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Arena Chatter

Round FIVE WNFR Recap

Canadian Report

Jeremy Buhler is on the board! He and Tom Richards were a 4.0 to split 3/4 with Coleman Proctor and Billie Jack Saebens.

Orin Larsen was an 87.5 on Hi Lo Pro Rodeos Wilson Sanchez splitting 5/6 with JR Vezain with a for $5,500.

In the saddle bronc riding, Zeke Thurston and Layton Green were both an 87.5 splitting 2/3/4 with Brody Cress, each taking home $15,794.87. Clay Elliot was an 80.5 and is yet to pull a cheque. Heres hoping his luck changes in the second half of the finals. Zeke Thurston is just shy of the $200,000 mark heading into round six tomorrow.

Steer wrestler Tanner Milan won the round with a 3.8, and has moved to fourth in the standings and fourth in the average. Scott Guenthner was a 6.6, too long for a cheque tonight.

Jordan Hansen bucked off of Universal Rodeos Crime Boss.

Canadian total from the WNFR up to round five is $216,671.79 (go round money only)

Round Five Barrel Racing Results

1/2 Ivy Conrado 13.59 $23,480.77
1/2 Lisa Lockhart 13.59 $23,480.77
3 Hailey Kinsel 13.67 $15,653.85
4 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.68 $11,000.00
5 Taci Bettis 13.74 $6,769.23
6 Nellie Miller 13.75 $4,230.77
Tillar Murray 13.88 $0.00
Kellie Collier 13.90 $0.00
Tiany Schuster 13.90 $0.00
Kassie Mowry 13.93 $0.00
Stevi Hillman 14.00 $0.00
Kathy Grimes 14.06 $0.00
Sydni Blanchard 18.72 $0.00
Amberleigh Moore 18.74 $0.00
Kimmie Wall 19.04 $0.00

World Standings – Barrel Racing
Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
Amber Moore $198,921.81
Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
Hailey Kinsel $192,899.19
Nellie Miller $188,767.52
Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
Ivy Conrado $147,623.21
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Lisa Lockhart $138,396.63
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $134,660.34
Taci Bettis $129,446.22
Sydni Blanchard $108,130.98
Tillar Murray $102,789.02
Kellie Collier $97,568.72
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

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Round Four WNFR Recap

Amber Moore is now just $61,455.75 behind Tiany Schuster in the race for the world title after winning round four tonight at the Wrangler NFR, and has moved to second position ahead of Stevi Hillman by just a few thousand dollars.

What happened with the ground tonight? We went from record SHATTERING times to some nasty slips on first and third.

Mowry and Junior slipped on first, Kellie Collier had a horse change to Muffin and had a bad slip on third, falling right to the knee, and Stevi Hillman on Truck with a slip in the hind end on third. Fingers crossed those horses are alright.

Fave run to watch: Amber Moore and Paige, though I held my breath the entire run after seeing the slips.

Best dressed: TIANY SCHUSTER

It was another rough night for the Canadians money wise.

Orin Larsen was the only Canadian in the bareback to take home money tonight after an 86.00 point ride on Four Star Rodeos Big Star, for $15,653.85. Jake Vold was 83.50 on J Bar Js Dirty Rags.

Team roping heeler, Jeremy Buhler and his partner Tom Richards received a no time tonight. Buhler has not picked up a single cheque thus far.

Steer Wrestler Tanner Milan was a 4.4, and Scott Guenther had a stubborn steer, running a 7.3. Both men came up short and will take home no money from round four of the Wrangler NFR.

In the saddle bronc riding Clay Elliot was bucked off of Let er Rip early in the eight seconds. Zeke Thurston was a 72.50 on Frontier Rodeos Tip Off, and Layton Green was 80.00 points on Keslers Willowbrook, but neither cashed in.

Bull rider Jordan Hansen was bucked off of Bridewells 100x Helmets Foothill. Only three men covered their bulls tonight; Trey Benton III, Joe Frost and Ty Wallace.

