2 Marcos Costa $208,926.95, 3 Hunter Herrin $205,572.94,4 Marty Yates $194,212.48, 5 Cade Swor $187,566.02,6 Caleb Smidt $183,776.78, 7 Riley Pruitt $180,585.78,8 Shane Hanchey $180,124.45,9 Matt Shiozawa $161,281.32,10 Cory Solomon $160,853.54, 11 Ryan Jarrett $143,688.19, 12 Blane Cox $141,473.40,13 Timber Moore $118,539.17,14 Reese Riemer $99,640.71,15 Ryle Smith $94,386.06

Bull Riding
1 Sage Kimzey $311,451.27, 2 Brennon Purcell $287,803.29, 3 Shane Proctor $272,364.58, 4 Joe Frost $217,032.70, 5 Garrett Smith $171,698.16, 6 Scottie Knapp $159,290.93, 7 Cody Rostockyj $153,286.71, 8 JW Spears $151,801.83, 9 Roscoe Jarboe $149,765.04, 10 Tyler Smith $139,891.07, 11 Jeff Askey $134,993.09, 12 Tim Bingham $132,782.74, 13 Garrett Tribble $129,118.08, 14 Rorey Maier $127,584.16, 15 Cody Teel $112,194.16

Barrel Racing (Un-Official from Miles McNarland)
1 Mary Burger $277,553.51, 2 Amberleigh Moore $266,760.27, 3 Lisa Lockhart $251,974.96, 4 Sherry Cervi $248,313.36, 5 Kimmie Wall $242,602.87, 6 Pam Capper $171,966.29, 7 Jackie Ganter $169,540.54, 8 Ivy Conrado $161,775.49, 9 Jana Bean $159,085.63, 10 Sarah Rose McDonald $159,018.24, 11 Stevi Hillman $156,527.60, 12 Michele McLeod $144,706.52, 13 Cayla Small $133,698.17, 14 Mary Walker $122,815.95, 15 Carley Richardson $103,990.71


On The Record

Mary Walker NFR 16

Mary Walker is no stranger to the National Finals Rodeo, but she is a fresh face on Lipstick & Cowboy Boots. The Ennis, Texas resident had a smokin’ 2016 season where she finished in 3rd position after 75 rodeos and $$112,815.95.

Walker won $2,534.42 from Denver, CO, $4,623.98 in San Angelo, Tx, won the 1st go, average and final round in Tuscon, AZ for over $7000, she dominated all three rounds of her Super Series at Houston taking home $3000 in each, $4,2847 in Kissimmee, FL, $2,564.32 in Rosenberg, TX,  $3,294.70 at Lewiston, ID,  $2.942.20 in Pueblo, CO, and $2,052.96 in Kalispell, MT. Those are just rodeos where she won over $2000, I didn’t include those under $2k.

If you live under a rock and are unfamiliar with Walker, she is married to 16-time Wrangler NFR Steer Wrestling Qualifier and 1981 World Champion Byron Walker. On April 23, 2011 Mary lost her only son in a car accident. Just over a month later Mary and Perculatin (Latte) fell at a barrel race. Mary was confined to a wheelchair for four months after receiving surgery. She had eight plates and eleven pins to stabilize her hip that she had broken in three places. She had also shattered her pelvis, had two fractured vertebrae and broke two toes. It wasn’t long after her rehab that she began to set her sights on the 2012 National Finals Rodeo. In 2012 Mary not only made the Wrangler NFR, she won the World with a total of $274,233.28 won. If that doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what will.

Perculatin aka. Latte is a 2004 gelding out of Dash for Perks and Curiocity Corners, a Silver Lucky Buck mare.

Do Latte & Bojangles have any quirks?
Latte has a lot of strange things he does: he always rubs his left front leg when you warm him up. He doesn’t like white lead ropes. He walks all over you. He doesn’t do that to men just woman. He likes his water as soon as he gets through running. I sold Bojangles but some of his strange things were he would not go into a strange stall or wash rack. You would have to back him in. And of course he loved his butt scratched and would about run over you to get it scratched. His new owner is now dealing with the same thing.


Mary and Latte at the Calgary Stampede

How would you describe their style?
Both horses are push style horses. Very smooth and long strides. Both horses are very responsive to whatever you want them to do. If you ever even whisper the word “whoa” they will stop immediately.

What are your favorite bloodlines for barrel racing?
I am not to big on bloodlines. I think if the horse has the mind and the heart it takes to make a rodeo horse it really doesn’t make that big of a difference.

With all the miles made, varying ground conditions, and expenses, what kept the NFR dream alive for you?
Dreaming of making the NFR takes a lot of dedication. When you work as hard as it takes you can’t quit. You are usually only to get that great horse once in a life time so you should take advantage and just make it work.

