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Carman Pozzobon CFR 2017

Our number one Canadian Professional Rodeo Association barrel racer is non-other than Carman Pozzobon, on Ripp the badass record breaking buckskin. The duo won Coleman, Teepee Creek, Coronation, Ponoka, and Armstrong IPE putting $34,186.88 to their name.


With all the miles made, varying ground conditions, and expenses,what kept the CFR dream alive for you?
Many more goals. It all helps in the end to achieve as much as I can.

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
Ponoka. It’s a very prestigious rodeo. I love that they try and make it unique and abit more challenging.

Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede 2017
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Performance 1

Do you have a different game plan for this years CFR or will it be similar to last year?
Just aiming for smooth clean runs. Taking it one run at a time and it will all work out in the end.

What new goals have you set for yourself for 2018?
Wanting to get qualified for Calgary, and the winter rodeos so I can make a run down south. If I can fit it in I will hopefully get a chance to try for the All American.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength.What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo?
A Balanced life is key. Need enough sleep. Exercise and make sure your mind is clear. Don’t hold on to negative energy. I will go do reiki if I’m to blocked off.


IPE and Stampede 2017
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Performance 1

What is your go to product for keeping your horse feeling her best for the season?
Elite Three Hemp Products, Mare Mix.

What is the best piece of advice you’d a barrel racer looking to go pro?
Never put a limit on your Goals. If you can think it you can do it! Never use the word CAN’T.

What is one thing you can’t live without on the road?
My horses, and Water!!!

Photos submitted by Carman*

On The Record

Lynette Brodoway CFR 2017

Coming to Edmonton in second position after 39 rodeos and $30,601.56 pocketed is Lynette Brodoway and her boys, Freeway (11) and Rocket(8). They are half brothers on the sire side, both by Root Beers Boots, who stands at the Sandy Ridge Stallion Station.

How would you describe their style?
Freeway is a straighter type running horse and very aggressive. I try to ride him pretty quiet and just let him do his job. Rocket is a rounder turner and a lot more laid back so I have to be more aggressive in how I ride him. They are both kind and easy to be around.

What was your favourite rodeo this year?
My favourite rodeo was Ponoka. Qualifying for the short go was a long time goal finally achieved. The committee worked so hard for our event, making the ground conditions the very best possible. I am always amazed by the crowd at Ponoka and the high energy!

What has been your most memorable run over the years?
Wainwright’s first go run this year is my most memorable run ever. It was rainy and the ground conditions didn’t look great. I was in the slack, it was cool, and I was so disappointed in the weather and ground conditions. I didn’t have any expectations and decided to just sit back and let Freeway do his job. Long story short – he won the first go. This run helped me make some changes in how I rode him for the rest of the year.

Who is your barrel racing idol, and why?
My barrel racing idol is Rayel Little. Her great horsemanship and humility are a wonderful example to us barrel racers. Rayel was also an inductee to our Canadian Professional Rodeo Hall Of Fame this year.

Will you be rodeoing south of the border this winter?
I will be rodeoing in Arizona this winter. I really enjoy those rodeos and it is a good way to get the year started.

Riding a seasoned horse, how do you keep them sharp on the pattern?
I don’t really have any barrel exercises for Freeway and Rocket but I do periodically breeze them through the pattern and if something shows up I deal with it. I like to reinforce the skills needed for barrel racing while doing other activities. I change this up, sometimes I work, for example, the poles, the cutter’s flag or the Heel O Matic.

We all know that barrel racing and rodeo is very much so a mental sport. How do you stay mentally focused?
Before my run I like to visualize a good run and then focus on executing that good run. This is a very important aspect of the Sport. As part of my ‘Brodoway Mentorship Program’, I am always educating myself and growing in the area of ‘mental toughness’. I practice these concepts personally and then teach them to fellow Barrel Racers through my Program.

What products do you use to keep your horses feeling their best on the road?
‘Herbs for Horses’ has great products that I use to keep Freeway and Rocket sharp and feeling good. Because of their different personalities I have specific products for each horse.

What is the best piece of advice you could give someone who wanted to run pro?
Learning how to ride out the highs and lows of rodeo was a struggle for me. I have learned not to take the bad runs personally and not to get big headed over the good runs.

