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Dear Fallon Haters



Dear “Fallon Haters”, Couch Jockeys, and the like,

First off:

I do understand that there is a certain way to conduct yourself in the Professional sport of Rodeo. Cuffs & Collars must be worn, jeans and boots with a heel. Noted. Being polite and kind to fans and media. Check. Promoting and representing the sport that you love in the best way possible. Showing off your sponsors properly… the list goes on. Youre practically a movie star and everything you do is watched. Better be on your best behavior!

I also do understand that there are people who are a little old school and like things a certain way, and when things don’t go exactly that way, they get upset. I get that! I really do.

But tell me…..

Why is it that so many have their panties in a bunch over 2014 WORLD CHAMPION barrel racer Fallon Taylor??  Is it the fact she wears a helmet when she competes? I had no idea that someone wearing a helmet in a western sport was such a bad thing. Especially when she has had to re-learn to walk after a bad accident, who would take safety that seriously after something like that? I mean kids are looking up to a World Champ who wears a helmet and has made it more of the norm for kids to be wearing a helmet. WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!? Or is it that the clothing is just too bright and loud and colorful? Gosh, some people like loud, some people like black, some people like all Gold everything. We should not allow girls at any age to express themselves! That is just ludicrous!  Is it because she says whats on her mind, and doesn’t care what the haters say? Dang, she really is awful hey?

FullSizeRender (5)

Fallon Taylor is a MARKETING GENIUS. Period. She has done so much for the sport of rodeo in the last two years. Why hate on her for any of that? Why not support the fact she is helping advance the DYING sport of rodeo? And yes, of COURSE she has promoted herself in all of this. IS THAT NOT ALLOWED??? She is a professional athlete who is outgoing and fun. So what if she fly’s her freak flag high? Shouldn’t we all?

Hearing adults bash Fallon for wearing this and that, all the hating…  don’t you think young girls see how you act, and tend to follow your lead? Why not try to understand the positives, why not show that hey, you might  not like the pink onesie or the helmet, but if someone wants to wear this or that, cause they LIKE IT, thats okay too!!

Also, to those of you who were losing your mind over the onesie and runners (tennis shoes) to a NFR morning practice run… *sigh* why does it matter? Who cares. There are much bigger things happening in the world to talk about and be upset over rather than what the 2014 World Champ wore to practice.. It is not written anywhere that she has to wear anything in particular to practice.

At the end of the day you will never like every little thing someone does. There will always be haters, doubters, bashers, couch jockeys etc. I guess I just want to remind everyone; BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER. It doesn’t cost a damn thing. New Years is coming, how about add that to your resolutions. Try to support people,  be the best version of yourself, and get some positivity all up in your life.

Phewf.. I really needed to get that off my chest.. and what better place to do so; my own little blog. 😉

-Cassie xo



Rant: Ground

“Barrel racing shouldn’t be a game of whose horse can last and stand up on the worst ground, every weekend. It should be a game of who has the fastest baddest mofo, and how fast they can be on ideal ground, so that the best in the country are made and look that much better.”

How does the ground look there? I hope they rip it more. I hope they water it some. I hope they don’t run the chucks on it. I hope they rake on 5. It’s too deep, it’s not deep enough, are we running on a beach, do they want our horses to break their legs, did you see so and so’s horse fall down, that ground is slicker than polar bear snot (Thanks Corbin)

As barrel racers, we all get hounded on for our never-ending comments and concerns with the ground whether it be at a jackpot or a rodeo. That’s because, IT MATTERS FOLKS!!!

This year we heard a bigger rumble in the rodeo world with concerns of bad ground, that had not only the barrel racers at risk, but other events as well. And this was going on at Canada’s biggest rodeos! Even last year during the prestigious National Finals we witnessed close calls due to scary ground! WHY!?

I understand that rodeos are under a lot of pressure with having chuckwagons running with rodeos, and the animal activists are right on their backs. Having harder ground is supposed to be better for the chuckwagon horses, but where is the middle ground. Can both parties (Rodeo & Chucks) be happy?

I do NOT understand how ground is still a reoccurring issue! How do we have rodeo ground causing not one, but several horses falling, year after year. How are we supposed to show animal welfare groups that we care about animal welfare and then have girls running on cement? (Please note-Not literally cement)

Is it because the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” says we have had the ground like that for years there is no need to change? I have often heard ” That’s rodeo, your horse has to be able to run on anything.” Sure, but to the point of crippling horses? No, it’s just not worth it.  Yes, we all have the option of turning out, but why should that even have to happen? Is it because committees just don’t care? When will we lose that attitude and realize its 2015 and good ground shouldn’t be a question? Why can’t we all work together and make rodeo safe for all competitors so it’s a horse race, not a matter of who drew the good ground over the weekend?

NOT ALL RODEOS HAVE BAD GROUND. Thank goodness! And the committees who take extra care of the ground are commended and applauded for having great safe ground for girls to run on.

Heres to hoping that sometime soon, everyone will come to their senses, and good safe ground will be the norm, and scary trashy rodeo ground will be a thing of the past..

Rant Over.