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Arena Chatter Results

Calgary Stampede Champions Crowned

Calgary, AB- The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth has come and gone for another year and what a show it was! Over one million people came through the gates onto the grounds by day nine, and 140,000 alone on day nine.

The Calgary Stampede committee was able to create perfect barrel racing ground to bless us with one hell of a horse race, showing us fast times all week and resulting in a new arena record, set by Tiany Schuster on Showmance.

The 2010 sorrel gelding who is by First Smart Money and out of Blue Baby Cash, (double Dash for Cash bred) was purchased by Christine Lollis as a three year old out of the Lance Graves sale and trained him. He was then purchased by Tiany and her boyfriend.

Over the ten days of Calgary, Schuster won $111,750 total earnings, with $61,750 counting towards the Womans Professional Rodeo Association standings (half of the $100,000 plus week earnings), allowing her to create a new season earnings record in the WPRA! I look forward to watching this duo inside the Thomas and Mack this December at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Texas cowboy, Cory Solomon had one of the fast times of the week in to win the tie-down roping champion title and the $100,000 cheque with a 6.7 run.

Tyler Waguespack won the steer wrestling with a 3.8, and Canadian Cody Cassidy won second with a 4.0, good enough for a $25,000 cheque.

Richie Champion reminded us that its not just his last name that makes him one, showing up with a 90.5 on C5’s Virgil for $100,000.

It was a three-peat for Big Valley’s own Zeke Thurston in the saddle bronc, he post a 92 point ride on Get Smart, while fellow Albertan Layton Green rode Wild Cherry for 91.5 and the second place cheque.

World champion Sage Kimzey matched up with Night Moves which was awesome to watch! He rode for 91 points, while Garrett Smith took a re-ride on Compton Bound and was a close second with 90.5 points for the $25,000 cheque.

It was great to see Mellissa Hollingsworth back on CBC commentating during the barrel racing and covering interviews with our rodeo athletes. She did a fantastic job, as did Ron McLean, Mark Lee, Bob Tallman, and Scott Byrne who was a new addition whom I hope becomes a main fixture over the ten days of Stampede next year.

Final four results below, as well as other 2017 Calgary Stampede champions.

Tie-Down Roping
Solomon, Cory Prairie View TX 6.7 $100,000
Moore, Timber Aubrey TX 7.2 $25,000
Yates, Marty Stephenville TX 7.5 $15,000
Shiozawa, Matt Chubbuck ID NT $10,000

Steer Wrestling
Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA 3.8 $100,000
Cassidy, Cody Donald AB 4.0 $25,000
Graves, Stockton Alva OK 13.7 $15,000
Duvall, Riley Checotah OK 14.7 $10,000

Bareback Riding
Champion, Richie Dublin TX C5 F13 Virgil 90.50 $100,000
Clements, Mason Santaquin UT C S83 Special Delivery 89.50 $25,000
Larsen, Orin Inglis MB NM X81 Spilled Perfume 70.50 $15,000
Vold, Jake Airdrie AB C S65 Shadow Warrior BO $10,000

Saddle Bronc
Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB NM 242 Get Smart 92.00 $100,000
Green, Layton Meeting Creek AB C W16 Wild Cherry 91.50 $25,000
Muncy, Taos Corona NM C S66 Stampede Warrior 90.00 $15,000
Crawley, Sterling Stephenville TX O XW Magic Carpet 89.00 $10,000

Barrel Racing Final Round
Schuster, Tiany Krum TX 17.032 $100,000
Miller, Nellie Cottonwood CA 17.080 $25,000
Hillman, Stevi Weatherford TX 17.207 $15,000
Miller, Emily Weatherford OK 17.263 $10,000

Wild Card Round
1. Amberleigh Moore, CP Dark Moon, 17.09, $6,000
2. Jackie Ganter, Blazin Baby J, 17.12, $5,000
3. Kassie Mowry, Firewatermakemehappy, 17.23, $4,000
4. Nancy Csabay, Little Miss Wicked, 17.32, $3,000
5. Pam Capper, Lil Pep of Gold, 17.71, $2,000
6. Taylor Langdon, 17.75, $1,000

1. Tiany Schuster, Show Mance, 17.17
2. Stevi Hillman, Cuatro Fame, 17.17
3. Emily Miller, Namgis D35, 17.21
4. Nellie Miller, Rafter W Minnie Reba, 17.23
5. Moore, 17.29, $3,300
6. Lisa Lockhart, An Okie with Cash, 17.49, $3,300
7. Sherry Cervi, MP Meter My Hay, 17.68, $3,300
8. Kimmie Wall, TKW Bullys Famous Fox, 17.74, $3,300
9. Ganter, 22.30, $3,300
10. Kirsty White, Special Tack, 22.73, $3,300

Total Money Won
Tiany Schuster, $111,750 ($61,750 counts toward standings)
Nellie Miller, $35,500
Emily Miller, $26,000
Stevi Hillman, $25,500
Lisa Lockhart, $18,300
Amberleigh Moore, $18,300
Kirsty White, $18,300
Kimmie Wall, $16,300
Sherry Cervi, $15,800
Kassie Mowry, $14,000
Jackie Ganter, $9,800
Nancy Csabay, $6,750
Pam Capper, $6,000
Kathy Grimes, $3,500
Taylor Langdon, $2,500
Cayla Small, $2,500

Bull Riding
Kimzey, Sage Strong City OK C -201 Night Moves 91.00 $100,000
Smith, Garrett Rexburg ID C -193 Compton Bound 90.50 $25,000
Lockwood, Jess Volberg MT V 105 Johnny Gringo BO $12,500
Vieira, Joao Ricardo Sao Paulo BRZ CH 337 Damn Straight BO $12,500

Novice Saddle Bronc Riding – Dawson Hay

Novice Bareback Riding – Connor Hamilton

JR Steer Riding Tier 1 – Luke Ferber
JR Steer Riding Tier 2 – Tristen Manning

Guy Weadick Memorial Award – Al Bouchard, Scandia, AB

Champion Saddle Bronc – Calgary Stampede T65 Tiger Warrior
Champion Bareback Bronc –  Calgary Stampede S65 Shadown Warrior
Champion Bull – Corey & Lane CHB 212 Cowahbunga

Arena Chatter Results

Championship Sunday Long Go Results

Calgary, AB – It was an outstanding day of rodeo at the Calgary Stampede this afternoon as our rodeo athletes tried their asses off for a shot at the $100,000 cheque. Three Canadians have a shot at the big money!

