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Rene LeClercq CFR 2017

Rene LeClercq is back again, determined to pull cheques in Edmonton at her second finals, on her mare Flirt for a Diamond, who is by Chicado Book (Docs Paradise) and a Quixote Doc mare. Throughout the 2017 season and after 45 rodeos, the pair won $18,917.81 for their efforts.

Does Flit have any quirks?
She is so laid back, sometimes she gets too relaxed before a run.

How would you describe her style?
She’s a ratey horse. The harder you run her in the better she turns.

(Covy Moore/CovyMoore.com)

With all the miles made, varying ground conditions, and expenses,what kept the CFR dream alive for you?
Well obviously having tough horses to be competitive on, Flit saved my season this year. All my sponsors, you can’t get down the road without great partnerships. And the support of my family and friends.

What was your favourite rodeo this year?
Strathmore, Flit had an amazing run and it felt great to be complemented by the US girls.

Who is your barrel racing idol?
Mom, she has done so much, and I’ve always looked up to her.

What do you do to keep a seasoned horse tuned up?
Flit is so easy running she doesn’t need much. But slow work, maintaining good shape and form. Fast times come from form.

What do you do to keep a horse legged up throughout the season?
Lots of long trotting and breezing out in fields.

We all know rodeo takes serious mental toughness. What do you do to stay focused, and confident?
I just have to have confidence in my horses and myself. And just remind myself to have fun, when I got out happy and having fun there is no pressure.

What supplements do you use to keep your horses performing their best?
Hoffmans, Sharpedge, Excel EQ.

(Covy Moore/CovyMoore.com)

What advice would you give to someone wanting to run pro?
Believe in yourself and your horse. Stick to your own game, and don’t let the big stage overwhelm you. It’s the same pattern whether it’s at home or the CFR.

What can you not live without on the road?

Rene would like to thank her sponsors, Frontier Western Shop, Country Junction Feeds, Destress, MMD, Sharpedge Equine Supplements, Excel EQ Alberta at 10 Mile Ranch, Hidez Canada, North Point Outfitters.

Photos submitted by Rene*

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