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OE Nutraceuticals in Canada Now

OLDS, Alberta – Barrel racers and most all equine disciplines like to be in the know with new products, hoping to get that extra edge in competition, or just to keep their horses overall health at its peak. New to the Canadian scene is OE Nutraceuticals with Coulee Equine in Olds, Alberta carrying the full line up of products. These supplements won’t have you breaking the bank adding them to your horses regime.

What exactly is OE Nutraceuticals? This is a line of Equine Supplements developed by DVM, competitors, and professional feed nutritionists with improved performance being the gold standard for all of their products. They provide premium products that are safe, drug free and effective for the equine market at a fair price for all levels of competitors.

Callie Gray who is originally from Canada and now living in Oklahoma, is the Canadian Importer/Distributor for OE and gave Lipstick and Cowboy Boots the full scoop on the product line.

“No other supplement company can compete with a full scale therapy center as a clinical proving ground, real world performance testing by leading competitors, DVM backed theory in product development, leading nutritionists for formulations, industry leading ingredient company partnership on trademarked and clinical studied ingredients, and food safe manufacturing facilities. These Facilities are ISO-9001, NASC, FDA inspected, AAFCO regulated and SQF certified so you know our products, procedures and manufacturing methods exceed the highest standards available.” said Gray.

How long has OE been around?

OE Nutraceuticals have been around going on 3 years.  The products speak for themselves as far as results go.  They are great products for anyone from the elite competitor, to someone who just wants a great maintenance program for their horses.

Who uses OE?

The list is endless as far as who uses OE.  As I said before, the products are affordable for any level of competitor.  But to name a few names, Pete Owen, Bo Hill, Amberleigh Moore, Kaleb Driggers, Trent Creager and Clint Cooper.  It’s definitely not limited to the barrel racing or rodeo world.  Any discipline will benefit in adding these products to their daily maintenance programs.  There has been a lot of success stories in the cutting, reining, working cow horse, dressage, hunter jumper, thoroughbred racing, quarter horse racing and standard bred racing industries.

How did you get involved with OE?

Josh Harvey is my veterinarian and good friend, he owns Outlaw Equine in Decatur, Texas.  After the products had launched in the US, and after using the products myself and seeing the results, I approached Josh and Kaleb Terlip, who is the product manufacturer, about why the products had not made it up to Canada.  Kaleb and I then started working on getting the products approved in Canada, and well, here we are.

What results have you seen with your own horses using OE?

The results are unbelievable.  I truly believe these products have enhanced my horse’s performance.  Not only do they look better, they feel better.  And when horses feel better, they perform to the best of their ability.  I am confident every time I run up the alley that there’s nothing health wise, holding me back.  And that’s a great feeling to have, knowing that my horse feels it’s best, to perform at its best.

What products does OE carry?

There’s a product for everyone with OE.  We carry everything from an all in one, total health supplement, supplements that target gastro intestinal disturbances, joint health supplements, hoof care supplements, and we carry a great like of different pre race pastes.  There’s a product for everyone, at an affordable price.

Are all the products available to Canadians?

All OE products are available across Canada.  Coulee Equine will have a full inventory of products, and I also have other reps in place ready to take orders.  You can also visit our website at for more information, or to get in contact with a rep near you.

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