Check out the showdown results below.

Tie-Down roping
First Round Results
Shiozawa, Matt Chubbuck ID 7.1
Yates, Marty Stephenville TX 7.2
Solomon, Cory Prairie View TX 7.5
Moore, Timber Aubrey TX 7.5
Whitfield, Fred Hockley TX 7.8
Bird, Logan Nanton AB 8.7
Swor, Cade Winnie TX 9.5
Hanchey, Shane Sulphur LA 16.2
Jarrett, Ryan Comanche OK NT
Smidt, Caleb Bellville TX NT

Tie-Down Roping Final Four
Shiozawa, Matt Chubbuck ID
Yates, Marty Stephenville TX
Solomon, Cory Prairie View TX
Moore, Timber Aubrey TX

First Round Results
Vold, Jake Airdrie AB C R82 Reckless Margie 91.50
Larsen, Orin Inglis MB V 73 True Grit 90.00
Champion, Richie Dublin TX C T29 Trail Dust 89.00
Clements, Mason Santaquin UT C T19 Tootsie Roll 88.00
Bennett, Caleb Tremonton UT O S91 American Thumper 87.50
Peebles, Steven Redmond OR C P65 Princess Warrior 87.00
O’Connell, Tim Zwingle IA TB MX69 Sacred Nation 86.50
Marshall, Ky Bowden AB V 838 Mucho Dinero 86.00
Aus, Tanner Granite Falls MN C W34 Wanaka Rocket 85.50
Vezain, J.R. Cowley WY TB MX124 Adalida 84.00

Bareback Final Four
Vold, Jake Airdrie AB
Larsen, Orin Inglis MB
Champion, Richie Dublin TX
Clements, Mason Santaquin UT

Steer Wresting
First Round Results
Cassidy, Cody Donalda AB 3.4
Graves, Stockton Alva OK 3.8
Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA 3.9
Duvall, Riley Checotah OK 4.0
Cassidy, Curtis Donalda AB 4.2
Thomas, Jason Benton AR 4.7
Butterfield, Brock Ponoka AB 4.7
Struxness, JD Milan MN 13.5
Brockman, Seth Wheatland WY 13.9
Milan, Tanner Cochrane AB NT

Steer Wrestling Final Four
Cassidy, Cody Donalda AB
Graves, Stockton Alva OK
Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA
Duvall, Riley Checotah OK

Saddlebronc Riding
First Round Results
Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB C T38 Timely Delivery 90.00
Green, Layton Meeting Creek AB B 711 Rubels 89.00
Crawley, Sterling Stephenville TX C5 00 Double D 87.50
Muncy, Taos Corona NM V R3 Pedro 86.50
Scheer, Cort Elsmere NE C U7 Umber Bubbles 86.00
Elliott, Clay Nanton AB C S3 Simply Marvellous 83.00
Wright, Ryder Milford UT C T65 Tiger Warrior 79.00
Crawley, Jacobs Boerne TX O B8 Little Muffin BO
DeMoss, Cody Heflin LA TB 902 Capone BO
Boore, Allen Axtell UT C X55 Xena Warrior BO

Saddle Bronc Final Four
Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB
Green, Layton Meeting Creek AB
Crawley, Sterling Stephenville TX
Muncy, Taos Corona NM

Barrel Racing
First Round Results
Schuster, Tiany Krum TX 17.170
Hillman, Stevi Weatherford TX 17.170
Miller, Emily Weatherford OK 17.210
Miller, Nellie Cottonwood CA 17.230
Moore, Amberleigh Keizer OR 17.290
Lockhart, Lisa Oelrichs SD 17.490
Cervi, Sherry Marana AZ 17.680
Wall, Kimmie Roosevelt UT 17.740
Ganter, Jackie Abilene TX 22.300
White, Kirsty Big Valley AB 22.730

Barrel Racing Final Four
Schuster, Tiany Krum TX
Hillman, Stevi Weatherford TX
Miller, Emily Weatherford OK
Miller, Nellie Cottonwood CA

Bull Riding
First Round Results
Lockwood, Jess Volberg MT F4 211 Evil Genius 89.00
Kimzey, Sage Strong City OK W 917 Pound The Alarm 87.50
Smith, Garrett Rexburg ID V 008 Heavens Basement 87.50
Vieira, Joao Ricardo Sao Paulo BRZ CH 214 Knock It Off 87.00
Teel, Cody Kountze TX B K4 Rattler 86.50
Eldred, Brennon Sulphur OK V 36 Smoke Show BO
Dirteater, Ryan Hulbert OK C -126 Jukebox Hero BO
Byrne, Tanner Prince Albert SK W 21 Hookasouras BO
Lee, Mike Fort Worth TX O 96 Tennessee Whiskey BO
Radford, Brock DeWinton AB CH 102 Anchor Man BO

Bull Riding Final Four
Lockwood, Jess Volberg MT
Kimzey, Sage Strong City OK
Smith, Garrett Rexburg ID
Vieira, Joao Ricardo Sao Paulo BRZ