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Callahan Crossley CFR 2017

After just 23 rodeos, Callahan Crossley and her gelding Brownie raked up $24,762.93 and is headed to the Canadian Finals Rodeo in third spot. This is the Hermiston, Oregon cowgirl’s second CFR qualification.

How would you describe Brownies style and personality?
Brownies style is very deceiving! Nothing fancy about the way he runs the barrels, he just does his job. His personality is another story! He is very corky and it seems everyday it is something new with him. Whether he decides he isn’t going to load in the trailer to not letting you bridle him or clean his feet out, he likes to keep things interesting!

Will you be bringing up another horse to run, or will you rely solely on Brownie throughout the week?
I plan on running Brownie for the 6 rounds but I will be bringing my sister Jordan Minor’s awesome horse Laurie Darling! I ran her at most of the May- June Rodeo’s this year. She is a palomino mare, she is out of my moms old barrel horse (Joes Genuine Copy) and by Frenchman’s Falcon who is an own son of Frenchman’s guy.

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
My Favorite Canadian rodeo this year would have to be Ponoka because that is where everything started to turn around and kind of kicked off the rest of the year.

Over the years, what has been your most memorable run you’ve made?
I’d have to say my most memorable run would have to be this year at the 2017 Breeze barrel race in Ponoka where Brownie and I won the 50K!

Who is your barrel racing idol?
My biggest barrel racing idol is my Mom! She’s taught me everything I know and has trained some greats, including my favorite one of all, Brownie!

Riding a seasoned barrel horse, what exercises do you do for tune-ups on the pattern?
For Brownie it’s mostly just keeping him in the best shape. He knows the pattern by now (most days 😜) so I try to not tune on him unless he’s had lots of time off.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength.What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo?
I just try to focus on myself. Don’t worry about what people are doing around you. It’s very easy to get caught up with how much others are winning when your in a slump.

What is the best piece of advice you could give a person who wanted to run pro?
Go for it! Everyone started somewhere.

What is one thing you can’t live without on the road?
The support of my family and candy!

*Photo submitted by Calli*


LCB Report – June 30-July 2

Ponoka, AB- It boiled down to three Canadians and one American, chasing the title of Ponoka Stampede barrel racing Champion after a tough final round this afternoon.

Carman Pozzobon put on a clinic running a 17.417 in the short go on her buckskin mare Ripp, and a 17.626 in the showdown. The pair will be taking home a grand total of $15,614.69 from the weekend in Ponoka, along with an 8th place $925 cheque out of Williams Lake, BC.

Pozzobon was sitting 23rd in the standings prior to this weekend, and has now guaranteed herself another Canadian Finals Rodeo.

Miss Taylor Manning proved once again that she means business and can most certainly run with the big dogs, as the 13 year old was second in the short go and second in the show down, taking home a grand total of $9,365.65 this weekend from the Ponoka Stampede. This money will shoot her way up in the standings as she was sitting 33rd before this weekend kicked off.

Keep your eye out for this pair for the rest of the season, after this big weekend and still a few months remaining, I think we will see them in Edmonton this fall!

This past weekend Onion Lake put up $3,000 in added money in each of the major events making for a great payday to each event winner.

This added money brought 65 ladies out to wrap three barrels, and once again, Miss Justine Elliot came out on top running a 17.51 which was two tenths ahead of Sandra Carter who cashed in on second place.

“My run was good.” Justine recalled, “Blondy worked her best again!” she said.

Elliot who started the year in the junior barrel racing is now leading the standings in the ladies barrels by nearly $2,500, and will be by even more once this past weekend’s winnings are added into the mix.

“The season I’ve had so far has been great! I have won just over $10,000.” said Elliot.

To Northern Alberta, it was Briana Baudin who won the Spruce Point Park rodeo in Kinuso. Baudin ran a 16.203 on her horse Ebony.

“I was really happy with Eb! I had an awesome first, so I knew the rest of my run would be the same. She was really calm and relaxed warming up and going in, so I had a feeling it would be a good day.” she exclaimed.

Kellie Collier from Hereford, TX won Airdrie’s Pro rodeo this past weekend running a 15.039 for $2,462.80. Collier was number one in the Canadian standings heading into this weekend, and was number eight in the world.

Jane Melby took home the win and a purse of $4,110 out of Williams Lake after running a 16.328.

See full results below!

Onion Lake Rodeo – Unofficial Results courtesy of the LRA
1.Justine Elliot 17.51; 2. Sandra Carter 17.75; 3. Shannon Blakely 17.98; 4. Christine Ross 18.02; 5. Aimee Mcknight 18.13; 6. Kayley Anderson 18.16; 7. Cheyenne Klepper 18.19; 8. Tammi Braithwaite 18.2

Spruce Point Park Rodeo, Kinuso – Unofficial Results courtesy of the WRA
1.Briana Baudin 16.203; 2. Cheyenne Klepper 16.226; 3. Kristen Spiker 16.233; 4. Jacqueline Marsh 16.239; 5. Brittany Kaiser 16.527; 6. Melissa Freeman 16.548; 7. Lisa Trach 16.624; 8. Karli Haeberle 16.723

