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Motivation – 2015 Season

What motivates you? What makes you want to jump out of bed at 5am to go to the gym to work on your core so you can keep up with your horses badass snappy turns? What gets you fired up and keeping the passion and desire alive in the winter when its -35 and even colder with the wind? What are you doing before you make a run at a jackpot or rodeo that keeps you focused and on your A Game?


Incase you live under a rock, it’s 2015 now.. A whole new season to make your best run, to fix your third barrel, to ride more gritty, and to let your horse haul ass to first barrel. Ok those are some of the things I want to do this year. I have watched all of my 2014 runs (that were taped) a million times. I have sat with my eyes closed and rode through and felt the feeling of Reeva cranking out a perfect first second and third barrel. I have sat and felt the feeling of winning, being presented with checks and buckles. When I am driving my car and turn a corner I sit on my pockets and act like we’re turning a barrel. I have gone through the pattern in the kitchen with the proper hand position etc. Its all about muscle memory right? As silly as that may seem, doing all those things keeps me jacked up about the upcoming season. Ive also been reading great books like Mind Gym by Gary Mack and Gold Buckles Don’t Lie by Fred Whitfield, and girl, if that story doesnt motivate you, I dont know what will! Tonight I am posting sticky notes all over my house to remind me why I am riding daily an getting back to the gym. I also enjoy watching old NFR videos, watching Lisa & Louie win The AMERICAN, and watching Pozzi & KissKissBangBang win the Diamonds & Dirt 2014 Slot Race. Reading inspiring quotes, and talking with positive uplifting girls who have similar goals also keeps me focused and driven.

Maybe you read that and think I am totally out to lunch, and instead you just like to be better than you were before, always striving to be the best you can be in all aspects of life. This is such a broad topic, so as far as I am concerned there is no wrong or right as to what can “motivate” a person.


I asked a handful of my friends what keeps them motivated. I LOVE hearing what motivates people, in and out of the arena. So, assuming that hearing what is motivating others will also motivate you, I’m sharing their replies to help get ya fired up! 🙂


“Watching people that I admire motivates me. Even at the local jackpots. I see someone lay down a deadly run and it gets me pumped up.”

“Setting goals and timelines, and adjusting them accordingly. Staying motivated is easy when the end is always in sight . Small steps to the big picture, make anything seem attainable. Adjust your expectations so they are realistic. Instead of, “I wanna make the nfr”.” try “I wanna have a more consistent season.”  Or instead of “I wanna win this rodeo.” “I wanna ride my horse better than I did at the last.” kinda thing. Creating goals creates positivity which is motivating in itself.”


“What motivates me is a little different from everyone else, usually people want to be motivated by someone they look up to, but for me it’s the people who look down on me, they make me ride harder, train better to BE a better person. The look on those peoples face when the unexpected come in and win makes me drive harder. Everyone has a past, everyone has a present and everyone started somewhere!”

“So, Cassie asked me for some things that keep me motivated & motivate me before a run. On off season watching old runs makes me want it like crazy. Theres no better feeling than making a barrel run, so during the winter I watch alot of videos of both myself & other people. Before a run I like to listen to pump up songs to get me in the game, I love music & I find this the easiest way to get me ready for a run.”

“Well……so music, inspirational books and positive thoughts, learning new things and friends success makes me happy and keeps me motivated! All these aspects are just on the road which was started by simply believing in the dream (or goal)! That is what motivates me, I can visualize and know it’s what I’m meant to move towards! Make sense…it really applies to all things not just barrel racing!”


“This is what motivates me personally. This is the stem cell i received that saved my life. Some days I get a little down and out. I just look back at pictures. Everyday I strive do to the very best. I’ve had a few friends pass away same age as me gone through everything I had. They call it survivors guilt and it really is. Why me? Why am I so lucky over them? Well each and everyday I set out to accomplish everything and anything. Saying yes to every opportunity that crosses my path. Where as before I would say no maybe next year, well there may not be a next year. It’s kinda corny but it’s honestly true. How many people get a second chance in life? Well I plan to live this life to the damn best ability that I can and push myself to do things I normally wouldn’t.”

“What motivates me the most is Tyler. Every time I want to take a break or stop training or I don’t think I’m on the right track he pushes me to follow my dreams. He’s always behind me helping me move forward and be the best I can be. It’s actually taught me a lot about myself and how to push myself in those weak moments. I’ve seen a lot of “couple teams” but I have rarely seen one that works in a partnership like this. I also watch a lot of motivational videos about dreams and determination and pushing yourself. I really believe in order to teach yourself how to stay positive and motivated when your dealing with horses and the kind of stress and money issues we all have you have to have a person or persons to fall back on who help you and stay strong when you are not.”

Kirsten regarding visual motivation:
“I think motivation can come in all sorts of forms and can apply to success in the rodeo world in so many ways. Pictures, quotes, videos and songs all have a different role in how I personally keep myself motivated. Pictures are great because they help put you back into a memory of a moment that was a crucial stepping stone to where you are now. These are two of my favorite pictures because they were my two first big wins on different horses and look at how excited I am! I use them to remind myself how grateful I was back then and how hard I worked to earn those two moments.”


“I find the times that I need the most motivation are during the off season when it is -20 with a storm warning and I am writing a blurb for my friend’s blog and staring at pictures of my other friends in Arizona on Facebook when my truck has been running for 45 minutes so that I can go out to the barn. Videos are almost always crucial in this situation.”

Kirsten regarding music and motivation:
“Music works the same way. There have been a couple times when a truck of us girls is driving to a rodeo and we are “Raging” right alongside Hyper Crush and “it’s another great day to be looking that good” all determined to “Run This Town” with Luke Bryan. This exact situation happened this summer and we were soaring on the way up North, and on the way back listening to “Her Heart Is A Rodeo” on repeat with two out of three horses in the back having had their last runs of the season. “Her Heart is a Rodeo” is also great song for the drive home when you are trying to figure out how to regroup and get your life together by Tuesday so that you can make it to a slack Thursday morning and then across the Rockies for Thursday night. It’s all about the perseverance.”

Kirsten regarding quotes:
“Quotes are great forms of motivation purely for the feelings certain words can stir deep in your mind. If I am winning and making good runs, they are great to keep the high energy going. If I have a bad run or something negative happens to me they act as a booster to stay persistent. It’s pretty easy to log onto Pinterest from your phone and type in “overcoming obstacles” as you are leaving the vet office with a prescription for 6 weeks time off or if you just took out three barrels and the trash at the last rodeo, and it’s an easy way to re-boost your morale.”


So I ask again. What motivates you? What keeps you going when you want to quit. What pumps you up when you’re coming down the alley way? Leave a comment below, I’d LOVE to hear it!

Check out and on YouTube for so many great videos like this one I have viewed 1000 times!!



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    Laurie Trigg
    January 8, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    Isn’t winter over yet??!!!
    Great post, Cass.

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      Cassie H
      January 8, 2015 at 4:45 pm

      I feel like its so close to being over, and then I remember its only january, and it can still snow and be ugly in April, May and even June! ha! Next week it’s suppose to get warm again!
      Thanks Laurie!! 🙂

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