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The Cloverleaf Sale – Futurity, Derby & Sale Results

Futurity Results

1st- Laci Suitor FAMOUS LITTLE BUGGAR 17.590 $1216
2nd- Kim Gertowski SR FAMOUSINPARADISE 17.821 $912
3rd- Chad Muldoon NINETYNINE ELCAMOONO 17.833 $608
4th- Pam Havens STRAIGHT BACK TA FAME 17.884 $304
5th- Chelsea Moore LEROY 17.986

Derby Results

1st- Melissa Resch GO BAD MAN GO 17.560 $640
2nd- Virginia Foran LITTLE DREAM WEAVER 17.646 $480
3rd- Rene LeClercq SPECIAL N TINY 17.981 $320
4th- Shauna Cole MARTHAS GOLD 18.185 $160
5th- Twylla Bruhn GOOSES DONALD DUCK 18.267

Results to be posted after the sale.
Sale begins at 5PM and will be on the Three Step Quarter Horse Facebook page LIVE. The preview will be on the same page at 12PM where horses will have five minutes in the arena and are asked to make a run (to the horses ability)

The Cloverleaf Sale Results

Lot 3 – BAR F SUGAR PAM $2,400
Lot 5 – UNLEASH THE ICE $4,000
Lot 8 – ZS ZIPPYHIPPIE $2,400
Lot 9 – LECTRIC LILY BAR $1,000
Lot 14 – UNLEASHED THE FIRE $4,500
Lot 18 – RAISIN THE GO $7,600
Lot 19 – BAR F BEE JAY $900
Lot 20 – DUSTY TATOR BUG $1,250
Lot 22 – DQ DELIGHT $8,500
Lot 23 – DK BANKIN ON FAME $8,600
Lot 31 – DK FAMOUS FWF $8,500
Lot 32 – VEGAS CHROME $5,150

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Top 15 in the WPRA Headed to Las Vegas

This is the UNOFFICIAL list of the top 15 barrel racers in the WPRA who should be heading to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo this December in Las Vegas, thanks to Miles McNarland, who keeps tabs on this all year long! As official results come in from the WPRA, I will update this post!

The number one cowgirl, Tiany Schuster and her horse Showmance, are ahead of Stevi Hillman who is occupying second position by $65,319, unofficially. The next closest by money won in the rough stock and timed events is bull riding sensation Sage Kimzey, who has won $234,136.27 in his 2017 season, then Tuf Cooper with $211,927.32.

Canada will be sending 9 of their best south of the border for finals, including Jordan Hansen, Tanner Milan, Scott Guenther, Jake Vold, Orin Ellis, Clay Elliot, Zeke Thurston, Layton Green, and Jeremy Buhler who will not be competing with his roping partner Levi Simpson as Simpson fell into the crying hole. Buhler will be roping with Tom Richards. Thanks to Ted Stovin with Everything Cowboy for the update. To learn more, check out his story here.

1 Tiany Schuster Krum, TX $250,016.98 90
2 Stevi Hillman Weatherford, TX $177,791.92 92
3 Nellie Miller Cottonwood, CA $130,536.75 46
4 Amberleigh Moore Salem, OR $120,852.11 50
5 Kassie Mowry Dublin, TX $115,162.81 24
6 Kathy Grimes Medical Lake, WA $111,785.38 45
7 Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX $97,778.87 66
8 Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD $93,438.32 57
9 Taci Bettis (R) Round Top, TX $93,222.32 66
10 Sydni Blanchard Albuquerque, NM $91,376.73 74
11 Tillar Murray Fort Worth, TX $86,019.79 88
12 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Victoria, TX $83,741.30 90
13 Kellie Collier Hereford, TX $83,342.23 96
14 Ivy Conrado Hudson, CO $77,490.74 83
15 Kimmie Wall Roosevelt, UT $73,819.70 58

16 Sherry Cervi Marana, AZ $73,015.80 76
17 Emily Miller Weatherford, OK $71,704.09 79
18 Jana Bean Ft Hancock, TX $70,654.26 92
19 Jackie Ganter Abilene, TX $68,758.99 96
20 Ari-Anna Flynn Charleston, AR $62,607.25 86

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WPRA Standings as of September 18th

Two weeks remain to fight for a chance to run down the alley of the Thomas and Mack this December in Las Vegas, Nevada. See whose in it, and whose damn close!

When the dust settles and the final rodeo of the 2017 season is finished, the top 15 will be on the road to the WNFR!

** standings courtesy of

1 Tiany Schuster Krum, TX $249,358.98 88
2 Stevi Hillman Weatherford, TX $176,551.88 89
3 Nellie Miller Cottonwood, CA $127,227.21 42
4 Amberleigh Moore Salem, OR $120,852.11 50
5 Kassie Mowry Dublin, TX $115,201.07 24
6 Kathy Grimes Medical Lake, WA $111,808.00 45
7 Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX $95,685.49 63
8 Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD $93,461.59 57
9 Taci Bettis (R) Round Top, TX $92,914.47 64
10 Sydni Blanchard Albuquerque, NM $91,376.73 74
11 Tillar Murray Fort Worth, TX $85,762.94 84
12 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Victoria, TX $83,288.93 88
13 Kellie Collier Hereford, TX $80,052.23 94
14 Ivy Conrado Hudson, CO $74,719.64 79
15 Kimmie Wall Roosevelt, UT $73,282.78 57
16 Emily Miller Weatherford, OK $71,602.81 75
17 Sherry Cervi Marana, AZ $70,295.84 70
18 Jackie Ganter Abilene, TX $68,758.99 94
19 Jana Bean Ft Hancock, TX $67,543.62 87
20 Ari-Anna Flynn Charleston, AR $61,369.66 84
21 Carmel Wright Roy, MT $57,606.44 80
22 Kelly Tovar Rockdale, TX $56,575.44 68
23 Christine Laughlin Pueblo, CO $54,372.48 64
24 Tammy Fischer Ledbetter, TX $52,319.89 69
25 Carley Richardson Pampa, TX $51,674.38 57
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Leather N’ Lace Weekend in Ponoka Alberta

PONOKA, Alberta – Over $300,000 was won this weekend at the Calnash Ag Events Centre during The Breeze, The Runaway and the LeathernLace Open barrel races, hosted by Leather n’ Lace owner Laci Fyfe-Shock.

