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Catching up with Callaway

Just over a year and a half ago I interviewed Paige Callaway. We talked about Pursue Victory, what inspires her, and our favorite lipsticks. I decided to do a follow up as exciting things are unfolding in the later half of 2016 for Paige.

New Pursue Victory Collection – Released Summer 2016
“Pursue Victory is created for functionality and having that as the priority of the garment, it can be somewhat limiting to a creative brain like mine.  So when the creative designer side of me gets involved it seems limited.  I have always loved a proper style and I saw a lot of it when I was in London a few years back. That block style of solid arms and collar with the pattern bodice has a very UK vibe in my opinion. I think it’s also very translatable to fashion here. I think it is classy and lady like to have a collar cuff shirt buttoned up with a nice necklace, or pearls.  A majority of the inspiration comes from that.”


Word on the street is you’re collaborating with C5 Rodeo?
“This new line called C5 Brand is a really unique concept. I am working with C5 Rodeo, which conveniently means I work with one of my favourite people, Gillian Sheilds. We relay important information up to Vern and I often ask Tyson questions pertaining to the stock. The whole C5 crew is a great bunch of people. We are also working with an artist in Calgary on some exclusive artwork.”

How did this fab collab come about!?
“I honestly don’t remember its original starting point. When Gillian and I get together, we feed off each other coming up with some pretty out of the box ideas for the world! I think we kicked it around a few times and talked about how cool these horses were. We discussed the opportunity for them to have more recognition for their ability and become house hold names and have their own cheering section! They have amazing athletic ability, they travel all over North America and lots of a list of accomplishments just like any other athlete. They wear the C5 Brand and this is an opportunity to people to become fans of the bucking horses and wear C5 brand as well. Just the people wear t shirts, and the horses, well obviously!”


What will be available for purchase?
“We are initially launching t shirts and caps. The t shirts will feature three of C5’s horses; Virgil, Make Up Face and Rockstar. They are some pretty awesome animals and also all of them are grey. So it makes for a pretty rad squad to kick things off. We will have a t shirt style for each of these three horses featuring custom artwork from a Calgary artist. We worked to play on their names and personalities so people know what they are like. Horses have as much personality as people and I think its cool learning about these horses. That’s what we will start with and then from there who knows, I would love to do something with jean jackets and Pendleton maybe . . ”

When will the line be available?
“The plan was to launch Oct 1st, but I think with the Cinch finals starting the 30th, we will be pushing to launch it then! We will have the clothing initially for sale on social media and will quickly be moving onto the C5 website for sales!”

I keep seeing #Paige1912. Spill the deets!
“I wish lived during the old west days and rodeoed back at the turn of the century. My great grandpa competed in the first Calgary Stampede in 1912 and that was the start to such a monumental event. In those days the ladies trick rode and rode broncs, and often were as tough or tougher then the men competing. Going through couturier school I became fond of the proper tailored look found a lot in London. Not only do I love the style of proper suits and tailoring for both men and ladies, I respect the work involved in them. In 1912, Coco Chanel opened her first shop. It was the first year someone wore her “little black dress” and also the first year her millinery (hat) business started to grow. As much as Chanel has become a current fashion icon, she was a catalyst in woman fashion being designed for function, not just looks. I am not sure if I would have rather been in London, or in Calgary in 1912, but what a time to be alive!

The vision of the brand in the most simplistic form is what my closet would have looked like if I was here in 1912. Its the old west and proper London style tailoring come together for a modern look.

Paige 1912 is a cool line, and its coming in different phases. I am working with Paige Leather, who’s style already fits so well with the line of clothing. She does purses, belts and other leather accessories. Paige is great to work with and a go getter! I like that. I am working with Smithbilt Hats on a fashion hat line which is fun and exciting. Smithbilt is such a reputable company it is very cool to be collaborating with them. I am also putting together a line of jewelry and fortunate to have a good friend, Rachel Clark, who is working with me. Rachel has great style, something I have always admired and raided her closet for. She also works closely with a factory in Mexico and has knowledge in leather and this type of production. The jewelry line will be pretty unique working with different aspects of what this factory can do and where our imaginations lead. There is another one or two potentials I will collaborate with, but this is all I can disclose right now.”


When can we expect this line to be out for purchase? Take my money.
“The line Paige 1912 is going to come in two phases. The first phase will be in Vegas during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  We will have have an array of neck rag tops and kimonos, more casual long sleeve tops, Pursue Victory shirts for both ladies and men. Paige Albrecht of Paige Leather will bring her hand made beautiful belts, purses, wallets and some awesome fringe clutches. Paige has a great eye for style and has some new designs of purses she is working on. Smithbilt will bring the Paige 1912 line of fashion hats in addition to some one of a kind hats. There will also be the Paige 1912 jewelry line available. So it will be a great array of fashion for everyone at a variety of price points. I am pushing things to release some jewelry before we go to Vegas. It would be nice to give everyone a sneak peak of whats coming.

The second phase of the brand will come next summer. We are planning an event in the Calgary area that will feature the launch of the whole clothing line in a fashion show, followed by a bronc riding and a concert. That I would say, will showcase a much more expanded line in terms of clothing. In other words, I have a lot of sewing to do!”

The other important thing I like about Paige 1912, is we are working with artisans, skilled people who have mastered their trade, whether it be leather crafting, or millinery (hat making), I think its important to showcase talent and with that comes quality. Its also pretty neat that, other then the jewelry, everything is made in Canada. Not many brands can say that!”

A booth in Vegas is pretty awesome! What can we expect in Vegas?
“We will be at Mandalay Bay this year, and yes, odds are we will have champagne at the booth! I am putting together some other cool things for the booth like autograph signings and a sale on Canada Day. We have lots of Canadians heading down for the finals this year, which is so awesome! So it would be nice to highlight that talent along with the Canadian talent in the booth! Come by and see us! I like to have fun, so I am sure there will rarely be a dull moment around the booth!”

