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Round Three WNFR Recap


First off. HAILEY FREAKING KINSEL. *mic drop* Do I really need to write anything else right now? Ok, I will.

Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday aka. Sister, ran a 13.11. Yeah, thats NOT a typo. A 13.11!!! Just before she ran, Kassie Mowry ran a 13.36 which broke the arena record* (some count the record, some don’t due to pattern changes)
Whats next from this wolfy pack of ladies? A 12? Who knows what we will see! Kinsel is leading the average and has moved to sixth in the standings.

Fave run to watch: OBVIOUS answer. Hailey and Sister.

As for the Canadian report. Jake Vold was an 87.00 on Northcott Macza’s Spilled Perfume which put him in third spot in round three, for $15,653.85. Vold has pocketed $55,211 thus far at the Wrangler NFR! Orin Larsen was a 73. Tim O’Connell spurred the PRCA horse of the year, Canadas own Virgil to a 91.5, a new arena record. It was badass, be sure to find it and watch it!

In the steer wrestling, Tanner Milan was a 4.9 and Scott Guenthner was a 4.5, just out of the money tonight.

Jeremy Buhler was another no time with his header Tom Richards.

Clay Elliot was an 82 just out of the money, Layton Green 83.5 on a re-ride, and Zeke Thurston a 79.5, and has moved to third in the world standings.

Jordan Hansen was bucked off of Stace Smith Pro Rodeos Torch. Sage Kimzey and Cole Melancon tied for first with 91.5 rides to each take home $23,480 each, as there were only 4 qualified rides! DANG!

By round three, the nine Canadians have cashed in on $124,370 (go round money only)

Round Three LBR Results

1 Hailey Kinsel 13.11 $26,230.77
2 Kassie Mowry 13.36 $20,730.77
3 Amberleigh Moore 13.57 $15,653.85
4 Ivy Conrado 13.59 $11,000.00
5 Nellie Miller 13.66 $6,769.23
6 Lisa Lockhart 13.67 $4,230.77
Taci Bettis 13.68
Kathy Grimes 13.70
Stevi Hillman 13.84
Tiany Schuster 14.20
Kellie Collier 14.58
Tillar Murray 18.76
Sydni Blanchard 18.90
Kimmie Wall 18.95
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 19.18

World Standings After Round Three

1 Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
2 Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
3 Nellie Miller $184,536.75
4 Amberleigh Moore $172,691.04
5 Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
6 Hailey Kinsel $166,245.34
7 Kathy Grimes $132,785.38
8 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi $123,660.34
9 Lisa Lockhart $110,685.09
10 Sydni Blanchard $108,130.98
11 Taci Bettis $107,023.14
12 Ivy Conrado $103,411.67
13 Tillar Murray $102,789.02
14 Kellie Collier $97,568.72
15 Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

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