2016 was the first year The Runaway was hosted. The event sold out in less than a minute, filling 155 slots at $750 a piece, making a 3D slot race with a seven tenths split. Because of the huge success of this event, Laci decided to host another; The Breeze. This time being a $1780 entry fee with only 115 slots, and decided to make it a 2D slot race with a one second split. An open jackpot was also held Friday and Saturday afternoon with about 500 runs between the two days.

The clock was ticking the last few days leading up to The Breeze and Sam Smith could not seem to get a bite on renting her slot as she had no horse currently sound and able to run in the race.

A last minute deal with her friend Callahan Crossley, ended up paying off when Callahan ran a 17.053 on her great horse Brownie. The slot originally belonged to photographer and barrel racer, Kaylee-Jo Fawcett (Henkelman).

The deal they made ended up giving Kaylee-Jo $5,000 sending Sam and Callahan $22,500 each.

When asked what Sam is doing with the money she jokingly said, “It’s already gone, I paid some vet bills.”

For Christa Winsnes she had to come home with money from The Runaway, or it meant the shoes were being pulled from her horses feet and her season was over. Her and her husband Willy had discussed that this was it for money being put into barrel racing and rodeo for the season after a tough year with cattle prices. Christa and her mare Sasha have really been clicking this season and running a lot faster than she ran in The Runaway. After stopping the clock at a 18.308, Winsnes was not a happy women, storming out of the arena.

Her husband walked up to the trailer with pep in his step. Smiling he asked, “Do you want to see your run?” to which Christa replied, “Why are you smiling? No! Burn the video!” Willy said, “Do you know where you’re sitting with that run? Carman ran a 16.906, you were an 18.308.”

Christa’s face dropped,  thinking of what they could get done with $20,000 if she held on to the top spot in the 3D. They stayed out by the trailer, packed up and checked Rodeo-Go for results, scared to go back in.

After they packed up the trailer, they decided to go back into the building to watch the last five horses. They ran into friends who already congratulated her on her win. “No, no not yet! There are five horses to run.” Christa said.

“We called family members and said, ‘say a prayer, this might happen for us.’.”

Charlene Humphrey told Christa someone would have to run a thousandth of a second faster than her to bump her, the odds of that happening were slim. Christa told her it wasn’t real until the last horse ran, knowing anything is possible at a jackpot.

Finally Laci announced the money earners, and reality hit. They were going home with $20,000.

“You know, you don’t really win the 3D, you fall into it, and the luck of falling into it at this race, its something else; it’s surreal.” smiled Christa.

Check out these fast runs from The Breeze

Pays out as follows:

1st -$50,000  Callahan Crossley on Brownie 17.053
2nd -$30,000  Taylor Jacob on Honour Thy Frenchman 1
3rd -$5,000   Shannon Blakely on Major Dry Bar 17.160
4th -$5,000 Carman Pozzobon on Ripn Lady 17.180
5th – Jenny Traub on LL Invidious 17.253

1st -$50,000  Melissa Duff on Why Not This Man 18.073
2nd -$30,000  Abby Miller on Guy 18.081
3rd -$5,000   Del Bieleny on Chicklet Lena 18.081
4th -$5,000   Nicole Haughian 18.102
5th –

Check out Carman Pozzobon’s new arena record and other great runs from The Runaway!

Pays out as follows:

1st -$20,0000 Carman Pozzobon on Ripn Lady 16.906
2nd -$10,000 Bailee Switzer on Joans Special Alibi 17.208
3rd -$2,000 Brook Swaffield on Time Line In Command 17.230
4th -$2,000 Jaime Hinton on The Goob 17.241
5th – Judy Veer on Rushstone 17.311

1st -$20,0000 Nina Smith on Cloud Grey 17.610
2nd -$10,000 Regan Tebb on Concerned About Cash 17.618
3rd -$2,000 Lauren Byrne 17.673
4th -$2,000 Pamela Jacob Purves on JT Sizzle Smoky Bee 17.674
5th Kim Gertowski on Letta Shawne Bug 17.710

1st -$20,0000 Christa Winsnes on Sheisbyu 18.308
2nd -$10,000 Allison Thompson on Palmer 18.326
3rd -$2,000 Alex Keras on Simply Bad 18.343
4th -$2,000 Carolyn Knapp on Lynx Java Honor 18.344
5th Carla Popescu on Quick N Frosty 18.347

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Current W.P.R.A World Standings as of July 26th

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- I know I just did a world standings post after the Calgary Stampede, but another huge paying rodeo was on this weekend and shifted the standings yet again. Of course this will continue to happen right ’til the last rodeo of the season, but this is important.

