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Lynette Brodoway CFR 2017

Coming to Edmonton in second position after 39 rodeos and $30,601.56 pocketed is Lynette Brodoway and her boys, Freeway (11) and Rocket(8). They are half brothers on the sire side, both by Root Beers Boots, who stands at the Sandy Ridge Stallion Station.

How would you describe their style?
Freeway is a straighter type running horse and very aggressive. I try to ride him pretty quiet and just let him do his job. Rocket is a rounder turner and a lot more laid back so I have to be more aggressive in how I ride him. They are both kind and easy to be around.

What was your favourite rodeo this year?
My favourite rodeo was Ponoka. Qualifying for the short go was a long time goal finally achieved. The committee worked so hard for our event, making the ground conditions the very best possible. I am always amazed by the crowd at Ponoka and the high energy!

What has been your most memorable run over the years?
Wainwright’s first go run this year is my most memorable run ever. It was rainy and the ground conditions didn’t look great. I was in the slack, it was cool, and I was so disappointed in the weather and ground conditions. I didn’t have any expectations and decided to just sit back and let Freeway do his job. Long story short – he won the first go. This run helped me make some changes in how I rode him for the rest of the year.

Who is your barrel racing idol, and why?
My barrel racing idol is Rayel Little. Her great horsemanship and humility are a wonderful example to us barrel racers. Rayel was also an inductee to our Canadian Professional Rodeo Hall Of Fame this year.

Will you be rodeoing south of the border this winter?
I will be rodeoing in Arizona this winter. I really enjoy those rodeos and it is a good way to get the year started.

Riding a seasoned horse, how do you keep them sharp on the pattern?
I don’t really have any barrel exercises for Freeway and Rocket but I do periodically breeze them through the pattern and if something shows up I deal with it. I like to reinforce the skills needed for barrel racing while doing other activities. I change this up, sometimes I work, for example, the poles, the cutter’s flag or the Heel O Matic.

We all know that barrel racing and rodeo is very much so a mental sport. How do you stay mentally focused?
Before my run I like to visualize a good run and then focus on executing that good run. This is a very important aspect of the Sport. As part of my ‘Brodoway Mentorship Program’, I am always educating myself and growing in the area of ‘mental toughness’. I practice these concepts personally and then teach them to fellow Barrel Racers through my Program.

What products do you use to keep your horses feeling their best on the road?
‘Herbs for Horses’ has great products that I use to keep Freeway and Rocket sharp and feeling good. Because of their different personalities I have specific products for each horse.

What is the best piece of advice you could give someone who wanted to run pro?
Learning how to ride out the highs and lows of rodeo was a struggle for me. I have learned not to take the bad runs personally and not to get big headed over the good runs.

What is the one thing you cannot live without on the road?
I will not leave home without my daytimer. I write down my times, what I like and don’t like in my runs, my entry dates, how many hours to get to the rodeo, ground conditions and inspiring quotes. Those that travel with me know that we do not leave until it is on the truck dash. My rodeo life is in that black book!

*Photos submitted by Lynette

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    Maggie Nye Baertsch
    November 7, 2017 at 11:12 am

    I have just read this fantastic interview with Lynette. She is an amazing woman and an amazing horsewoman! My daughter and I had the good fortune to attend on of her barrel racing clinics in Brooks with a maternal half brother to Rocket. We have been following Lynette ever since. I am an ex race horse owner/trainer. People always asked us how we won so many. By doing almost the same things that Lynette does with her barrel horses. We, also, came back with some new information on barrel racing. Thank you to a super lady!

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