We all know that being competitive takes mental strength. What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo? Do you do anything before a run to keep your nerves in check?
Before my runs I have usually spent all day preparing for that run. You have practiced and made sure everything is good so when the time comes you have already run it thru your head so everything comes pretty natural. I try not to get over excited. Take some deep breaths and get to myself and don’t watch anyone else.


Mary with Canadian Finals Rodeo qualifier & Calgary Stampede board member Toni Dixon

What is your go to product or therapy for keeping your horses sound for the season?
My Ice-vibe boots from Horseware is my always go to. I make sure Latte legs a properly taking care of after his runs. I use Platinum Performance everyday In his feed. It keeps him healthy and his coat is always shiny.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given regarding barrel racing?
Take the wins as well as the losses. It can be and up and down roller coaster.

What would you like to see be done in the industry to better rodeo as a sport?
Being able to better rodeo as a sport is to always look professional so that our younger generation has something to look up to. It all starts in the junior division and teaching them to become the best athletes we can will help them to be.

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Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers

Here are the top 15 in the WPRA heading to the WNFR! Viva Las Vegas!

Congrats to Cayla Melby making it her Rookie Year, also qualifying for her second Canadian Finals Rodeo! Also very excited to watch Miss Jackie Ganter compete at the CFR this November in Edmonton, Alberta!

1 Mary Burger Pauls Valley, OK $190,976.61
2 Jackie Ganter Abilene, TX $116,386.69 96
3 Mary Walker (G) Ennis, TX $112,815.95 72
4 Ivy Conrado Hudson, CO $111,160.15
5 Kimmie Wall Roosevelt, UT $107,795.17 53
6 Stevi Hillman Weatherford, TX $104,642.98 93
7 Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD $100,244.19 38
8 Sarah Rose McDonald Brunswick, GA $89,364.42
10 Michele McLeod Whitesboro, TX $87,745.05
9 Cayla Melby (R) Burneyville, OK $87,736.63
11 Pamela Capper Cheney, WA $87,504.95
12 Sherry Cervi Marana, AZ $83,678.73 68
13 Carley Richardson Pampa, TX $80,875.33 63
14 Jana Bean Ft Hancock, TX $80,335.73
15 Amberleigh Moore Salem, OR $79,068.01
*standings include Pasadena, Tx money won*

Mary Burger will be sporting the #1 back number in Vegas as she is the high money earner from the season in the PRCA & WPRA with $190,772.61! Tim O’Connell in the Bareback is #2 with $179,013.20!

Canada will be sending off 8 Canadians to Vegas for their chance to spur some necks, cash some checks and bring home a Gold Buckle or two.

Recently engaged Orin Larsen from Inglis, Manitoba is 2nd in the Bareback with $138,295.67 won in the 2016 season. Ponoka’s own Jake Vold is 10th with $74,821.33. Team Ropers, Kolton Schmidt from Barrhead, Alberta finished in 4th place with $96,147.35,  Levi Simpson sits 14th with $63,133.31, and Jeremy Buhler on the heeling side is 12th with $72,311.13. Our Saddle Bronc qualifiers are Big Valley, Alberta’s Zeke Thurston finishing 4th with $105,045.60, Clay Elliot out of Nanton, Alberta at 8th place with $80,048.26, and  Jake Watson out of Hudson Hope, BC in 15th with $68,095.35, pulling a 6th place cheque in Pasadena, Tx this week to secure that final  spot! Jake is also heading to his first CFR!

The Cinch Pro Rodeo Canada Series Finals are this weekend in Calgary, Alberta which could change the standings a bit still in the CPRA.
All the best to those who are running!

*Please note, these standings could still change and are from Sept 30th 2016 from & *

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Current CPRA & WPRA LBR Standings

Here are the current Canadian Professional Rodeo Association & Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Standings.

For the CFR, the CPRA takes 5 American contestants in each event. Each qualifier must have a minimum of 15 rodeos. If they do not, the next person goes, and so on.

2 WHITE KIRSTY (37) BIG VALLEY AB $27,996.38
3 GANTER JACKIE (18) ABILENE TX $23,402.78
4 LECLERCQ RENE (36) HOLDEN AB $21,125.76
7 JACOB TAYLOR (7 )CARMINE TX $18,058.85
10 DIXON TONI (33 )MILLARVILLE AB $15,462.88
13 CSABAY NANCY (21) TABER AB $13,214.12

Note – 12 go to CFR, but Taylor Jacob won’t have her rodeo count, so I shared to #13.