Hailey Kinsel, the same college student who won RFD-TV’s The American this past February for 1/3 of a MILLION dollars on her 5 year old mare named Sister who is by Dinero aka PC Frenchmans Hayday, oh, and also won a College National Finals Rodeo title, won The Days of ’47 rodeo this past weekend, which paid $50,000 to first, plus the qualifying rounds, which send Kinsel from sitting in the 20’s, maybe it was even the 30’s, up to 7th spot with $92,812.19 after 47 rodeos attended. HOW EXCITING!!

The silver medalist, Kellie Tovar moved to 22nd and bronze medalist Lisa Lockhart moved to 9th position in the world rodeo standings.

Canadians Kirsty White and Carman Pozzobon are 32nd and 33rd respectively!

OH, and Tiany Schuster has almost a $100,000 ($97,961.10) lead over second place cowgirl, Stevi Hillman. No big deal..

Excited to watch how the standings play out the remainder of this season! Will we see Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi make a return to the bright lights of Vegas and finally get to watch the record setting Mona run at the T&M? Will Sydni Blanchard make it back? Will Amberleigh and Paige run again and break the arena record this year? I cannot wait to find out!

Standings courtesy of the WPRA–>

1 Tiany Schuster Krum, TX $229,279.82 63
2 Stevi Hillman Weatherford, TX $131,318.53 62
3 Kassie Mowry Dublin, TX $115,201.07 20
4 Nellie Miller Cottonwood, CA $112,500.60 34
5 Amberleigh Moore Salem, OR $106,751.81 37
6 Kathy Grimes Medical Lake, WA $99,804.79 28
7 Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX $92,812.19 47
8 Tillar Murray Fort Worth, TX $73,451.97 55
9 Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD $67,642.11 34
10 Emily Miller Weatherford, OK $66,189.48 45
11 Taci Bettis (R) Round Top, TX $63,453.31 48
12 Kellie Collier Hereford, TX $61,404.53 56
13 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Victoria, TX$54,318.68 53
14 Kimmie Wall Roosevelt, UT $51,730.41 34
15 Ari-Anna Flynn Charleston, AR $51,629.15 52
16 Sydni Blanchard Albuquerque, NM $51,334.25 44
17 Tammy Fischer Ledbetter, TX $49,212.45 56
18 Ivy Conrado Hudson, CO $48,826.05 48
19 Taylor Langdon Aubrey, TX $45,574.64 45
20 Carley Richardson Pampa, TX$45,074.60 38
21 Sherry Cervi Marana, AZ $43,848.12 37
22 Kelly Tovar Rockdale, TX $42,469.18 45
23 Cayla Small Bokchito, OK $40,261.91 41
24 Sabra O’Quinn (G) Ocala, FL $39,791.37 42
25 Jackie Ganter Abilene, TX $39,447.93 61
26 Sidney Forrest Lipan, TX $36,145.34 52
27 Jana Bean Ft Hancock, TX $36,102.27 50
28 Carmel Wright Roy, MT $35,699.73 48
29 Ericka Nelson Century, FL $35,366.56 60
30 Christine Laughlin Pueblo, CO$33,303.02 41
31 Jordan Moore Mauston, WI $33,000.69 47
32 Kirsty White Maricopa, AZ $32,432.23 22
33 Carman Pozzobon Aldergrove, BC $32,229.10 21
34 Shelby Janssen Coleman, OK $32,033.10 63
35 Tracy Nowlin Nowata, OK $31,892.57 34
36 Sammi Bessert Grand Junction , CO$29,785.80 27
37 Kim Schulze Larkspur, CO $28,842.32 31
38 Nicole Laurence Cresson, TX $28,456.15 48
39 Jane Melby Bokchito, OK $28,263.78 47
40 Laura Kennedy Quitman, AR $28,129.91 59
41 Michele McLeod Whitesboro, TX $28,100.88 62
42 Jaime Hinton Bulverde, TX $27,082.05 38
43 Mary Walker (G) Ennis, TX $26,282.39 39
44 Lori Todd Willcox, AZ $26,104.94 24
45 Jana Griemsman Piedmont, SD $25,818.53 25
46 Fallon Taylor Collinsville, TX $25,687.64 16
47 Nikki Hansen Dickinson, ND $24,157.40 25
48 Jessica Telford Caldwell, ID $23,682.42 37
49 Trula Churchill Valentine, NE $23,537.05 37
50 Brooke Rix Skidmore, TX $23,230.16 34

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LCB Barrel Report July 21st-23rd

Edmonton, AB – The inaugural K-Days rodeo has come and gone, and is making huge waves in the CPRA standings. For many, this rodeo has been a game changer as the rodeo had $50,000 added in each event with entry fees being $300, making for an outstanding payday, and an opportunity to make the Canadian Finals Rodeo

The K-Days rodeo ladies barrel racing champion Crystal Christman, decided to make a few adjustments during this past weekend after a chat with her husband.

“My husband showed me some video of how I was riding in the spring as opposed to recently, and I used that to help make some adjustments. As well, we changed bits in Kennedy to a combination chain that I haven’t used in about 15 years. Kennedy was a turning point towards improvement. I haven’t ever seasoned a horse out on the trail and I am so very grateful to all of the friends and family who have helped me along the way. It’s a bit of a dream come true to walk among this community and call them not just mentors but also my friends.” she said.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to run at K-Days, but coming in as an alternate against the tough field of barrel racers up there, I didn’t have any expectations. We went in with the game plan to make our best run and enjoy the experience of coming down that particular alley. Lenny handled it all like he had been there a hundred times before. He was content to have his friend in the alley with him. When he came up the alley so calm and I let him pick his path to the first without bothering his face, I knew he was going to put a run together. It just felt so right. I didn’t know how fast it was going to be but it felt wonderful to have that trust back and make a smooth run. It was pretty surreal to hear the announcer say those three magical words ‘a new leader.’ ”

What could make this win even better? “Making a victory lap on my daughters horse made it that much more special.” Crystal said.