What is the one thing you cannot live without on the road?
I will not leave home without my daytimer. I write down my times, what I like and don’t like in my runs, my entry dates, how many hours to get to the rodeo, ground conditions and inspiring quotes. Those that travel with me know that we do not leave until it is on the truck dash. My rodeo life is in that black book!

*Photos submitted by Lynette

Arena Chatter Lifestyle

Where to Dine in Edmonton, During the CFR & PBR Global Cup

Edmonton, Alberta – If you’re coming to the city for the 44th Canadian Finals Rodeo or for the inaugural Professional Bull Riders Global Cup, you’re going to be in and around the heart of downtown Edmonton.

Instead of going to Boston Pizza, The Keg or Ruth’s Chris, I have compiled a list of some delicious restaurants you should check out, Lipstick and Cowboy Boots approved of course. All of which are within 10km of Northlands Coliseum and even closer from Rogers Place.

If you don’t feel like driving the dually downtown, I don’t blame you. Call an Uber. Download the app, it is SO easy to use and is cheaper than a cab. Plus you can watch on your phone how close they are to you! The LRT also runs downtown and is an option.

I have made this really handy for you. If you click the name of the resturant it will take you to Google Maps, but if you read through, you’ll find each restaurants website at the bottom of each write up!

You’re welcome! 

Bodega Tapas & Wine Bar, 10220 103 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4A1
5km from Northlands Coliseum
This is my favourite place in Edmonton. Opens at 4:30pm. Its small, but has a large group table in the middle. What are Tapas? They are shareable dishes. So the majority of whats on the menu, you order to share with the table. There are a few bowls for one, but get in on the sharing action! If you have me on Snapchat, you’ve probably looked at every dish on the menu. (Sorry for pretending to be a food critic hipster, taking photos of my food)
Favourite dishes on the menu include but are not limited to: Bacon Wrapped Dates, Patatas Bravas, Crimini Mushrooms, Angus Skirt Steak, Garlic Prawns, Piri Piri Calamari, and the beef and lamb Empandillas. To finish it off, I LOVE the House Passionfruit Cheesecake or the Crema Catalina.
At first the dishes will start coming out and you won’t think its enough to eat, so you keep ordering more dishes, and then once its time to consider dessert, you’re wishing you wore your thanksgiving stretchy pants. Just unbutton your Wranglers and get the dessert!
Fave drink here – red or white sangria. Both are delicious.
Parking lot is across from La Boheme, you won’t get towed, or street parking.
Website with menu –

El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar, 8230 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, AB T6E 4B2
8km from Northlands Coliseum
El Cortez makes you feel like you’re not in the North Pole, instead you made a run for the border and you’re in the heart of Mexico. They have weird but interesting video snippets playing on the wall, occasionally have a DJ come in, and ALWAYS have great tacos!
Favourite dish on their menu is the VALENTINA’S FRIED CAULIFLOWER with Aji Aioli Dip.
Fave taco there is the Cinnamon Braised Pork,
Fave drink here – Sangria.
Parking lot across the street.
Website with menu –

Tres Carnales Taqueria, 10119 100A St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0R5
5km drive from Northlands Coliseum or you can take the train.
This restaurant was my first Taco love. It is small and usually has a line but they are fast and the food is worth the wait. Great option for those of you headed to the ladies fashion show at the Westin. Its within stumbling distance.
Favourite dish to start is the Papas Fritas, which is fried chunks of Russett potatoes topped with a guajillo chile chimmichurri, queso fresco and cilantro.
Fave taco is the El Pastor (Pork)
Fave drink here – you guessed it, the Sangria.
Parking – minimal street parking, but there is a parkade around the corner. I will cross my fingers CFR44 & the PBR Global Cup aren’t coming with a blizzard and forty below temps!
Website with menu –

Meat, 8216 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4E5
8km from Northlands Coliseum
If all you want is a rack of ribs, fried chicken or smoked chicken, may I suggest Meat. They do have a few sandwiches as well. Sides are ordered separately. Its all delicious! You’ll leave with a full belly and the meat sweats.
Favourite drink here – Kentucky Mule (Bourbon)
Parking – find a lot and walk down Whyte, or test your luck and see if there is street parking.
Website with menu –

