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Holy interview overload! Here is a quick fashion post!!

The NFR is only.. less than fifteen days away for me now, and even though the Canadian Dollar is not looking its finest, I plan on doing some shopping.. Im going in with a free’d up Visa.. Its scary actually, I could rack that thing up in a hurry down there… I hope I have SOME self-control.. (I will let you know how that goes in my NFR post when I am back on Canadian soil..)

Before I jet off to ‘Sin City’ I figured I would share a handful of ‘Cowgirl Fashion’ trends that have my eye right now!

At the moment, I LOVE everything and anything that has a Thunderbird on it. No, Im not talking about your Dad’s 1969 Ford Thunderbird. I mean the Navajo version. The name Thunderbird comes from the belief that the beating of their massive wings, cause thunder and strong winds. It is the symbol for power and strength, and I’d say it’s my spirit animal.. 😉 just kidding. I just think that it gives off a fierce bad-ass vibe!! ‘Merica!!



The Thunderbird goes hand in hand with the Aztec, Southwestern, and Native American trend we are seeing in ‘Cowgirl Fashion’ right now. Intricate beadwork, Pendleton patterns, Squashblossoms, and Aztec designs, as well as Fringe, Furs, and Feathers, galore!


If you’re asking yourself, “What in the world is a Squashblossom”.. let me tell ya! Generally made by the Navajos, Squashblossoms are seen more often on necklaces with vintage silver and turquoise, depicting the flower of a squash plant . If you stumble across a real Squashblossom necklace, dont be surprised at the price tag. The more detail, turquoise and silver, the bigger. I have found these necklaces in the $3000 range.. Do I own one? HA! I have found a cheaper, and not so real version on-line, for about $100 instead. You might think they look a bit strange, or are too obnoxious, but when worn with the right outfit, they are drool-worthy and are true statement piece!


I also LOVE fur vests. I cannot afford a real coyote or rabbit vest, so the faux furs have to do! I have had luck at The Bay, and also at Guess, for the two that  are hanging in my closet. One is purple, and longer, the other is short and Grey. When picking a vest, its really whatever floats your boat, and what you would be comfortable in! I am currently on the hunt for a neutral long one. Pairing the vest with a solid color long sleeve shirt usually looks best, but I am sure there are super creative girls who could show me otherwise!


FRINGE!!! Fabulous Fringe. The love of fringe has finally caught on in Canada and is in full swing. Majority of girls I see at a rodeo or some kind of cowboy get-together, are rockin fringe purses of every kind. If fringe purses aren’t your thing, fringe cowboy boots, wedge boots, short boots and flat boots are popular as well, which provide a little flair to your step!

fringe wild bleu


Headbands! Many girls, including myself have been rockin headbands for the last few years, but this year I saw more beaded headbands, vs the fabric type. Whether it was the Pink Pewter type beading or the Navajo beadwork you were searching for, they were everywhere, and show no sign of leaving our heads anytime soon!


And since its so cold in Canada, there are MANY knit headbands either plain, or with wild embellishments. I say go big or go home! Hillbilly Headbands, Halters and more on Facebook has a wide variety to choose from if youre looking for a knit to keep your ears warm!


What is your favourite trend right now? Anything you dislike? Leave a comment below!
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    November 25, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    love it!

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    July 16, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    how can i get a pair of those red/leather platforms <3

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