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Round Seven WNFR Recap

Tillar Murray and Commander came in guns a blazin’ on the bottom of the ground last night, and smoked a run, clocking in at a 13.40 in round seven of the Wrangler NFR.

Hailey Kinsel is behind Tiany Schuster by $66,210, and is sitting fifth in the average race after round seven.

Nellie Miller is behind Kinsel by $9,631.67, and behind Schuster by $75,840.00 and sitting second in the average.


Canadian Report

In round number seven we saw Jake Vold take home $7,333.33, Layton Green cash in on $11,000, and Jordan Hansen spur one down for $8,884.61. Vold is sitting nicely in the standings, holding on to third place in the world and first in the average.

Unfortunately Buhler and Richards had another no time and Clay Elliot has still not made a dime in Sin City.

Tanner Milan is still sitting up high in the standings but dropped significantly in the average after a no time in last nights round.

The Canadian go-round total money won heading into round eight is $300,158.96.

Round Seven Results
1 Tillar Murray 13.40 $26,230.77
2 Nellie Miller 13.52 $20,730.77
3 Sydni Blanchard 13.62 $15,653.85
4 Lisa Lockhart 13.63 $11,000.00
5 Kassie Mowry 13.68 $6,769.23
6 Tiany Schuster 13.70 $4,230.77
Amberleigh Moore 13.75
Ivy Conrado 13.78
Taci Bettis 13.78
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.79
Kellie Collier 13.85
Stevi Hillman 15.18
Hailey Kinsel 18.54
Kimmie Wall 18.91
Kathy Grimes 19.17

World Standings (after round seven)
Tiany Schuster $285,339.1
Hailey Kinsel $219,129.96
Nellie Miller $209,498.29
Stevi Hillman $199,619.05
Amber Moore $198,921.81
Kassie Mowry $173,393.58
Ivy Conrado $151,289.87
Lisa Lockhart $149,396.63
Tillar Murray $144,673.64
Taci Bettis $140,446.22
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $138,327
Sydni Blanchard $123,784.83
Kellie Collier $97,568.72
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

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