Sicilian Pasta Kitchen, 11239 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 0L5
6km from Northlands Coliseum (There is also a south side location if you’re staying on the south side of the city.)
If you want pasta, may I suggest not stopping at Olive Garden and checking out the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen instead? Seriously, you’ll thank me later.
My favourite dish was a lobster stuffed ravioli which I am not seeing on the menu, BUT, you could order anything on the menu and feel like you’re in Italy for the evening. Their in-house prepared tiramisu has been hailed as Edmonton’s best.
Website with menu –

Blue Plate Diner, 10145 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7
5.5km from Northlands Coliseum
Dinner, Lunch, Brunch, Breakfast, and a kids menu, the Blue Plate Diner has you covered. Again, I have never personally been here before, but have always heard great reviews of the place.
Parking – there are pay-parking lots close by.
Website with menu –

Rose & Crown Pub, 10235 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 3G1
4.5km from Northlands Coliseum
Pub food, close to Northlands, with a dinner, lunch and kids menu, along with daily specials. Hidden gem I think!
Website with Menu –

Local Jasper, 11228 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 2V2
 6.5km from Northlands Coliseum
This is a bit of a chain restaurant, similar to Joeys or Earls but its a safe bet if you’re scared of everything else I have recommended so far. Kids are welcome here. Board games, shuffle board etc available to play while you wait.
Favourite dish here would be the Fried Chicken Sandwich.
Fave drink – Kung Fu Punch. Tastes like juice, packs a punch..
Parking – I believe there is a parking lot here, or street parking.
Website with menu –

Sherlock Holmes Pub, 10012 101A Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0P5
5km from Northlands Coliseum
Pub food, around the corner from the Westin, so ladies who are headed to the fashion show, looking for a drink and quick bite to eat before the rodeo, this is a great option (as is Tres Carnales, its just a little longer walk.)
Daily specials, and brunch available for those who don’t wake up early enough for breakfast..
Website with menu –

Northern Chicken, 10704 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H1
7km from Northlands Coliseum
I have not been to Northern Chicken but have been recommended to go here. Judging by the photos on their website, I need to check it out ASAP.
Closed on Wednesdays
Website with menu –

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse, 9929 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1H6
10km from Northlands Coliseum or take the train
I have never actually ate here, but know many people who have and they all rant and rave about it. If you go to Pampa, let me know what you think!
Website with menu –

Rge Rd, 10643 123 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P2
7km from Northlands Coliseum
Though I have not been here myself, I am still adding it on the list because this restaurant has been named #1 in Avenue Magazine for best steak and best overall restaurant in Edmonton.
Website with menu –

Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival at the Shaw Conference Centre
5km from Northlands Coliseum
If you’re looking for something else to do while in the city, check out the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival November 10th and 11th. Purchase tickets and pick which wines you’d like to try out, and some of the best desserts and appys.
Event tickets do not include food tickets. Must be purchased separately.
Website –

Eat Clean St. Albert
If you’re looking for a healthy alternative through out the week, I will HIGHLY recommend Eat Clean St.Albert. Dan and Stacey will meal prep for you and all you have to do is order. You can either pick up at their location or you can choose the delivery option. Check out their Facebook page or their website for all options!

On The Record

Callahan Crossley CFR 2017

After just 23 rodeos, Callahan Crossley and her gelding Brownie raked up $24,762.93 and is headed to the Canadian Finals Rodeo in third spot. This is the Hermiston, Oregon cowgirl’s second CFR qualification.

How would you describe Brownies style and personality?
Brownies style is very deceiving! Nothing fancy about the way he runs the barrels, he just does his job. His personality is another story! He is very corky and it seems everyday it is something new with him. Whether he decides he isn’t going to load in the trailer to not letting you bridle him or clean his feet out, he likes to keep things interesting!

Will you be bringing up another horse to run, or will you rely solely on Brownie throughout the week?
I plan on running Brownie for the 6 rounds but I will be bringing my sister Jordan Minor’s awesome horse Laurie Darling! I ran her at most of the May- June Rodeo’s this year. She is a palomino mare, she is out of my moms old barrel horse (Joes Genuine Copy) and by Frenchman’s Falcon who is an own son of Frenchman’s guy.

