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Makeup Monday – KatMcCaff HMUA

Any time someone asks if they can do my makeup, I jump at the chance. Makeup Artists are wizards and can make us look our absolute best, highlighting our favourite features, and making our least favourites better.

Kathryn McCaffery is a junior Hair and Makeup Artist with a well-known and reputable company called Blushed Beaute. Kathryn has been practicing makeup artistry for close to a decade, and has been working as a professional makeup artist for just over two. Kathryn’s love for makeup started at a very early age, so she came to Blushed Beaute as a self-taught artist. In 2016, she finished Blushed Beaute’s 25 Hour Business of Makeup course, which has given her the professional development to take on a higher volume of clients.

Though her main focus is makeup and hairstyling for weddings, she has also partaken in several fashion and editorial events such as the Ribbon Rouge fashion show, and Fashion with Compassion.

Kathryn’s 5 key makeup tips:

1.) Take care of your canvas! Any time you cover your skin with makeup, you’re essentially sealing off the pores and keeping any of the dirt and/or bacteria trapped underneath! If I’m at home and putting on my own makeup, before I even touch a makeup brush, I like to give my face a good, thorough wash and a moisturize. If I feel like my skin feels a bit bumpy, I will use my clairsonic or a good exfoliating scrub. I try not to exfoliate more than once or twice a week because that too can be hard on your skin.
The very first step I take as a makeup artist is to cleanse the client’s skins, followed by a good moisturizer. The cleanser the entire blushed beaute team uses it by Bioderma. It is a non-rinse cleansing solution that is paraben free and hypoallergenic. It leaves the skin feeling clean but not dried out, and can be used as a makeup remover as well. The moisturizer I use is also from Bioderma: it is also paraben free and hypoallergenic, and it leaves the skin with a really nice “slick” feeling so your makeup application will be a breeze.

2.) Match your foundation to your neck/upper chest. We’ve all fallen for the trick where we buy a foundation because it “looks like it should match [your] face”, and then you get home, you either look like a ghost, or you just look orange. Here’s a piece of news that, surprisingly, I found out not that long ago: most people’s faces are a different skin tone than the rest of their body. Personally, I like to go overboard on my skin care; I wash every day and have a regimented skin care routine. As a result of the constant washing and scrubbing, the skin on my face is a different colour. Matching the skin on your upper-chest and neck is usually a happy medium for your foundation colour but it’s not always 100%! Most makeup stores (Sephora, MAC, Holt Renfrew, etc.) will let you actually test it out. Moreover, they will give you a take home sample so you aren’t stuck with a full bottle. Because of this, I’ve been able to find a foundation that I love and I don’t have to check my face in 10 different kinds of lighting to make sure I’m wearing the foundation I should be!

3.) Practice your makeup BEFORE you do it for a big event or night out. As much as I’d like to tell all the women out there to “HIRE ME TO DO YOUR MAKEUP!” for your special event, I know that it’s just not going to happen all the time. It has definitely happened to me where I’ve bought a new dress and finished my hair and then thought what am I going to do for makeup? I usually try to have my whole outfit put together and then I go on instagram or pintrest (or wherever) and I find a makeup look that I like. NOT EVERY LOOK WORKS FOR EVERY FACE. It’s a hard lesson I have learned and had to make adjustments for…but it’s better you learn this before you go to your event and end up with pictures that you look back on and think I wish I had done my makeup differently. Youtube, Instagram, and Pintrest and GREAT and VALUABLE assests! Use them!! I learned how to contour by watching a YouTube tutorial. No, it did not go well the first time but I practiced and now I know how.

4.) I’d like to say that 95% of the time I hear people tell me that they don’t know how to put on fake eyelashes, they don’t know that they (almost always) have to trim the lash before applying it. Before you apply the glue, take out the lash and line up the inner lash on the strip lash with your own inner lash. Usually there will be excess lash that extends past your eyelid/outer lashes. You need to trim this off or your lashes will be peeling off your eye before the end of the night. Trust me. After you’ve measured twice and cut once, apply the glue directly to the eyelash strip and WAIT. I like to wait between 30-45 seconds before applying the strip to your lid. (By waiting, you allow the glue to get tacky, and it will actually stay on your lash line rather than lifting up right away). After you’ve waited, apply the lash to your own lash line. Again, I like to go from the inner corner, to the outer corner. Try not to close your eye entirely as you may glue your top lashes to your bottom lashes. If this does happen, I like to use a bobby pin (CAREFULLY) to pull them apart. If you’ve used white eyelash glue, it does take a little while for it to disappear, but it will eventually dry clear. I like to let them set for at leave 5 minutes before I do anything else to my eyes like adding mascara (which you don’t necessarily need to do). I also usually like to give my lashes a really gentle squeeze with an eyelash curler but, if you do this, it’s very important to wait the full 5 minutes because you may get your lashes stuck to the curler and you run the risk of having to apply them again.