Ponoka Stampede Long Go Unofficial Results – courtesy of the CPRA
1. Sherry Cervi, 17.610 seconds, $4703.61; 2. Callahan Crossley, 17.675, $3998.07; 3. Kirsty White, 17.701, $3292.52; 4. Tillar Murray, 17.748, $2822.17; 5. Cathy Grant, 17.754, $2351.81; 6. (tie) Carman Pozzobon and Jaime Hinton, 17.758, $1411.08 each; 8. Taylor Jacob, 17.833, $940.72; 9. Taylor Manning, 17.837, $823.13; 10. Melissa Thiessen, 17.846, $705.54; 11. Christine Laughlin, 17.890, $587.95; 12. Lynette Brodoway, 17.894, $470.36

Ponoka Stampede Short Go Results – Courtesy of the CPRA
1. Carman Pozzobon,17.417, $2000; 2. Taylor Manning, 17.649, $1,500; 3. Lynette Brodoway, 17.675, $1000; 4. Christine Laughlin, 17.704, $500

Ponoka Stampede Showdown Results – Courtesy of the CPRA
1. Carman Pozzobon, 17.626 $7,500; 2. Taylor Manning, 17.662 $3,750; 3. Jamie Hinton, 17.707 $2,250; 4. Lynette Brodoway, 17.820 $1,500

Williams Lake Stampede Unofficial Results – courtesy of the CPRA
1. Jane Melby, 16.328 seconds, $4110; 2. Sydney Daines, 16.414, $3288; 3. Jackie Ganter, 16.429, $2671; 4. Jaime Hinton, 16.438, $2055; 5. Lynette Brodoway, 16.464, $1644; 6. Cathy Grant, 16.533, $1233; 7. Kendra Edey, 16.596, $1027; 8. Carman Pozzobon, 16.668, $925; 9. Colby Gilbert, 16.674, $822; 10. Diane Skocdopole, 16.684, $719; 11. Sherrylynn Johnson, 16.691, $616; 12. Crystal Christman, 16.695, $514; 13. Rene Leclercq, 16.756, $411; 14. Callahan Crossley, 16.756, $308; 14. Katie Garthwaite, 16.761, $205

Airdrie Pro Rodeo Unofficial Results – courtesy of the CPRA
1. Kellie Collier, 15.039 seconds, $2462.80; 2. Callahan Crossley, 15.137, $2093.38; 3. Rainy Robinson, 15.232, $1723.96; 4. Sydney Daines, 15.249, $1477.68; 5. Colby Gilbert, 15.260, $1231.40; 6. Cathy Grant, 15.264, $861.98; 7. Marci Laye, 15.309, $615.70; 8. Kirsty White, 15.368, $492.56; 9. Jaime Hinton, 15.409, $430.99; 10. Tillar Murray, 15.416, $369.42; 11. Laci Suitor, 15.435, $307.85; 12. Rebecca Miller, 15.446, $246.28


LCB Report June 17th-18th

Innisfail, ALBERTA – Diane Skocdopole is making her runs count, winning her second CPRA rodeo of the year this past weekend at the Daines Ranch. She has now moved to 19th position after just eight rodeos with $3,348.75 won.

“My horse was strong and really sucked down and turned her first and second barrel. She didn’t finish 3rd as good as I’d have liked but it was ok being as we had to run out the corner gate. I’m just happy it all worked out.” she said.

The rodeo was packed all weekend, even selling out of physical tickets on Saturday night.

“It was super fun to get to run in a perf there. Such a great atmosphere and history at that rodeo!” said Skocdopole.

Full results from the June 17-18 weekend & current CPRA standings including Innisfail are below.

Innisfail Unofficial Results – courtesy of the CPRA
1. Diane Skocdopole, 15.910 seconds, $2246.60; 2. Shalayne Lewis, 16.003, $1909.61; 3. Rebecca Miller, 16.031, $1572.62; 4. Steffanie Mather-Moore, 16.079, $1347.96; 5. Katie Garthwaite, 16.108, $1123.30; 6. Kaylea Argent, 16.111, $786.31; 7. Julie Leggett, 16.114, $561.65; 8. Nancy Csabay, 16.127, $449.32; 9. Braidy Howes, 16.146, $393.16; 10. Kelly Collier, 16.161, $336.99; 11. Raylee Edwards, 16.172, $280.82; 12. Briana Baudin, 16.209, $224.66

Gooseberry Results – courtesy of the LRA
Traci Beckman 16.229 3,958.08
Susan Gulick 16.308 3,251.28
Kali Kott 16.452 2,544.48
Mary Ann Toohey 16.464 1,837.68
Jaclyn Marsh 16.476 1,130.88
Val Gillespie 16.514 706.80
Justine Elliot 16.558 424.08
Melissa Freeman 16.591 282.72

Killam Results – courtesy of the LRA
Cheyenne Klepper 13.669 1,627.50
Brittany Kaiser 13.738 1,336.88
Shelby Swain 13.778 1,046.25
Justin Elliot 13.892 755.63
Kali Kott 13.955 465.00
Jaycee Davidson 13.99 290.63
Sandra Carter 14.009 174.37
Aimee Mcknight 14.095 116.24

Delburne Results – courtesy of the FCA
1. Brittany Dommash
2. Bryce Fischer
3. Tristan Johner
4. Briana Bauding
5. Cari-Ann Breton
6. Kelly McLeod
7. Justine Elliott
8. Lisa Trach

CPRA Standings up to and including Innisfail Rodeo- courtesy of the CPRA
3 GERARD SARAH (13) SAVONA BC 6,911.21
10 CSABAY NANCY (9) TABER AB 4,529.63
11 EDEY KENDRA (13) LONGVIEW AB 4,290.01
21 LECLERCQ RENE (13) HOLDEN AB 3,213.86
30 MANNING TAYLOR (10) EDSON AB 1,458.17
37 GRANT CATHY (3) GRANTON ON 1,061.03
39 LAYE MARCI (14) BASHAW AB 720.74
46 VEER JUDY (9) SUNDRE, AB 335.58


LCB Report June 9-11th

Marwayne, ALBERTA– Back to back weekend wins for Bobbie Goodwin and her horse Sonny. Last weekend it was the Leduc Black Gold rodeo, this weekend they won the Lea Park Rodeo in Marwayne, Alberta.