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
My Favorite Canadian rodeo this year would have to be Ponoka because that is where everything started to turn around and kind of kicked off the rest of the year.

Over the years, what has been your most memorable run you’ve made?
I’d have to say my most memorable run would have to be this year at the 2017 Breeze barrel race in Ponoka where Brownie and I won the 50K!

Who is your barrel racing idol?
My biggest barrel racing idol is my Mom! She’s taught me everything I know and has trained some greats, including my favorite one of all, Brownie!

Riding a seasoned barrel horse, what exercises do you do for tune-ups on the pattern?
For Brownie it’s mostly just keeping him in the best shape. He knows the pattern by now (most days 😜) so I try to not tune on him unless he’s had lots of time off.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength.What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo?
I just try to focus on myself. Don’t worry about what people are doing around you. It’s very easy to get caught up with how much others are winning when your in a slump.

What is the best piece of advice you could give a person who wanted to run pro?
Go for it! Everyone started somewhere.

What is one thing you can’t live without on the road?
The support of my family and candy!

*Photo submitted by Calli*

On The Record

Kirsty White CFR 2017

After 43 rodeos, and $23,713.71 won, Kirsty White has qualified again for the Canadian Finals Rodeo with her great mare Racey aka Special Tack (by Plain Special out of a Cutters Bonanza (Major Bonanza) mare.) This will be White’s fifth CFR, and they are coming in HOT in fourth position!

How would you describe Racey’s style and personality?
Racey is very present, forward and pushy in addition to being very sensitive, she has a very strong personality and is the most reactive horse I have ever been around. She is a difficult horse but has so much try its off the charts. She turns on all four and is very correct but feels different on the left side compared to the right, which is why I went left. She has changed my life. I love her with all my horse. She has the most try out of anything I have ever rode.

Can you tell us about your other horse?
Raisen is exactly the opposite of Racey. Very laid back, easy going but super spooky. Probably one of the finest horses I have ever trained. She wants to use her hind end in the turn, has a great style and is very easy to ride fast. She definitely makes you look good. She is a five year old by an own son of Corona Cartel and out of an own daughter of Raise A Secrete, who is out of Bugs Alive in 75. She is crazy fast and efficient. I am so excited about her

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
I have two favourites. The last run in my pool at Calgary because I won it, and have tried to win it for a long time, and Okotoks because I won it on Raisen! I was over the moon with her.

Over the years, what has been your most memorable run you’ve made?
Gosh, thats a tough one. Racey worked unreal at Ponoka in the long round this year. I was thirteenth out and she tried her butt off. I won third and then I won Okotoks inside one year by three tenths, almost a flawless run. There are so many great runs, I am just lucky to go fast when I get to.

Who is your barrel racing idol?
Rayel Little, without question the best trainer of all time on the planet!

Will you be rodeoing south the border this winter?
Yes, I got into Houston and San Antonio so I was hoping to have both the horses ready.

Riding a seasoned barrel horse, what exercises do you do for tune-ups on the pattern?
Just exercise every day. Sprints, speed control, slow work, and always long trotting in the field eery few days.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength.What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo?
I just try to stay positive and get all my physical prep done. The mental game when I’m training is patience, sometimes to stretch the ride out is better than dying on that hill. Sometimes they just need time to process. If I’m in a jam, I just retract or ask in a different way, but keep asking and try to wait them out. For competition a person just needs to figure out how to be present and relaxed. Usually deep breathing works best to expel thoughts so as better to react and feel and try to get where you can practice this, away from the chatter.

What is your go to product for keeping your horse feeling her best for the season?
Corvet, Ty Corbiell is my go to. I have complete trust in him and he helps me read my horses needs really well. He cares.

What is the best piece of advice you could give a person who wanted to run pro?
Try not to expect too much and have an open mind. There is so much info our there. Don’t get too high or too low, and try to do everything you can to be prepared. Try to just have one main go to, keep trying and never give up.

What is one thing you can’t live without on the road?
My horses head gear.