The nine Canadians have won a collective $140,024 over the last four rounds (Go round money only)

LBR Round Four Results:

1 Amberleigh Moore 13.56 $26,230.77
2 Ivy Conrado 13.58 $20,730.77
3 Taci Bettis 13.59 $15,653.85
4 Hailey Kinsel 13.63 $11,000.00
5 Kathy Grimes 13.73 $6,769.23
6 Lisa Lockhart 13.76 $4,230.77
Nellie Miller 13.84
Tillar Murray 13.85
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.87
Tiany Schuster 14.34
Kassie Mowry 15.41 bad slip on 1
Kellie Collier 16.12 bad slip on 3
Kimmie Wall 18.69
Stevi Hillman 24.59 bad slip on 3
Sydni Blanchard 25.40

LBR World Standings after Round Four:

Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
Amber Moore $198,921.81
Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
Nellie Miller $184,536.75
Hailey Kinsel $177,245.34
Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Ivy Conrado $124,142.44
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $123,660.34
Taci Bettis $122,676.99
Lisa Lockhart $114,915.86
Sydni Blanchard $108,130.98
Pillar Murray $102,789.02
Kellie Collier $97,568.72
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

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Round Three WNFR Recap


First off. HAILEY FREAKING KINSEL. *mic drop* Do I really need to write anything else right now? Ok, I will.

Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday aka. Sister, ran a 13.11. Yeah, thats NOT a typo. A 13.11!!! Just before she ran, Kassie Mowry ran a 13.36 which broke the arena record* (some count the record, some don’t due to pattern changes)
Whats next from this wolfy pack of ladies? A 12? Who knows what we will see! Kinsel is leading the average and has moved to sixth in the standings.

Fave run to watch: OBVIOUS answer. Hailey and Sister.

As for the Canadian report. Jake Vold was an 87.00 on Northcott Macza’s Spilled Perfume which put him in third spot in round three, for $15,653.85. Vold has pocketed $55,211 thus far at the Wrangler NFR! Orin Larsen was a 73. Tim O’Connell spurred the PRCA horse of the year, Canadas own Virgil to a 91.5, a new arena record. It was badass, be sure to find it and watch it!

In the steer wrestling, Tanner Milan was a 4.9 and Scott Guenthner was a 4.5, just out of the money tonight.

Jeremy Buhler was another no time with his header Tom Richards.

Clay Elliot was an 82 just out of the money, Layton Green 83.5 on a re-ride, and Zeke Thurston a 79.5, and has moved to third in the world standings.

Jordan Hansen was bucked off of Stace Smith Pro Rodeos Torch. Sage Kimzey and Cole Melancon tied for first with 91.5 rides to each take home $23,480 each, as there were only 4 qualified rides! DANG!

By round three, the nine Canadians have cashed in on $124,370 (go round money only)

Round Three LBR Results

1 Hailey Kinsel 13.11 $26,230.77
2 Kassie Mowry 13.36 $20,730.77
3 Amberleigh Moore 13.57 $15,653.85
4 Ivy Conrado 13.59 $11,000.00
5 Nellie Miller 13.66 $6,769.23
6 Lisa Lockhart 13.67 $4,230.77
Taci Bettis 13.68
Kathy Grimes 13.70
Stevi Hillman 13.84
Tiany Schuster 14.20
Kellie Collier 14.58
Tillar Murray 18.76
Sydni Blanchard 18.90
Kimmie Wall 18.95
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 19.18

World Standings After Round Three

1 Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
2 Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
3 Nellie Miller $184,536.75
4 Amberleigh Moore $172,691.04
5 Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
6 Hailey Kinsel $166,245.34
7 Kathy Grimes $132,785.38
8 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi $123,660.34
9 Lisa Lockhart $110,685.09
10 Sydni Blanchard $108,130.98
11 Taci Bettis $107,023.14
12 Ivy Conrado $103,411.67
13 Tillar Murray $102,789.02
14 Kellie Collier $97,568.72
15 Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

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Round Two WNFR Recap

Round two recap is short and sweet:

Brittany Pozzi has now gone over TWO MILLION in career earnings. Hailey Kinsel takes the average lead, Nellie Miller second.

Favourite run to watch: Amberleigh on Paige and Nellie on Sister, both make it look EASY!

Round three prediction Amberleigh and Paige 13.4!

As for Canadians in round two, Jake Vold was an 87 and split 3/4 with Tim O’Connell for $13,326.92 while Manitobas Orin Larsen was 6th with 85 for $4,230.77.

