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See Yah, 2019

Twenty things I learnt/was reminded of in 2019

1.Happiness is NOW, not worrying about the past or the future; it is living in the moment and enjoying every bit of it. I share this every year as a reminder.
2. Expectations can be the mother of disappointment.
3. Before you speak, ask yourself: is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?
4. What you put out in the world is what you will attract. You manifest your life all day long.
5.If you feel like the world is crashing around you, write a list of things you’re grateful for. Ask your friends what they’re grateful for, or what they’re excited about.
6.If you don’t ask, or take the chance, you will never know.
7. Money isn’t everything, time is.

8. Friends come and go. People you think will be around forever can drop in a heartbeat, and that’s okay. It means you’re growing, and that’s what you want to do. You are who you hang around, specifically the five people you spend the most time with.
9.Push your damn self, but also surround yourself with people who will push you too.

10. If a man is interested, you will know. If he isn’t, you’ll be confused.
11. Promoting what you LOVE instead of bashing what you HATE, is so much more satisfying.
12. Do not respond out of anger. Instead you may want to write out what you want to say, but do not send. Check back in 24 hours and see if you still feel the same way. You likely won’t, and you’ll be glad you didn’t press send.
13. You will continue to be sent the same lesson over and over in different versions until you master it.
14. Drink water, stay hydrated. This way you’ll have no time to partake in any BS or drama, instead you’ll be in the bathroom.
15. Talk less, listen more. People need to be heard, and we often forget to just listen.
16. You cannot control people. Not how they feel, what they say, how they respond, none of it. Do not take their actions or words personally, they are usually projecting their past lived experiences.

17. Stop waiting to turn into some beautiful butterfly. enjoy the awkward caterpillar stage. Love the person you are right now. Acknowledge your own shit, and work on yourself.
18. Always tell people you care about that you love them and are proud of them. Enjoy every moment spent with them.
19. Self-Love is so much more that bubble baths. Stop sabotaging your long-term happiness. Stick to your plans and goals for your future self.
20. Lean on your friends when you need, and don’t forget to be there when they need you.

Some Highlights of 2019

– New Years Eve/Canmore
running a 10km race, pain free
– travelling Alberta, BC, and Sask for a job I LOVE
– Kelowna
– Stellas baby, River was born
– Sports
– Corb Lund, Banff
– the Hokey Pokey with Blayk Jayne
–Weddings, so many weddings
– Moraine Lake, AB
– Working The 100k Slot Race, the Runaway
– Big Valley Jambouree
– Spruce Meadows Masters

The Petal Movement
– Art show, Vignettes Design Series, MUSE 2019
– Riding with Smith, across the river and through the wide open spaces of Southern Alberta
– Spending my 30th birthday with the loveliest humans

Fleetwood Mac
– New Friends/Old Friends
– Agribition
–Staying single
– family gatherings

2020 Goals

*seawheeze half marathon*
10km race
5km race
back on camera at The Runaway 2020
travel more
make bank off LCB
read a book a month
become a better at golfing

snowboard and enjoy the mountains in the winter
better physical and mental health

photograph more, always have my camera on me

To Do List

take a personal development course
travel more
say ‘yes’ more often
drink less alcohol

exercise more often
budget my life
spend more time with friends and loved ones


try new restaurants
read a book
unfollow unnecessary people on social media
one blog posts minimum


have coffee with a close friend
call Grandma
reach out to friends


practicing gratitude
daily affirmations
gym, run or stretch
drink all the water
be kind
spread kindness and positivity

Inspiration Lifestyle

Leaving Barrel Racer Land

Early 2017 my mare, the great Stella Rey (by Stylish Rey and out of Duels Miss Lily who is by Dual Pep) was “off”. I chose to give her time off. I felt that sometimes we overlook what time can do for a horse, and I was alright taking a mental and financial break from barrel racing. Fast forward the year and it turned out she had cysts growing by the fetlock joint causing her to be uncomfortable. Surgeries on cysts in the stifle have been successful, but in her case there was not enough studies done to say it was a safe bet. I ended up selling her as broodmare sound, as I am not currently interested in breeding, and she gets to be completely spoiled and raise the cutest (I am biased) babies in Canada for the years to come.