So much has happened in a short amount of time. What are your goals for each of these ventures moving forward?
“I have recently been working through my strategy plan for Pursue Victory and a lot of marketing documents for Paige 1912 and C5 Brand. It has really had me thinking about where things are going with them and also, what I am doing. Each of the brands has a unique path of their own and fortunately they meld together in some aspects as well.

C5 Brand is such a cool project. Its really taking things to the next level for marketing and gaining awareness of the bucking stock. I think its a very forward move, and I respect Vern for giving Gillian and I the go ahead on this. The goals with C5 Brand are of promote these animals like the professional athletes they are. I have quantitative goals set for the brand through out the initial phases, as one does when launching something. At the end of the day if a kid watching the rodeo hears Virgils name and gets excited to watch this horse buck, I would say mission accomplished!

With Pursue Victory lots of it has been systemizing the business to run more efficiently and run with less involvement. I am working on a subscription portion of the company, something not new to the shirt business but potentially new to the western world. I figure there is about 20% left till this company is a smooth running machine! I look forward to that day and hope by the start of January that is the case!

Paige 1912 has so many moving parts, its almost like launching multiple brands. I have a real skill for deciding to do things to the max. Somedays it benefits me other days it induces stress. There will be a lot of hustle for the next couple months to get ready for Vegas. I have sewing to do in addition to marketing, booth set up, working with Smithbilt and working with Rachel and the factory. There is no doubt it will be lots of work, but I love that type of work. I have a time line of things to accomplish to make sure I am prepped and ready for that ten day Vegas marathon, both physically and mentally!

On a personal level, while working to prepare Paige 1912 for Vegas, launch C5 Brand and systemize Pursue Victory, my big picture is to work with awesome people to make great clothes. Hopefully along the way I make time for myself and keep my sanity! Its a balancing act for sure. Between my day timer and my lists things are manageable. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I thrive on doing this many things and working on deadlines. Maybe I will think different December 11th!! The only thing I cant juggle into my day timer is the arrival of my nephew. He is expected to come around the end of November, which leaves me a tight window between Agribition and NFR to meet him! So I hope the stars align for that!”

Results Whats Happening

The Runaway 100k Results

The stands were packed last night for the inaugural Runaway event in Ponoka, Alberta. 153 barrel racers each paid $750 to run last night with the high hopes of winning $20,000. Here’s how it all panned out.

1st 1D – Jenny Traub on LL Invidious 17.157 $20,000
2nd 1D – Brooke Swathfield on Jay 17.203 $10,000
3rd 1D – Bobbie Goodwin on Sonny 17.223 $2000
4th 1D – Bailee Switzer on SRS Juscashin Crime 17.285$2000
5th 1D – Marci Laye on Unleashed Ta Speed 17.382

1st 2D – Rene LeClerq 17.861 $20,000
2nd 2D – Kaylea Argent on SR Paradise Ta Fame 17.865 $10,000
3rd 2D – Sierra Booth on Perktaparadise 17.877$2000
4th 2D – Lacey Stanton on Fast Movin Guy 17.890$2000
5th 2D – Tanya McConnell on Flying Hulk 17.920

1st 3D – Laciee Shock on Altered Jewel 18.559 $20,000
2nd 3D – Kayley Anderson on Hes Major Perfect 18.598 $10,000
3rd 3D – Janeen Rivard on Rooney 18.599$2000
4th 3D – Coulter Gould on Firstclassagouti 18.643$2000
5th 3D – Amara Duxbury on Unleashed To Alaska 18.675

Results courtesy

Some names are the slot owner, and someone else ran for them.
Will be making changes as they become available

The event host, Laicee Shock also announced she would be hosting a 2D event called The Breeze in 2017.

Check out Lipstick And Cowboy Boots on Facebook for the winning run!

Congrats to all the event winners!

Whats Happening

Grit, Glamour & Goals – Night at The Marquis Press Release

April 29th, 2016
For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Cassie Hausauer, G3 Events

Grit, Glamour & Goals to host Amberley Snyder in Red Deer for ‘Night at The Marquis’

RED DEER, Alberta — Grit, Glamour & Goals – Night at The Marquis is bringing Motivational Guest Speaker Amberley Snyder to Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta on October 22nd, 2016. Snyder is accompanied by ten of the top boutiques in Alberta for a fashion show, and amazing shopping deals.

“I wanted to host an event of this stature to bring together like minded, goal driven positive women in rodeo, for a night of fun and motivation,” said Brittany Forsyth, one of three event organizers which includes CIRA Goat Tying Champion, Rayel Daines and Cassie Hausauer of Lipstick & Cowboy Boots

“Who doesn’t love shopping and great deals?” Forsyth added.

Amberley Snyder is a Utah barrel racer who became paralyzed from the waist down in a motor vehicle accident in 2010. A year and a half later, she defied the odds, and is able to compete in the barrel racing and breakaway roping. Amberley competed in 2015 at RFD-TV’s The American, and brought the crowd to a standing ovation and tears when she made her run. Snyder speaks at several events throughout the year and will no doubt be speaking to a sold out crowd in Red Deer this October.

Ten Top Retail Shops from Alberta have confirmed spots at this event. They include: B&B Boutique, Renegade RanchGirls, Belle Star Boutique, Twisted Label, Classic Rodeo Boutique, Twig, Bold & Brassy Boutique, Dirt Road Pretty, Ulla-La Boutique, and Ranch Dressing all bringing their best lines, and offer deals you won’t see anywhere else. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit for the Canadian Finals Rodeo, look no further, or get your Christmas shopping done all in one night! Lipstick & Cowboy Boots will be releasing full shopping discount & savings details soon! Stay tuned!