In the steer wrestling, Tanner Milan won the round with a 3.5 cashing in on $26,230.77, while Scott Guenthner was a 4.5 just out of the money.

In the saddle bronc riding, Zeke Thurston split 5/6/6 for $3,666.66 with an 85 point ride, where Clay Elliot and Layton Green were bucked off.

In the bull riding, Jordan Hansen was fifth with a 84.50 good for $6,769.23

The Canadian earnings total is unofficially at $112,383.32!

Round Two results:
1 Amberleigh Moore 13.54 $26,230.77
2 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.62 $20,730.77
3 Hailey Kinsel 13.65 $15,653.85
4 Nellie Miller 13.74 $11,000.00
5 Sydni Blanchard 13.80 $6,769.23
6 Kellie Collier 13.83 $4,230.77
Taci Bettis 13.87
Ivy Conrado 13.89
Tillar Murray 13.90
Lisa Lockhart 13.96
Tiany Schuster 14.10
Kimmie Wall 19.07
Kassie Mowry 19.24
Stevi Hillman 23.67

World Rankings after round one (Unofficially):

6 2 Hailey Kinsel 27.34/2 1 13.69 3 13.65 3
3 2 Nellie Miller 27.38/2 2 13.64 1 13.74 4
8 2 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 27.61/2 3 13.99 13.62 2
7 2 Kathy Grimes 27.75/2 4 13.85 4 13.90
12 2 Tillar Murray 27.79/2 5/6 13.89 5 13.90
14 2 Ivy Conrado 27.79/2 5/6 13.90 6 13.89
11 2 Lisa Lockhart 27.94/2 7 13.98 13.96
13 2 Kellie Collier 27.96/2 8 14.13 13.83 6
9 2 Sydni Blanchard 27.98/2 9 14.18 13.80 5
1 2 Tiany Schuster 28.17/2 10 14.07 14.10
4 2 Amberleigh Moore 32.49/2 11 18.95 13.54 1
5 2 Kassie Mowry 32.92/2 12 13.68 2 19.24
15 2 Kimmie Wall 33.21/2 13 14.14 19.07
2 2 Stevi Hillman 42.35/2 14 18.68 23.67
10 2 Taci Bettis 13.87/1 15 0.00 13.87
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Milestone Night for Tanner Milan

Courtesy of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

December 8, 2017

Tanner Milan led the Canadian parade to the winner’s circle on night number two of the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

After being out of the money in the first round, the two-time Canadian Champion dropped his steer in a speedy 3.5 seconds to claim the $26,230 first place cheque on Friday night at the Thomas and Mack Arena.

“I was a lot sharper on the barrier tonight and being sharper and getting a good start really helped me.”
Mounted on Tom Lewis’ doggin’ horse, Maverick, and with brother and talented hazer, Baillie on the other side of the steer, Milan won his first ever go-round at the WNFR. “It’s something I’ve always dreamed of and it dang sure feels good to get it done.”

The Cochrane cowboy, appearing at his second National Finals, jumped three places to fifth overall in the world standings and gained much-needed ground on season leader, Ty Erickson. Milan moved to within $53,000 of the leader. Erickson and the second half of the Canadian steer wrestling tandem, Scott Guenthner, of Provost, Alberta, both finished just out of the money with identical 4.5 second runs.

In the bareback riding, Canadian frowns turned upside down when Jake Vold’s announced 77 score earned the three-time Canadian title holder a re-ride. And given a second chance, last year’s runner-up for the world title didn’t waste the opportunity, recording an 87 score on Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Hollywood Hills to split 3/4 in the round and pick up $13,326 for the effort. The bad news for Vold was that he was unable to narrow the gap on front-runner and defending World Champion, Tim O’Connell who equaled Vold’s score with an 87 point ride of his own.

Vold’s 174.5 on two leads the average with O’Connell in second spot and Manitoba’s Orin Larsen in third. Larsen picked up a sixth place cheque in the go round, courtesy of his 85 score on Pickett Pro Rodeo’s Uncapped for a $4230 payday.

