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Back at it again with the #makeupmonday on Lipstick & Cowboy Boots.

Karissa of Karissa Brynn Makeup sheds light on the beginner guide to shopping at Sephora. I find this quite handy to be honest. I occasionally walk into this store, but quickly run out because of its size, and the millions of products to look at.


Photo Credit: Vasya Omelchuk Model: Kelsey Kropielnicki

Miss Karissa attended Blanche MacDonald in Vancouver, BC and took the Global MakeUp Program.
In 2015 Karissa travelled to New York to do work during Fashion Week with a Canadian designer who wanted to incorporate Canadian Models and Artists in their show. Previously, she worked during Paris Fashion Week, then Cannes France Shopping Festival Runway Event 6 months later .. I don’t know much about Fashion, but I think most people know that Paris, NY & Cannes are a pretty big deal! (Thanks to Meryl Streep & The Devil Wears Prada)

The Beginners Guide to Sephora

Walking into a wonderland of makeup can be one of two things. Exhilarating and depleting, by depletion, I am talking about your bank account. Which doesn’t always have to be the case.

Did you know that skincare alone, not including actual beauty makeup, is estimated to be over a 12 billion dollar market alone. Now add in Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kylie Jenner to that number and it might just make your brain explode.

Thanks to the massive popularity growth on Instagram and Facebook beauty has been taken to an entirely new level. It’s not hard to be convinced to own 3 different highlighters and 4 different eyeliners all because you follow 10 different enormously famous beauty bloggers that tell you which product is the best this week.

So how do you decide which product is actually the right one for you?
Take yourself into a little case study on yourself. What do you wear on a normal basis going to work and going out? Buy products that you will wear 90% of the time, not products that are going to sit in the back drawer only to be pulled out for Cinderella’s ball.

Here are my 3 Golden Rules when going to Sephora

-You are always right. Probably the first thing a professional is taught in retail training. The customer is always right. By this I mean, if you’re walking into Sephora for a specific item stick to it. Don’t become side tracked when your walking by 10 different shiny pallets glittering in your peripheral vision. And don’t be “upsold” when you are approached by an artist and they tell you, you need this, this and that. Stick to what is needed for you and your skin type.
-The pro palettes are flashy looking yes, but not necessarily for everyone. There is no reason for a person to buy a palette that has 3 different concealer colours when you only need one specific tone for your skin. The companies are up selling you without even trying. You just bought a $70 palette when you only need the one $20 colour pot.
-Do your research. Instagram and google are valuable, wondering how a product rates? Look it up before you make the big purchase. Regret the purchase? Return it!

My Sephora Favourites

Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth Face Cream
Jose Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light
Karuna Hydrating Face Mask
Tarte 360 Creaseless Eye Primer
Marc Jacobs Remarccable Foundation
Becca Moonstone Pale Gold Shimmer
Catcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist
Marc Jacobs Gel Eye Liner
Anastasia Beverly Hills (pretty much her entire line, no joke)
Dior Show Mascara
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

Thank you so much to Karissa for giving us some shopping advice!

Be sure to follow her on Social Media, and consider her when looking to book with a Makeup Artist!

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