Proceeds from this event will be going to the newly announced Grit, Glamour & Goals Scholarship. Successful applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in a 8 week minimum certificate, diploma, or degree program
  • Be an active Canadian Intercollegate Rodeo Association Member
  • Be an Ambitious, Driven, and Goal Seeking Female
  • Write a 1000 word minimum essay as to why you deserve this scholarship, and how you contribute to bettering the sport of rodeo.
  • Essay Applications can be sent to, Subject- Scholarship Application.
  • Application deadline is October 1st, 2016

Grit, Glamour & Goals is also supporting Cinderella’s Closet for the city of Red Deer. Each year many families cannot afford High School Graduation dresses & tuxedos. Through donations of gently worn grad dresses, gowns, and tuxedos Cinderella’s Closet helps make graduation dreams come true. If you have your old graduation dress still hanging in your closet, please bring it to this event to donate to Cinderella’s Closet for the graduates of 2017.

This event will be a semi-formal event. Doors open at 4:00pm for Shopping, Cocktails at 5:00pm, Amberley Snyder takes the stage at 6:00pm, Dinner is at 7:00pm and a Fashion Show concludes the evening at 8:00pm.

Tickets are $60 which include entry to the event, dinner, and complimentary table wine. There will be a cash bar available. Tables seat 10 and only 300 tickets will be sold.

You can purchase tickets via e-transfer through with the password G3Events, as well you can arrange pick up from any of the three event organizers, Brittany Forsyth, Rayel Daines, and Cassie Hausauer.

About G3 Events:

Grit, Glamour & Goals;  G3 Events was created by Brittany Forsyth, Cassie Hausauer and Rayel Daines in the spring of 2016 with the goal in mind to create events which celebrates the modern western woman, to bring people together to encourage, celebrate and support one another, and for a night of fun and motivation. Their first event takes place on October 22nd, in Red Deer, AB featuring Amberley Snyder. G3 has also created the Grit, Glamour & Goals Scholarship. For more, visit G3 Events on Facebook or Instagram.

About Amberley Snyder:

Amberley Snyder is a barrel racer from Utah who became paralyzed from the waist down in a motor vehicle accident in 2010. A year and a half later, she defied the odds, returning to the arena barrel racing and breakaway roping. Amberley competed at RFD-TV’s The American in 2015, and brought the crowd to their feet with her story. Snyder speaks at several events throughout the year. For more visit her page on Facebook.

Whats Happening

Barrel Bash Productions

The largest jackpot Alberta sees each year is the Alberta Barrel Racing Association Finals, held in Ponoka Alberta at the end of August, with roughly 800 entries, and is done so over the course of seven days. One of the next largest jackpots held in Alberta is The Barrel Bash and Slot Race held each April by Lisa and Travis Gallais.

The event started out in 2010 and it was the Barrel Bash & Poker Roping. After a couple years, the Team Roping died down, and it carried on as just ‘The Barrel Bash’. Over the next few years, the two would see the event grow from 67 entries, to over 350 entries in 2015. Last year, the Barrel Bash paid out over $67,000, and the event is expected to grow again this year.

The main event during the three day jackpot (Friday Warm Up Jackpot, Saturday JP & Sunday JP with a Short Go) is the Slot Race held the Saturday night.

Fifty slots are sold, where each contestant runs for a larger purse. The race usually draws a crowd. Its a different atmosphere than the usual jackpot. The crowd is loud, the music is upbeat and the air is electric.

The entry fee is $250 with 96% of the money going back into the pot. Three places will be paid in each division. 50% of the pot will be paid in the 1D, 30% for the 2D and 20% to the 3D. The payout will be:

First Division (1D)
1st: $3000
2nd: $1800
3rd: $1200

Second Division (2D)
1st: $1800
2nd: $1080
3rd: $720

Third Division (3D)
1st: $1200
2nd: $720
3rd: $480

The first year I ever attended this jackpot, I was able to enter the Slot Race the day of. As I write this, during a cold January day,  the Slot Race has already SOLD OUT.

With the economy as poor as it is this year, running events like this will be harder than ever, as potential sponsors are holding onto their money a little tighter. Lisa & Travis experienced this with their trophy saddles they have for the Short Go winners. One barrel racer had an idea to make sure the last saddle covered.

Kim Gulley Munroe suggested that each of the contestants or supporters contributed just $10 each to cover the $1600 Trophy Saddle. In two days, the saddle was paid for by the generosity of others. So fitting for an event like this.

“I (Lisa)  would like to acknowledge Kim Gulley Munroe for stepping up and taking it upon herself to come up with a plan to raise the money for the 4th saddle. I’ve never in my life seen a group of people come together to achieve this amazing act of kindness. Travis and I are overwhelmed with the support from you all and we thank you for this. The sponsor name for this saddle will say “PAY IT FORWARD” as that is what will happen and some lucky person will be the one to cherish this amazing gift.”

This is personally my favorite jackpot of the year, and I always look forward to it. It has always been so well run. This jackpot has a different atmosphere than others, with Lisa pushing for a positive, supportive environment.  The best part about this jackpot? You leave with your cheque in hand, no waiting three months to get your earned money, if at all.

I asked Lisa what drives them to produce this jackpot year after year. “We continue to produce these jackpots for the passion I have for the sport and the love for our contestants. Nothing is more heartwarming then rewarding a contestant with a large cheque or prize for their hard work and dedication. To see these individuals so excited and in tears when they receive their reward is the best gift ever. As the saying says “It feels better to give than receive” cannot be more true. We can’t stop now; heck, it’s just getting good and the support is amazing!”

Running jackpots of this size is tough and the producer has to be organized. “We would like to think our events are run in a timely manner and we have to start by acknowledging our production crew, I could not do this without great people behind us. Both Brandi Love and Carrie Wedman are huge assets to my team. Their computer knowledge, organizational skills, professionalism and understanding what this means to us has been the key part of our success. Using 3 bikes and groomers also helps make things run faster; there is nothing more frustrating I’m sure for both spectators and competitors than waiting on a tractor. We also want to acknowledge our competitors, their promptness and readiness allows us to run approximately 60 to 65 runs per hour.”