I have not purchased a new project, and don’t plan on doing so for a while, or until the time is right. Stella was my dream horse. We were perfectly in sync. She was the most honest horse I ever rode; running exactly where I asked her to, turning hard when cued. She was everything.

Rewind back to before 2007. I was riding Arabian horses, and showing B circuit shows on my faithful 4H horse, Tuf. I had the same bunch of friends I had had my entire life, and knew I wasn’t going to go much further goal wise as showing A circuit was far out of our price range and I already went to and won at the local shows. I needed a change. I found the Alberta Barrel Racing Association thanks to my cousin, and was welcomed to Barrel Racer Land (BRL). This ultimately led me to meet the majority of all of my close friends and acquaintances, to start this blog, to being a published writer, to years of experiences and happy times which I would not trade for anything in the world.

In the last ten years of my barrel racing “career”, I did not make a rodeo finals, I did not win the world, I did not win huge money or several fancy buckles.

I did get to run at ABRA finals on my 4H horse and make over $2500 at finals that year and win my first ever buckle; a lovely Troy Fischer 3D buckle.
I did get to purchase horses that challenged me and helped shape me as a barrel racer.
I did get to make friends with women I looked up to/idolized when I began barrel racing.
I did get to learn how hugely important the mental game is in our sport
I did get to go to Texas with one of my idols and run against some of the best.
I did get to run a pro horse, place at rodeos, learn how people/friends react when you are succeeding and they are not (insert mental game knowledge)
I did get to hear “thats your new leader”, which really is one of most AMAZING things to hear in the world.
I did get to own my dream horse
I did get to make Futurity Short-Gos with some of the best in North America.

I got to accomplish all of that thanks to an amazing supportive network of barrel racers. How wonderful is that? We often complain that barrel racers are all catty, mean, and ruthless,  and sure, sometimes that is the honest truth. But we don’t give one another enough credit for the positive outcomes of those we know in this sport and how they shape our lives. I hope that you can sit back and look at how far you have come since entering the “barrel racing world” looking passed the drama and BS. Focus on all the great people who have helped you get where you are today. The great experiences you have had in BRL. I personally have grown so much as a person in the last few years, to a person I am happy to be, thanks to those I chose to surround myself with.

I have sold everything I owned related to barrel racing, and I know you’re not supposed to sell your saddle; but if you know me, you know I will buy and sell another two before finding the right one for my next horse anyway!  I cry at night watching videos of Stella and I. I am torn about walking away for a bit as I identified as “a barrel racer” and started to feel lost without that label. But I have been reminded that I am more than just that. Not in that, that label is a bad one, but that there is more to me than just the hobby I have had for the last ten years. I am a daughter, sister, friend, aunty, mentor, writer, blogger, runner, girl boss, shirt designer, event planner, influencer, and more.

Know what I miss the most? I miss hearing the girl-before-me’s time, & the seconds before hearing our names be called. I miss hearing my heartbeat, and Stellas before going in, where everything else faded, time stood still and it was just her and I. I miss running down that alley, 9-O, with full trust in her that she would turn first barrel, like I asked her to, each and every time. I miss the woosh feeling when she would turn second barrel, ’cause it was my favourite on her. I miss running flat out from third across the line, hearing her hoofbeats in the dirt and friends cheering in the background. I have a lump in my throat writing all of that. It wasn’t just on her. It was on the horses before her too. And the summer I got to run the little badass named, JL. I miss putting in the hours, the hard work and dedication, and seeing results. I miss the heartache. The early mornings. Freezing my ass off (just kidding, I don’t miss this, though my ass is still frozen as I live in Canada.) I miss driving several hours for one run, just to turn around and head home. I miss it all.