5.) My final tip is really just to tell all the makeup lovers out there to take a good look at your eyebrows. Eyebrows have gotten a lot of attention lately and I’m really happy about that. I like a good, full brow, but it’s really important that they don’t look cartoon-ish. I understand that not everyone has naturally good brows…actually, I know that not everyone has eyebrows… but if you have sandy blonde hair, you should NOT be using a dark brown pencil or powder. I like to find the darkest colour in my hair and use that as a basis for my eyebrow colour. If you feel like you can’t decide for sure, I would highly recommend going to a specialized makeup store and asking for their opinion.

I like to start at the tails of my brows and work in. Your brow hair grows in different directions, either upwards or sideways: make sure you’re following the direction of your own eyebrow hair instead of blocking them in. Following your own hair will make it look much more natural. Then, find yourself an eyebrow brush (looks like a mascara wand) and make sure you brush out your brows after you’ve filled them in. Most people don’t need as much filling in on the inner part of the brow…”less is more” when it comes to the inner brow.

Be sure to follow Kathryn on Instagram & Facebook! If you’re in the Edmonton area and need someone to do your make up or hair, contact Kathryn!

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#makeupmonday – Karissa Brynn MUA

Back at it again with the #makeupmonday on Lipstick & Cowboy Boots.

Karissa of Karissa Brynn Makeup sheds light on the beginner guide to shopping at Sephora. I find this quite handy to be honest. I occasionally walk into this store, but quickly run out because of its size, and the millions of products to look at.


Photo Credit: Vasya Omelchuk Model: Kelsey Kropielnicki

Miss Karissa attended Blanche MacDonald in Vancouver, BC and took the Global MakeUp Program.
In 2015 Karissa travelled to New York to do work during Fashion Week with a Canadian designer who wanted to incorporate Canadian Models and Artists in their show. Previously, she worked during Paris Fashion Week, then Cannes France Shopping Festival Runway Event 6 months later .. I don’t know much about Fashion, but I think most people know that Paris, NY & Cannes are a pretty big deal! (Thanks to Meryl Streep & The Devil Wears Prada)

The Beginners Guide to Sephora

Walking into a wonderland of makeup can be one of two things. Exhilarating and depleting, by depletion, I am talking about your bank account. Which doesn’t always have to be the case.

Did you know that skincare alone, not including actual beauty makeup, is estimated to be over a 12 billion dollar market alone. Now add in Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kylie Jenner to that number and it might just make your brain explode.

Thanks to the massive popularity growth on Instagram and Facebook beauty has been taken to an entirely new level. It’s not hard to be convinced to own 3 different highlighters and 4 different eyeliners all because you follow 10 different enormously famous beauty bloggers that tell you which product is the best this week.

So how do you decide which product is actually the right one for you?
Take yourself into a little case study on yourself. What do you wear on a normal basis going to work and going out? Buy products that you will wear 90% of the time, not products that are going to sit in the back drawer only to be pulled out for Cinderella’s ball.

Here are my 3 Golden Rules when going to Sephora

-You are always right. Probably the first thing a professional is taught in retail training. The customer is always right. By this I mean, if you’re walking into Sephora for a specific item stick to it. Don’t become side tracked when your walking by 10 different shiny pallets glittering in your peripheral vision. And don’t be “upsold” when you are approached by an artist and they tell you, you need this, this and that. Stick to what is needed for you and your skin type.
-The pro palettes are flashy looking yes, but not necessarily for everyone. There is no reason for a person to buy a palette that has 3 different concealer colours when you only need one specific tone for your skin. The companies are up selling you without even trying. You just bought a $70 palette when you only need the one $20 colour pot.
-Do your research. Instagram and google are valuable, wondering how a product rates? Look it up before you make the big purchase. Regret the purchase? Return it!