“It sure was a wet weekend.” Goodwin recalled of the monsoon June conditions. “Lea Park was pretty exciting! I think the luck of the draw helped me out. I knew Sonny liked that pen as we placed there last year. He worked so good that night; he ran hard and turned hard. We just finished racing and it down poured. It was kind of scary weekend for weather, we hit a crazy storm on our way to Brooks. It felt like we were chasing tornados! We ran in mud at Rocky and he worked good too, he loves mud, but we were just a little long there.” she said.

Over to Brooks where a wild storm ripped through, it was Lynette Brodoway who stole the show on SR EFFORT INMY BOOTS aka Rocket, her 8 year old gelding.

“I ran Friday evening. The weather was warm and the ground was great! I have run Rocket at most of the rodeos this spring that I have entered.” said Brodoway.

Crystal Christman won Rocky Pro rodeo with a 18.034 for an unofficial $2049.20.

“Rocky was our first rodeo this weekend and thankfully we were able to run there before the rain. The ground was fairly hard and a bit tricky to negotiate so I was very pleased with how Lenny handled it. We have been working on trusting each other more, especially to the first barrel. I rode one handed and he worked very well.” she recalled.  “When we got to the first barrel, I felt him pick himself up a bit to adjust for the ground. Honestly, he was the one that made the smart move and I am grateful for it!” Crystal headed to Brooks and Lea Park after the torrential downpours.

“The committees worked hard to have the best ground possible and they did a great job! Thursday night Sonja Dodginghorse and I were riding out a wicked storm just outside of Brooks. The morning brought wind but the ground was actually pretty great, all things considered! We tipped the second barrel though, after a little slip.” Crystal was just out of the money in Lea Park.

“All in all, I was so very pleased with Lenny and his efforts this weekend. He is really starting to show how intelligent he is on different ground conditions and in different arenas. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with such a talented horse and so very grateful to all of the friends and family that have helped along the journey. I’d like to thank Kalyn Peloquin and Chelsea Moore for all of their help and support.” she said.

In the amateur associations Molly Marquette won Meadow Lake rodeo with a 13.050, and Miss Justine Elliot won both Wetaskiwin and Cadogan rodeos, with a 17.928 in Wetaskiwin, and a 15.9 in Cadogan.

The 14 year old won St. Albert Rainmaker rodeo just a few weekends ago, and is now running with the ladies instead of the juniors full time, proving thats where she belongs.

“When I ran at Cadogan it was when it was dry which was nice. I ran Blondy at both rodeos and she felt great at both of them.” said Elliot.

The 16th-18th weekend will include the following rodeos; CCA rodeos Coutts, Pilot Butte, and Radville, FCA rodeo Delburne which is triple approved including LRA and WRA, LRA rodeos Gooseberry Lake and Killam, and CPRA rodeo Innisfail, Alberta.

See results below! (will be updated as results become available)

Lea Park Rodeo, Unofficial Results
1. Bobbie Goodwin, 16.576 seconds, $2462.80; 2. Kendra Edey, 16.585, $2093.38; 3. Callahan Crossley, 16.726, $1723.96; 4. Brett Wills, 16.749, $1477.68; 5. Brittany Kelly, 16.794, $1231.40; 6. Kirsty White, 16.836, $861.98; 7. Jordan Moore, 16.838, $615.70; 8. Sarah Gerard, 16.910, $492.56; 9. Jackie Ganter, 16.926, $430.99; 10. Crystal Shaw, 16.940, $369.42; 11. Rylee McKenzie, 16.984, $307.85; 12. Rhonda McLeod, 17.043, $246.28

Brooks Kinsmen Pro Rodeo, Unofficial Results
1. Lynette Brodoway, 17.675 seconds, $1974.00; 2. Kendra Edey, 17.844, $1692.00; 3. Rene LeClercq, 17.900, $1410.00; 4. Kellie Collier, 17.910, $1222.00; 5. Callahan Crossley, 17.956, $940.00; 6. Kim Gerwatoski, 17.972, $$752.00; 7. Michelle Mcleod, 17.975, $$564.00; 8. Brittany Kelly, 18.045, $376.00; 9. Marci Laye, 18.048, $282.00; 10. Kylie Whiteside, 18.049, $188.00

Rocky Pro Rodeo, Unofficial Results
1. Crystal Christman, 18.034 seconds, $2049.20; 2. Julie Leggett, 18.080, $1741.82; 3. Brett Wills, 18.131, $1434.44; 4. Kirsty White, 18.161, $1229.52; 5. Lynette Brodoway, 18.171, $1024.60; 6. Steffanie Mather-Moore, 18.178, $717.22; 7. Jaime Hinton, 18.229, $512.30; 8. Madelyn Schauer, 18.278, $409.84; 9. Sonya Dodginghorse, 18.315, $358.61; 10. Cassandra Peters, 18.336, $307.38; 11. Crystal Shaw, 18.347, $256.15; 12. Rene Schnitzler, 18.351, $204.92

