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Arena Chatter

Round TEN WNFR ReCap – Champions Crowned

After coming into the finals in third position, Nellie Miller can now add Average Champion and the 2017 WORLD CHAMPION to her resume, as we close up the books on the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Over ten rounds, Miller and Sister won $167,961.54 including their average money win worth $67,269.23.

Hailey Kinsel is your Reserve World Champion, and was the Reserve Top Gun winner. Hailey ran two of the fastest runs in the last ten rounds including a 13.11 and 13.17, both smashing the old record of a 13.37. Kassie Mowry also broke this record with a 13.36. Kinsel finished the 2017 season with $288,091.50, and won $179,384.63 over the ten rounds.

Tiany Schuster finishes in third position after winning $24,961.54 at the finals, and no average money.

Just looking ahead here, but CALGARY IS GOING TO BE SALTY! 

FAVOURITE RUN TO WATCH of the finals: Sydni Blanchard Round 10. (Hailey and her fast times were obviously fun too, but man, this run was something else)

Best Dressed: Nellie Miller – love the daily Canadian tuxedo.

Your event champions are as follows:

Bareback Riding World Champion – Tim O’Connell $371,415.80
Steer Wrestling World Champion – Ty Pearson $265,457.02
Team Roping World Champions – Erich Rogers and Cory Petska $265,416.73 each
Saddle Bronc Riding World Champion – Ryder Wright $284,938.38
Tie-Down Roping World Champion – Marcos Costa $317,421.33
Barrel Racing World Champion – Nellie Miller $308,498.29
Bull Riding World Champion – Sage Steele Kimzey $436,479.19

At just 23 years old, Sage Kimzey holds the single season earnings record in any event in the PRCA at $436,479.19.

Tuf Cooper is the All-Around Champion, and leaves Vegas with a FIANCE. Congrats to he and Tiffany. He proposed as he received his all-around buckle.

Marcos Costa is your Top Gun Champion, Hailey Kinsel was second.

Canadian Report

Jake Vold finished with 598.5 on 7, 14th in the average 7th in the world and $185,705.50 to his name. Orin Larsen with 727.0 on 9,  12th in the average 8th in the world $171,009.22. Zeke Thurston ended up with 563.0 on 7, 10th in the average and 7th in the world with $199,917.03. Layton Green was 498.5 on 6, 13th in the average 9th in the world finishing the 2017 season with $156,292.09. Clay Elliot went 496.0 on 6, 14th in the average and the world finishing the season with $121,754.78. Jeremy Buhler went 17.40 on 3 15th in the average and the world standings $98,101.77. Tanner Milan was 35.60 on 8,  12th in the average and 8th in the world finishing the 2017 season with $156,265.55. Scott Guenther was 58.30 on 10, 5th in the average and 6th in the standings $186,839.29. Finally, bull rider Jordan Hansen ended up with 338.0 on 4, was 6th in the average and finished 8th in the world with $180,294.63.

Congratulations to our Canadian men, you’ve made us proud.

Round Ten Barrel Results

1 Hailey Kinsel 13.17 $26,230.77
2 Sydni Blanchard 13.39 $20,730.77
3 Amberleigh Moore 13.42 $15,653.85
4 Taci Bettis 13.54 $11,000.00
5 Ivy Conrado 13.60 $6,769.23
6 Lisa Lockhart 13.76 $4,230.77
Nellie Miller 13.85 $0.00
Tiany Schuster 13.92 $0.00
Kathy Grimes 13.97 $0.00
Tillar Murray 14.00 $0.00
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 14.08 $0.00
Kellie Collier 14.25 $0.00
Stevi Hillman 14.35 $0.00
Kassie Mowry 18.49 $0.00
Kimmie Wall 21.83 $0.00