“I hope to continue to build trust with Lenny over the rest of the season. Binger is nearly healed up from a nasty cut and he is itching to get a chance to run this year as well! Peyton, Sterling and I will head to Medicine Hat and Bonnyville this week. I’m not sure where things will end up, but our family is so grateful to able to spend the time together doing what we love.”
Christman was sitting in 32nd position with just $3,838.02 won (standings including up to Teepee Creek Stampede) but by winning K-Days and roughly $11,446.00, it will move her to the top ten in the standings.

The K-Days rodeo paid 15 holes in the barrel racing, with last hole paying about $572. To be eligible to run at this rodeo you had to be in the top ten in the PRCA or WPRA from the 2016 standings, top CPRA 2016 standings (previously not qualified), top five in the PRCA/WPRA standings as of June 26th, 2017 (previously not qualified) ad top five CPRA 2017 standings as of June 26th, 2017 (not previously not qualified). If those who were qualified to enter did not enter, they went down the list.

The rodeo was great for CPRA and PRCA contestants as the money counts towards standings, but was not a WPRA approved rodeo, so a few WPRA competitors did not make it up to Edmonton as the money would’ve just been money in their pockets or to count towards CPRA standings, and for some, the CFR is not on their mind; The WNFR is instead.

The Days of ’47 Cowboy Games and Rodeo was held in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend, and yesterday the $50,000 Gold Medal winner was none other than the 2017 RFD-TV American winner, Hailey Kinsel. What a year her and Sis are having!

Sis aka DM Sissy Hayday is a gorgeous huge palomino by PC Frenchmans Hayday and out of Royal Sissy Irish who is by Royal Shake Em. The duo took home a grand total of $87,000 from the gold medal games and has punched her ticket to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo this December in Las Vegas, Nevada! This win should move Kinsel into the top 3 of the WPRA standings from 24th!

Check out this weekends results from the CPRA, LRA and WRA below.

Fairview Rodeo – results courtesy of the WRA
1. Molly Marquardt, 17.415; 2. Shannon Blakely, 17.507; 3. Kerstin Bennett, 17.563; 4. Christine Drisner, 17.599; 5. Lisa Trach, 17.599; 6. Brianna Baudin, 17.692; 6. Sierra Stuckel, 17.692; 8. Taylor Schmidt, 17.720;

Manning Rodeo – results courtesy of the WRA
1.Sayward Flynn, 17.841; 2. Shannon Blakely, 17.907; 3. Shelby Swain, 17.943; 4. Bryce Fischer, 17.966; 5. Traci Priessel, 17.985; 6. Sandra Carter, 17.997;

Hinton Rodeo – results courtesy of the LRA
1.Brianna Baudin, 17.846; 2. Taylor Schmidt, 17.901; 3. Sandra Carter, 17.903; 3. Traci Beckman 17.903; 5. Candace Lefebvre, 17.955; 6. Shannon Blakely, 17987; 7. Lisa Trach, 18.025; 8. Tristan Johner, 18.054;

Lamont Rodeo – results courtesy of the LRA
1.Shannon Blakely, 15.928; 2. Traci Beckman 15.988; 3. Rachel Jones, 16.053; 4. Brianna Baudin 16.097; 5. Molly Marquardt, 16.103; 6. Brittany Dommasch 16.127; 7. Katie Sloan, 16.146; 8. Kali Kott, 16.210;

K-Days Rodeo, Edmonton, Ab – results courtesy of the CPRA
1. Crystal Christman, 14.726, $11,446.00; 2. Diane Skocdopole, 14.736, $9156.80; 3. Taylor Jacob, 14.739, $7439.90; 4. Sarah Gerard, 14.785, $5723; 5. Kellie Collier, 14.837, $4578.40; 6. Kendra Edey, 14.843, $3433.80; 7. Callahan Crossley, 14.848, $2861.50; 8. Rene Leclercq, 14.867, $2575.35; 9. Kirsty White, 14.888, $2289.20; 10. Nicole Pana, 14.911, $2003.05; 11. Shalayne Lewis, 14.941, $1716.90; 12. Bobbie Goodwin, 14.961, $1430.75; 13. Sydney Daines, 14.970, $1144.60; 14. Brett Wills, 15.066, $858.45; 15. Nancy Csabay, 15.075, $572.30

Morris Stampede & Exhibition, Morris, MB – results courtesy of the CPRA
1. Sydney Daines, 17.515 seconds, $2455.28; 2. Rebecca Miller, 17.690, $2086.99; 3. Cranna Roberts, 17.733, $1718.70; 4. Carman Pozzobon, 17.808, $1473.17; 5. Sarah Gerard, 17.878, $1227.64; 6. Shayna Weir, 17.913, $859.35; 7. Shaylee McMann, 17.920, $613.82; 8. Casey Dacyk, 17.953, $491.06; 9. Lana Sproule, 18.003, $429.67; 10. Jackie Ganter, 18.052, $368.29; 11. Brett Wills, 18.053, $368.29; 12. Rusty Rae Quam, 18.222, $245.53

Moose Mountain Pro Rodeo, Kennedy, Saskatchewan – results courtesy of the CPRA
1. Shayna Weir, 16.204 seconds, $1258.62; 2. Lynette Brodoway, 16.230, $1078.82; 3. Kendra Edey, 16.245, $899.01; 4. Lane Wills, 16.289, $779.15; 5. Cranna Roberts, 16.296, $599.34; 6. Colby Gilbert, 16.309, $479.47; 7. Kirsty White, 16.394, $359.60; 8. Laura Stokes, 16.434, $239.73; 9. Casey Dacyk, 16.450, $179.80; 10. Carman Pozzobon, 16.485, $119.87

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Current W.P.R.A Standings as of July 18th

Leduc, Ab – Calgary money has been added to the mix of things for W.P.R.A standings. For Tiany Schuster just $50,000 of the $100,000 will be included in her total WPRA earnings, plus her pool earnings for a total of $61,750 to count towards standings from her grand total of $111,750 won.