My Sephora Favourites

Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth Face Cream
Jose Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light
Karuna Hydrating Face Mask
Tarte 360 Creaseless Eye Primer
Marc Jacobs Remarccable Foundation
Becca Moonstone Pale Gold Shimmer
Catcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist
Marc Jacobs Gel Eye Liner
Anastasia Beverly Hills (pretty much her entire line, no joke)
Dior Show Mascara
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

Thank you so much to Karissa for giving us some shopping advice!

Be sure to follow her on Social Media, and consider her when looking to book with a Makeup Artist!

Facebook Karissa Brynn Makeup


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#MakeUpMonday – Alayna Schmidt Artistry

Forget #ManCrushMonday, I want to feature local Make-Up Artists in Alberta, giving them a platform to showcase their talents, and for you, the reader, to be able to get a hold of one near you, or to at least pick up a few tricks that might come in handy when you do your own makeup! I personally need all the help I can get when it comes to this, so I am all ears!

Today we hear some makeup tips from Tofield, Alberta resident, Alayna Schmidt! You can find her on Instagram @alaynas.artistry

My love for makeup definitely came from all my years of dance growing up. I loved doing my makeup for dance but hardly wore anything to school. After 15 years of loading on that burgundy eyeshadow and dark red lipstick every weekend, I was in no mood to make an effort for school. Plus, fake lashes and dramatic blush didn’t really go with yoga pants and hoodies…yea, I was that girl. Anyways, in my first year of college makeup started to become a real addiction of mine, along with watching numerous makeup tutorials from my YouTube girls. Yes they are my girls and they taught me everything I know. So I am gonna share some of my favourite beauty tricks that I have acquired from my girls and others that I use in my daily beauty routine.


1. Using a beauty oil in your foundation to add hydration and a luminous finish to your skin. I get really bad dry skin in the winter so this has become a life saver for me! I find that a beauty oil is so much more moisturizing and gives that really pretty, dewy look to your foundation when adding a couple drops. I definitely wouldn’t do this if you have oily skin though, it will just add more oil throughout the day when you would probably need to stay more matte. Almost any oil by Josie Maran is awesome for this trick.


2. I hate using liquid eyeliner. Every makeup artist out there is probably like umm what? But yea, I hate it. For some reason as soon as I get out the liquid liner my hand shakes like I’m standing in -40 degree weather. So, what I like to do is use a pencil or crayon eyeliner and draw the initial line as close to my lash line as possible. Then, I take a small smudger brush or angled brush and smudge the line out so they don’t have to be exactly even. I have heard makeup artists say that when filling in your eyebrows it is almost impossible to get them looking exactly the same so they should be sisters not twins. Well, I like to say that about my eyeliner too, so smudging it out makes it a little easier to do that. This allows you to be a little messy with your product but still create a nice smoky line.

3. Mascara is definitely one of the things I rarely leave the house without, but my lashes have this thing of literally sticking straight out so I am always curling them. A trick I’ve found is to warm up your lash curler with your blow dryer and then pump the curler multiple times starting near the root then moving a few centimetres down till you reach the end. I’ve noticed this has made a huge difference! Current face Mascara is L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black.


4. Have you ever looked in the mirror at the end of the day and thought where the heck did all of that makeup I put on this morning go? Yea that was me all the time. Especially in summer. When I’m hot. And sweaty….yea, gross. So I found that using a good setting spray has made a huge difference in the longevity of my makeup. I really like to use Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray or Kat Von D Lock It Setting Spray.


I never would have thought that I’d be able to make a side career of doing makeup. I have always enjoyed it but thought that because I didn’t go to school for makeup artistry and am not certified I wasn’t able to offer makeup services. But one of my YouTube girls, who now has over 3 million followers and multiple collaborations with well known companies, said that if you are genuinely passionate about something and constantly willing to better yourself at it, you don’t need a certification. So I decided I would go for it. My sister and I started by doing makeup for our long time friends wedding and it fortunately has only been growing since. It is such an awesome feeling seeing someones confidence go up when they are happy with the makeup look I have done on them. I am definitely not an expert, but I am constantly trying to better myself and absolutely love enhancing that natural beauty that all girls have.

