Setting Goals

Its a New Year and maybe you have wrote out some obnoxious resolutions…

“I will fit into the jeans I did in 5th grade…”

Yeah, that was a bit extreme but that’s how crazy some people sound. And year after year, those insane resolutions fade away.

What about writing down some attainable realistic goals?

“I will fit into my pants I currently have without having to lay down on the bed to get into them, and not breathe all day..”

Much more realistic.

I was part of an online meeting with some pretty fabulous ladies, and here is what I picked up regarding setting and reaching our goals through out the year.

How do you attain your goal?

  • Break it down into steps. Reaching goals is all part of a journey. You cant just go run at the NFR overnight. You can’t drop 10 pounds in 24 hours. Write out how you will get from start to finish.
  • Set dates for each step.
  • Be realistic with yourself. Do NOT doubt your ability, but don’t set yourself up for failure either.
  • Be accountable and have a buddy who can check in on you, and you can check in on. Create some healthy competition between the two of you, it will help motivate!
  • Do some self reflection. Take note of your goals from previous and know why they DID or DID NOT work out. Make the appropriate changes, and reach them THIS YEAR DAMNIT!

Dont forget the mental aspect of reaching your goals. We all learn differently, we all stay on track differently.

  • Create a vision board. Seeing photos and words every day will remind you of your end goal
  • Read Personal Growth Books. You don’t  have to stick to just one book, have a few on the go. Pick them up when you can
  • Meditate. This might not be for everyone, heck I haven’t been able to get into it, but many who do love what it does for their conscious.
  • Positive Affirmations. I WILL, I CAN, I AM! You are your thoughts. Stay positive. If you have a negative thought, that’s ok. Recognize it, say audios, and then continue on with a positive thought. We have thousands of thoughts per day. Not thinking a single negative thought is quite tough. Check out this link for 50 Positive Affirmations
  • You are who you hang around. Be with like minded people. Be with supportive friends. If you don’t have any, maybe its time for new com-padres?

Do not be afraid of hard work. Your dreams are not handed out on the street corner like the stripper cards in Vegas you guys! If you are not willing to put in the work, to sweat a little, and cry a bit, then you probably don’t want it bad enough.

What tips do you have for setting goals and reaching them? Leave a comment below!


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