Nellie Miller who was a replacement for 2016 Calgary Stampede Champion Mary Burger, won $35,500 during her time at in Calgary and has moved into third position in the world standings.

Check out who is in the top 50 below. Standings courtesy of

Rodeos Attended
1 Tiany Schuster Krum, TX $224,682.56 61
2 Stevi Hillman Weatherford, TX $117,190.62 59
3 Nellie Miller Cottonwood, CA $108,627.09 32
4 Amberleigh Moore Salem, OR $105,154.94 36
5 Kassie Mowry Dublin, TX $103,921.68 18
6 Kathy Grimes Medical Lake, WA $94,503.08 26
7 Emily Miller Weatherford, OK $66,189.48 44
8 Tillar Murray Fort Worth, TX $63,199.52 51
9 Taci Bettis (R) Round Top, TX $54,831.48 44
10 Kellie Collier Hereford, TX $53,008.29 53
11 Kimmie Wall Roosevelt, UT $51,730.41 34
12 Sydni Blanchard Albuquerque, NM $51,334.25 44
13 Ari-Anna Flynn Charleston, AR $49,229.15 49
14 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Victoria, TX $48,855.38 48
15 Tammy Fischer Ledbetter, TX $48,407.75 52
16 Ivy Conrado Hudson, CO $47,352.11 45
17 Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD $46,537.21 31
18 Taylor Langdon Aubrey, TX $45,574.64 45
19 Sherry Cervi Marana, AZ $43,323.08 36
20 Carley Richardson Pampa, TX $41,881.06 35
21 Cayla Small Bokchito, OK $40,261.91 41
22 Jackie Ganter Abilene, TX $39,529.25 60
23 Sabra O’Quinn (G) Ocala, FL $38,292.88 40
24 Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX $37,216.89 43
25 Carmel Wright Roy, MT $35,699.73 45
26 Sidney Forrest Lipan, TX $35,039.04 50
27 Jordan Moore Mauston, WI $32,401.87 44
28 Ericka Nelson Century, FL $32,234.74 56
29 Kirsty White Maricopa, AZ $32,064.17 21
30 Jana Bean Ft Hancock, TX $30,256.10 48
31 Tracy Nowlin Nowata, OK $28,801.39 32
32 Jane  Melby Bokchito, OK $28,647.02 47
33 Nicole Laurence Cresson, TX $28,456.15 47
34 Laura Kennedy Quitman, AR $28,129.91 59
35 Shelby Janssen Coleman, OK $27,810.87 59
36 Sammi Bessert Grand Junction , CO $27,728.82 24
37 Michele McLeod Whitesboro, TX $27,431.74 60
38 Jana Griemsman Piedmont, SD $25,818.53 25
39 Fallon Taylor Collinsville, TX $25,687.64 16
40 Mary Walker (G) Ennis, TX $25,290.64 36
41 Jaime Hinton Bulverde, TX $24,828.52 36
42 Jessica Telford Caldwell, ID $23,682.42 34
43 Brooke Rix Skidmore, TX $23,230.16 34
44 Carman Pozzobon Aldergrove, BC $23,136.06 19
45 Kelly Yates (G) Pueblo, CO $22,197.98 24
46 Kim Schulze Larkspur, CO $22,181.40 28
47 Trula Churchill Valentine, NE $21,203.40 35
48 Nikki Hansen Dickinson, ND $21,194.15 22
49 Lori Todd Willcox, AZ $20,512.76 22
50 Taylor Jacob Carmine, TX $20,124.27 46
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Calgary Stampede Champions Crowned

Calgary, AB- The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth has come and gone for another year and what a show it was! Over one million people came through the gates onto the grounds by day nine, and 140,000 alone on day nine.

The Calgary Stampede committee was able to create perfect barrel racing ground to bless us with one hell of a horse race, showing us fast times all week and resulting in a new arena record, set by Tiany Schuster on Showmance.

The 2010 sorrel gelding who is by First Smart Money and out of Blue Baby Cash, (double Dash for Cash bred) was purchased by Christine Lollis as a three year old out of the Lance Graves sale and trained him. He was then purchased by Tiany and her boyfriend.

Over the ten days of Calgary, Schuster won $111,750 total earnings, with $61,750 counting towards the Womans Professional Rodeo Association standings (half of the $100,000 plus week earnings), allowing her to create a new season earnings record in the WPRA! I look forward to watching this duo inside the Thomas and Mack this December at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Texas cowboy, Cory Solomon had one of the fast times of the week in to win the tie-down roping champion title and the $100,000 cheque with a 6.7 run.

Tyler Waguespack won the steer wrestling with a 3.8, and Canadian Cody Cassidy won second with a 4.0, good enough for a $25,000 cheque.

Richie Champion reminded us that its not just his last name that makes him one, showing up with a 90.5 on C5’s Virgil for $100,000.