Cadogan Rodeo, Official Results – courtesy of the LRA
Justine Elliot 15.928 1,471.26
Rachel Jones 16.03 1,208.54
Joanne Long 16.278 945.81
Jacqueline Marsh 16.371 683.09
Traci Preissl 16.383 420.36
Susan Gulick 16.463 262.73
Christine Ross 16.48 157.64
Cheyanne Klepper 16.487 105.08

Wetaskiwin Rodeo, Official Results
Justine Elliott 17.928 1,757.70
Rachel Jones 17.968 1,443.83
Cheyenne Klepper 17.977 1,129.95
Traci Beckman 18.076 816.08
Jesse Vandenbroek 18.341 408.04
Lindsey Westman 18.341 408.04
Shelly Manning 18.418 188.32
Lana Chorney 18.527 125.54

Meadow Lake, Official Results
Molly Marquette 13.05 983.01
Cheyenne Klepper 13.268 807.47
Rachel Jones 13.4 631.94
Tristan Bull 13.403 456.40
Jessie Vandenbroek 13.413 280.86
Montana laye 13.61 175.54
Katie Sloan 13.627 87.76
Taylor Schmidt 13.627 87.76


LCB Barrel Report June 2-4

Leduc, ALBERTA-  Welcome to June, where there’s a rodeo in every small town you drive through! This weekend there were nine rodeos between the CPRA, LRA, WRA, FCA and CCA!

At the Leduc Black Gold Rodeo, it was Bobbie Goodwin from Cranbrook, BC who ran the fast 13.456 on her gelding Raise N Speedy, aka Sonny, who is a Native of Seattle by Raise a Native. The pair took home roughly $2227.80, which will give them a nice boost in the standings.

“My run felt really good, he was getting a little short so I really felt I had to work at him just to get by. I was actually shocked when I heard my time, but he’s surprises me a lot with that, smoothness stops the clock is all!” she laughed. “I was excited when I heard it, I’ve kind of had slow spring placing just at Coleman. I’m not hauling a ton but to the ones I think he will like. Edmonton and area is my cutt off, and that’s still too far for me!”

South of Leduc at the Hand Hills Lake Stampede it was your 2014 Canadian Champion, Steffanie Mather-Moore who ran a 16.511, for $1283.10.

“I was back on Buck this weekend, the old man felt great and feels like his old self. He just went out and did his thing! We are ready to take on the rest of the month of June with a bang!” she said.

Out at the Stony Plain Sodbuster Rodeo, Kerstin Bennett won the ladies barrel race on her five year old mare Dolly.

“I exhibition her twice this year in November and started hauling her in December. She really hasn’t been run outdoors. I had no expectations!” admitted Kerstin.

Dolly is a reining bred paint Top Sail Whiz mare by Colonel Shooting Gun stud, who Bennett bought to be a heel horse. “I started her on the barrels and thought she was pretty cool. Before this weekend, I had only run her at High Prairie, St.Paul and Lac la Biche rodeos. I seriously just got lucky!” said Bennett.

The weekend of June 9-11th will include Brooks, Lea Park and Rocky Mt. House CPRA rodeos, Lancer, Settler and Warman CCA Rodeos, and Wetaskiwin, Cadogan, and Meadow Lake LRA rodeos

Full weekend results below!

Grande Prairie Stompede Unofficial Results – Courtesy of the CPRA
1. Michelle McLeod, 15.761 seconds, $3030.56; 2. Kirsty White, 15.914, $2424.45; 3. Colby Gilbert, 15.939, $1969.86;4. Nancy Csabay, 15.940, $1515.28; 5. Nina Smith, 15.986, $1212.22; 6. Brett Wills, 16.040, 909.17; 7. Crystal Christman, 16050, $576.40; 8. Chelsea Moore, 16.065, $681.88; 9. Tacee Shaw, 16.092, $606.11; 10. Paige Manning, 16.121, $530.35; 11. Traci MacDonald, 16.125, $454.58; 12. Brianna Baudin, 16.147, $378.82; 13. Jaime Hinton, 16.151, $303.06; 14. Lynette Brodoway, 16.159, $227.29; 12. Jackie Ganter, 16.182, $151.53

Leduc Black Gold Rodeo Unofficial Results – Courtesy of the CPRA
1. Bobbie Goodwin, 13.456, $2227.80; 2. Jordan Moore, 13.491, $1893.63; 3. Rene Leclercq, 13.578, $1559.46; 4. Kelly Collier, 13.604, $1336.68; 5. Nancy Csabay, 13.612, $1113.90; 6. Sydney Daines, 13.617, $779.73; 7. Shannon Blakely, 13.654, $501.26; 8. Jackie Ganter, 13.654, $501.25; 9. Sarah Gerard, 13.682, $389.87; 10. Tacee Shaw, 13.703, $334.17; 11. Chelsea Moore, 13.737, $278.48; 12. Callahan Crossley, 13.744, $222.77

