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Round Four WNFR Recap

Amber Moore is now just $61,455.75 behind Tiany Schuster in the race for the world title after winning round four tonight at the Wrangler NFR, and has moved to second position ahead of Stevi Hillman by just a few thousand dollars.

What happened with the ground tonight? We went from record SHATTERING times to some nasty slips on first and third.

Mowry and Junior slipped on first, Kellie Collier had a horse change to Muffin and had a bad slip on third, falling right to the knee, and Stevi Hillman on Truck with a slip in the hind end on third. Fingers crossed those horses are alright.

Fave run to watch: Amber Moore and Paige, though I held my breath the entire run after seeing the slips.

Best dressed: TIANY SCHUSTER

It was another rough night for the Canadians money wise.

Orin Larsen was the only Canadian in the bareback to take home money tonight after an 86.00 point ride on Four Star Rodeos Big Star, for $15,653.85. Jake Vold was 83.50 on J Bar Js Dirty Rags.

Team roping heeler, Jeremy Buhler and his partner Tom Richards received a no time tonight. Buhler has not picked up a single cheque thus far.

Steer Wrestler Tanner Milan was a 4.4, and Scott Guenther had a stubborn steer, running a 7.3. Both men came up short and will take home no money from round four of the Wrangler NFR.

In the saddle bronc riding Clay Elliot was bucked off of Let er Rip early in the eight seconds. Zeke Thurston was a 72.50 on Frontier Rodeos Tip Off, and Layton Green was 80.00 points on Keslers Willowbrook, but neither cashed in.

Bull rider Jordan Hansen was bucked off of Bridewells 100x Helmets Foothill. Only three men covered their bulls tonight; Trey Benton III, Joe Frost and Ty Wallace.

The nine Canadians have won a collective $140,024 over the last four rounds (Go round money only)

LBR Round Four Results:

1 Amberleigh Moore 13.56 $26,230.77
2 Ivy Conrado 13.58 $20,730.77
3 Taci Bettis 13.59 $15,653.85
4 Hailey Kinsel 13.63 $11,000.00
5 Kathy Grimes 13.73 $6,769.23
6 Lisa Lockhart 13.76 $4,230.77
Nellie Miller 13.84
Tillar Murray 13.85
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.87
Tiany Schuster 14.34
Kassie Mowry 15.41 bad slip on 1
Kellie Collier 16.12 bad slip on 3
Kimmie Wall 18.69
Stevi Hillman 24.59 bad slip on 3
Sydni Blanchard 25.40

LBR World Standings after Round Four:

Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
Amber Moore $198,921.81
Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
Nellie Miller $184,536.75
Hailey Kinsel $177,245.34
Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Ivy Conrado $124,142.44
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $123,660.34
Taci Bettis $122,676.99
Lisa Lockhart $114,915.86
Sydni Blanchard $108,130.98
Pillar Murray $102,789.02
Kellie Collier $97,568.72
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

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