Ladies of Canadian Pro Rodeo Luncheon

The 41st Ladies of Canadian Pro Rodeo Luncheon & Fashion Show is happening Friday November 13th, and I am giving everyone fair warning, so that you can grab your tickets now, before they sell out! The event is held at the Westin Hotel Ballroom downtown Edmonton and is always a riot. Make sure you have a nearby hotel, or call yourself an taxi as the table wine seems to go down fast. I have personally been to this luncheon four times, whereas my Mom and Grandma have gone for many years before me. They would always come back with great door prizes and talked about how much fun they had with everyone there, all the while, supporting the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team and CPRA Cowboy Benefit  Fund through the dollar draws, silent auctions and other fun games.

Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame Inductee & close family friend of ours, Shirley Edge, was the original founder of the Luncheon in 1974. Shirley wanted an event for all the women to be able to get together, socialize, and have a fun afternoon celebrating rodeo and supporting a good cause. She also put together numerous other events for the rodeo families in between rodeo performances during the week of the Canadian Finals Rodeo. When word got out about the first Luncheon and Fashion Show, nearly every woman involved in rodeo at the time wanted to attend. Over 325 women enjoyed the first luncheon, and they didn’t want to leave!

I got ahold of one of the current event organizers, Cindy Dahms, and asked her a few questions about this year’s Luncheon.

How long have each of you been involved with the event, and are you married to, compete, or have a child who competes in the CPRA?

“I joined the committee when I was the Executive Director for the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team (2004-2007) and have stayed on since my resignation. My husband , Dr. Mike Dahms has been a chiropractor with the CPRSMT for 25 years. Our ladies know and have seen first hand the contribution of both the CPRA Benefit Fund and the CPRSMT . That is why we have chosen them to be the beneficiaries of this annual fundraiser. Wendy  has been on the organizing committee for some 25 years and I have been involved for the past 10. She is the marketing director at Ranchman’s so she has had involvement with rodeo and the Cowboys for many years.”

Who is doing the modelling for you this year?

“We always ask CFR CONTESTANTS to model and for the last 2 years we have had the Miss Rodeo Canada contestants model as well, as part of their pageant. The MRC contestants will be modelling again this year.”


Who will be the entertainment this year?

Our entertainer this year is Cole Malone.

Is there a theme this year, and who will be your MC’s? 

“Yes County Fair is the theme this year ! Our MC’s are the fabulously funny Dennis Halstead and Jackie Rae Greening. We are thrilled to have them back again this year. They have worked the event together over the years and do a great job!”


If you are looking for an afternoon of fun with a table for you and 9 of your closest friends, including a fabulous lunch, table wines, fun contests, door prizes and much more, be sure to book a table before they are all sold out! Tables seat 10 and tickets are $55 each.


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