But in due time, I will be back to write another chapter in my life in BRL. We are so lucky that there is no time limit on this sport. We can come back when the time is right. We can keep going like Mary Burger and make Wrangler NFR and Calgary Stampede in our sixties if we want to. But in the meantime, I am so thankful to have this website so that I can stay connected to the barrel racing and rodeo world. I am thankful for all the connections the sport has made for me. I am thankful I am able to keep the barrel racing world informed and updated with whats happening. I am not completely leaving Barrel Racer Land, just in part.

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your continued support in this endeavour, and all the best to you all in 2018!

Inspiration On The Record

Toodalou, 2017

Eighteen things I learnt/was reminded of in 2017

1. Happiness is NOW. Not worrying about the past or the future; it is living in the moment and enjoying every bit of it.
2. Being single is GREAT. (old on-going news here)  If you’ve always had a bf, but are currently single, may I invite you to be single for a year. Take yourself on dates. Enjoy your own company. Love yourself.
3. There is life outside of rodeo and barrel racing. Crazy, I know.
4. What you put out to the world is what you will attract. You manifest your life all day long.
5. If you feel like the world is crashing around you, write a list of things you’re grateful for. Ask your friends what they’re grateful for, or what they’re excited about.
6. If you don’t ask, or take the chance, you will never know. 
7. Money isn’t everything. Time is.
8. Friends come and go. People you think would be around forever can drop in a heartbeat. Thats okay. It means you’re growing, and thats what you want to do. Grow. You are who you hang around; specifically the five people you spend the most time with
9. Push your damn self. But also surround yourself with people who will push you too.
10. Karma is real.
11. Promoting what you LOVE instead of bashing what you HATE is so much more satisfying.
12. If you think you sound great singing at 1am around the campfire, check your Snapchat in the morning when you’ve sobered up.. #weinfactarenottheJudds
13. Learn from those you look up to. They might love to take you under their wing and teach you.
14. Say yes to adventures.
15. Talk less. Listen more. People need to be heard, and we often forget to just listen.
16. There is such thing as laughing so hard you puke
17. Waffle mix will look like potato soup when in similar containers at 4am.
18. Always tell people you care about that you love them and enjoy every moment spent with them.

Highlights of 2017

– becoming an Auntie to my best friends beautiful babe, Blayk Jayne
– getting laid off from a job I was at for 6.5 years
– helping with the Ty Pozzbon Foundation
– Longview, Alberta
– Eureka, Montana
– Dominican Republic
– being in the sun every moment possible
– meeting Sherry Cervi at the Calgary Stampede
– seeing Kacey Musgraves in concert with my bestie
– meeting Miranda Lambert
– november project
– making new friends
– hosting my high school reunion with one of my oldest friends
– buying ‘Bobby McGee’ (sweet camper van) with three of my girlfriends
– learning what happiness really is
– staying single
– being asked to be in my best friends wedding
– volunteering at a kids Christmas Party

2018 Goals

*seawheeze half marathon*
10km Runs
minimum 2 posts on LCB Monthly
learn to play guitar
travel more
make bank off LCB
read two books per month
buy a camera, dabble in photography
learn new skills
best physical and mental health

To Do List

road trips with Bobby McGee (the van)
hike the mountains
go back to Montana
hit up Pendleton in September
take a personal development course
travel more
say ‘yes’ more often
drink less alcohol
spend less money
spend more time with friends and loved ones


try new restaurants
read 1-2 books
unfollow unnecessary people on social media
two blog posts minimum


have coffee with a close friend
call Grandma
farmers market/buy local


practicing gratitude
daily affirmations
gym, run or stretch
drink all the water
be kind
spread kindness and positivity

Fashionista Inspiration

Babe on a Budget

Networking collaborations are a lot of fun because you can bounce ideas back and forth between creative minds, and come up with something magical!