Hand Hills Lake Stampede Unofficial Results – Courtesy of the CPRA
1. Steffanie Mather-Moore, 16.511, $1283.10; 2. Melissa Thiessen, 16.566, $1099.80; 3. Kellie Collier, 16.609, $916.50; 4. Callahan Crossley, 16.615, $794.30; 5. Brittan Kelly, 16.617, $611.00; 6. Jaime Hinton, 16.620, $488.80; 7. Nancy Csabay, 16.624, $366.60; 8. Rene Leclercq, 16.663, $244.40; 9. Diane Skocdopole, 16.712, $183.30; 10. Taylor Manning, 16.720, $122.20

Tofield Sodbuster Rodeo Unofficial Results
1.Briana Baudin 15.432, 2. Montana Laye 15.499, 3. Sayward Flynn 15.683, 4. Molly Marquette 15.703, 5. Kerstin Bennett 15.703, 6. Kayle Kowalski 15.761, 7. Loren Mackenzie 15.779, 8. Kali Kott 15.787

Stony Plain Farmer Days Rodeo Unofficial Results
1. Kerstin Bennett 15.686, 2. Brianne Boudin 15.747, 3. Joanne Long 15.759, 4. Traci Beckman 15.811, 5. Ramona Nash 15.971

Cold Lake Stampede Unofficial Results
1. Sayward Flynn 16.597 $1,842.33, 2. Marlee Branden 16.679 $1,513.34, 3. Sandra Carter 16.738 $1,184.36, 4. Montana Laye 16.811 $855.37, 5. Kayley Anderson 16.813 $526.38, 6. Katie Sloan 16.820 $328.99, 7. Lauren Russell 16.941 $197.36, 8. Susan Gulick 17.048 $131.59

Water Valley Stampede FCA Unofficial Results

1-Val Gillespie, 2-Cheyenne Klepper, 3-Ashley Chapman, 4-Bailey Goelema, 5-Lisa Webb, 6-Madison Wright, 7-Taryn Brown, 8-Lindsay Beach

Kindersley, Sask CCA Unofficial Results
1.Calonna Slade 13.12, 2. Cassandra Peters 13.39, 3. Val Gillespie 13.53, 4. Shaylee McMann 13.54, 4. Jennifer Getz 13.54, 6. Nicole Pana 13.56, 7. Robbi Keller 13.59, 7. Bailee Switzer 13.59, 7. Bertina Olafson 13.59

Unity, Sask CCA Unofficial Results
1.Shaylee McMann 17.65, 2. Taryn Parsonage 17.80, 3. Rusty Quam 17.90, 4. Jacey Crossley 17.92, 5. Kirsten Gjerde 17.93, 6. Laramie Slade 17.97, 7. Jessa Galloway 17.99, 8. Renie Schnitzler 18.02, 8. Tara Halvorson 18.02


LCB Barrel Report May 26-28

St.Albert, AB-Justine Elliot who is not quite 15 years of age, won the Saint Albert Rainmaker Rodeo by three tenths this weekend, beating out 83 ladies.

Justine ran a beautiful 15.918 to win the rodeo.

“Blondy worked extremely great, she was like a rocket the way she was coming out of her barrels.” Justine exclaimed. “When I came out of the arena I was expecting to be a 16.1 or a 16.2 but when they said I had ran a 15.9 I was surprised and a feeling of excitement came over me. I think Blondy could tell because she came out prancing. I didn’t think I was going to win seeing as there were 83 ladies.” she said.

The dynamic duo also won the Junior barrels at the Mayerthorpe rodeo. “Blondy was definitely on fire this weekend!” Justine said.

How were they able to run in both the ladies and the youth? There were no Junior Barrels to enter in St. Albert, so Justine’s dad Jody entered her in the Ladies.

“She has to decide which one she wants to enter now as she has won over $500 in the ladies. We were just testing the water at St. Albert but I think she will buy her full LRA card.” he said.

It was Sandra Carter who won the Ladies barrel race at the Mayerthorpe rodeo ,and pulled an eighth place cheque at St. Albert on her mare Dollar, who is out of a Judge Cash mare, and by HEZGOTTABEFAMOUS.

“She is quite an athlete and very fast. Dollar really is feeling good this year and starting to be more consistent. She is very corky but I love her. My run in Mayerthorpe felt fantastic; her first and second were so smooth, I came out wide a little on my third but she can run and we still clocked.” said Sandra.

Carter and Dollar have pulled cards in LRA,WRA,FCA, and CCA this year.

“Once I feel where she is doing best I will concentrate on that association and my goal this year is to make a finals. It’s so much fun going down the road and having such a great rodeo family.” she said.

The June 2nd-4th weekend will be host to three Canadian Pro Rodeo Assoc. rodeos, including Leduc Black Gold Rodeo, Grande Prairie Stompede, and Hand Hills. LRA rodeos include Cold Lake Stampede & Tofield Sodbuster, with the one WRA rodeo being the Stony Plain Farmer Days.

See full results below from this weekend.