This being my favorite event, I had to ask Lisa what she felt made it stand out from other large jackpots. “Well I’m not sure our productions do stand out from the rest but we like to try and produce a well organized production with good transparency. I feel as a producer and a competitor understanding where my money is being spent says a lot about a production and the producer. Our fees are set higher than most and the percentage we take for production costs are lower which in return gives our competitors a larger payout. For us, that’s what this is all about. Anyone that has ever produced knows you do not get rich doing it. Rules..Yes, we have them and I try my hardest to stick to them. It may make some people upset or frustrated but I think in the end it gives flow and structure to the event. Our Slot Race also is an extra, seeing people step up to pay big dollars to win big dollars is exciting. It’s a good race and to watch and hear the excitement from the competitors and spectators is electrifying. Lastly, our ability to give quick results and payout sure helps. People want to know where they stood and to be paid immediately afterwards I’m sure is a nice feeling.”

Barrel Bash Productions is run by Lisa and her husband Travis. Many would not be able to work in such a stressful environment with their husband. I wondered how they manage through out the weekend to still be a married couple.  “Working with Travis…how about trying at times!!!! I honestly wouldn’t want to do it with anybody else. Truth be told, he is the brains behind this all. His experience with competing and producing team roping jackpots in the past has definitely helped me put all this together. I would not have had a clue where to start. He has told me several times if it wasn’t for me being his wife he would want nothing to do with it!!  Thank God I am!”

Not many husbands would want to get involved with 350+ barrel racers in one weekend. Travis manages to cope through the weekend “I just grin and bear it!!! The more years we do it the easier it seems to get. Oh yes, Bud Light helps too.” *Ladies take note, he likes Bud Light.*

Travis is the Team Roping Director for the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association. I asked how having this kind of background has helped create a better production. “As an open roper myself, I am aware of the production costs and stock charges producer’s charge. Doing the math and treating my roping as a business gives me the knowledge to know what amount of money I am even roping for before I rope. I feel it is so important as a competitor and a producer to understand this and in return it has given our productions structure. Also, team ropers pay higher fees, but if we win or place we also take home some cash. This is where I wanted to go with our jackpots. I see tons of girls driving $70,000 truck and trailers and paying $10,000 and up for their horses and then paying $40 entry fees to win maybe $200. I want our competitors to leave our jackpots with some cash in their pockets and the only way to do this is to pay higher fees.”

Over the years Lisa had stopped running in her own jackpots. “Well I stopped competing at my jackpots for a number of reasons. One, I’m a control freak. I look at it this way; if I myself screw up on the computer, the draw or payout then I can only get mad at myself which in turn saves my crew from a tongue lashing (laughs). Secondly, the past couple years I did not have a horse to run but this year I am stepping out of my comfort zone, putting my trust into my fabulous crew and saddling up! I’m looking forward to joining our Barrel Bash family and having some fun.” Lisa has very nice horses, and I’m looking forward to running with her.

I asked Lisa what they are expecting for entries this year. “This is a hard question to answer as every year our number grow and grow. We started out 6 years ago with 67 entries in the Open and last year we had 55 plus in the Youth and 350 plus in the Open each day. I’m amazed with this all! Our Barrel Bash Production and event page on FaceBook continues to grow in numbers so we are hoping for 400 plus this year. This would make us one of the largest jackpots in Alberta next to the ABRA finals. That’s just crazy and exciting!!”

The projected pay out for 400 entries paying 10 holes per division in the Open would look like this:
1st – $1260.00
2nd – $1080.00
3rd – $900
4th – $780
5th – $600
6th – $480
7th – $360
8th – $240
9th – $180
10th – $120

Ladies, if you have never entered this event, check your calendars for the April 8-10 weekend, and mark it as busy. Check out this FB link for ALL THE INFO!

You may also want to check out their Fall production, The Bolt for the Colt, where the format of the event is an Open 4D jackpot with the top five and bottom one of each division coming back along with one wildcard spot for the short go. To ensure that everyone has a chance, the winner will be the person with the MOST CONSISTENT time, taking home a yearling which has been donated each year.

Travis and I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support over the years. This silly thought we had 6 years ago over a bottle of Captain Morgan’s has exceeded our expectations by far and we promise to you we will continue to give you the best we can produce.


Belle Starr – One Year Later

November of last year, I introduced my readers to a little boutique that was based out of Tofield, Alberta, but via the inter web only. The 5 year plan was to have Belle Starr Boutique in the town of Tofield, with a cute storefront, and still an online presence.  Fast forward to 2015 and the 5 Year Plan turned into an under 1 year plan. June 27th 2015, Belle Starr was up and running in town. Of course there is always room to grow, but its exciting to see a local business grow so fast and see success.  Belle Starr Boutique is another perfect example that following your dreams with hard work pays off.   The boutique will be returning to the Dodge City Marketplace at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton this year, with all of their new stock that was hand picked during a road trip to the Dallas Market & to Pendleton this summer. Of course, if you cannot make it to Edmonton during the CFR you can always head out to Tofield and stop by to visit the store.


Shelby Bochon-Duffy in Belle Starr Boutique wearing a blue aztec dress that you can purchase from the store. I NEED it!

How was the first year of business for Belle Starr Boutique?

The first year has been crazy! When I said I wanted a store front last year at this time, I was thinking it was a few years away! Watching this grow and come together has been a gratifying experience. You work hard and you see the results. It makes me proud of myself. It’s like a little business baby.

What big changes have you dealt with in the first year of owning the boutique?
The biggest change has been my lack of time for anything else! It’s all business all the time! I’ve grown up with both of my parents running their own business and always talking business. There is no real break from it! Even when I’m not working I’m thinking about work. Even being out, what you say and do reflects on your business. I’m much more carful with my opinions and my actions.