And in the bull riding, 2016 Canadian champion, Jordan Hansen, cashed his first-ever cheque at the WNFR as he rode Sutton Rodeo’s High Roller to 84.5 points and a $6769 haul, a nice bounce-back performance after the Calgary talent bucked off his opening night bull. Things got a little tighter at the top end of the bull riding leaderboard as 2017 Canadian Champion, Garrett Smith, won the round with an 87.5 and inched closer to overall leader and three time title holder, Sage Kimzey who was 86.5 to spilt 2/3 in the round. Smith, the Rexburg, Idaho sensation, is now just $12,000 back of Kimzey and is second in the average with the Texas superstar holding down 4th spot. Wayne Vold’s Heaven’s Basement took home the rank stock award as the seven year-old brindle bucked off the very tough Tim Bingham.

Things did not go well for the trio of Canadian saddle bronc riders on a Friday night that felt like Friday the 13th. In a round that saw the bucking horses dominate, there were only seven cowboys able to record scores. Reigning World Champion, Zeke Thurston, 2017 Canadian Champ, Layton Green, and 2016 titleist, Clay Elliott weren’t among the seven success stories on this night as CoBurn Bradshaw rode Calgary Stampede’s Tiger Warrior to a whopping 89 score to win the round. If there’s a silver lining for the Canadian trio, it’s that the guy all three are chasing, season leader Jacobs Crawley was also victimized by the tough Friday pen of broncs. Bradshaw, however, has moved to third in the standings and is now very much in the championship conversation as he also leads the average after two rounds.

In the team roping, Arrowwood, Alberta’s Jeremy Buhler remains in 15th spot overall after a no time on Friday night. The defending world champion and 2017 Canadian champ is roping alongside Arizona roper, Tom Richards, after regular partner (for both of those championships) Levi Simpson, finished one spot out of the top fifteen and is having to watch his longtime partner from the sidelines. Former Canadian Champions, Dustin Bird (twice) and Russell Cardoza won the round with a blistering 3.9. Kaleb Driggers and 2016 World All-Around Champion Junior Nogueira continue to lead the world standings.

And in the barrel racing, Salem, Oregon’s Amberleigh Moore posted a go-round winning 13.54 second run while Tiany Shuster’s seeming insurmountable lead coming to Las Vegas seems even more secure after Friday night. While Shuster has been out of the money through two rounds, her nearest rival, Stevi Hillman had a difficult round two run (23.67 seconds) and took herself out of the average and very likely out of the title chase as well.

Trevor Brazile, seemingly on a mission to take back his All-Around crown after a year’s absence from the PRCA, won the tie down roping with a Brazile-esque 7.4 run on Friday night.

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Round One WNFR Recap

After a go-round win last night, Nellie Miller has gained some ground chasing that World Champion title, with a beautiful run. She is now behind the number two cowgirl, Stevi Hillman by $29,184.87 and behind Tiany Schuster by $93,610.04. Each round pays $26,230.77 to win, so anything is possible!

All of the ladies and their horses looked great last night, so I expect to see it get even faster tonight! Ground looked a little hard on third..

Amber Moores horse Paige took third barrel to the stifle, hopefully she is feeling ok tonight. Taci Bettis was making a nice run, snapped around second, but her saddle slipped headed up to third, and received a no time.

People keep talking about records being smashed during this Wrangler NFR, and no doubt we will see crazy fast times, but the pattern has been changed just the slightest each year, so is anything a true record anymore? The current “record” is 13.37 set by Taylor Jacob and Bo in 2013. Amberleigh Moore and Paige could’ve broke that last year, but had a knocked barrel. They did tie Taylors time though!

Best dressed: Ivy Conrado and Nellie Miller, cause I do love a Canadian Tuxedo!

Favourite run to watch: Nellie Miller. Sister made it look like a walk in the park.

Round two prediction is Kassie Mowry to win it with a 13.5.

As for Canadians last night, Jake Vold won the bareback riding on Oakridge with an 87.5 spur ride for $26,230.77, while Manitobas Orin Larsen was second with an 86.5 pocketing a cool $20,730.77.

In the steer wrestling, Scott Guenthner split 3/4/5/6/6 with a 4.3 for a $7,530.77 cheque, Tanner Milan was long with a 6.60.