St. Albert Rainmaker Rodeo Unofficial Results -Courtesy of Lakeland Rodeo Assoc.
1.Justine Elliot 15.918, 2. Tammy Braithwaite 16.219, 3. Kristen Gjerde 16.260, 4. Susan Gulick 16.286, 5. Jayce Davidson 16.308, 6. Montana Laye 16.311, 7. Taylor Schmidt 16.327, 8. Sandra Carter 16.330

Mayerthorpe Rodeo Unofficial Results- Courtesy of WRA Facebook Page
1. Sandra Carter 12.737, 2. Christine Drisner 12.777, 3. Kelli Posspbon 12.953, 4. Taylor Schmidt 12.978, 5.Traci Beckman 13.023


LCB Barrel Report May 19-21

Thorsby, AB– Rumour has it an arena record was set at the Thorsby Haymaker rodeo this weekend. It was run by Shannon Blakely who dominated the amateur associations last year taking home well over $20,000, never venturing further than 3 hours from home.

Shannon and her trusty one eyed gelding Rowdy ran a 14.539, beating 97 other entries.

“It actually really surprised me how well he clocked there cause that was only his third run this year and he doesn’t even really have his air up yet, and we are usually pretty rusty in the spring.” Shannon said.

Blakely has decided to change it up this year. “I’m actually pretty excited, I just entered my first pro rodeo today. I never thought I’d do this but sometimes people come into your life that encourage you to try something different and just see what happens, and to not have any ‘what if’s’. I need to do this for Rowdy, he deserves it, so we will see how it goes!”

Shannon and Rowdy have entered for Grande Prairie and will be focusing on the Canadian Pro Rodeos in the coming months. Check out her interview from last year here. 

In British Columbia this weekend, the Cloverdale Invitational rodeo was won by Kirsty White and her mare Racy. White & Carmen Pozzobon tied for first in Pool A.

“Going into the finals I was just going to try to really set up the run with my first barrel because its a bit wide open on the left first, and then finish it. I was thrilled to run the 15.92 but did not quite nail the first but was really happy with my time.” Kirsty recalled.

At the 99th annual Falkland Stampede, Shalayne Lewis and her horse were on fire running a 16.499 to take home $1485.

This coming weekend for amateur rodeo is Mayerthorpe & St.Albert, as for the CPRA it’s a free weekend. Grande Prairie, Handhills & Leduc, Alberta kick off the month of June.

Full results below.

Cloverdale Invitational Rodeo Pool A & B Results-courtesy of

A-1. (tie) Kirsty White – Big Valley, AB and Carman Pozzobon – Aldergrove, BC – $4,300 each; 3. Jessica Leach – Rockyville, NE – $1,600; 4. Sydney Daines – Innisfail, AB – $1,550.

B-1. (tie) Nikki Hansen – Vale, SD and Becky Fuson – Conrad, MT – $4,300 each; 3. (tie) Kaylee Galleno – Warpa, SD and Kyle Whiteside – DeWinton, AB – $1,200 each

Cloverdale Invitational Rodeo Final Results-courtesy of

1. Kirsty White, 15.92 seconds, $24,300; 2. Carman Pozzobon, 15.96, $14,300; 3. Nikki Hansen, 16.04, $10,300; 4. Becky Fuson, 16.10, $8,300; 5. Kylie Whiteside, 16.24, $4,200; 6. Jessica Leech, 16.50, $3,600.

Falkland Stampede Unofficial Results – courtesy of

1. Shalayne Lewis, 16.499 seconds, $1485; 2. Brett Wills, 16.618, $1273; 3. Cathy Grant, 16.949, $1061; 4. Gaylene Buff, 16.954, $920; 5. Toni Dixon, 16.964, $707; 6. Lynette Brodoway, 16.966, $566; 7. Kayla Simmons, 16.970, $424; 8. Sara Christmas, 16.977, $283; 9. Nina Smith, 16.996, $212; 10. Taylor Manning, 17.013, $141

Thorsby Haymaker Rodeo Unofficial Results – courtesy of Wild Rose Rodeo Assoc. via Facebook You can check out Shannon’s winning run here.

1.Shannon Blakley 14.539, 2. Cheyenne Klepper 14.738, 3. Kristen Spiker 14.767, 4. Carmen Hopper 14.930, 5. Jordie Likes 14.933

South Country Futurity, Derby & Open Results found here. 
Congrats to Futurity winner Kareen Warren and Derby winner Cassandra Peters and to the Top 12 Average winners!


LCB Barrel Racing Report May 5-7

DRAYTON VALLEY, AB- Just one Canadian Pro Rodeo on the map this weekend in Drayton Valley which ran Friday to this Sunday afternoon. The Yellow Rose Futurity/Derby was held in Claresholm, and there were no amateur rodeos.

Melissa Thiessen won Drayton with a 13.145 on Sunday afternoon, unofficially taking home $1929.58. “She’s been great all spring.” Thiessen said.

Also exciting this weekend, was 13 year old Taylor Manning placing fourth on 9 year old Good Little Nick aka Matlock, running a  13.275, taking home an unofficial $1194.50 and officially filling her card!

“My run felt really good, and I am so happy to fill my permit!” said Taylor. She and her sister Paige, who was just .02 out of placing, are going down the pro rodeo trail this year to try something new and have fun with their Mom Shelly Manning who will be driving all year as both girls are too young to drive!

In 2016 Paige was the Lakeland Rodeo Association Junior Barrel Racing Champion aboard the 11 year old Ima Hot Bug aka Merlin, who was the 2016 & 2014 LRA Horse of the year. Paige was LRA Finals qualifier in 2014 & 2015. Taylor was the 2014 & 2015 Wildrose Rodeo Association Finals Peewee Champion, 2015 LRA Peewee Champ, & 2016 WRA Junior Barrel Racing Champion.