The store looks outstanding! Shelby needs to get into interior designing next.

There is always so much to learn when owning a business; What have you learnt in the first year?
I have learnt that you can’t do everything. You have to make sacrifices in your personal life to get ahead in business. It sounds so cliche but I’ve learnt that hard work really and truly pays off. I’ve learnt that the support of your family is really what matters the most, I wouldn’t be who I am today, or where I am today with out my parents. I’m so lucky to have that support.

Where do you see Belle Starr in another year from now?
In a year I would like my online business to be stupid busy, to have my business be well known. I would like to expand and bring in more lines that people love. I would like to hire on more girls so I’m not spreading myself too thin! I want to be able to go more mobile with it and not have to worry about the store front, I’m so lucky to have my girls who work for me now (Shelby Coupland and Kassidy Gates, I wouldn’t be ready for CFR if it wasn’t for those two!) And boots! I want so badly to get big enough that I can sell boots!


What fashion trends did you see on your trip down south that you want to bring here?

There was so much we saw on the buying trip. It was overwhelming! My favorite thing I saw though was boot rugs. I want them so badly! The just make an outfit look so Bad Ass!
The biggest thing I noticed though is all the girls down there just wear what ever they want and own it! Versus up here, I find that we are so much more toned down! Just wear what ever you want and rock it! It doesn’t matter if you’re the only person wearing it, own your own style!

What lines of clothing are you now carrying?
As of now, I have Dale Brisby, Cowboy Fresh, Pink Cattlelac, SAYiWON’T, Wrangler and then my hand picked ladies clothes from wholesale houses, “Southern Flair” is what I call it.


What are your fashion must haves?

Right now I am all about Aztecs prints. Obsessed actually. I’m liking layers, belts and big jewelry! I love wraps too! .

Whats your favorite pair of cowboy boots, and favorite lipstick?
My all time favorite boots are my square toe Tony Lamas. I need them re-soled I wear them so much! My favorite lipstick is, Sexer- iridescent fluorescent pink by Kat Von d


Don’t forget to say hi to the girls of Belle Starr Boutique during the CFR!! I am excited for the future of this store, and hope they continue to grow and succeed! 


On The Record

2015 Super Stakes Futurity Champion Jordie Likes

Valleyview Alberta resident, Jordie Likes is your 2015 Super Stakes Futurity Champion on her mare Heavensent King Girl, taking home the check for $23,400.

The 22 year old began riding horses when she was six, and started off on a different path. She rode English, and didn’t start barrel racing until she was thirteen. “I fell in love with it, it was definitely my calling.”

Jordie then competed in the High School Rodeos, and once she graduated, continued her love of barrel racing competing at jackpots.

Photo by KayleeJo Henkelman Photography

Photo by KayleeJo Henkelman Photography

Since the big Win happened over the Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to wait a day and let it all sink in for Jordie before bombarding her with questions.. Well I was only able to hold off for a day. Here’s what she had to say.

Do you ride with anyone in particular that helps you out a lot?
I ride with past CFR Qualifier Jodi Hollingworth a lot. I was able to go to Texas and stay with Jodi this spring February to April, and got to bring Marsha with me. Jodi has always helped me with barrel racing whenever I have needed it. I took Marsha to her first Jackpot in Texas and I also got to swim her twice a week while I as there.

How is Marsha bred?
Heavensent King Girl aka Marsha is all cow bred. Her Sire is Heavensent Taco King and Dam is Hankins Last Dry Jac.

When did you purchase her?
We bought Marsha in at the 2011 CBHI Sale in Thorsby AB, as a yearling from Gwen Brodersen. My mom Tanya Likes is the one that picked Marsha at the sale. She said she couldn’t stop walking by her stall and that she was taking that horse home no matter what. We paid $3,100 for her as a yearling.

What bit, saddle and pad do you use on her?
I use a Dee Butterfield Short Shank Chain Bit. I switch between a Tammy Fisher treeless and a Marlene McRae Carbon Fiber saddle.

I prefer to use the Tammy Fisher treeless on her because as tiny as she is, she’s a power house and the treeless helps me stay centered. I use a 5 Star pad always, and Professional choice VenTECH Elite Sports boots.

Photo by KayleeJo Henkelman Photography

Photo by KayleeJo Henkelman Photography

What kind of exercises do you do with her to keep her fresh and working well?

I long trot her and do barrel work afterwards. I do lots of slow work as she likes to rush things so I always try and slow things down so she can build her confidence and keep her focus on her job. Marsha has a very unique style she very catty.

Does Marsha get any special feed or supplements?
Marsha gets an alfalfa / timothy/ brome mix and alfalfa cubes. She gets Hoffman’s Horse Ration with Noni and Palladon mix into the ration. I give her Chill Calming Formula by Omega Alpha and Oxy 02 Lung Care Performance Paste before I run her.

What went through your mind before you made your Super Stakes run?
I just tried to stay calm and focus on only my run and what I needed to do to make a winning run. I kept thinking I can do this, I know my horse, We’re a great team.

What are your goals for 2016?
Next year I want to get my Amateur Rodeo cards, qualify and win the finals, and go on to get my Semi Pro card! I would also like to Derby Marsha next year, lead the standings and make her Derby year a success as well.

Photo by KayleeJo Henkelman Photography

Photo by KayleeJo Henkelman Photography

What do you plan on doing with the big money you won?

The money will be spent on my horses and to help me pay for next season! I’m looking at buying another horse to futurity!

What are your winter riding plans?
I’m giving my girl time off, she deserves it. I plan to start riding again in a couple months, we may be going down to Texas or Arizona but we aren’t positive yet!

I have to ask, what are your favorite pair of cowboy boots, and your favorite lipstick?!
I wear Ariat cowboy boots they are my favorite brand. I like Mirabella lipstick!

Sponsorship Shoutout!!
“I would like to thank my sponsor Knight Measurement, & my parents Greg and Tanya Knight for everything they do. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without them!”

