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Jaime Hinton CFR 2017

Coming to the Great White North from Bulverde, Texas is Jaime Hinton with her main man The Goob, a 14 year old gelding, double bred California Driftwood (all old school ranch horse bloodlines.) They chipped away and pocketed $19,916.89, without winning a single CPRA rodeo.

How would you describe his  style?
His style is not very impressive as far as “fun to watch”, there isn’t anything super flashy about the way he works so people don’t get really excited to watch him run. He’s a super flat mover who is just efficient and honest in his runs. If I do my job, he does his.

What kind of quirks does he have?
The Goob came by his name honestly, in fact, I’m certain in his next life he is coming back as a Golden Retriever. He loves people, loves any kind of attention, always seems to have himself in a bad situation and wants more than anything to get his halter on and go to work everyday.

Photo courtesy of Jaime Hinton

With all the miles made, varying ground conditions, and expenses,what kept the CFR dream alive for you?
The Goob. He has some serious soundness issues and last year I only got 6 total runs out of him. This year, as long as he felt good and I felt like he had a chance, I told myself I would keep going. He’s that “once in a lifetime” horse for me and he’s taken me places I thought I would never be. Made dreams come true. CFR included.

What was your favourite CPRA rodeo this year and why?
Ponoka. It was the first rodeo that had a little deeper ground and a big set for the Goob. The energy was awesome from the crowd and my horse feeds on that. Plus he did well…so that’s always a bonus!

Who is your barrel racing idol?
Sue Smith from Blackfoot, Idaho. She’s a past Calgary Stampede Champion, Futurity World Champion, NFR Qualifier…I’m not sure there’s much she hasn’t won. She is an incredible horse trainer, has a work ethic that you can’t beat and is just an incredible individual.

Ponoka Stampede 2017
Monday, July 3, 2017

How do you stay healthy on the road?Do you exercise or just eat as healthy as you can?
I should do a lot better job of it! That is something I need to pay attention to next year! I’m looking for suggestions on that!

Riding a seasoned barrel horse, what exercises do you do for tune-ups on the pattern?
It completely depends on the horse and what he/she is doing in their runs. I spend a lot of time just riding the Goob, if I get the chance I’ll rope on him. He gets a lot of trotting, circles, counter arcing, that kind of thing. I’ll lope him up to the barrels, stop him and push his hip underneath of him just in everyday situations.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength. What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo?
This year I focused on my horse. I reminded myself almost everyday how lucky I am to get to do what I did. I tried not to compare myself to the other competitors and tried to focus on my own plan and goals. I thought about every run and tried to make each one count and this year I really focused on leaving runs where I left them. Meaning, if things didn’t go right, I did my best to fix what happened if I could, recognize what was just bad luck or out of my control and go on to the next one with the mindset to make that next run count.

What is your go to product for keeping your horse feeling her best for the season?
A super solid feed and conditioning program and I also rely on Silver Lining Herbs throughout the year.

What is the best piece of advice you were ever given regarding barrel racing?
That there’s more than one way to do it and to find what works for me!

What is one thing you can’t live without on the road?
Besides the Goob? Coffee.

Photos provided by Jaime Hinton

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    Darla Saulsbury
    October 26, 2017 at 10:44 am

    You go girl. Love watching Jaime and the Goob.. So happy she is doing something she has so much passion for. She is such a wonderful person and will always said hi to you even when she is so busy traveling on the road. Congrats to Jaime and the Goob. Keep living your dream.. I be watching from home.. God bless and good luck for the years to come..

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