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Stock Controversy at Agribition

Regina, Saskatchewan – Looking through the results of Pool A of the Regina Agribition Pro Rodeo, you’ll notice that there was not a single qualified time in the Steer Wrestling.

The Canadian Finals Rodeo was just twelve days ago, and at that time, the steer wrestling steers were still to be determined for Agribition.

Stock from a Saskatchewan contractor were mentioned during the CFR as Plan A, and were to be conditioned, in order to go the first CPRA rodeo of the 2018 season, but when the steer wrestling director looked into specifically which stock was going, he spoke to competitors and they agreed to seek out other stock.

It was said that the cattle did not meet the standards laid out in the CPRA rule book. This was also stock that no CPRA contestant had seen, specifically not the director, therefore he could not approve the stock.

Earlier in 2017, one contractor had a pen of cattle which, according to the CPRA rule book, were not suitable for use, and had to use a different pen of steers that weekend. If the rules were applied and followed by that contractor, why would they not be followed by this contractor for Agribition?

Plan B was to go with Troy Houff’s stock, the CFR steers. Twenty of the steers were picked out by the director.

Houff had a set price, but negotiations began. Houff would not budge on his price, nor would the person negotiating. Troy was out.

At this point, Agribition, and Bar C5 tried to convince Houff to reconsider, but the answer was no. Other contractors were considered, but nothing panned out.

Everyone from Pool A, including alternates stood together and chose not to go. There will be a few in Pool B going, but not everyone. The steer wrestlers are not happy about staying at home, especially to miss out on another great rodeo, but the majority felt it to be the right decision to stay home.

Tune into to catch all the action during Agribition Pro Rodeo in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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    P Wigton
    November 25, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Support the Cowboys totally. What’s right is right Follow the rule book

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