In the saddle bronc riding, 2016 world champion Zeke Thurson split 5/6/6 with an 85 point ride on Calgary’s Timely Delivery for $3,666.66. Both Layton Green and Clay Elliot were 79.

The 2017 Canadian Champion and 2016 world champ heeler, Jeremy Buhler was a 9.3, and Jordan Hansen was bucked off of Record Rack’s Lumberjack.

The Canadian earnings total is at $58,158.97.

Round one results:

1 1 Nellie Miller 13.64 $26,230.77
1 2 Kassie Mowry 13.68 $20,730.77
1 3 Hailey Kinsel 13.69 $15,653.85
1 4 Kathy Grimes 13.85 $11,000.00
1 5 Tillar Murray 13.89 $6,769.23
1 6 Ivy Conrado 13.90 $4,230.77
1 Lisa Lockhart 13.98 $0.00
1 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.99 $0.00
1 Tiany Schuster 14.07 $0.00
1 Kellie Collier 14.13 $0.00
1 Kimmie Wall 14.14 $0.00
1 Sydni Blanchard 14.18 $0.00
1 Stevi Hillman 18.68 $0.00
1 Amberleigh Moore 18.95 $0.00
1 Taci Bettis C $0.00

World Rankings after round one:

1 Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
2 Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
3 Nellie Miller $166,767.52
4 Kassie Mowry $145,893.58
5 Kathy Grimes $132,785.38
6 Amberleigh Moore $130,806.42
7 Hailey Kinsel $124,360.72
8 Taci Bettis $107,023.14
9 Lisa Lockhart $106,454.32
10 Brittany Tonozzi $102,929.57
11 Tillar Murray $102,789.02
12 Sydni Blanchard $101,361.75
13 Kellie Collier $93,337.95
14 Ivy Conrado $92,411.67
15 Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

Arena Chatter Courtesy of CPRA Results

Vold Takes First Victory Lap of 2017 WNFR

Canadian cowboys got off to a fast start at the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Three time Canadian champion, Jake Vold, wasted no time in resuming his signature lights-out performances in Las Vegas. Vold who finished second in the world a year ago and won three rounds and $165,000 in the Thomas and Mack Arena, picked up where he left off with a tremendous 87.5 on Kesler Rodeo’s Oakridge. The win netted the Airdrie cowboy the $26,230 first place cheque and moved him to third in the world standings with $138,391 in the bank, now $87,000 back of season leader and defending world champion Tim O’Connell.

“It’s a good confidence builder,” Vold noted of his first night ride. “There are a lot of horses here and going at that kind of money, I find quite exciting. It’s keeps your blood flowing. I need to win a lot of money to have a chance at a world title. To get the win right off the bat is definitely key. Hopefully a guy can keep it rolling and see what happens after the 10 days”.

Provost, Alberta steer wrestler, Scott Guenthner, did not appear to feel any nerves as he made his first-ever appearance at the WNFR posting a solid 4.3 second run to be among a cluster of bulldoggers with that time. Guenthner split 3/4/5/6/6 for a nice $7530 start to his Finals. Cochrane’s Tanner Milan, at his second Las Vegas Finals, was 6.6 seconds on his steer and finished out of the money. Defending world champion, Tyler Waguesback, won the round with a 3.5 second run to keep his repeat title hopes very much alive. He sits third in the world at $140,000, $33,000 behind Helena, Montana dogger, Ty Erickson.

In the saddle bronc riding, defending world champion, Zeke Thurston of Big Valley, Alberta, closed the gap on the season leader and 2015 World Champion, Jacobs Crawley. The 23 year-old Canadian now trails Crawley by just $9,000 after a 5/6/6 split on the Calgary Stampede stallion Timely Delivery. The second generation bronc rider was 85 points on the horse on this night, as the pair reprised their July Calgary Stampede matchup that ended with Thurston collecting 90 points. Crawley finished out of the money on a night that saw Oklahoma cowboy Hardy Braden win the round with an 87.5 score. Utah’s Ryder Wright (86.5) and 2015 Canadian champion Cody DeMoss (85.5) won 3rd and 4th respectively on a couple of Canadian broncs, C5 Rodeo’s Black Hills and Outlaw Buckers’ three time Canadian champion Lunatic Party.