Thanks Alayna!

-If you are, or know a local Make Up Artist in Western Canada who has a few tips to share, PM Lipstick & Cowboy Boots on Facebook and we can collaborate!

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Guest Blogger: Brittany Forsyth – Make Up Tips

Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurt…

Makeup is an art, it really is. When I went through high school I wore it, played around, thought it looked good but couldn’t tell you the difference between foundation and concealer.. or have any clue what primer is, why did you need to prime your face anyways? Set your under eyes after you conceal…and what the heck is contouring?

Just like everything else around us, makeup and beauty is evolving into so much more than it was decades ago. If you’re lucky enough to be perfectly comfortable in your bare skin all the time, then I envy you, and so do many other girls. Makeup isn’t just to cover up blemishes, bags, or skin discoloration anymore rather than to accentuate your strong features and bring out the fire! After researching and watching far too many hours of makeup tutorials I have come to terms with some tips and tricks that work for me personally, as well as collection of my favorite products!


Top 5 Drugstore Products:
– Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer
– L’Oreal True Match Foundation
– Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color
– L’Oreal 24 hour Infallible Eye Shadow(Iced Latte Color is my personal favorite)
– Maybelline Master Prime: Blur & Redness Control

Top 10 Name Brand Products:
– Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Pallete
– MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
– Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick
– Bite lipstick duo: Latte & Cortado Shades
– Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Pallette’s…any of them! Don’t let the price fool you they are so pigmented and high quality!
– Becca Cosmetics Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector (Highlight) in “Moonstone” or “Champagne Pop”
– MAC “Refined Golden” Bronzer
– Stila “Stay All Day” liquid eyeliner pen
– Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo OR Brow Wiz
– NYX Suede Liquid Lipsticks


Top 10 Beauty Tips for Beginners:
– Prime, Foundation, Conceal, Set.
– Once powder is on, avoid liquids again or you will cause caking..
– Always prime your eyes… you don’t want any creasing or transferring.
– If you’re using a very full coverage concealer, always, always set it with a powder after.
– Concealer is always a lighter shade than your foundation.
– Applying your eye makeup first is beneficial if you are using eye shadow in order to prevent fall out from your pigments descending to your cheeks and ruining your face makeup.
– When using false lashes, fit them to your eye and let the glue get sticky before attempting to set them on & tweezers always help.
– Blending is key, and so are good brushes! You don’t want any harsh lines!
– Applying black eyeliner to your waterline will make your eyes look smaller, but white eyeliner will brighten them up and make you look less tired!
– Cater to your skin type, it makes a world of difference to use proper products and application steps to suit your skins needs(oily, dry, etc.)

10 Daily Makeup Steps:
– Eye Shadow
– Eyeliner
– Mascara/Lashes
– Primer
– Foundation
– Concealer
– Powder
– Contour/Blush/Highlight
– Eyebrows
– Lips

For any questions or inquiries please check out my Instagram page @mua_brittanyforsyth and Direct Message me, or Facebook message me! I am available in the Red Deer area for all of your Graduation, Wedding, or Everyday bookings! Stay tuned for a collaboration that Lipstick & Cowboy Boots and I have in our heads for the upcoming Summer Season Event!

Stay Beautiful,


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Lipstick, Shampoos, and Make-Up, Oh My!

So I have had girls ask me to blog about fashion, and make up, and products I like. I spoke with my good friend Tara, and asked her for some input. This is what we came up with, and I will be posting more, perhaps once a month, on products I love, and I will ask a random friend for their pick as well. Hope you enjoy the first rendition in MakeUp & Stuff. 🙂

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo – Tara’s Pick

I don’t like washing my hair every day or even every second day (let’s be honest I just don’t like washing my hair) so I can extend the number of days between washes up to a week sometimes . (I will vouch for Tara, she has THE nicest hair ever, so Ill do whatever she is doing!! But I do wash my hair more often) It’s made of all natural ingredients and isn’t tested on animals which when I am buying products is a huge consideration for me. It smells like citrus fruit – grapefruit, lemon and limes, is relatively cheap about $14CAD for 130g bottle. Easy to use, I just put it into my hands and rub it into my scalp. It doesn’t leave my hair looking white it blends in really well. It isn’t heavy a weigh my hair down (Lush says to sprinkle it on from the bottle and to massage into scalp, then shake your head out or brush it out to get rid of any extra.. Tara found it to get messy doing it that way, so instead she puts it in her hands first, then massges) Also, I do a lot of hot yoga and use it on my hair afterwards, it doesn’t make it feel gunky, it makes me hair feel like I just washed it.