In Claresholm, Chelsea Moore took home almost $4000 on her futurity gelding Leroy, winning the average and winning the second run by 2 tenths.  Results from the Yellow Rose Futurity & Derby can be found sporadically on the event page via Facebook here.

Unofficial Results for Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo courtesy of CPRA*

1. Melissa Thiessen, 13.145, $1929.58; 2. Carman Pozzobon, 13.171, $1653.93; 3. Bailee Switzer, 13.234, $1398.27; 4. Taylor Manning, 13.275, $1194.50; 5. Diane Skocdopole, 13.435, $918.85; 6. Sydney Daines, 13.437, $735.08; 7. Lisa Zachoda, 13.494, $551.31; 8. Nina Smith, 13.527, $367.54; 9. Colby Gilbert, 13.531, $275.65; 10. (tie) Cranna Roberts and Tristan Johner, 13.548, $91.88


LCB Barrel Racing Report April 28-30

COLEMAN, AB- A new arena record was set at the Kananaskis Pro Rodeo in Coleman, Alberta this weekend.

Carman Pozzobon on Ripn Lady ran a 12.449 with ease, adding roughly $1761.80 and moving her up in the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association standings. Coleman had 84 barrel racers entered.

“I really didn’t expect it to win the rodeo let alone be a arena record. I went in there a little cautious from our wipe our in Red Bluff. Just safetied up and made sure we went around them. She’s feeling great this spring.” said Carman, who also placed 10th at Camrose this weekend.

“My plan is to try and get as much won up here early in the season then try and make it to most Columbia River Circuit rodeos to make that finals and some of the main biggest rodeos down there.” said Pozzobon. “I would like to make the CFR again aswell.”

In central Alberta, Diane Skocdopole smoked a 13.448 during slack at the Camrose Spring Classic, beating out 101 entries.

“My run felt smooth, she kind of took off on me in the alley so my last thought was ‘oh well, just go with it’! The rest of the run was how I planned just knew I had to keep riding all the way right into the alley so she didn’t shut down early.” Diane recalled. “When they said my time it was a mix of feelings between surprise and complete satisfaction that I rode how I wanted.” she said.

The amateur rodeo season kicked off this weekend in High Prairie, Alberta (Wildrose Rodeo Assoc.) which had 48 ladies entered in the barrels and and Saint Paul, Alberta (Lakeland Rodeo Assoc.) and had 63 enter up.

It was Tristan Johner who took home the W in Saint Paul on her horse Sir, running a 12.854.

“My run felt really nice and smooth, which was my goal for Saint Paul’s arena!”said Johner who travelled all over this weekend entering the two pro shows as well as both amateur rodeos. “My plans for the season are to continue to run Nike & Sir at most of the amateur rodeos and hopefully to keep going to some pro shows too. I just try to take things weekend by weekend and run by run.”

Ponoka Alberta cowgirl Jessie Vandenbroek is having a great start to the 2017 season winning High Prairie on her mare Dally, running a 13.167, the same mare she won the Ponoka Barrel Racing Series on earlier this month.

“Dally felt really great, she’s been feeling really good lately so that’s always exciting going into rodeo season. She’s very strong in small pens and I was really excited to see how nice of a pen High Prairie is. The committee was awesome moving some panels in the back for us to make sure it was safe getting in.” said Jessie.

Dally was listed for sale in the fall but had no serious buyers after learning more about the ringbone she has, so she decided to keep her, and that decision is paying off. “With working closely with my vet and farrier we’ve found how to keep her feeling outstanding. She’s a really special horse, ridiculously fast with an amazing mind so it makes it really easy to go places on her.”

Congrats to all the money earners this weekend!

Saint Paul Lakeland rodeo results will be found on the LRA website later this week.


Kananaskis Pro Rodeo (Coleman, Alberta)

1. Carman Pozzobon, 12.449 seconds, $1761.80; 2. Melissa Thiessen, 12.623, $1510.11; 3. Rebecca Miller, 12.625, $1258.43; 4. Taylor Manning, 12.649, $1090.63; 5. Bobbie Goodwin, 12.676, $838.95; 6. Kaycee Mandel, 12.695, $671.16; 7. Crystal Christman, 12. 736, $503.37; 8. Judy Veer, 12.783, $335.58; 9. Chelsea Moore, 12.795, $251.69; 10. Candace Lefebvre, 12.828, $167.79

Camrose Spring Classic Rodeo

1. Diane Skocdopole, 13.448 seconds, $2030.40; 2. Kylie Whiteside, 13.508, $1725.54; 3. Melissa Thiessen, 13.601, $1421.28; 4. Bradi Whiteside, 13.632, $1218.24; 5. Kirsty White, 13.654, $1015.20; 6. Taylor Manning, 13.662, $710.64; 7. Michaela Zebro, 13.710, $507.60; 8. Sarah Gerard, 13.712, $406.08; 9. Marci Laye, 13.714, $355.32; 10. Carman Pozzobon, 13.718, $304.56; 11. Rebecca Miller, 13.728, $253.80; 12. Lyla MacKenzie, 13.733, $203.04


High Prairie Rodeo

1.Jessie Vandenbroek 13.167, 2.Abbey Miller 13.510, 3.Brittany Dommasch 13.541, 4.Tristen Bull 13.596, 5.Kaylee Anderson 13.675, 6.Shelby Swain 13.776, 7.Jessica Duvenage 13.777, 8.Lorna Kiff 13.824, 9.Brecken Tulloch 13.846, 10.TJ Nash 13.905


Arena Chatter

Calgary Stampede Barrel Racer Quick Facts

Calgary Stampede begins today! Going through the roster, I am proud to say I have interviewed just over half of the ladies who will be running at the Stampede the next two weeks!