Kirsty would like to thank her sponsors,  Back  On Track , SharpEdge, & Corvet- Ty Corbiell

*Photo submitted by Kirsty

On The Record

Sydney Daines CFR 2017

In 2014 Sydney Daines took home 3 Go Round buckles at the Canadian Finals Rodeo, and was headed to the Calgary Stampede in 2015 after finishing the season in the Top 4. CFR44 will be Daines’ third Canadian Finals Rodeo qualification on her great gelding Flame (sired by Dash ta Fame out of a Jet of Honor Mare).

With all the miles made, varying ground conditions, and expenses,what kept the CFR dream alive for you?
Theres no better feeling than running down the alley at the Northlands Coliseum and just wanting to experience that feeling again makes all the miles, ground conditions and expenses worth it.

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
My favourite rodeo this year would have to be Innisfail. We didn’t pull a cheque out of Innisfail but its one of my favourite times of the year because my family has a chance to get together. I can also see old friends and hangout with them for the weekend since Innisfail is the only rodeo on that weekend. Plus, I know for the rest of the summer my life consumes of soccer and rodeo.

How do you manage to balance University, Soccer and rodeo so well in the spring and fall?
First thing is I have a great mother. When I’m busy with school or soccer she is taking care of Flame and always making sure he is looking amazing. I have a really good connection with my soccer coach and we try to make it work between games/practices with rodeo. My team is a big supporter of Flame. I’m currently taking the combined Native Studies Arts/ Education elementary degree. Fall is the more busier time of the year with regular season soccer and preparing for CFR, so I can only take 4 course loads this semester. Overall I try to put school first but only once in your life you can play soccer at this high level and be blessed with a great horse at the same time, so my new motto is, why not do both?

Riding a seasoned barrel horse, what exercises do you do for tune-ups on the pattern?
Sometimes he just needs a little reminder who’s boss, since he is very spoiled. Overall, it depends what arena were competing in and what he has done in that arena in the past will depend on what exercises we do.

Regarding legging a horse up, especially when so busy,what is your routine?
Flame is a funny horse he is very hard to just go ride around in the field, usually you’ll see us going faster backwards than forwards. With me living in Edmonton and him back in Innisfail my mom takes him to Coulee Equine very regularly where he swims and goes on the long trotter. I will also meet my mom once or twice before CFR to ride him so I can remember what I’m doing. With him I feel confident that he just needs to keep in shape and stay away from the barrel pattern until November 8th.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength.What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo?
I just try to have fun with every run by remembering how lucky I am to have this horse and that I am able to do this event. I never try to over think things right before my run or become too nervous because your horse can feel that. I always try to focus on my main goals I’ve set through out the year, so before my run I am already prepared. If I didn’t reach one of the goals I just go back to the drawing board and see what could I have done differently.

What is your go to product for keeping your horse feeling her best for the season?
Dr. Scott is our product. He knows Flame inside and out. He gives us the best knowledge on what products to use down the road whether its for long night hauls or hot/cold weather conditions. He always has three great answers to every question.

What is the best piece of advice you would pass along to someone regarding barrel racing and/or rodeo?
Overall, enjoy the people you meet in the rodeo and barrel racing world and appreciate the time and stories you create with your friends and family doing an event you love. By having those people in your life to celebrate wins with or having a glass of wine with when you hit a barrel, all help when trying to make it down the road.

What can you not live without on the road?
I can’t live without Starbucks or Red Bulls.

*Photo submitted by Sydney

On The Record

Taylor Manning CFR 2017

At just thirteen years old, Miss. Taylor Manning is headed to her very first Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, Alberta this November.

Taylor and her main mount Matlock, aka Good Little Nick (By As Good As Nick Gets out of Fols Dream of Cash) had an outstanding year winning $21,163.55 after 40 rodeos, and are going to the finals in seventh position.

How would you describe Matlock’s style?
Matlock’s style is bendy and soft through the body

What kind of quirks does Matlock have?
Some of his quirks are that he can be a bit strong and he holds his breath when he’s nervous. He nudges me constantly for attention and will whinny when he sees me.

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
My favourite rode was Ponoka Stampede! It was my first short round and final four. I got to go on stage to get auctioned off and got the coolest Ponoka Stampede knife!

Taylor and her sister Paige at Ponoka

Who is your barrel racing idol?
My favourite idols are Rayel Little and Kirsty White. They both have the same style and work hard to achieve their goals. They are nice to me and always are helping me to improve both my horse and I. Rayel also trained Matlock! 