Lush – No Drought Dry Shampoo

Arbonne “Its a Long Story” Mascara

This mascara was in Vanity Fair as one of their Top 5 Picks for mascara. #winning! Made from a vegan formula, & is dermatologist-, ophthalmologist- and clinically tested. Your eyelashes never feel chunky, or dry and flakey. I have left this stuff on my eyes for two-three days, and my lashes still looked great, and my eyes didnt hurt, nothing was flaking into my eyes, and my lashes were still soft and black as night!  Also, Arbonne does NOT test on animals, another win for me. And, it comes off super easily with whatever you use for makeup removal!(I use wipes.) $40CAD


It’s A Long Story Mascara


Arbonne Bronzer

Arbonne is free of harmful ingredients including animal products or animal by-products, parabens, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, mineral oil and petrolatum. As mentioned previously, its vegan approved, & not tested on animals. They have a whole line of over 350 botanically-based quality skincare, cosmetic, hair, bath and body, fragrance, sun care and nutrition products for women, men and children. Definitely worth checking out!

OK, but the Bronzer.. Its not sparkly, and gives you a beach kissed, sun goddess look. The compact has a mirror in it which is always handy, and again, its Arbonne, so you know that no puppies were harmed for you to look so good! 😉  $40CAD


Arbonne Bronzer

Elf Lip-Balm

This was another one of Tara’s finds, but I now use it and LOVE it! For $4CAD you can’t go wrong. Has a minty taste, and actually moisturizes lips. Also leaves a nice light pink color and lasts for quite a while!

**Before applying, gently take your toothbrush after youve brushed your teeth, and scrub off any dead skin, so it goes on smoother.


Elf Lip Balm

Candy -Yum-Yum, Pink MAC Lipstick

Feeling BOLD and brave? Try wearing a brighter pink lipstick. Must be worn with CONFIDENCE. And I do believe any one can wear this. Just pair it with the right outfit and accesories. aka. Dont go wearing a pink shirt to match your lips, try a darker top with a complimentary color necklace that isnt too bold. The lips are a statement alone!

Red Lipstick

Arbonne &  Elf – Red lips are also a statement, but they are becoming more and more common. I personally LOVE the Arbonne lipsticks because they are smaller and easier to apply, but because I lost one at a wedding and gave the other one to my sister, I went and bought one at Target, also by Elf, and was also $4. The quality isnt near as nice as the Arbonne Lipstick, but for $4 it does the trick.

I naturally have thinner lips so I feel like sometimes when I wear these bold colors, I look kind of silly. I have been tempted to go buy a lip liner and see if I could make my lips look a litter fuller. BUT I have no experience with this.. If you have any tips, help me out!

Have you gone and bought a lipstick you LOVE?! Tell me which it is so I can check it out!


Hot Head Hair Extensions 

Since my teenage years, my hair just does not grow. Mom thinks I should be taking some kind of supplement, but knowing me, I wouldnt take it regularily enough for it to work. SO instead, I get Hot Head Extensions, and I LOVE THEM! My natural hair goes a little passed my shoulders. I usually buy the longest extensions possible, because then my hair dresser trims them a bit and then I can have long mermaid hair. You know, when you could walk around without a shirt and still be covered? Anyway, when blended correctly, you would never know I had extensions. These are the tape in type, and need to be removed, and re-stickered every six weeks and takes about 15 minutes. Some places will charge 120$ just for the re-stickering.. I drive an hour out of town, and she charges me a lot less. If you are looking for extensions, I highly reccommend these. They also last you 4-5 uses (6 weeks each use) , depending how gentle you are with them. These are excellent quality extensions, and any one else that has had them will agree. And if they dont, they are probably crazy 😉 Just kidding.


I hope this post has maybe persueded you to try something new, like wearing crazy lipstick, or thinking about trying a whole new line of make up like Arbonne. If you are interested in Arbonne, check out (116436350 ID number) or email me and I can send you more info, and get you a little discount if you like! 🙂

Cass xo ❤