How are the ladies chosen you may wonder?

Calgary invites:
1-2015 Calgary Champion
2-Top 6 from 2015 WPRA standings.
3-Top 4 from 2015 CPRA standings
4-Top 4 from 2015 WPRA Tour Final Standings
5-Top 4 from 2016 WPRA qualifications standings as of April 1.
6-2016 RNCFR Champion

If someone turns the invite down, they go to who is next on the list.

Pool A July 8 – 11

5-Mary Burger- Pauls Valley, OK
Currently #1 with $98,995.20
2016 Rodeo Count 39
2006 World Title.
Won Rodeo Houston 2016

5-Ivy Conrado – Hudson, CO
Currently #2 with $68,812.38
2016 Rodeo Count 31
The AMERICAN Semi-Finals Winner

2-Taylor Jacob – Carmine, TX
Currently # 8 $50,050.98
2016 Rodeo Count 44
Won $28,316 over Cowboy Christmas
Won Cody Stampede with a 16.920
2x WNFR Qualifier
Holds WNFR arena record.

2-Cassidy Kruse– Gillette WY
Currently#10 with $47,441.39
2016 Rodeo Count 35
2015 WNFR Qualifier

3-Julie Leggett– Kamloops, BC
About 19th position in CPRA standings after Ponoka Airdrie and WL with just over $5k  this year
2x CFR Qualifier

2-Sarah Rose McDonald– Brunswick, GA
Currently#5 with $54,716.48
2016 Rodeo Count 41
2014 WPRA Rookie of the Year
Won $17,468 over Cowboy Christmas

4-Kelley Schnaufer– Pueblo, CO
Currently  #48th with $15, 918.33
2016 Rodeo Count 26
58 years young
#5 WPRA Tour Finals Standings (Deb Guelly was #2 but also qualified through CPRA so went to #5 invite)

4-Megan Swint- Lithia, FL
2016 RNCFR Qualifier
Currently #21 with $32,742.63
2016 Rodeo Count 45
Her usual horse is Bar Bee Steeling Sue – aka Sissy, but she is at home with an injury since Houston, she is riding a horse named PC from her friend Danielle in WY, and a horse named Sue owned by Paige Willis
#4 WPRA Tour Final

2-Fallon Taylor – Collinsville, TX
2014 Champ ERA Rodeo this year, will be back next year going for the WNFR.
Was #6 in 2015 WPRA Standings 2015

5-Mary Walker – Ennis, TX
2012 Champ
Currently #9 with $48,402.37
2016 Rodeo Count 36

Pool B July 12 – 15

4-Vickie Carter – Richfield, UT
Currently #76
2015 WNFR Qualifier,
#1 WPRA Tour Finals Standings

6-Callahan Crossley – Herminston, OR
Currently 59 with $11,482.04
2016 Rodeo Count18
Just won Williams Lake, BC CPRA Rodeo, 2nd at Ram National Circuit Finals, Won the 2015 College National Finals, Won the Columbia River Circuit Finals
Riding Brownie whose by Bogie Biankus out of a Leo Bars bred mare.
Relative of Trevor Knowles.

3-Nancy Csabay-Taber, AB
2015 Canadian Champion

5-Jackie Ganter– Abilene, TX
2015 WPRA Rookie of the Year
Clean every round of the WNFR in 2015
Currently #6 $53,966.15
2016 Rodeo Count 46
Now joined forces with Tami Semas and is running in her saddles
(Was #8 in 2015 standings, but Lisa Won Calgary, and Callie Turned out, so she qualified through WPRA World Standings)

3-Deb Guelly– Okotoks, AB
4x CFR Champ
Mutiple WNFR Qualifier

1-Lisa Lockhart– Oelrichs, SD
2015 CS Champ
4x Canadian Champ
Currently #12 $41,701.62
2016 Rodeo Count 16
Won $23,107 over Cowboy Christmas

2-Michele McLeod -Whitesboro, TX
3x WNFR Qualifier
Currently #3 with $65,501.54 4
2016 Rodeo Count 8
Was #4 in 2015 WPRA Standings

3-Cayla Melby Burneyville, OK
2015 CFR Qualifier
Rookie Year
Currently #13 $41,037.79
2016 Rodeo Count 44
Recently engaged

2-Kimmie Wall- Roosevelt, UT
Currently #7 with $53,902.10
2016 Rodeo Count 31
Great Bay mare TKW Bullysfamousfox out of Bully Bullion and a Dash Ta Fame Mare
2015 Pendleton Champion
Kimmie took Callie’s place

4-Brittney Paige Willis – Bristol, FL
WPRA Rookie of the year 4th overall
#3 WPRA Tour Finals Standings

(I could be off on a few of these, but I believe that is how each of the ladies got in {the numbers})

Callie duPerier turned out, saying “I feel that since I am not rodeoing hard and trying to make the NFR this year I need to let the next person in line who is rodeoing hard take our spot.

Who is your pick for this year’s Calgary Stampede LBR Champion?