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Lipstick, Shampoos, and Make-Up, Oh My!

So I have had girls ask me to blog about fashion, and make up, and products I like. I spoke with my good friend Tara, and asked her for some input. This is what we came up with, and I will be posting more, perhaps once a month, on products I love, and I will ask a random friend for their pick as well. Hope you enjoy the first rendition in MakeUp & Stuff. 🙂

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo – Tara’s Pick

I don’t like washing my hair every day or even every second day (let’s be honest I just don’t like washing my hair) so I can extend the number of days between washes up to a week sometimes . (I will vouch for Tara, she has THE nicest hair ever, so Ill do whatever she is doing!! But I do wash my hair more often) It’s made of all natural ingredients and isn’t tested on animals which when I am buying products is a huge consideration for me. It smells like citrus fruit – grapefruit, lemon and limes, is relatively cheap about $14CAD for 130g bottle. Easy to use, I just put it into my hands and rub it into my scalp. It doesn’t leave my hair looking white it blends in really well. It isn’t heavy a weigh my hair down (Lush says to sprinkle it on from the bottle and to massage into scalp, then shake your head out or brush it out to get rid of any extra.. Tara found it to get messy doing it that way, so instead she puts it in her hands first, then massges) Also, I do a lot of hot yoga and use it on my hair afterwards, it doesn’t make it feel gunky, it makes me hair feel like I just washed it.


Lush – No Drought Dry Shampoo

Arbonne “Its a Long Story” Mascara

This mascara was in Vanity Fair as one of their Top 5 Picks for mascara. #winning! Made from a vegan formula, & is dermatologist-, ophthalmologist- and clinically tested. Your eyelashes never feel chunky, or dry and flakey. I have left this stuff on my eyes for two-three days, and my lashes still looked great, and my eyes didnt hurt, nothing was flaking into my eyes, and my lashes were still soft and black as night!  Also, Arbonne does NOT test on animals, another win for me. And, it comes off super easily with whatever you use for makeup removal!(I use wipes.) $40CAD


It’s A Long Story Mascara


Arbonne Bronzer

Arbonne is free of harmful ingredients including animal products or animal by-products, parabens, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, mineral oil and petrolatum. As mentioned previously, its vegan approved, & not tested on animals. They have a whole line of over 350 botanically-based quality skincare, cosmetic, hair, bath and body, fragrance, sun care and nutrition products for women, men and children. Definitely worth checking out!

OK, but the Bronzer.. Its not sparkly, and gives you a beach kissed, sun goddess look. The compact has a mirror in it which is always handy, and again, its Arbonne, so you know that no puppies were harmed for you to look so good! 😉  $40CAD


Arbonne Bronzer

Elf Lip-Balm

This was another one of Tara’s finds, but I now use it and LOVE it! For $4CAD you can’t go wrong. Has a minty taste, and actually moisturizes lips. Also leaves a nice light pink color and lasts for quite a while!

**Before applying, gently take your toothbrush after youve brushed your teeth, and scrub off any dead skin, so it goes on smoother.


Elf Lip Balm

Candy -Yum-Yum, Pink MAC Lipstick

Feeling BOLD and brave? Try wearing a brighter pink lipstick. Must be worn with CONFIDENCE. And I do believe any one can wear this. Just pair it with the right outfit and accesories. aka. Dont go wearing a pink shirt to match your lips, try a darker top with a complimentary color necklace that isnt too bold. The lips are a statement alone!

Red Lipstick

Arbonne &  Elf – Red lips are also a statement, but they are becoming more and more common. I personally LOVE the Arbonne lipsticks because they are smaller and easier to apply, but because I lost one at a wedding and gave the other one to my sister, I went and bought one at Target, also by Elf, and was also $4. The quality isnt near as nice as the Arbonne Lipstick, but for $4 it does the trick.

I naturally have thinner lips so I feel like sometimes when I wear these bold colors, I look kind of silly. I have been tempted to go buy a lip liner and see if I could make my lips look a litter fuller. BUT I have no experience with this.. If you have any tips, help me out!

Have you gone and bought a lipstick you LOVE?! Tell me which it is so I can check it out!


Hot Head Hair Extensions 

Since my teenage years, my hair just does not grow. Mom thinks I should be taking some kind of supplement, but knowing me, I wouldnt take it regularily enough for it to work. SO instead, I get Hot Head Extensions, and I LOVE THEM! My natural hair goes a little passed my shoulders. I usually buy the longest extensions possible, because then my hair dresser trims them a bit and then I can have long mermaid hair. You know, when you could walk around without a shirt and still be covered? Anyway, when blended correctly, you would never know I had extensions. These are the tape in type, and need to be removed, and re-stickered every six weeks and takes about 15 minutes. Some places will charge 120$ just for the re-stickering.. I drive an hour out of town, and she charges me a lot less. If you are looking for extensions, I highly reccommend these. They also last you 4-5 uses (6 weeks each use) , depending how gentle you are with them. These are excellent quality extensions, and any one else that has had them will agree. And if they dont, they are probably crazy 😉 Just kidding.


I hope this post has maybe persueded you to try something new, like wearing crazy lipstick, or thinking about trying a whole new line of make up like Arbonne. If you are interested in Arbonne, check out (116436350 ID number) or email me and I can send you more info, and get you a little discount if you like! 🙂

Cass xo ❀



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    October 6, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede is one of my favorite lipsticks! Its not ridiculously expensive and lasts FOREVER! To add to your extensions comment, the tape-ins are probably one of the least damaging types of hair extensions and hot heads are the way to go! Have tried both hot heads and babe extensions and the hot heads lasted a lot longer and were much easier to take out and put back in when “re-stickering”

    • Reply
      Cassie H
      October 6, 2014 at 4:12 pm

      Woohoo, I cant wait to go buy some more lipstick!! I will let you know what I think when I check it out! 🙂
      YES! I love Hot Heads for that reason, my hair is so thin, if they were damaging and bad, I would be bald! Hot Heads are the way to go, glad you agree!

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