My Mom Shelly is also my idol. I’ve always looked up to my Mom, as she is sweet, outgoing and fair. This summer she was always there helping me, and drove me around everywhere. For example we showed up in Ponoka at 5am trying to get to ride, driving all night from Williams Lake, BC. 

Riding a seasoned barrel horse, what exercises do you do for tune-ups?
I round pen Matlock to keep him soft. I also do lots of slow work to keep him relaxed.

Regarding legging a horse up,what is your routine?
I let my horse up almost six weeks before I go to a jackpot. My Dad plows a track in the field if the snow is too deep.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength and focus.What do you do to keep focused in the game of rodeo?
I just think about what I have to do and make it as perfect as I can.

What is your go to product for keeping your horse feeling her best for the season?
Matlock loves his Buckeye Feeds and Sharpedge. I also keep his legs feeling good and give him lots of rest.

What is the best piece of advice you were ever given regarding barrel racing?
The best advice I have heard is to always trust your homework.

What is one thing you can’t live without on the road?
The most important things I need on the road is my bridle and tack. Another thing I need is my Mother. She drove me everywhere this summer, as my Dad drove my brother to all the amateur rodeos. I am so thankful for my parents that are giving me the opportunities to fulfill my dreams and helping me move forward in barrel racing.

Taylor would also like to thank her sponsors as this season wouldn’t be possible without them. MMD, Cross Country Pipeline, Anderson Builders Group, Sharpedge and Impact Gel.

*Photos submitted by Taylor

On The Record

Sarah Gerard CFR 2017

Back for her second Canadian Finals Rodeo is Sarah Gerard and her mare Mona aka. Luv n Roan Mance, who is by Desperado Doc and out of Miss Behavin Irwin. Together after 43 rodeos they won $17,359.48 and are headed to Edmonton in 11th position.


How would you describe Mona’s style?
Mona is a turner. I push her in between then try to stay quiet and out of her way around the barrels. No wins for Mona and I this year.

With all the miles made, varying ground conditions, and expenses,what kept the CFR dream alive for you?
First of all it was Jason,Odessa and Troy telling me to go. That I could get it done that I needed to make it so they could go watch . I think my family and friends believing that Mona and I could get to the CFR but also my family allowing me to be gone a good part of the summer with out to much complaint was the strong driving force that let me stick the miles out. Odessa was amazing and took care of all my responsibilities at home even through being evacuated because of the crazy wildfires!! I’m so thankful for each and every person that helped me out along the way enabling me to accomplish my hope of competing at the 2017CFR. My list is too long to name everyone but it’s their kindness and generosity that has made it a reality!! Sherri Belcham also said she would make me shirts if I got there so that was extra incentive. Last but not least.. I just love to barrel race!!

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
I would say KDays stands out as my favourite this year. I always wanted a chance to run at Northlands again to apply the lessons I had learned after my rookie performance at the 2003 CFR and Mona pulled through getting a good cheque.

Who is your barrel racing idol?
Sherri Cervi. I admire her riding style.

Regarding legging a horse up,what is your routine?
For Mona because she has pssm I slowly work her up to a regular workout before the start of the season which is 10minutes walking 10 trot 7-10 lope/gallop 5 trot 10 walk.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength.What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo?
I try to focus on riding to the best of my ability so my horses can work to the best of theirs. Being able to reach out for support from my family and friends when life on the road gets overwhelming is important for me. Knowing God always has a plan.

What is your go to product for keeping your horse feeling her best for the season?
For Mona it’s her odd traveling buddy….Rona the goat. Mona gets anxious with very high stress so Rona settles her making the miles easier on her and me too.

What is the best piece of advice you were ever given regarding barrel racing?
There is 2 that I always fall back on. Kenny Mclean said get off his face trust him! And My Dad told me you got to be smarter than the horse.

What is one thing you can’t live without on the road?
I’d say coffee.

*Photo submitted by Sarah

On The Record

Jackie Ganter CFR 2017

Of all the barrel racers I have interviewed, Jackie Ganter has been Lipstick and Cowboy Boots the most in the past few years, this being her fifth interview, sixth including the podcast. (Poor girl!)