It was a three-peat for Big Valley’s own Zeke Thurston in the saddle bronc, he post a 92 point ride on Get Smart, while fellow Albertan Layton Green rode Wild Cherry for 91.5 and the second place cheque.

World champion Sage Kimzey matched up with Night Moves which was awesome to watch! He rode for 91 points, while Garrett Smith took a re-ride on Compton Bound and was a close second with 90.5 points for the $25,000 cheque.

It was great to see Mellissa Hollingsworth back on CBC commentating during the barrel racing and covering interviews with our rodeo athletes. She did a fantastic job, as did Ron McLean, Mark Lee, Bob Tallman, and Scott Byrne who was a new addition whom I hope becomes a main fixture over the ten days of Stampede next year.

Final four results below, as well as other 2017 Calgary Stampede champions.

Tie-Down Roping
Solomon, Cory Prairie View TX 6.7 $100,000
Moore, Timber Aubrey TX 7.2 $25,000
Yates, Marty Stephenville TX 7.5 $15,000
Shiozawa, Matt Chubbuck ID NT $10,000

Steer Wrestling
Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA 3.8 $100,000
Cassidy, Cody Donald AB 4.0 $25,000
Graves, Stockton Alva OK 13.7 $15,000
Duvall, Riley Checotah OK 14.7 $10,000

Bareback Riding
Champion, Richie Dublin TX C5 F13 Virgil 90.50 $100,000
Clements, Mason Santaquin UT C S83 Special Delivery 89.50 $25,000
Larsen, Orin Inglis MB NM X81 Spilled Perfume 70.50 $15,000
Vold, Jake Airdrie AB C S65 Shadow Warrior BO $10,000

Saddle Bronc
Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB NM 242 Get Smart 92.00 $100,000
Green, Layton Meeting Creek AB C W16 Wild Cherry 91.50 $25,000
Muncy, Taos Corona NM C S66 Stampede Warrior 90.00 $15,000
Crawley, Sterling Stephenville TX O XW Magic Carpet 89.00 $10,000

Barrel Racing Final Round
Schuster, Tiany Krum TX 17.032 $100,000
Miller, Nellie Cottonwood CA 17.080 $25,000
Hillman, Stevi Weatherford TX 17.207 $15,000
Miller, Emily Weatherford OK 17.263 $10,000

Wild Card Round
1. Amberleigh Moore, CP Dark Moon, 17.09, $6,000
2. Jackie Ganter, Blazin Baby J, 17.12, $5,000
3. Kassie Mowry, Firewatermakemehappy, 17.23, $4,000
4. Nancy Csabay, Little Miss Wicked, 17.32, $3,000
5. Pam Capper, Lil Pep of Gold, 17.71, $2,000
6. Taylor Langdon, 17.75, $1,000

1. Tiany Schuster, Show Mance, 17.17
2. Stevi Hillman, Cuatro Fame, 17.17
3. Emily Miller, Namgis D35, 17.21
4. Nellie Miller, Rafter W Minnie Reba, 17.23
5. Moore, 17.29, $3,300
6. Lisa Lockhart, An Okie with Cash, 17.49, $3,300
7. Sherry Cervi, MP Meter My Hay, 17.68, $3,300
8. Kimmie Wall, TKW Bullys Famous Fox, 17.74, $3,300
9. Ganter, 22.30, $3,300
10. Kirsty White, Special Tack, 22.73, $3,300

Total Money Won
Tiany Schuster, $111,750 ($61,750 counts toward standings)
Nellie Miller, $35,500
Emily Miller, $26,000
Stevi Hillman, $25,500
Lisa Lockhart, $18,300
Amberleigh Moore, $18,300
Kirsty White, $18,300
Kimmie Wall, $16,300
Sherry Cervi, $15,800
Kassie Mowry, $14,000
Jackie Ganter, $9,800
Nancy Csabay, $6,750
Pam Capper, $6,000
Kathy Grimes, $3,500
Taylor Langdon, $2,500
Cayla Small, $2,500

Bull Riding
Kimzey, Sage Strong City OK C -201 Night Moves 91.00 $100,000
Smith, Garrett Rexburg ID C -193 Compton Bound 90.50 $25,000
Lockwood, Jess Volberg MT V 105 Johnny Gringo BO $12,500
Vieira, Joao Ricardo Sao Paulo BRZ CH 337 Damn Straight BO $12,500

Novice Saddle Bronc Riding – Dawson Hay

Novice Bareback Riding – Connor Hamilton

JR Steer Riding Tier 1 – Luke Ferber
JR Steer Riding Tier 2 – Tristen Manning

Guy Weadick Memorial Award – Al Bouchard, Scandia, AB

Champion Saddle Bronc – Calgary Stampede T65 Tiger Warrior
Champion Bareback Bronc –  Calgary Stampede S65 Shadown Warrior
Champion Bull – Corey & Lane CHB 212 Cowahbunga

Arena Chatter Results

Championship Sunday Long Go Results

Calgary, AB – It was an outstanding day of rodeo at the Calgary Stampede this afternoon as our rodeo athletes tried their asses off for a shot at the $100,000 cheque. Three Canadians have a shot at the big money!

Check out the showdown results below.

