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Sorry, again its been a while since I have wrote. Each day, I go to my job, 8-5, then go either right to the barn or to the gym. I take just over 2 hours at the barn, and just over an hour at the gym.. By the time I get home, all I want to do is eat, and go to bed. I have been on the Arbonne 28 day Detox, and though I haven’t lost any weight, {I’m 5’5″ and 128lbs (PM weight not AM), there you go} I have seen some changes in my body, which makes me happy and want to keep going til I leave for the Diamonds and Dirt in Bryan Texas in March! If ReevaJane has to be fit, I should be too! {Plus bikini season is just around the corner people.. well a long winding corner, its snowing tonight..}

Before bed each night, I sit on Pinterest for 5 minutes and Pin everything that I come across and LOVE. (If you think I can come up with a super awesome blog post in 5 minutes, you are wrong, I take maybe 5 hours to write most of my posts!) My two favourite boards I have are {Warms My Ticker} & {Visual} In this post, I have decided to just share the best ones I have up there. If you want to follow my Pinterest board, search @casshaus .

I am also on the hunt for a PERFECT outfit for Rodeo Houston. I think I want a jumpsuit, but open to other suggestions! 🙂

Oh, and if you’re looking for new music, {cause I’m always on the lookout} check out the video below. I LOVE this song. My new fave. {Lucero is touring with Ryan Bingham, who I believe most of you know about by now.. if not, check out Country Roads, Southside of Heaven, Bread & Water, & Sunrise!}

Ok, ok, one more thing. Check out Fabulous in the South on Facebook. Brianna Hall is from Alabama and is writing about everything from Health to Fashion & whatever is near and dear to her heart. She is a super sweet girl, and I enjoy her blog 🙂


This reminds me of Christina Lake in the summertime.


I <3 ReevaJane with every ounce of my heart.


A lot of people could use a piece of humble pie. Stay humble, and hustle hard! Also, I love succulents {bottom left} & a good cup of joe {bottom right}


Tipi Motel I would LOVE to stay in one of these!


RIP Buddy Heaton


Oh Lonesome Dove. I love me a man in a vest. So handsome. uva uvam vivendo varia fit


Pozzi & Mona. This gets me so fired up for Texas!! {Deanna Kirstensen Photography*}


Dolly has such fabulous hair. My favourite song, Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That. SO GOOD


I wish that we had cool signs like this up in Canada. Hope to see a bunch when I am down south.


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    Laurie Trigg
    February 2, 2015 at 10:32 am

    I love Lucero!!!
    Texas and Tennessee is one of my FAVS <3

    • Reply
      Cassie H
      February 4, 2015 at 8:49 pm

      YAY! That makes me so happy someone else knows them! 🙂 Also love, Nights Like These & Union Pacific Line. Oh! Check out Sons of the East – Miramare, I really like that song!

      • Reply
        Laurie Trigg
        February 5, 2015 at 10:36 am

        LOVE THEM! I also got my Dad to look them up and he is in love with Hello Sadness!

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