Clay Elliott and Layton Green, the other two Canadians in the bronc riding, both managed 79 scores on night number one.

Defending world champion team roping heeler, Jeremy Buhler of Arrowwood, caught a leg and was 9.3 seconds with partner Tom Richards after Canadian partner, Levi Simpson, finished just out of the 2017 WNFR. Buhler remains in 15th spot in the world standings in a round that was won by Kaleb Driggers and reigning All Around Champion, Junior Nogueira, who also sit atop the world standing, both with over $170,000 on the season.

And in the bull riding, Calgary’s 2016 Canadian champion, Jordan Hansen, first Canadian to qualify for the WNFR since 2001, was bucked off by Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Lumberjack. Hansen came to Las Vegas in 13th place overall. The round was won by Trey Benton lll, as he rode the Big Stone bull, Mortimer, to 90 points. Joe Frost, he Utah bull rider rode Outlaw Buckers’ Bomb Shell to 84 points for 5th place in the round. 2017 Canadian champion, Garrett Smith from Rexburg, Idaho, narrowed the gap on season leader Sage Kimsey as he posted an 85.5 point ride for 4th place in the round while Kimsey, the three-time titleist, finished out of the money with a 79 mark. Smith moves to within $20,000 of the leader as he vies for his first world crown.

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Courtesy of Northlands

EDMONTON, AB (November 12, 2017) – For the past five days, Northlands was honoured to host the 44th annual Canadian Finals Rodeo and Farmfair International from November 8 – 12 at Northlands Coliseum and the Edmonton EXPO Centre. Two of Edmonton’s largest annual events spurred western excitement throughout the Northlands grounds and the entire city of Edmonton, with a combined attendance of 191,397.

“We are proud of the incredible growth achieved by Farmfair International,” said Tim Reid, President and CEO, Northlands. “The success of this event further demonstrates the importance of agriculture to Northlands and to Alberta’s economy. Farmfair is an integral part of the future of Northlands as we embrace our agricultural roots moving forward.”

The 44th edition of Farmfair International drew a record 101,129 guests to the Edmonton EXPO Centre to take in cattle shows and sales, equine events, the Heritage Ranch Rodeo, RAM Country Marketplace and more. This a 5.8% increase over last year’s record breaking attendance, and the first time Farmfair International has attracted more than 100,000 guests. Farmfair International brought 140 international buyers from 14 countries together to conduct business, trade industry knowledge and to purchase top-quality genetics from Alberta producers. The number of international buyers is up 55% over last year. With more than 1,500 head of livestock exhibited including more than 1,000 head of purebred cattle, the 2017 edition of Farmfair International was one of the biggest yet.

From humble beginnings in 1974, the first Canadian Finals Rodeo drew 24,000 guests to the Edmonton Gardens. In its 44th and final year at Northlands Coliseum, 90, 268 guests took in six action-packed performances over five days. This is a 3.3% increase over last year’s attendance. As the largest indoor rodeo in Canada, 108 competitors chased the dream for championship buckles and their share of more than $1.5 million in prize money. The Roadhouse presented by TD brought live performances to the Edmonton EXPO Centre on Friday and Saturday including Dallas Smith’s Side Effects Tour presented by Old Camp, as well as Tanya Tucker and Aaron Pritchett to keep the party going after CFR performances.

“Fans of the Canadian Finals Rodeo came out to show their support and demonstrated the impact this event has on our local economy,” said Tim Reid, President and CEO, Northlands. “We thank the CFR fans for their support and loyalty over the last 44 years. This is not goodbye but see you later.”

Arena Chatter Lifestyle

Where to Dine in Edmonton, During the CFR & PBR Global Cup

Edmonton, Alberta – If you’re coming to the city for the 44th Canadian Finals Rodeo or for the inaugural Professional Bull Riders Global Cup, you’re going to be in and around the heart of downtown Edmonton.

Instead of going to Boston Pizza, The Keg or Ruth’s Chris, I have compiled a list of some delicious restaurants you should check out, Lipstick and Cowboy Boots approved of course. All of which are within 10km of Northlands Coliseum and even closer from Rogers Place.

