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Jackie Ganter CFR 2019

The number ten position is held down by Miss Jackie Ganter of Abilene, Texas, with $18,274 won. During the 2019 season Ganter won the Dawson Creek Stampede. She will be bringing Smokn Lane (by Famous Lane [DTF] out of a Robin Banks mare) and Guys French Jet (by Frenchmans Guy, out of a Easy Diamond Landing mare) to the 2019 Canadian Finals Rodeo.

Photo submitted by Jackie Ganter

What quirks does your horse/horses have & what is their style? 
What quirk does Lane not have? Ha! I always says he’s my 2 year old child because if things are going his way he’s good, but if things are not you better be ready for a temper tantrum! 

Jet doesn’t really have an quirks, he’s my golden child! If anything he just hates Ferris wheels so we try to avoid those. 

Where did you purchase/find your horse? 
My mom saw a video of Lane at the end of last year on Facebook and said she had to have him, she messaged Nicole Torturo and asked if she would sell him and a few days later he was in a trailer headed to our house. He was specifically bought to be my mom’s horse and remained hers for about 7 months. When Tycoon came off of the trailer lame in Williams Lake, BC I had to either turn out or run Lane so I ran him and shortly after he became my horse

I got Jet from Trip DuPerier in 2013. Emily Efurd was riding him at the time and she called me to tell me he was for sale, I was skeptical but mom thought he would be perfect for me so we bought him sight unseen as well. He has been my best buddy ever since! 

What would you say is your horses weakness?
Lane’s weakness this summer has been the crowds and noise. He was only trained on the barrels a little over a year ago and had never rodeod before this year. It has taken some runs and adjustments to figure out the performances but lately he’s really started to lock on and not let them rattle him. 

Jet doesn’t really have any weaknesses, he’ll run in pretty much any setup or ground. He loves mud! I might’ve in the past said he doesn’t like side alleys but he won Dawson Creek this year with a big time side alley so I can’t really say that! He is 15 years old this year so I tried to just run him when it was important or I knew he’d excel. 

Did you ever almost give up with your main mount? 
Well my “main mount” got to watch from the sidelines most of this year due to an injury, Tycoon won great checks at Innisfail and Wainwright but that was all he got to contribute this summer. Lane actually only made 3  runs in Canada this summer but he won almost $7,500 in 2 of those runs. More so rather than giving up on him, I just didn’t believe in myself to ride him. He took care of me though and helped keep a lot of dreams alive! Then with Jet I always trust him, he knows what he’s doing and he knows when it’s important. 

Which was your favourite CPRA rodeo this year and why?
I would have to say Strathmore! It always seems like I do really good at small rodeos but have bad luck at the big ones so to place that high at a big one was really exciting for me. I was also asked to go out into the arena to accept Bertina’s buckle since she wasn’t up the last day and some family friend’s of ours had come to watch mom and I run and they gave me a hard time about accepting a buckle that wasn’t mine, we all got a good laugh out of it. 

With all the miles made, varying ground conditions, and expenses, what kept the CFR dream alive for you this year? Tell us about the highs and the lows. 
I didn’t win a check until my 8th rodeo to run at in Canada this year, I was getting pretty frustrated and had hit several costly barrels. Tycoon finally got to make a couple runs and won us some money so I was pretty hopeful at that point. When he came up lame again Lane placed at Williams Lake then I went south to rodeo in the states. I flew back up several times, once to run Cartel at High Prairie where he pulled a check just his 2nd run back from colic surgery. We knew I could make the CFR but it was coming down to having to win money at every rodeo I came back up for to make it. Lane winning 2nd at Strathmore was very shocking to me and maybe the most excited I’d been in a couple months! I wasn’t safe but it did take a lot of pressure off. I flew back up to run Jet at Jasper and Dawson Creek and he did great at both but my mom and I still were worried I wasn’t “safe”. I drove all night from the Kennewick, WA short go by myself to run at Okotoks, I got there about an hour before I ran. I know I’ve never been that tired and I hope I don’t ever have to be again! Ha! Jet won 3rd at that rodeo and that was the first time mom and I thought I was safe. She already had more money won than me so we were pretty ecstatic hoping we’d get to go to the CFR together! 

What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo? How do you stay motivated throughout the season?
My friend Lana always reminds me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in that very moment good, bad, or indifferent and that’s always a good wake up call for me! I truly believe everything happens for a reason so it’s my job to trust God’s plan and see the good in whatever situation I am in. 

What does your feed program look like, keeping your horses in peak condition going down the road and even in the off season?
My horses get Hi-Pro Performance for grain and just alfalfa for hay. I use Vita Flex’s Master’s Hoof Blend, AccuLytes, and Lactanase as well as TLC Animal Nutrition’s Equi-Bone for supplements. 

What do you do to condition your horses leading up to the season, and what does your pre CFR routine consist of?
I don’t feel like I ever have an extended amount of time off so my horses stay pretty ready to go, it’s more preparing for running indoors or outdoors. For the CFR I’m trying to let my horses rest as much as I can. In October Lane will make 2 or 3 runs and Jet will probably only make 1 right before the finals. Lane is young and has made a lot of runs so I think it will help him to have a fresh mind and Jet is old and knows what he’s doing so he just needs fresh legs! 

What is an exercise you include in your routine to keep your horses working how you like them to that may help someone else? 
I do rollbacks on Jet to keep his feet quick. On Lane I walk lots of circles, that sounds mundane but it helps him to stay focused and correct.  

What is the best advice you’ve ever been told regarding life, horses, rodeo or barrel racing?
For with God nothing shall be impossible. -Luke 1:37 

What has been your most memorable run over the years, can be most embarrassing or run of your life?
I would have to say the 10th round of the 2015 NFR. All I had to do was have a clean run to win rookie of the year and when “all you have to do is be clean” it can be a lot easier said than done! Well Jet took care of us, he ran our fastest time of the whole finals, we placed in the round, won Rookie, and won 2nd in the average. I will never forget that moment! 

What is your favourite barrel racing bloodline, and what do you look for in a prospect?
I love Dash Ta Fames and Frenchmans Guys. Jet’s babies are getting old enough to ride and I am in love with them. My futurity horse for next year is just like him so I can’t wait to start running him. My mom has always taught me to look for a horse that has a short back and is long underneath. 

What is the one thing you cannot live without on the road?
My dog, Derby! She is my best friend and hauling partner. She does everything with me and she doesn’t care if we win or lose as long as we have food! 

If you could make a run on any one of the other CFR qualifiers horses which one would you choose and why?
There is a lot of great horses at the CFR this year so that is tough but I think I’d have to say Brooke’s “Famey”. I have watched Famey for a long time with Brian, Ivy, and now Brooke and have always been a big fan! She is an awesome mare! 

Who is your barrel racing idol?
My mom! She has overcome more in one lifetime than most people could handle in five. I hadn’t even thought of making the finals together until it started becoming a reality and now I’m really excited! 

What would you be doing if you were not barrel racing/rodeoing?
Oh gosh, I have no idea honestly. I hope I don’t have to find out! I’m with my horses all day every single day, I can’t imagine any other way of life and I’m very thankful I get to live this one! 

Favourite podcast to listen to on the road?
Unfortunately Crime Junkies! I really freak myself out at night but it’s a good one to keep you awake! 

*photo submitted by Jackie

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