Jordie is a very sweet girl, and I wish her and Marsha the best of luck in the future! With her positive attitude, I believe they will achieve great things 🙂

Arena Chatter

Choosing a Trainer

As of late in Social Media we have been witness to many bashing the way people train, or bashing those who are taking horses in for training amongst the usual he said, she said typical gossip and rants. Jessie Vandenbroek and Kirsten Gjerde are well spoken, and friends of mine, so I asked them to come up with something regarding this issue, as I wanted to have a guest writer on the blog! It’s also good timing as many are looking to send their young horses away but sometimes have a hard time deciding who to send their animal to, and can get misguided with all the things a person sees on social media. 

When you read this piece I hope that you read this with an open mind, and can take away something positive from it, or maybe see something in a different light. If you care to bash this piece in any way, please stop following my blog and keep your negative comments to yourself. I have NO need for that sort of thing. I am currently on a kind word diet, and I am avoiding negative BS as if its Ebola.

“This is a hard world to break into. Barrel racers are selfish, greedy, cutthroat and compassion-less. Wait, no, that’s Pirates. Pirates are selfish, greedy, cutthroat and compassion-less. So why do I feel like every time I log into Facebook lately I am being met with drama caused by mean scoundrels?  What is going on in barrel racing? I can attribute this crack in the surface of criticism to a couple of things. First, there are some big rising stars coming out, and a lot of them are young. Second, the game is getting tougher, big money is still everywhere but with the sport beginning to boom, our American friends venturing up for a piece of the Maple pie and the mass introduction of the infamous 5D, there are more barrel racers chomping at the bit. And hey, we all have a bit of cabin fever right now, am I right?


Admit it, we are all sorry 😉

So let’s talk trainers. Jessie and I had a funny text conversation the other day when a woman was posting about inexperienced people providing training and instruction to the public. One thing I think everyone is beginning to learn about Canadian barrel racers is that we will bicker, can be competitive and gossip but when someone slips and tries to nail a friend on social media, Lord have mercy on their silly soul. So we were texting away because although we have both done well through all levels of barrel competition, it never seems like it’s quite good enough. If you start making some jackpot money, well you haven’t made amateur money, if you start making amateur money well you haven’t made a finals, if you make a finals well you haven’t won the saddle, if you win the saddle well you’re just an amateur barrel racer, try breaking in at the pros. If you start making some CPRA cheques well you haven’t made CFR, if you make CFR well that’s good but you’re nothing compared to those NFR girls. If you make the NFR well you haven’t won the world, and if you win the world, you haven’t done it twice. If you do it 11 times, if you ARE Charmayne James, well you haven’t done it lately, it’s a new game now. Whoa. I doubt there is one person who just read that little blurb and thought,”No she’s wrong, I respect all levels of trainers and riders.” We all have that one person who we eye roll about when someone says they are riding with them, me included. But why? What makes a good trainer?”

“When people ask me who they should ride with or get training from, I generally ask them who they want to ride like or whose horses they admire. If you are an aggressive rider and want to perfect how to ride aggressive, look at who has a similar style and is successful. Also, if you are striving to be a quiet rider and to have a horse that goes out there, does its job and it looks like the rider didn’t do a thing, look for someone who has had success with that style.”

“My favorite thing to say to girls when they ask who they should be riding with is, ride with people who beat you. Simple as that. If they are beating you, they are doing something different and you can learn from that, and if you start beating them, well then go ride with the next girl who’s beating you. You might not like everyone’s style but you can always take something from it and make it work for you.”

Kirsten and Jazz being badasses

Kirsten and Jazz being badasses


“They have ridden for long periods of time on a solid program or under an already established person. If you compare mine and Jessie’s resumes they are pretty similar, but I will be the first to say that she is the one I call when I am having troubles with a horse. Riding with Dee Butterfield for 10 years and spending a winter with Sherry Cervi ain’t no minor thing. You learn shit.”

“Don’t discredit a trainer that comes from a different background or has rode in different disciplines. There is so much more to being a good barrel racer, than barrel racing. Try to spend as much time as possible learning from people who are well-rounded and who have spent time learning how to get a horse broke and supple. There are Canadian champions that have taken large parts of their barrel program from the English world and World Champions that started out with a lot of roping influence. I think that we can get experience from anywhere, and as long as it is applied correctly it will lead back to the most important thing. Good horsemanship.


Dee Butterfield with Jessie and her great horse Mitobility winning the trailer at the Don Laing Trailer Series


“They have had multiple horses do well at multiple levels, they have a style but can get on just about anything and make it work for them. How cool is it when a young gun can post runs on dozens of different horses that she made or is running for clients and can be competitive on all of them?  That’s sweet, and that’s a quality you want in a trainer. But At the same time, don’t discredit the girls who have had one hit wonders, because like I said you can literally learn something from everyone. I had a barrel racer a couple years ago say to me “You know, when Jazz started winning I thought, she just got lucky. Then Donk started winning and I thought she got lucky twice. But then you won on so-and-so’s horse and I finally had to say, no this girl can ride.” That’s a hard one to swallow because yeah, I did get my start on Jazz but even if I hadn’t had the luck of coming across more kick ass horses I still worked my hiney off to turn a dangerous, soured halter bred western pleasure horse into a rodeo star and to me that counts for something.”

“There are a lot of really talented trainers that do outstanding jobs in numerous fields, and some in more select ones. Always have an end goal in mind when picking your trainer- What would you like to accomplish when the training process is through? Someone who starts colts is vastly different from someone who is taking futurity colts. If you are sending your horse to get ready for futurities, most trainers will require 30-90 days and want the colt well before we are even getting close to futurity season. If you want to sell your barrel horse, choose someone who will jackpot, show it well and advertise it for you. If you are just getting training so that you can go and compete successfully on your own horse, then this is where you pick the trainer that you’d like to ride with.”