If you don’t feel like driving the dually downtown, I don’t blame you. Call an Uber. Download the app, it is SO easy to use and is cheaper than a cab. Plus you can watch on your phone how close they are to you! The LRT also runs downtown and is an option.

I have made this really handy for you. If you click the name of the resturant it will take you to Google Maps, but if you read through, you’ll find each restaurants website at the bottom of each write up!

You’re welcome! 

Bodega Tapas & Wine Bar, 10220 103 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4A1
5km from Northlands Coliseum
This is my favourite place in Edmonton. Opens at 4:30pm. Its small, but has a large group table in the middle. What are Tapas? They are shareable dishes. So the majority of whats on the menu, you order to share with the table. There are a few bowls for one, but get in on the sharing action! If you have me on Snapchat, you’ve probably looked at every dish on the menu. (Sorry for pretending to be a food critic hipster, taking photos of my food)
Favourite dishes on the menu include but are not limited to: Bacon Wrapped Dates, Patatas Bravas, Crimini Mushrooms, Angus Skirt Steak, Garlic Prawns, Piri Piri Calamari, and the beef and lamb Empandillas. To finish it off, I LOVE the House Passionfruit Cheesecake or the Crema Catalina.
At first the dishes will start coming out and you won’t think its enough to eat, so you keep ordering more dishes, and then once its time to consider dessert, you’re wishing you wore your thanksgiving stretchy pants. Just unbutton your Wranglers and get the dessert!
Fave drink here – red or white sangria. Both are delicious.
Parking lot is across from La Boheme, you won’t get towed, or street parking.
Website with menu –

El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar, 8230 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, AB T6E 4B2
8km from Northlands Coliseum
El Cortez makes you feel like you’re not in the North Pole, instead you made a run for the border and you’re in the heart of Mexico. They have weird but interesting video snippets playing on the wall, occasionally have a DJ come in, and ALWAYS have great tacos!
Favourite dish on their menu is the VALENTINA’S FRIED CAULIFLOWER with Aji Aioli Dip.
Fave taco there is the Cinnamon Braised Pork,
Fave drink here – Sangria.
Parking lot across the street.
Website with menu –

Tres Carnales Taqueria, 10119 100A St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0R5
5km drive from Northlands Coliseum or you can take the train.
This restaurant was my first Taco love. It is small and usually has a line but they are fast and the food is worth the wait. Great option for those of you headed to the ladies fashion show at the Westin. Its within stumbling distance.
Favourite dish to start is the Papas Fritas, which is fried chunks of Russett potatoes topped with a guajillo chile chimmichurri, queso fresco and cilantro.
Fave taco is the El Pastor (Pork)
Fave drink here – you guessed it, the Sangria.
Parking – minimal street parking, but there is a parkade around the corner. I will cross my fingers CFR44 & the PBR Global Cup aren’t coming with a blizzard and forty below temps!
Website with menu –

Meat, 8216 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4E5
8km from Northlands Coliseum
If all you want is a rack of ribs, fried chicken or smoked chicken, may I suggest Meat. They do have a few sandwiches as well. Sides are ordered separately. Its all delicious! You’ll leave with a full belly and the meat sweats.
Favourite drink here – Kentucky Mule (Bourbon)
Parking – find a lot and walk down Whyte, or test your luck and see if there is street parking.
Website with menu –

Sicilian Pasta Kitchen, 11239 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 0L5
6km from Northlands Coliseum (There is also a south side location if you’re staying on the south side of the city.)
If you want pasta, may I suggest not stopping at Olive Garden and checking out the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen instead? Seriously, you’ll thank me later.
My favourite dish was a lobster stuffed ravioli which I am not seeing on the menu, BUT, you could order anything on the menu and feel like you’re in Italy for the evening. Their in-house prepared tiramisu has been hailed as Edmonton’s best.
Website with menu –

Blue Plate Diner, 10145 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7
5.5km from Northlands Coliseum
Dinner, Lunch, Brunch, Breakfast, and a kids menu, the Blue Plate Diner has you covered. Again, I have never personally been here before, but have always heard great reviews of the place.
Parking – there are pay-parking lots close by.
Website with menu –

