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#MakeUpMonday – Alayna Schmidt Artistry

Forget #ManCrushMonday, I want to feature local Make-Up Artists in Alberta, giving them a platform to showcase their talents, and for you, the reader, to be able to get a hold of one near you, or to at least pick up a few tricks that might come in handy when you do your own makeup! I personally need all the help I can get when it comes to this, so I am all ears!

Today we hear some makeup tips from Tofield, Alberta resident, Alayna Schmidt! You can find her on Instagram @alaynas.artistry

My love for makeup definitely came from all my years of dance growing up. I loved doing my makeup for dance but hardly wore anything to school. After 15 years of loading on that burgundy eyeshadow and dark red lipstick every weekend, I was in no mood to make an effort for school. Plus, fake lashes and dramatic blush didn’t really go with yoga pants and hoodies…yea, I was that girl. Anyways, in my first year of college makeup started to become a real addiction of mine, along with watching numerous makeup tutorials from my YouTube girls. Yes they are my girls and they taught me everything I know. So I am gonna share some of my favourite beauty tricks that I have acquired from my girls and others that I use in my daily beauty routine.


1. Using a beauty oil in your foundation to add hydration and a luminous finish to your skin. I get really bad dry skin in the winter so this has become a life saver for me! I find that a beauty oil is so much more moisturizing and gives that really pretty, dewy look to your foundation when adding a couple drops. I definitely wouldn’t do this if you have oily skin though, it will just add more oil throughout the day when you would probably need to stay more matte. Almost any oil by Josie Maran is awesome for this trick.


2. I hate using liquid eyeliner. Every makeup artist out there is probably like umm what? But yea, I hate it. For some reason as soon as I get out the liquid liner my hand shakes like I’m standing in -40 degree weather. So, what I like to do is use a pencil or crayon eyeliner and draw the initial line as close to my lash line as possible. Then, I take a small smudger brush or angled brush and smudge the line out so they don’t have to be exactly even. I have heard makeup artists say that when filling in your eyebrows it is almost impossible to get them looking exactly the same so they should be sisters not twins. Well, I like to say that about my eyeliner too, so smudging it out makes it a little easier to do that. This allows you to be a little messy with your product but still create a nice smoky line.

3. Mascara is definitely one of the things I rarely leave the house without, but my lashes have this thing of literally sticking straight out so I am always curling them. A trick I’ve found is to warm up your lash curler with your blow dryer and then pump the curler multiple times starting near the root then moving a few centimetres down till you reach the end. I’ve noticed this has made a huge difference! Current face Mascara is L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black.


4. Have you ever looked in the mirror at the end of the day and thought where the heck did all of that makeup I put on this morning go? Yea that was me all the time. Especially in summer. When I’m hot. And sweaty….yea, gross. So I found that using a good setting spray has made a huge difference in the longevity of my makeup. I really like to use Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray or Kat Von D Lock It Setting Spray.


I never would have thought that I’d be able to make a side career of doing makeup. I have always enjoyed it but thought that because I didn’t go to school for makeup artistry and am not certified I wasn’t able to offer makeup services. But one of my YouTube girls, who now has over 3 million followers and multiple collaborations with well known companies, said that if you are genuinely passionate about something and constantly willing to better yourself at it, you don’t need a certification. So I decided I would go for it. My sister and I started by doing makeup for our long time friends wedding and it fortunately has only been growing since. It is such an awesome feeling seeing someones confidence go up when they are happy with the makeup look I have done on them. I am definitely not an expert, but I am constantly trying to better myself and absolutely love enhancing that natural beauty that all girls have.

Thanks Alayna!

-If you are, or know a local Make Up Artist in Western Canada who has a few tips to share, PM Lipstick & Cowboy Boots on Facebook and we can collaborate!

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