Jessie and Mito being badasses

They do well at whatever level of our sport they wish to compete in.

“I have a friend that has amazing pro rodeo material horses, but she chooses to hit the big jackpots because of the laid back family and friend involved atmosphere and opportunity to run all of her horses no matter their level of training. Jackpots are fantastic because they work for her lifestyle. Maybe you want to amateur rodeo because it’s more practical for your budget to pay the smaller entry fees and a more solid chance at making a cheque because you don’t have to compete against Baby Flo. And that’s ok. You might be on a CFR quality horse but if it doesn’t make sense for you to break your bank account chasing Edmonton, then it just doesn’t make sense. It absolutely does not discredit a barrel racer’s talent or ability to teach in any way because they haven’t made CFR or they don’t pro rodeo. You can learn from everyone.”

“At any level of competition it is worthwhile to keep your eyes open for trainers who have nice horses, who are happy, and want to work. Watch them, watch their jockey. If someone is consistently bringing out nice horses, and they are consistent in their field then they are probably have some basis to teach from. Being talented with horses is not enough on its own. Managing time and resources is essential to being a good trainer. A good trainer should be someone that you know will spend the committed time training your horse, keep your horse in a safe environment, stick with your nutritional program and is accessible to you for updates about your horse. You can’t expect to come see your horse every day, but coming out to the place to watch it get worked once or twice a month should never be an issue.”


Kirsten and Jazz. I love this picture

Red Flags

Kirsten and Jess:
“Ok, since this article is positive and uplifting I don’t think red flags need to be ventured into too much. If you love your horse and you are compassionate you do not need a blog article to tell you to avoid a trainer when your gut instinct is screaming at you to run away. However Jessie and I agree on a couple of things, first pick up the traits of a trainer by watching them. I think the most important tell about someone is how do they react when everything goes wrong? You want to surround yourself with positive training and you want your horse to be ridden by a positive, patient rider. Watch how the trainer handles the nerves that come with the high intensity training we put into these powerful animals and listen to other people’s personal experiences to get an idea about the trainer’s reputation and integrity. And remember, just because one person did not like someone’s training methods, does not mean that they would not be a perfect fit for you and your horse. Take everyone’s opinion with a grain of salt, especially if it is on Facebook, and then ride with the person anyways even if it is just a 1 hour lesson because who knows, together you could make magic happen.”


“Kirsten and I do not have degrees, we cannot show you our masters in “Know-it-all-ness”. We are two girls that have dedicated their lives to their dream. The dream of running a ridiculously expensive horse, down a ridiculously long alley, after a ridiculously shiny buckle before we make a ridiculously long drive home. We have had setbacks and heartbreak; Mito tearing his suspensory was the biggest blow to my unwavering determination thus far. I had spent 8 months of rehab to be told that it didn’t work, we need to try again. It is almost impossible to keep your spirits up every day when you are putting all your effort and dreams into such fragile and breakable creatures. Then barrel racers, our support system, turn on each other, we post “rants” to get “things off our chest”, use other people’s failures, flaws, misguided opinions, misguided thoughts, or naivety to bolster our own self-esteem and serve them up as a mockery for the whole social media world to see. Our “inside” jokes aren’t so mysterious. This is the most discouraging part of all.”

“We are our own worst critics. I hate watching myself ride in videos, it’s crazy but I do not like my own style, but at the end of the day it works, and the way I ride brings out the best in my horse. Sure I wish I looked like Sherry Cervi but that just isn’t practical. I am 5’2 and my legs would have stood a good chance for the casting of The Hobbit. Everyone has a different style, we don’t need to like it but we do need to respect it. Each barrel racer you meet is fighting a battle that you don’t know about, but we can all relate to the blood, sweat and tears it takes to win. You don’t know the sacrifices each girl had to make to get down the road, the hustle they put in all winter, the young children they are leaving at home as they chase their dream. Every successful barrel racer has worked her butt off to get where she is because you cannot put mediocre effort in and expect amazing results. You cannot buy your way into winning either; I think “Rodeo Girls” proved that with the fancy horses what’s-her-name was running during the season. This game is so mental and can change so quickly that if you’re at the top, there is a reason for it, you are meant to be there, you are a talented rider and a dedicated athlete.”

“Barrel racing is full of inspirational stories of amazing horses and wonderful, hardworking women. My first amateur rodeo check was made off of a lame, blown up barrel horse that my cousin saved from the meat truck. I bought him off her for next to nothing and with lots of love, a ton of time, and even more patience he came around to be my first really competitive amateur rodeo horse. Those are the horses that make all the hard work and sacrifice worth it.

The comradery that can happen when a group of barrel racers are happy for each other’s successes and can admire other people’s horses, talents and point of view, is an amazing thing. We are all different. There are no two paths that are the same. Every girl at the NFR got there a different way. I hope that soon we can all begin to celebrate that fact. It is liberating. I can’t be Kirsten, I can’t ride like Kirsten, but I can learn so much from Kirsten. I am going to do the best job of being Jessie that I can. I am going to fail, I am going to make mistakes, I am going to wish I could go back and do something over, and do it better. However, at the end of the day, I have to live with myself and my choices. I am accountable for the things I do and say, and I can choose to be better than I was yesterday. As they say; be the change you want to see in the world.”


Big thanks to Jessie and Kirsten for writing this! Ladies, take what you will from this article, but I hope it will be a positive! 🙂

On The Record

Interview – Tayla Fraser – Eat Cow Drill Oil Rope Calves

I first met Tayla at the 2013 PBR World Finals in Las Vegas. We were there with a large group, going to watch our friends bull True Blood, buck off Silvano Alves leaving the win in J.B. Mauney’s hands. Tayla and I never really got to sit and chit chat. Once we were home and recuperated, we ended up adding one another on Facebook. In the last eleven months, I have grown quite fond of Taylas quick whit and charm. I am grateful to know her and hope to see more of her over the years to come.