Unofficial World Standings

Nellie Miller $‎ 308,498.29
Hailey Kinsel $‎ 288,091.50
Tiany Schuster$‎ 285,339.10
Amber Moore $240,806.43
Ivy Conrado $‎ 232,520.64
Tillar Murray $‎ 203,904.41
Lisa Lockhart $‎ 203,550.48
Stevi Hillman $‎ 199,619.05
Kassie Mowry $‎ 189,047.43
Taci Bettis $‎ 162,446.22
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $‎ 161,173.15
Kathy Grimes $‎ 150,977.69
Sydni Blanchard $‎ 144,515.60
Kellie Collier $‎ 108,145.64
Kimmie Wall $‎ 86,294.13

For full event results please visit this link

Arena Chatter

Round Nine WNFR Recap

I don’t know that Tiany, the record setting barrel racer will be going home with the coveted world champion gold buckle when the dust settles after round ten. She has knocked too many barrels, is too low in the average race, and number two and three are hot on her heels.

Nellie Miller and Hailey Kinsel both had solid runs, again. Nellie can win the world in round ten, as she is number one in the average and third in the standings, she just has to make another clean run in round ten. Hailey Kinsel dropped to sixth in the average but is second in the world.

And how cool is it that Nellie could win the world. Nellie wasn’t even supposed to go to Calgary Stampede this summer, Mary Burger was, but she declined and the next in line headed North. Nellie took home $10,500 from Pool A and finished second in the final round with a 17.080 putting $25,000 in her jeans and towards the standings.

On a side note, did everyone catch Foxy take down the gate man in the alley just before Ivy was about to run? Then poor Ivy has to turn around like she didn’t just witness this mans death and go make a run? (he lived by the way, Clayton Hass made sure of it)

Canadian Report

Heartbreak city in the bareback as Jake Vold is out with a dislocated knee cap, sustained in round eight on Redigo. In round nine, Orin Larsen received a no score.

Scott Guenther did what we all knew he was capable of. He was a 3.30 to win the round, tying the fast time of the rodeo. Tanner Milan was still quick at a 4.0 but in the crying hole.

In the team roping, Tom Richards and Jeremy Buhler picked up a cheque worth $6,769.23 for fifth place.

Clay Elliot bucked off of C5’s Rockstar, Layton Green off of Pony Man and Zeke Thurston off of Yesterdays Delivery.

Jordan Hansen bucks off of Powder River’s Mudshark, close to the buzzer.

Round 9 Results
1 Hailey Kinsel 13.43 $26,230.77
2 Nellie Miller 13.52 $20,730.77
3 Kassie Mowry 13.66 $15,653.85
4 Taci Bettis 13.70 $11,000.00
5 Tillar Murray 13.85 $6,769.23
6 Ivy Conrado 13.87 $4,230.77
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.90
Lisa Lockhart 14.00
Kathy Grimes 14.05
Kimmie Wall 14.12
Sydni Blanchard 14.21
Amberleigh Moore 18.69
Stevi Hillman 18.95
Kellie Collier 18.97
Tiany Schuster 19.05

World Standings after round 9 *unofficial
Tiany Schuster $285,339.1
Hailey Kinsel $245,360.73
Nellie Miller $241,229.06
Amber Moore $225,152.58
Stevi Hillman $199,619.05
Kassie Mowry $189,047.43
Tillar Murray $172,173.64
Ivy Conrado $171,174.49
Lisa Lockhart $156,165.86
Taci Bettis $151,446.22
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $138,327
Sydni Blanchard $123,784.83
Kellie Collier $101,799.49
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

Canadians Total *including seasonal, $10k qualifying & go-round money*
JEREMY BUHLER $98,101.77
CLAY ELLIOT $114,985.55
TANNER MILAN $156,265.55
LAYTON GREEN $156,292.09
JORDAN HANSEN $163,794.63
ORIN LARSEN $171,009.22
JAKE VOLD $185,705.5
ZEKE THURSTON $203,583.69

Arena Chatter

Round Eight WNFR Recap

Jot notes tonight folks!