I had wanted to do a fashion shoot that would promote a boutique and also showcase another talented photographer in Alberta, and that is exactly what we did.

B&B Boutique in Olds, Alberta is one of the most shopped at boutiques Alberta has to offer. They have been keeping Canadians of the west in the loop of western fashion since the spring of 2013,  and are known for their urban vogue with country vintage flare for the women who are looking for quality, vintage, chic clothes at an affordable cost.

That is what I like best about B&B, they’ve managed to keep the prices reasonable, even while bringing clothing up from the States with our dollar being poor. By doing this, they’re helping us barrel racers on a budget stay trendy at the rodeo cabarets, and in every day life.

B&B has everything from basic pieces that are perfect for layering, to something that’ll make you feel a little fancier and add a little pep in your step. Head over to the website to see ALL the new Spring outfits! (link below)

Tara McKenzie is a photographer from Rocky Mountain House  whose passion for photography turned into a full time job in 2010. McKenzie specializes in equine photography and all things that focus on the Western lifestyle. I first met Tara at the Grit, Glamour & Goals Event in the fall of 2016 in Red Deer, Alberta as she was our event photographer. After receiving the photos back from the event, and going through her portfolio online, I was drawn to her photography style, and knew I wanted to do a shoot with her in the future.

I told the Charlsey and Tara I wanted to go in the opposite direction of the barnyard or mountain shoot (which I love, don’t get me wrong) to try something different. After calling around, we were able to find the perfect setting.

The Hotel Arts is one of the finest hotels I have stepped foot in, and is located in the middle of downtown Calgary, Alberta, just minutes from the Calgary Stampede grounds. The stone walls and art around the hotel give it a western vibe, and you can’t help but feel like Sam Elliot might be around the corner for a Cowboys & Indians Magazine photoshoot. If you’re coming from out of town to visit Calgary, be sure to check their availability on rooms, or at least stop by for brunch at the Yellow Door Bistro, or dinner at The Raw Bar.

Lipstick & Cowboy Boots would like to give one lucky lady $100 towards a photo session with the fabulous Tara McKenzie. To qualify you must:
– Like the Lipstick & Cowboy Boots Facebook Page as well as Tara Mckenzie Fotos Page
– Like this post on Facebook
– Share this post on Facebook
– Tag a friend in the original post and comment DONE!

Good Luck, winner announced Wednesday, May 3rd.


Darby’s Dress & Necklace – B&B Boutique
Darby’s Belt – Vintage find from Charlsey, owner of B&B Boutique
Darby’s Boots – Durango Boots
Cassie’s Red Dress – The Harper from B&B Boutique
Cassie’s Blue Dress- B&B Boutique
Cassie’s Boots – Old Gringo
Cassie’s Faux Squash Blossom – Cosmic Cattle Dog
Cassie’s Earrings – Silpada
Cassie’s Hat – B&B Boutique
Makeup By – Darby Crouch
Photos by Tara McKenzie Check her out on Instagram & Facebook
Location – Hotel Arts, Downtown Calgary, Alberta

Fashionista Inspiration Lifestyle


Honestly, sometimes the hardest part about writing is coming up with a smart title. Sing that song in your head while you read this blog post. (PS- its Changes by David Bowie..)

I wanted to blog about spring fashion, because I LOVE spring, but I figured I wouldn’t be the only one with this idea.. and what’s everyone going talk about? Florals, for spring?

The Devil Wears Prada, one of my faves. I couldn’t help myself. Well of course I love florals, I personally believe they’re an all year thing, but yes, wear all the florals this spring!

What else have I been seeing all over the fashionista map? “Blush Tones” aka. soft pinks… So I went out and found a really nice blush off the shoulder flowy shirt at H&M, and love the heck out of it. Of course I was distracted in line looking at their sale jewelry rack and also found a little faux pearl and gold necklace to go with it. Though turquoise would look freaking fab with this pink, I decided pearls were classy and cute too.