Before meeting Tayla, I had found a Facebook Group called Eat Cow, Drill Oil, Rope Calves. It would’ve been during Calgary Stampede that it popped up on my news feed, and I decided to follow it. ECDORC is for those who do just that. For those of us who support the western lifestyle, and are sick of groups like PETA, and VHS raising a ruckus over a way of life that many of us support and love. I had no idea that my funny new friend Tayla was behind it all.

When I do these interviews I always have a tough time deciding if I take the info and answers the person gives and mold it into a story, or if I go about it in the question and answer format. With Tayla I am going to go the Q&A route, because her answers are candid.


Okay Tayla, here you go! These arent questions by Barbra Walters by any means..

Where did you grow up?

Boozano. Btown. The best town in the west by a damsite… Bassano! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

What you did when you were younger and how it shaped you to be who you are today

I was a pretty active kid. I was in choir, swim club, all the school sports, students union, and 4H. I’ve gotta say that my billion years in 4H led to some pretty awesome opportunities, friends and experience and I know for certain it’s landed me two jobs. I also think that playing a lot of organized sports (team and individual) helped me to be able to lead and trust others to make good decisions. All of that being said, I’m pretty sure I owe my parents my first million to repay them for all the fuel from carting me around the country.

What do you do for work, you’re always travelling! SO JEALOUS!

I’ve been really lucky to snag jobs that involve travel. I’ve got a little side gig doing photography and design, and that sent me to Texas to photograph some NBBA futurity and derby finals in Fort Worth, which was my first big trip alone, and I had an absolute BLAST. Right now I am fortunate enough to work for Canada Beef, and work with cattle producers from across the country to tell the Canadian Beef Story domestically and around the world.

Tell me about YOU, what would you want ppl to know

Once as a bridesmaid I a few too many glasses of wine at the head table, and made out with the MC at the podium during his speech. In my defense he dared a single girl to kiss him. Poor guy. He was so small…

Also the undefeated leg wrestling champion in one province and two states (Montana and Utah)

I have no idea where to start really. I love to tell stories, drink a couple beers and have a lot of fun. I’m single too, just saying….


Eat Cow, Drill Oil, Rope Calves – Explain it for those who don’t know.

ECDORC started really as nothing more than a pissed off rant below a CBC news story about the Vancouver Humane Society protesting calf roping. I was just tired of people ragging on Albertans for living life the way we always have. It really got under my skin that people take advantage of our prosperity here not knowing what it takes to make those things happen.

Knowing I couldn’t “really” make a difference, I wanted to give a stealthy “FU” to people out there who bitch and moan about how we live here. I wanted people to be able to give a wave or a silent nod to someone they knew was a supporter of a “western lifestyle” and show a little solidarity. I whipped up some bumper stickers, and the rest is kind of history I guess. It’s grown into a really great group of followers and some great friends. I’ve also given away way more swag than I’ve sold. It’s absolutely not a business for me. While it did pay for one trip to NFR, basically every penny that comes in goes back to some new related project.


Whose the audience for ECDORC

It started out with friends and family but quickly spread through southern Alberta. After CTV Calgary ran the story media outlets across Canada and the US ran the story in the next couple days.

Now we have 16,800 fans from across the world. Most of them are farmers, ranchers and oilpatch folks from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, the Dakotas, New Mexico and Texas. You’d really think I could find myself a man out of that group….

Now along with those awesome supporters came a slew of jerks and assholes. I had a flood of people email me with rude comments and even a pretty brutal death threat. I wasn’t worried; I was more convinced that I was doing the right thing. Someone rips off my bumper sticker (mine is a magnet) on a regular basis. I wish it was someone who wanted to keep it, but I suspect that’s not the case.

Favorite go to drink

Whisky. By the bucket. Twisted Tea is my other go-to. Warm, cold, been sitting on a trailer fender for two nights, I don’t even care.

Perfect day entails 

If I’m traveling I’m happy. I’m weird – I love airports and hotels and strange places.

If you were stuck on an island the one thing you would take with you is 

It’s no surprise that I’d be lost without my best friend Sandy. Don’t tell her, but I’m really glad rodeo season is over so I can see her again!!

Favorite places you have been to

I don’t even know where to start. Belize is awesome. I’ve been twice, and it’s really hard to beat the island life of Caye Caulker, Belize. The rum, the seafood, the people…. The bar called the Lazy Lizard had a sign that says “a sunny place for shady people.” That’s pretty much my kind of place!

Belt, Montana has to be number two. It’s like any other tiny Montana town, but during rodeo weekend it’s like Montana Mardi Gras. Bands and people and booze aplenty. Even with the intensity of the hangovers I have on “Belt Sunday” this still makes the list. Oh the stories….. I always wonder if Sandy will ask me to come with her, because I generally make a complete ass of myself in front of people she has to spend all rodeo season with.

Atlanta is really cool. I love Texas.. I’m more into the stories and the memories than an actual place I think.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that I would never again go back to Guatemala! Being reprimanded by border authorities is not my kind of fun.


Whats it like to be married to Garth Brooks – but seriously? *

It’s tough, you know. Some days I wonder if Trisha will ever find out that her marriage isn’t even legal, but we’ll cross that road when we get to it. Haha! But honestly, Garth was my very first concert and it’s been a sordid love affair ever since. The 2011 show in Calgary was so unreal. I paid $500 for floor tickets, and I would have paid two or three times more if I had to. It was worth every penny to be a part of that show. His music covers so many life situations and emotions, and EVERYONE knows “Friends in Low Places…”

If you don’t already, clink the links to follow ECDORC on Facebook and Twitter, or follow her personal Twitter and Instagram.

I look forward to seeing her down the road, and I hope our next visit is over a couple of beers at a Garth Brooks concert.. Or at least a Garth CD playing in the background.. 🙂