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EQU StreamZ

Seeing is believing.

There are so many great therapies and supplements on the market these days for humans and horses alike. Most of them have a basic science behind them that is easy to acknowledge and understand. Others, you just have to see the results to believe, and EQU StreamZ has been one of those products.

The StreamZ bands are quite simple to use; strap them on your horse, above or below the fetlock, and you’re done. They do not use traditional magnetic therapy which works via pulse, so you will not notice any heat where they are.

“Our bands use resonance therapy, which works via the blood to re balance the whole system. Hence putting one on either front leg and one on either hind helps pump ions and minerals throughout the horse’s body. The arterial artery runs through all four legs next to the fetlock; hence being placed on that area of the horse.”

Check out this quick video to get a better understanding on the StreamZ technology.

This link will take you to the websites page with a much more in-depth description of the technology behind the StreamZ. The website is FULL of great information and reviews on the product!

Though I was not quite sure what to think of the technology of the EQU StreamZ, what I did know was that Canadian Champion Nancy Csabay is using them on her horse Wicked, and I figured they must be doing something right since they have won Canada two years in a row. Tie-down roper Jesse Finnerty as well as Canadian Finals Rodeo qualifiers Kendra Edey, and bareback rider Mike Solberg also utilize this great therapy.

As well I had read numerous reviews from people who used them on their older sore horses who not long after would see those same sore horses bucking and kicking in the field, happy as can be, to Olympic level riders who use them on their equine athletes seeing nothing but great results. You can see these endorsements on the website here.

I figured the product was worth a shot, so I purchased a set for my mare. Like most horse owners, I want my horse to be feeling their best in order to perform at their peak level. When using them on my own mare, I noticed her legs tighten up and that she felt strong and sassy. The bands have shown no long or short term side effects, and are able to be used 24/7. StreamZ have run several study groups looking at horses with varying health issues. Clinical studies have been done on the StreamZ and will be independently published this year.

Barrel racer Kennedy Nelson is a firm believer in the bands. “The StreamZ band is a must have for my horse Doubles’ preparation, recovery and performance. Doubles feels very fluent in his stride and digs deep in his turns and his legs are nice and tight with no fluid. I myself have had four knee surgeries and had always struggled with knee pain, arthritis, inflammation and fluid build up, which limited my activity. I bought one of the bands for myself and I have totally disposed of my prescription pain medication and am back at the gym training full time!”

These bands are available for humans, dogs and horses, and if you’re in Alberta, they will be available at The Mane Event in Red Deer, April 21-23, 2017 for you to check them out in person.

The retail price of the EQU StreamZ is $120. If you are in Canada and would like to purchase a set, please contact Carly the Canadian Sales Manager, and check out their Facebook Page here.

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