Jackie just missed out on another Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualification, but is happy to be headed North for the Canadian Finals. Jackie won $16,160.10 in CPRA earnings at 21 rodeos this season, and is coming to Edmonton in 12th position. She is bringing Recent Release, Guys French Jet, and Cartels Fame with her. R being her main horse during the finals.


How is R bred?
He is 19 years old so most of his breeding is old but he’s a grandson of Dash For Cash and has Three Bars on the bottom.

How would you describe R’s style?
He is turny but honest and very gritty. He loves his job.

What kind of quirks does he have?
Everything! Haha. He is a crazy old man but I love him. His biggest quirk is the alley, you have to keep him away until it’s your time to go.

This has been a challenging year for you, what kept you going?
I think just the will to win. It has definitely been trying but we are going to keep pushing through.

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
I would have to say Calgary. It is my all time favorite rodeo. When Baby J won 2nd in the WildCard I just lost it, to make the finals there both years I’ve competed is a dream come true.

Who is your barrel racing idol?
Amberley Snyder

How do you stay healthy on the road? Do you exercise or just eat as healthy as you can?
Well, kind of neither but should I? Yes, most definitely should do both.

What was it like working with RedBull, and do you have any future side projects like this lined up?
I am very honored to be on the Red Bull Athlete Team, it is so humbling to meet the other athletes from all over the world and be grouped with them. Yes, there will be more projects in the future. (Check the RedBull action out here.)

Will you be going to the WNFR to watch this year, or will you be staying home, or maybe taking a hot vacation instead?
I got invited to the Boyd Gaming Cinch Shootout so I will be attending that as well as entering the All-In Barrel Race and American Qualifier. Also I’ll be signing autographs at quite a few of my sponsor’s booths so I’ll basically be out there the whole time.

What is your go to product for keeping your horse feeling her best for the season?
PHT Products, Equi-Resp, Respond Laser, Sportz-Vibe, and Ice-Vibes

What is the best piece of advice you would give a person regarding barrel racing?
Do the impossible! Lots of days you feel like you’re facing a brick wall and you just have to break through it.

What is one thing you can’t live without on the road?
My dog, Derby.

*Photo submitted by Jackie

On The Record

Rene LeClercq CFR 2017

Rene LeClercq is back again, determined to pull cheques in Edmonton at her second finals, on her mare Flirt for a Diamond, who is by Chicado Book (Docs Paradise) and a Quixote Doc mare. Throughout the 2017 season and after 45 rodeos, the pair won $18,917.81 for their efforts.

Does Flit have any quirks?
She is so laid back, sometimes she gets too relaxed before a run.

How would you describe her style?
She’s a ratey horse. The harder you run her in the better she turns.

(Covy Moore/

With all the miles made, varying ground conditions, and expenses,what kept the CFR dream alive for you?
Well obviously having tough horses to be competitive on, Flit saved my season this year. All my sponsors, you can’t get down the road without great partnerships. And the support of my family and friends.

What was your favourite rodeo this year?
Strathmore, Flit had an amazing run and it felt great to be complemented by the US girls.

Who is your barrel racing idol?
Mom, she has done so much, and I’ve always looked up to her.

What do you do to keep a seasoned horse tuned up?
Flit is so easy running she doesn’t need much. But slow work, maintaining good shape and form. Fast times come from form.

What do you do to keep a horse legged up throughout the season?
Lots of long trotting and breezing out in fields.

We all know rodeo takes serious mental toughness. What do you do to stay focused, and confident?
I just have to have confidence in my horses and myself. And just remind myself to have fun, when I got out happy and having fun there is no pressure.

What supplements do you use to keep your horses performing their best?
Hoffmans, Sharpedge, Excel EQ.

(Covy Moore/

What advice would you give to someone wanting to run pro?
Believe in yourself and your horse. Stick to your own game, and don’t let the big stage overwhelm you. It’s the same pattern whether it’s at home or the CFR.

What can you not live without on the road?

Rene would like to thank her sponsors, Frontier Western Shop, Country Junction Feeds, Destress, MMD, Sharpedge Equine Supplements, Excel EQ Alberta at 10 Mile Ranch, Hidez Canada, North Point Outfitters.

Photos submitted by Rene*