Tie-Down roping
First Round Results
Shiozawa, Matt Chubbuck ID 7.1
Yates, Marty Stephenville TX 7.2
Solomon, Cory Prairie View TX 7.5
Moore, Timber Aubrey TX 7.5
Whitfield, Fred Hockley TX 7.8
Bird, Logan Nanton AB 8.7
Swor, Cade Winnie TX 9.5
Hanchey, Shane Sulphur LA 16.2
Jarrett, Ryan Comanche OK NT
Smidt, Caleb Bellville TX NT

Tie-Down Roping Final Four
Shiozawa, Matt Chubbuck ID
Yates, Marty Stephenville TX
Solomon, Cory Prairie View TX
Moore, Timber Aubrey TX

First Round Results
Vold, Jake Airdrie AB C R82 Reckless Margie 91.50
Larsen, Orin Inglis MB V 73 True Grit 90.00
Champion, Richie Dublin TX C T29 Trail Dust 89.00
Clements, Mason Santaquin UT C T19 Tootsie Roll 88.00
Bennett, Caleb Tremonton UT O S91 American Thumper 87.50
Peebles, Steven Redmond OR C P65 Princess Warrior 87.00
O’Connell, Tim Zwingle IA TB MX69 Sacred Nation 86.50
Marshall, Ky Bowden AB V 838 Mucho Dinero 86.00
Aus, Tanner Granite Falls MN C W34 Wanaka Rocket 85.50
Vezain, J.R. Cowley WY TB MX124 Adalida 84.00

Bareback Final Four
Vold, Jake Airdrie AB
Larsen, Orin Inglis MB
Champion, Richie Dublin TX
Clements, Mason Santaquin UT

Steer Wresting
First Round Results
Cassidy, Cody Donalda AB 3.4
Graves, Stockton Alva OK 3.8
Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA 3.9
Duvall, Riley Checotah OK 4.0
Cassidy, Curtis Donalda AB 4.2
Thomas, Jason Benton AR 4.7
Butterfield, Brock Ponoka AB 4.7
Struxness, JD Milan MN 13.5
Brockman, Seth Wheatland WY 13.9
Milan, Tanner Cochrane AB NT

Steer Wrestling Final Four
Cassidy, Cody Donalda AB
Graves, Stockton Alva OK
Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA
Duvall, Riley Checotah OK

Saddlebronc Riding
First Round Results
Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB C T38 Timely Delivery 90.00
Green, Layton Meeting Creek AB B 711 Rubels 89.00
Crawley, Sterling Stephenville TX C5 00 Double D 87.50
Muncy, Taos Corona NM V R3 Pedro 86.50
Scheer, Cort Elsmere NE C U7 Umber Bubbles 86.00
Elliott, Clay Nanton AB C S3 Simply Marvellous 83.00
Wright, Ryder Milford UT C T65 Tiger Warrior 79.00
Crawley, Jacobs Boerne TX O B8 Little Muffin BO
DeMoss, Cody Heflin LA TB 902 Capone BO
Boore, Allen Axtell UT C X55 Xena Warrior BO

Saddle Bronc Final Four
Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB
Green, Layton Meeting Creek AB
Crawley, Sterling Stephenville TX
Muncy, Taos Corona NM

Barrel Racing
First Round Results
Schuster, Tiany Krum TX 17.170
Hillman, Stevi Weatherford TX 17.170
Miller, Emily Weatherford OK 17.210
Miller, Nellie Cottonwood CA 17.230
Moore, Amberleigh Keizer OR 17.290
Lockhart, Lisa Oelrichs SD 17.490
Cervi, Sherry Marana AZ 17.680
Wall, Kimmie Roosevelt UT 17.740
Ganter, Jackie Abilene TX 22.300
White, Kirsty Big Valley AB 22.730

Barrel Racing Final Four
Schuster, Tiany Krum TX
Hillman, Stevi Weatherford TX
Miller, Emily Weatherford OK
Miller, Nellie Cottonwood CA

Bull Riding
First Round Results
Lockwood, Jess Volberg MT F4 211 Evil Genius 89.00
Kimzey, Sage Strong City OK W 917 Pound The Alarm 87.50
Smith, Garrett Rexburg ID V 008 Heavens Basement 87.50
Vieira, Joao Ricardo Sao Paulo BRZ CH 214 Knock It Off 87.00
Teel, Cody Kountze TX B K4 Rattler 86.50
Eldred, Brennon Sulphur OK V 36 Smoke Show BO
Dirteater, Ryan Hulbert OK C -126 Jukebox Hero BO
Byrne, Tanner Prince Albert SK W 21 Hookasouras BO
Lee, Mike Fort Worth TX O 96 Tennessee Whiskey BO
Radford, Brock DeWinton AB CH 102 Anchor Man BO

Bull Riding Final Four
Lockwood, Jess Volberg MT
Kimzey, Sage Strong City OK
Smith, Garrett Rexburg ID
Vieira, Joao Ricardo Sao Paulo BRZ

Arena Chatter Results

2017 Wildcard Saturday Results

Calgary, AB- Due to J.B Mauney’s injury from his round win yesterday afternoon in day four of pool B, Canadian Brock Radford will be advancing to Championship Sunday to take Mauney’s spot.

After his 90.5 ride on Cowahbunga, Mauney was knocked out, stepped on and then transported to hospital. He sustained a dislocated right shoulder and will not be competing on Sunday.

From Wildcard Saturday we are seeing two Canadians advancing. One from the tie-down roping being Logan Bird who was second in the round this afternoon with a 7.9 behind Cade Swor who ran a 7.8.

The second Canadian advancing will be Curtis Cassidy who won the steer wrestling this afternoon with a 3.4. Behind Curtis was Ty Erickson with a 3.5.

In the bareback there was a three way tie for second place, but Calgary goes by money accumulated through out the rounds so J.R Vezain will be advancing with Steven Peebles who ha da 90 point spur ride on You See Me.