Rose & Crown Pub, 10235 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 3G1
4.5km from Northlands Coliseum
Pub food, close to Northlands, with a dinner, lunch and kids menu, along with daily specials. Hidden gem I think!
Website with Menu –

Local Jasper, 11228 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 2V2
 6.5km from Northlands Coliseum
This is a bit of a chain restaurant, similar to Joeys or Earls but its a safe bet if you’re scared of everything else I have recommended so far. Kids are welcome here. Board games, shuffle board etc available to play while you wait.
Favourite dish here would be the Fried Chicken Sandwich.
Fave drink – Kung Fu Punch. Tastes like juice, packs a punch..
Parking – I believe there is a parking lot here, or street parking.
Website with menu –

Sherlock Holmes Pub, 10012 101A Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0P5
5km from Northlands Coliseum
Pub food, around the corner from the Westin, so ladies who are headed to the fashion show, looking for a drink and quick bite to eat before the rodeo, this is a great option (as is Tres Carnales, its just a little longer walk.)
Daily specials, and brunch available for those who don’t wake up early enough for breakfast..
Website with menu –

Northern Chicken, 10704 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H1
7km from Northlands Coliseum
I have not been to Northern Chicken but have been recommended to go here. Judging by the photos on their website, I need to check it out ASAP.
Closed on Wednesdays
Website with menu –

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse, 9929 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1H6
10km from Northlands Coliseum or take the train
I have never actually ate here, but know many people who have and they all rant and rave about it. If you go to Pampa, let me know what you think!
Website with menu –

Rge Rd, 10643 123 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P2
7km from Northlands Coliseum
Though I have not been here myself, I am still adding it on the list because this restaurant has been named #1 in Avenue Magazine for best steak and best overall restaurant in Edmonton.
Website with menu –

Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival at the Shaw Conference Centre
5km from Northlands Coliseum
If you’re looking for something else to do while in the city, check out the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival November 10th and 11th. Purchase tickets and pick which wines you’d like to try out, and some of the best desserts and appys.
Event tickets do not include food tickets. Must be purchased separately.
Website –

Eat Clean St. Albert
If you’re looking for a healthy alternative through out the week, I will HIGHLY recommend Eat Clean St.Albert. Dan and Stacey will meal prep for you and all you have to do is order. You can either pick up at their location or you can choose the delivery option. Check out their Facebook page or their website for all options!

Arena Chatter Results

The Cloverleaf Sale – Futurity, Derby & Sale Results

Futurity Results

1st- Laci Suitor FAMOUS LITTLE BUGGAR 17.590 $1216
2nd- Kim Gertowski SR FAMOUSINPARADISE 17.821 $912
3rd- Chad Muldoon NINETYNINE ELCAMOONO 17.833 $608
4th- Pam Havens STRAIGHT BACK TA FAME 17.884 $304
5th- Chelsea Moore LEROY 17.986

Derby Results

1st- Melissa Resch GO BAD MAN GO 17.560 $640
2nd- Virginia Foran LITTLE DREAM WEAVER 17.646 $480
3rd- Rene LeClercq SPECIAL N TINY 17.981 $320
4th- Shauna Cole MARTHAS GOLD 18.185 $160
5th- Twylla Bruhn GOOSES DONALD DUCK 18.267

Results to be posted after the sale.
Sale begins at 5PM and will be on the Three Step Quarter Horse Facebook page LIVE. The preview will be on the same page at 12PM where horses will have five minutes in the arena and are asked to make a run (to the horses ability)

The Cloverleaf Sale Results

Lot 3 – BAR F SUGAR PAM $2,400
Lot 5 – UNLEASH THE ICE $4,000
Lot 8 – ZS ZIPPYHIPPIE $2,400
Lot 9 – LECTRIC LILY BAR $1,000
Lot 14 – UNLEASHED THE FIRE $4,500
Lot 18 – RAISIN THE GO $7,600
Lot 19 – BAR F BEE JAY $900
Lot 20 – DUSTY TATOR BUG $1,250
Lot 22 – DQ DELIGHT $8,500
Lot 23 – DK BANKIN ON FAME $8,600
Lot 31 – DK FAMOUS FWF $8,500
Lot 32 – VEGAS CHROME $5,150