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1 Mary Burger (G)Pauls Valley, OK $188,696.15602
2 Jackie GanterAbilene, TX $114,555.5795
3 Mary Walker (G)Ennis, TX $112,815.9572
4 Kimmie WallRoosevelt, UT $107,795.1753
5 Ivy ConradoHudson, CO $105,448.1555
6 Stevi HillmanWeatherford, TX $100,980.7492
7 Lisa LockhartOelrichs, SD $100,244.1938
8 Sarah Rose McDonaldBrunswick, GA $88,097.9978
9 Cayla Melby (R)Burneyville, OK $84,949.2492
10 Michele McLeodWhitesboro, TX $81,819.7985
11 Pamela CapperCheney, WA $81,698.1959
12 Carley RichardsonPampa, TX $80,644.2862
13 Sherry CerviMarana, AZ $80,410.8266
14 Jana BeanFt Hancock, TX $77,287.7392
15 Amberleigh MooreSalem, OR $74,648.1148

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On The Record


Each year I like to watch the up and coming girls at the Womens Professional Rodeo Association rodeos. I enjoy seeing fresh faces, and it gives me hope that our sport is far from dying, instead thriving with new (and old) members. The last two years I had Sarah Rose McDonald & Jackie Ganter on my radar, both who went on to make the 2015 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Early into the season, my radar picked up on a catty sorrel mare and young gun who were all anyone could talk about.

At 21 years old, Ivy Conrado is determined to make it to the WNFR. She is currently sitting number 2 in the WPRA, with $58,533.04 and a rodeo count of just 15, only sitting behind Mary Burger who took home the Houston Rodeo Championship which includes a hefty paycheck, and guarantees a spot at the WNFR. Ivy took home over $14,500 from Fort Worth, Texas, over $8900 in Denver, Colorado, and over $20,265 from San Antonio, Texas.

This is the Hudson, Colorado residents second year running WPRA, and she isn’t wasting any time in the race to  Sin City for a Gold Buckle!


Photo by Kenneth Springer. Submitted by Ivy Conrado

Conrado already has quite the resume and continues to add to it with each run. 2014 Old Fort Days Consolation Champion, 2015 Reserve Reno Rodeo Champion, 2015 Reserve Justin Boots Playoff Puyallup, WA Champion, Top 5 Rookie of the Year 2015, 2016 The NILE Champion, 2016 Reserve NWSSR Champion, 2016 FWSSR Champion, 2016 Reserve San Antonio Champion & the 2016 RNCFR National Champion.

Ivy’s 7 year old mare CFour Tibbie Stinson, is by Dash Ta Fame stud, Eddie Stinson and Little Fancy Granny, a mare out of Del Puerto Bill. Tibbie was trained and futuritied by Ivy’s Dad, Kelly Conrado, who won 7 Futurity titles on her. This year in Fort Worth, Texas the duo won RFD-TV’s The American Semi-Finals, taking home a check for $40,019.88!

This mare is so gritty and gives it her all each and every run, and leave me on the edge of my seat any time I see a video. Ivy has received the prestigious invite to run at The Calgary Stampede this summer, and I can’t wait to see them run in person! I will be keeping my fingers crossed they get to run for the $100,000 check!

Photo submitted by Ivy Conrado

Photo submitted by Ivy Conrado

Check this video out on Crazy Heart Sound and Lighting LLC’s Facebook Page of one of their runs at San Antonio,  and this video from 3-2-1 Action Video of the pair at RFD-TV’s The American Semi-Finals.

Who was your barrel racing idol growing up?
Jimmie Gibbs Munroe

Which rodeo are you most looking forward to and why?
Calgary, because I have never been out of the country to barrel race!

If you weren’t barrel racing what would you be doing?
I would be playing college volleyball.

What remedies and therapies are you using to keep Tibbie sound on rodeo ground and from the long hauls?
Back On Track, P3/Magna Wave when available, Salt water spa when available, Sore No More Products, Bio-Pulse Magentic Therapy Blanket, Acupuncture, Equisure & Gastroplex.

In your RFDTV interview you talked about how you can’t just jump on the high caliber horses and win, you have to spend the time with them. What things do you do with Tibbie other than just riding her?
Tibbie & I have a routine. Every morning I give her kisses with her grain then take her to her turn out & make a pit stop to graze for about 15-20 min. Then she gets rode about mid day for a good hour. After her work out we do her neck stretches with treats, any of her alternate therapies I have access to & back in her turn out she goes till its time to come in the barn at night.

When on the road she gets lots of grazing time, brushed, treats, alternate remedies & time to roll if she wants. I ride Tibbie basically every single day.

What advice do you have for the girls who want to be where you’re at (the TOP)?
Educate your self on horsemanship & horse care. The key is being able to keep your horse tuned up, healthy & sound. Go apprentice with someone that has “been there, done that”. Also, the amount of patches on your short DO NOT define you.

Everyone always likes to know; What saddle, pad, bit and sport boots do you use on Tibbie?
An older Martin I bought from Sherry, Saddle Right Pads, Pro Orthopedic Boots & a Loomis Gag.

And for the blog; What is your favorite pair of Cowboy Boots, and fave Lipstick?
My black ostrich Noconas, & any type of MAC Lipstick!