Know why I love this shirt? Its loose and flowy enough that you can’t even tell I ate cheesecake & had a coffee and was bloated as heck during this shoot! #realtalk

How about those white pants? I just love them! The thing about how you’re not supposed to wear white after labour day.. well that is one of the silly fashion rules that are from 100’s of years ago. White was for weddings and resorts, not dinner parties in the fall. Labour day became a federal holiday in 1948, so society over time adopted it as the endpoint of summer fashion.. Badass Coco Chanel, she bucked this trend and wore white year-round. Nobody tells Coco what to wear! But not everyone is as trendy as Coco, so this  “rule” continued down through many generations. #TheMoreYouKnow Well, though its spring and white is now technically “allowed”, I bought these jeans, and will continue to wear them past labour day. Try to stop me!

PS-these Jeffrey Campbell booties which came into the world last year, are SO VERSATILE! They come in 10 perfect colours, and are comfortable! They’re a little pricey, but you gotta invest in a good pair of shoes once in a while!

So why the silly Bowie title of this blog post? Well, of course spring brings change, but my own personal life has changed quite recently. I was laid off from my job I had been at for over six years. To say the Oilfield is struggling in Alberta right now, would be an understatement.. (well some of it may be picking up, fingers crossed) Now, before you send your condolences, hear me out. I am so delighted to have been laid off. Do you find that strange? I was miserable at my job. I had zero creativity (see lacking blog post content) I had no goals set, & I dreaded each day. I would have never left that job on my own cause it was a safe bet with benefits and a guaranteed pay cheque each week. Also, if I saw this as a negative, which understandably can be for many people, I would continue to be miserable. Instead I am seeing this as a positive! It’s all about perspective! I am a free bird and can do anything I want to. (though I currently don’t have a CLUE what that is.)

With all my free time I currently have, my dear friend Kathy Butkovic of EquisportsTherapy invited me to stay with her in Longview, Alberta and suggested working with Amanda Ubell Photography. I LOVE Amanda’s work, and she made this photoshoot so much fun! If you are in southern Alberta and looking for a photographer I highly recommend Amanda. She does phenomenal work and at a price that won’t break the bank! Check out her Facebook Page here, Instagram here, and website link is down below!

*Disclaimer – I am not a model, but it sure is fun to dress up and pretend to be one, having the right photographer makes it easy!

Pink Shirt – H&M
White Jeans- Forever 21
Booties – Jeffery Campbell Cromwell Booties/Hunt The Plains Booties
Cuff-Allie Falcon
Buffalo Ring- Designs by Shelagh
Amanda Ubell Photography
Kathy Butkovic – EquisportsTherapy



Blogs You Should Follow

The whole reason I ever started writing my own blog was because I followed a few great ones and thought I could do it too. Why not. Secondly, at the time I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but on a platform other than Facebook.

Since it’s been about two years since I started Lipstick & Cowboy Boots, I want to point you in the direction of a few of my favorite blogs! Click their blog name to check out my favorite posts they’ve done!


Levity & Lipstick

Danika is the wife to PRCA Team Roper Ryle Smith, and travels down the rodeo trail with him. I really hope to see him head to the WNFR so I can drool over Danika’s style, and a few more blog posts from her 😉
What I LOVE abut Danika is that she doesn’t sugar coat life on the road.
In the post I linked, “Check Yo’self Before You Rodeo Wreck Yo’self” she talks about what we all must imagine life as a rodeo wife to be like, but how it really is; WHICH I AM SO THANKFUL SHE DID, because we all get so caught up trying to keep up with the Jones’, which I am personally sick of.
We see endless images of gorgeous outfits sitting in the bleachers cheering for husbands and boyfriends, but miss the dose of reality which she perfectly describes in her post.
ALSO, she has her own brand of Lipstick, which DOES ship to Canada.


