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Round Eight WNFR Recap

Jot notes tonight folks!

Ivy Conrado is two one hundredths of a second ahead of Nellie Miller in the average.

Conrado is sitting seventh in the world standings, and $118,395.38 behind Tiany Schuster in the standings after round eight.

Nellie Miller is sitting third in the standings, and is just $64,840.81 behind Schuster.

Amber Moore is $60,186 behind the number one position in second place.

Kimmie Wall had a CLEAN run tonight, but made it to the crying hole.

Check out the world and go round placings below.

Best Dressed: Hailey Kinsel and Sydni Blanchard.

Fave Run to Watch: Ivy Conrado on JLo

Canadian Report

Jake Vold is injured after Redigo fell twice on him, once just out of the chute, as the horse spun around on his hind end and slammed Vold into the chute, then fell again in the arena after flipping Jakearound, and then caught his leg with Jake’s neck. Vold was going to take his re-ride in round nine, but before the bull riding it was decided he will not take his re-ride. Orin Larsen was a 75.5 on Princess Warrior.

Tanner Milan split 5/6 with Ty Erikson both running a 4.4 for $5,500. Scott Guenthners steer hung a leg.

Tom Richards missed, another no time for Richards and Jeremy Buhler

Clay Elliot is on the board with an 87.5 on Sue City Sue for third place and $15,653.85 his first cheque. Zeke Thurston missed his horse out, Layton Green also missed him out.

Jordan Hansen was an 86 on Corey & Lange Rodeos Tequila bull!

Round Eight Results

8 1 Amberleigh Moore 13.54 $26,230.77
8 2 Tillar Murray 13.73 $20,730.77
8 3 Ivy Conrado 13.86 $15,653.85
8 4 Nellie Miller 13.87 $11,000.00
8 5 Lisa Lockhart 13.93 $6,769.23
8 6 Kellie Collier 13.95 $4,230.77
8 Kimmie Wall 14.07 $0.00
8 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 14.16 $0.00
8 Taci Bettis 18.43 $0.00
8 Hailey Kinsel 18.57 $0.00
8 Kassie Mowry 18.95 $0.00
8 Kathy Grimes 18.97 $0.00
8 Sydni Blanchard 18.98 $0.00
8 Stevi Hillman 19.05 $0.00
8 Tiany Schuster 23.56 $0.00

World Standings

Tiany Schuster $285,339.1
Amber Moore $225,152.58
Nellie Miller $220,498.29
Hailey Kinsel $219,129.96
Stevi Hillman $199,619.05
Kassie Mowry $173,393.58
Ivy Conrado $166,943.72
Tillar Murray $165,404.41
Lisa Lockhart $156,165.86
Taci Bettis $140,446.22
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $138,327
Sydni Blanchard $123,784.83
Kellie Collier $101,799.49
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13


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