The saddle bronc riding the field was full of the Wright family. Only Ryder Wright will be advancing from the pack, alongside Cort Scheer to Championship Sunday.

It was a fantastic barrel race to watch this afternoon! Kassie Mowry started off with a 17.230, then we saw Jackie Ganter run a 17.120 on Baby J, and THEN Amberleigh Moore ran out of the pen, guns a’blazin’ with a 17.090 to win the round and move to Championship Sunday. Canadian Nancy Csabay finished fourth this afternoon with a beautiful run on Wicked finishing her stampede with a 17.320.

Finally in the bull riding it was Cody Teel who rode Double Down for 89.5 and Mike Lee who rode All About You for 86. Canadian Jordan Hansen finished third just a half point behind Mike Lee with a 85.5.

Full Wildcard Saturday results below courtesy of Calgary Stampede.

To see who each of the top two from today will be competing against tomorrow afternoon, click this link!

Tie Down Roping
417 Swor, Cade Winnie TX 7.8
401 Bird, Logan Nanton AB 7.9
410 Malone, JC Plain City UT 8.2
412 Pruitt, Riley Gering NE 8.7
418 Vest, Stetson Childress TX 9.4
403 Brazile, Trevor Decatur TX 9.4
406 Grant, Morgan Granton ON 9.5
402 Bouchard, Al Scandia AB 9.9
413 Rombough, Lee Sexsmith AB 10.9
404 Costa, Marcos Parana BRZ NT
405 Durfey, Tyson Weatherford TX NT
408 Herrin, Hunter Apache OK NT

Steer Wrestling
506 Cassidy, Curtis Donalda AB 3.4
509 Erickson, Ty Helena MT 3.5
520 Waguespack, TylerGonzales LA 3.5
508 Eldridge, Dakota Elko NV 3.8
514 Irwin, Kyle Robertsdale AL 4.0
521 Knowles, Trevor Mt Vernon OR 4.0
516 Peek, Josh Pueblo CO 4.0
512 Guy, Nick Sparta WI 13.0
501 Armes, Bray Gruver TX 13.2
513 Hass, Clayton Weatherford TX 13.3
517 Reeves, Matt Cross Plains TX 13.3
510 Frank, Derek Stony Plain AB NT

218 Peebles, Steven Redmond OR C Y5 You See Me 90.00
216 Nelson, Tyler Victor ID TB 017 Raggedy Ann 86.00
209 Dent, Steven Mullen NE CH X185 Trip Wire 86.00
219 Vezain, J.R. Cowley WY C U12 Upper Hills 86.00
203 Biglow, Clayton Clements CA CH 79 Paradise Moon 85.00
205 Brown, Jake Cleveland TX C R25 Rye Whiskey 83.50
204 Breuer, Ty Mandan ND C Z53 Zesty Lady 82.50
208 Denny, Wyatt Minden NV O U3 Kit Kat 81.00
213 Tutor, Bill Huntsville TX O H83 American Trip 80.00
210 Feild, Kaycee Genola UT TB 191 Girl Crush 69.00
212 Goodine, Cole Carbon AB B 26 Gone Fishing DR
211 Laye, Clint Cadogan AB C X2 Xrated Dancer DG

112 Scheer, Cort Elsmere NE C Y38 Yesterdays Delivery 88.00
120 Wright, Ryder Milford UT F 321 Crazy Day Job 85.50
104 Bradshaw, CoBurn Beaver UT CH X142 Pine Ridge 84.50
118 Wright, Jake Milford UT CH 967 Joe Fabulous 83.50
101 Berry, Jim Rocky Mtn House AB C X12 Xile Hills 83.00
103 Braden, Hardy Welch OK O T97 Double Vision 83.00
122 Cust, Lane Ardmore AB TB 460 Holy Hoppin’ Hell 81.50
117 Wright, Jesse Milford UT C X6 Xecutive News 81.50
116 Wright, Cody Milford UT O 703 Cod Liver 75.50
115 Watson, Jake Hudson’s Hope BC B 734 Second Thoughts 75.00
111 Reed, Audy Spearman TX B A47 Touchy Touchy 70.50
119 Wright, Rusty Milford UT F 40 Dark Secret BO

Barrel Racing
614 Moore, Amberleigh Keizer OR 17.090
606 Ganter, Jackie Abilene TX 17.120
615 Mowry, Kassie Dublin TX 17.230
605 Csabay, Nancy Skiff AB 17.320
602 Capper, Pamela Cheney WA 17.710
611 Langdon, Taylor Aubrey TX 17.750
609 Grimes, Kathy Medical Lake WA 17.770
607 Garthwaite, Katie Merritt BC 18.070
608 Griemsman, Jana Piedmont SD 19.090
617 Small, Cayla Welch OK 22.390
620 Willis, Brittany Paige Bristol FL 23.540
604 Crossley, Callahan Hermiston OR 27.160

Bull Riding
318 Teel, Cody Kountze TX CH 208 Double Down 89.50
309 Lee, Mike Fort Worth TX B 249 All About You 86.00
307 Hansen, Jordan Okotoks AB F 80 Unwound 85.50
319 Vieira, Fabiano Perola BRZ B K2 Sugar Smack 83.00
310 Lipsett, Timothy Lumsden SK F 192 True Colors 80.00
315 Pankewitz, Tyler Ponoka AB DR
312 Kolbaba, Derek Walla Walla WA V 124 Tweedle Dee BO
302 Coverchuk, Cody Meadow Lake SK W Z5 Smiling Bob BO
314 Outlaw, Chase Hamburg AR CH X203 Tequila BO