Rodeo Grind

Gina has been at it since February of this year, and is absolutely KILLIN’ it with each post she does.
She studied Communications at Eastern New Mexico University, and is super handy in the team roping & barrel racing pen. I was VERY impressed when I saw her futurity horse work last year. Gina is ridiculously well spoken. Seriously, read a post and I dare you to tell me otherwise. Whether she is writing poems on her blog, or digging deep on Canadian Professional Rodeo Association politics, everyone up in Canada looks forward to each Wednesday morning when she posts her latest and greatest! Check out Gina’s fall fashion picks in the link above 😉


Whiskey & Pickle Juice

Adventures of Tayla & Dana If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, check this blog out. Way back when, I actually interviewed Tayla for one of her other ventures. Eat Beef, Drill Oil, Rope Calves. Tayla is witty, sassy, and smart. She studied Journalism and Print Media at SAIT (Man oh man, when I learn these ladies stats, I really think I am a little fish swimming with Sharks in this blog business) Tayla and Dana head out on adventures around the world. Tayla is currently planning her UK trip & Dana is outlining her India & Brazil trip! On the blog they also discuss their online dating experiences etc. I enjoy their blog because it’s relatable and hilarious. Check it out for yourself!


Remarkable Sparkling Mess

This particular blog post that Hannah Barrett wrote just made me happy because someone out in the world had all the same guilty pleasures as me and wasn’t afraid to share it all the while, being perfectly written. ( I WISH I had half the writing talent these ladies all have. Even just the talent in their right hand!)


With a Western Twist

I began talking to Louisa when I had to hunt her down for the Top 16 Under 25 for Western Horse Review Magazine. Naturally I went to Facebook to find each person, tried sending a message, but we all know it goes to the message request box which no one ever seems to see, so I clicked Add Friend. With this, I happily stumbled upon Louisa’s own blog. Shes a passionate writer which you can see when you read anything she has written. My current fave is the blog linked. Even though her blog’s main audience may be girls in the cutting pen, this post speaks to anyone whose got on a horse to go compete. THANK YOU for writing this one Louisa!


The Cowgirl Manifesto

Marissa was one of the reasons I began writing. I loved everything she wrote about. I loved that she had an opinion and was sharing it with the world. I loved that it all revolved around barrel racing, I loved that she was funny, and I loved that she was real with what she was writing. That is what all of these blogs have in common. They’re not sugar coated crap. They’re straight forward, and say what they mean and how they feel, and it’s often relatable for many of us.

What are your favorite blogs? Leave a comment below!




Inspiration Post- All Pictures

Sorry, again its been a while since I have wrote. Each day, I go to my job, 8-5, then go either right to the barn or to the gym. I take just over 2 hours at the barn, and just over an hour at the gym.. By the time I get home, all I want to do is eat, and go to bed. I have been on the Arbonne 28 day Detox, and though I haven’t lost any weight, {I’m 5’5″ and 128lbs (PM weight not AM), there you go} I have seen some changes in my body, which makes me happy and want to keep going til I leave for the Diamonds and Dirt in Bryan Texas in March! If ReevaJane has to be fit, I should be too! {Plus bikini season is just around the corner people.. well a long winding corner, its snowing tonight..}

Before bed each night, I sit on Pinterest for 5 minutes and Pin everything that I come across and LOVE. (If you think I can come up with a super awesome blog post in 5 minutes, you are wrong, I take maybe 5 hours to write most of my posts!) My two favourite boards I have are {Warms My Ticker} & {Visual} In this post, I have decided to just share the best ones I have up there. If you want to follow my Pinterest board, search @casshaus .

I am also on the hunt for a PERFECT outfit for Rodeo Houston. I think I want a jumpsuit, but open to other suggestions! 🙂

Oh, and if you’re looking for new music, {cause I’m always on the lookout} check out the video below. I LOVE this song. My new fave. {Lucero is touring with Ryan Bingham, who I believe most of you know about by now.. if not, check out Country Roads, Southside of Heaven, Bread & Water, & Sunrise!}

Ok, ok, one more thing. Check out Fabulous in the South on Facebook. Brianna Hall is from Alabama and is writing about everything from Health to Fashion & whatever is near and dear to her heart. She is a super sweet girl, and I enjoy her blog 🙂


This reminds me of Christina Lake in the summertime.


