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2015 in Review

It may not be the first of January anymore, but I figure its never too late for personal reflection, or a year in review. And since I like to share so much, here you go, have a look at my 2015…

  • As the blog started off in 2014, I picked up a few small jobs which branched off from the blog. The best so far was being published in a magazine! I never thought I would see the day that my name and writing would be in a magazine for people across the continent to read! And not just in one piece, but in each issue, and I am continuing to write for them! SO COOL! (I think so anyway!)  If you havent already, check out and get a magazine subscription!
  • I’ve always liked watching the big added money jackpots in the states via online free webcast, and always wanted to run at one. Just something about running with the big names, and against a tough crowd. I didnt college rodeo down south like many, and my family doesn’t migrate in the winters, so this was on my list of things to do. I always figured it would be too expensive, so even to go down and watch would be fun. When my friend said she was entering, I immediately told her I would be her personal groom and that I had to go and watch. She replied, “Or you can bring your horse?” SOLD! The trip was quite the eye opener, and one I will never forget.
  • Early in the spring, the same friend who encouraged me to go to Texas, had a FABULOUS (by my standards) idea. She suggested that I ran her mare who she made Canadian Finals Rodeo twice on, at a rodeo in the summer. I ran her once at a small jackpot, and then didn’t swing a leg over til June. Running this mare brought to life four of my goals :
  1. At the first rodeo we ran at, I got to hear “and that is a leader board change.” which is like free crack to a junkie..
  2. We pulled a check. FINALLY! 
  3. We were in the standings for finals, the race was finally ON!
  4. Running a horse of Pro Caliber (and not falling off! hallelujah!!)
  • After that rodeo, I was supposed to go back to my mare, carrying over the momentum and had high hopes of placing at a few more, riding that much harder.. Plans changed and I was back on JL. We placed at 2 more rodeos, and tipped to win twice. Yes, I know how lucky I was. I counted my lucky stars every day. People talked. Oh did they ever. They didn’t like that I was running a horse like this at these rodeos, though other women ran on high caliber horses. “people want to see you succeed, but not do better than them” rang true to my ears more than once. With this experience I learnt A LOT.
  1. Who were my truly supportive friends, and who had my back
  2. The other side of the mental game. It wasn’t just about being confident in your ability anymore it was much, much more than that.
  3. My riding improved. It had to. But it also showed me how far I had come over the years since I quit showing and took up barrel racing.
  4. How to deal with the negativity and the naysayers
  • After the season ended, and I missed finals by a few hundred dollars, I decided that I had learnt as much as I could from my mare, and decided to sell her. It was a hard decision but the right one. Selling her was hard, but I gained a new friend, and she went to a loving home.
  • I thought I was going to take a year off and do other things, but found life to be just not the same without a horse. Sooo I found a prospect. After almost two months, I’ve decided she isn’t “the one” and that there are too many horses in the world to settle. She’s now for sale, and something else will show up in the spring.
  • Through out the year, I gained new friends. I also lost a few. As I learnt the year before, friends come and go for all different reasons. LET IT GO, LET THEM GO!! Holding on to the anger isnt worth it. Send them love and carry on!
  • Mental Health is never a joke. Through out the year I noticed my life was quite the rollercoaster of emotions. Finally I went to my doctor and she decided I have a mild case of depression. Her advice is to exercise more, get some sun, and Vitamin D.  The more people I talk to, the more I realize WE ARE ALL NEVER ALONE IN OUR STRUGGLES. I truly believe many of us wouldn’t feel this way if we stopped comparing our lives to everyone else high-light reels. Cause their behind the scenes and bloopers aren’t all pretty!! You are never as alone as you think you are.
  • I went to Vegas for the 5th time for my 26th birthday with a friend of mine. What did I learn in Vegas? Chose your outfit wisely, you may end up on television, and throwing up on the LV Blvd is apparently frowned upon… (had to add a laugh in here, this post has been fairly serious)
  • I finally had been single for over a year. I haven’t been single this long… EVER. And it has been a great learning experience. In 2015 I was pretty hard on myself and in 2016 I hope to learn to Love myself more than anything.  That’s when the right one will show up… so I’m told anyway 😉



what I know now.. thanks 2015

Last year I wrote out 25 things I had learnt in 25 years. I wanted to write that many this year, but figured I would be repeating myself a lot. Here are a few things I learnt in 2015, in short form,

– the best cure for a hangover is being under 25

– self love is the best kind of love. if you dont love yourself how do you expect someone else to?

– people want to see you do well, but never better than them

– “If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along” – Wayne Dyer

– always go dancing. with a group of people, or with one other person. just do it.

– always make time for family, and friends. you never know when your time, or their time is up

– dont force anything. friendships, relationships, ponytails and farts. just dont. if it doesnt work, carry on 😉

– when opportunity knocks on your door, invite it in with open arms!

– regarding friends; quality over quantity. always

– chose your outfit wisely, you never know when you will end up on National television

– support your family in friends in their en-devours. you will support celebrities you dont personally know, so why not buy and promote locals and people you know?

– go on random adventures. if your friend says climb the fence, go! climb the fence! live a little! (*I do not condone illegal activities, just sayin.. )

– stand up for yourself, and for others. dont let people walk all over you. get a damn backbone

– if people are going to talk (which they are) give them something to talk about. it dies down shortly after, and they find something else to go on about

What did you learn in 2015? Comment below!

Happy New Year xo