I <3 ReevaJane with every ounce of my heart.


A lot of people could use a piece of humble pie. Stay humble, and hustle hard! Also, I love succulents {bottom left} & a good cup of joe {bottom right}


Tipi Motel I would LOVE to stay in one of these!


RIP Buddy Heaton


Oh Lonesome Dove. I love me a man in a vest. So handsome. uva uvam vivendo varia fit


Pozzi & Mona. This gets me so fired up for Texas!! {Deanna Kirstensen Photography*}


Dolly has such fabulous hair. My favourite song, Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That. SO GOOD


I wish that we had cool signs like this up in Canada. Hope to see a bunch when I am down south.

Arena Chatter Inspiration

Motivation – 2015 Season

What motivates you? What makes you want to jump out of bed at 5am to go to the gym to work on your core so you can keep up with your horses badass snappy turns? What gets you fired up and keeping the passion and desire alive in the winter when its -35 and even colder with the wind? What are you doing before you make a run at a jackpot or rodeo that keeps you focused and on your A Game?


Incase you live under a rock, it’s 2015 now.. A whole new season to make your best run, to fix your third barrel, to ride more gritty, and to let your horse haul ass to first barrel. Ok those are some of the things I want to do this year. I have watched all of my 2014 runs (that were taped) a million times. I have sat with my eyes closed and rode through and felt the feeling of Reeva cranking out a perfect first second and third barrel. I have sat and felt the feeling of winning, being presented with checks and buckles. When I am driving my car and turn a corner I sit on my pockets and act like we’re turning a barrel. I have gone through the pattern in the kitchen with the proper hand position etc. Its all about muscle memory right? As silly as that may seem, doing all those things keeps me jacked up about the upcoming season. Ive also been reading great books like Mind Gym by Gary Mack and Gold Buckles Don’t Lie by Fred Whitfield, and girl, if that story doesnt motivate you, I dont know what will! Tonight I am posting sticky notes all over my house to remind me why I am riding daily an getting back to the gym. I also enjoy watching old NFR videos, watching Lisa & Louie win The AMERICAN, and watching Pozzi & KissKissBangBang win the Diamonds & Dirt 2014 Slot Race. Reading inspiring quotes, and talking with positive uplifting girls who have similar goals also keeps me focused and driven.

Maybe you read that and think I am totally out to lunch, and instead you just like to be better than you were before, always striving to be the best you can be in all aspects of life. This is such a broad topic, so as far as I am concerned there is no wrong or right as to what can “motivate” a person.


I asked a handful of my friends what keeps them motivated. I LOVE hearing what motivates people, in and out of the arena. So, assuming that hearing what is motivating others will also motivate you, I’m sharing their replies to help get ya fired up! 🙂


“Watching people that I admire motivates me. Even at the local jackpots. I see someone lay down a deadly run and it gets me pumped up.”

“Setting goals and timelines, and adjusting them accordingly. Staying motivated is easy when the end is always in sight . Small steps to the big picture, make anything seem attainable. Adjust your expectations so they are realistic. Instead of, “I wanna make the nfr”.” try “I wanna have a more consistent season.”  Or instead of “I wanna win this rodeo.” “I wanna ride my horse better than I did at the last.” kinda thing. Creating goals creates positivity which is motivating in itself.”


“What motivates me is a little different from everyone else, usually people want to be motivated by someone they look up to, but for me it’s the people who look down on me, they make me ride harder, train better to BE a better person. The look on those peoples face when the unexpected come in and win makes me drive harder. Everyone has a past, everyone has a present and everyone started somewhere!”

“So, Cassie asked me for some things that keep me motivated & motivate me before a run. On off season watching old runs makes me want it like crazy. Theres no better feeling than making a barrel run, so during the winter I watch alot of videos of both myself & other people. Before a run I like to listen to pump up songs to get me in the game, I love music & I find this the easiest way to get me ready for a run.”

“Well……so music, inspirational books and positive thoughts, learning new things and friends success makes me happy and keeps me motivated! All these aspects are just on the road which was started by simply believing in the dream (or goal)! That is what motivates me, I can visualize and know it’s what I’m meant to move towards! Make sense…it really applies to all things not just barrel racing!”


“This is what motivates me personally. This is the stem cell i received that saved my life. Some days I get a little down and out. I just look back at pictures. Everyday I strive do to the very best. I’ve had a few friends pass away same age as me gone through everything I had. They call it survivors guilt and it really is. Why me? Why am I so lucky over them? Well each and everyday I set out to accomplish everything and anything. Saying yes to every opportunity that crosses my path. Where as before I would say no maybe next year, well there may not be a next year. It’s kinda corny but it’s honestly true. How many people get a second chance in life? Well I plan to live this life to the damn best ability that I can and push myself to do things I normally wouldn’t.”

“What motivates me the most is Tyler. Every time I want to take a break or stop training or I don’t think I’m on the right track he pushes me to follow my dreams. He’s always behind me helping me move forward and be the best I can be. It’s actually taught me a lot about myself and how to push myself in those weak moments. I’ve seen a lot of “couple teams” but I have rarely seen one that works in a partnership like this. I also watch a lot of motivational videos about dreams and determination and pushing yourself. I really believe in order to teach yourself how to stay positive and motivated when your dealing with horses and the kind of stress and money issues we all have you have to have a person or persons to fall back on who help you and stay strong when you are not.”

Kirsten regarding visual motivation:
“I think motivation can come in all sorts of forms and can apply to success in the rodeo world in so many ways. Pictures, quotes, videos and songs all have a different role in how I personally keep myself motivated. Pictures are great because they help put you back into a memory of a moment that was a crucial stepping stone to where you are now. These are two of my favorite pictures because they were my two first big wins on different horses and look at how excited I am! I use them to remind myself how grateful I was back then and how hard I worked to earn those two moments.”


“I find the times that I need the most motivation are during the off season when it is -20 with a storm warning and I am writing a blurb for my friend’s blog and staring at pictures of my other friends in Arizona on Facebook when my truck has been running for 45 minutes so that I can go out to the barn. Videos are almost always crucial in this situation.”

Kirsten regarding music and motivation:
“Music works the same way. There have been a couple times when a truck of us girls is driving to a rodeo and we are “Raging” right alongside Hyper Crush and “it’s another great day to be looking that good” all determined to “Run This Town” with Luke Bryan. This exact situation happened this summer and we were soaring on the way up North, and on the way back listening to “Her Heart Is A Rodeo” on repeat with two out of three horses in the back having had their last runs of the season. “Her Heart is a Rodeo” is also great song for the drive home when you are trying to figure out how to regroup and get your life together by Tuesday so that you can make it to a slack Thursday morning and then across the Rockies for Thursday night. It’s all about the perseverance.”

Kirsten regarding quotes:
“Quotes are great forms of motivation purely for the feelings certain words can stir deep in your mind. If I am winning and making good runs, they are great to keep the high energy going. If I have a bad run or something negative happens to me they act as a booster to stay persistent. It’s pretty easy to log onto Pinterest from your phone and type in “overcoming obstacles” as you are leaving the vet office with a prescription for 6 weeks time off or if you just took out three barrels and the trash at the last rodeo, and it’s an easy way to re-boost your morale.”


So I ask again. What motivates you? What keeps you going when you want to quit. What pumps you up when you’re coming down the alley way? Leave a comment below, I’d LOVE to hear it!

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