Ivy Conrado is two one hundredths of a second ahead of Nellie Miller in the average.

Conrado is sitting seventh in the world standings, and $118,395.38 behind Tiany Schuster in the standings after round eight.

Nellie Miller is sitting third in the standings, and is just $64,840.81 behind Schuster.

Amber Moore is $60,186 behind the number one position in second place.

Kimmie Wall had a CLEAN run tonight, but made it to the crying hole.

Check out the world and go round placings below.

Best Dressed: Hailey Kinsel and Sydni Blanchard.

Fave Run to Watch: Ivy Conrado on JLo

Canadian Report

Jake Vold is injured after Redigo fell twice on him, once just out of the chute, as the horse spun around on his hind end and slammed Vold into the chute, then fell again in the arena after flipping Jakearound, and then caught his leg with Jake’s neck. Vold was going to take his re-ride in round nine, but before the bull riding it was decided he will not take his re-ride. Orin Larsen was a 75.5 on Princess Warrior.

Tanner Milan split 5/6 with Ty Erikson both running a 4.4 for $5,500. Scott Guenthners steer hung a leg.

Tom Richards missed, another no time for Richards and Jeremy Buhler

Clay Elliot is on the board with an 87.5 on Sue City Sue for third place and $15,653.85 his first cheque. Zeke Thurston missed his horse out, Layton Green also missed him out.

Jordan Hansen was an 86 on Corey & Lange Rodeos Tequila bull!

Round Eight Results

8 1 Amberleigh Moore 13.54 $26,230.77
8 2 Tillar Murray 13.73 $20,730.77
8 3 Ivy Conrado 13.86 $15,653.85
8 4 Nellie Miller 13.87 $11,000.00
8 5 Lisa Lockhart 13.93 $6,769.23
8 6 Kellie Collier 13.95 $4,230.77
8 Kimmie Wall 14.07 $0.00
8 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 14.16 $0.00
8 Taci Bettis 18.43 $0.00
8 Hailey Kinsel 18.57 $0.00
8 Kassie Mowry 18.95 $0.00
8 Kathy Grimes 18.97 $0.00
8 Sydni Blanchard 18.98 $0.00
8 Stevi Hillman 19.05 $0.00
8 Tiany Schuster 23.56 $0.00

World Standings

Tiany Schuster $285,339.1
Amber Moore $225,152.58
Nellie Miller $220,498.29
Hailey Kinsel $219,129.96
Stevi Hillman $199,619.05
Kassie Mowry $173,393.58
Ivy Conrado $166,943.72
Tillar Murray $165,404.41
Lisa Lockhart $156,165.86
Taci Bettis $140,446.22
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $138,327
Sydni Blanchard $123,784.83
Kellie Collier $101,799.49
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13


Arena Chatter

Round Seven WNFR Recap

Tillar Murray and Commander came in guns a blazin’ on the bottom of the ground last night, and smoked a run, clocking in at a 13.40 in round seven of the Wrangler NFR.

Hailey Kinsel is behind Tiany Schuster by $66,210, and is sitting fifth in the average race after round seven.

Nellie Miller is behind Kinsel by $9,631.67, and behind Schuster by $75,840.00 and sitting second in the average.


Canadian Report

In round number seven we saw Jake Vold take home $7,333.33, Layton Green cash in on $11,000, and Jordan Hansen spur one down for $8,884.61. Vold is sitting nicely in the standings, holding on to third place in the world and first in the average.

Unfortunately Buhler and Richards had another no time and Clay Elliot has still not made a dime in Sin City.

Tanner Milan is still sitting up high in the standings but dropped significantly in the average after a no time in last nights round.

The Canadian go-round total money won heading into round eight is $300,158.96.

Round Seven Results
1 Tillar Murray 13.40 $26,230.77
2 Nellie Miller 13.52 $20,730.77
3 Sydni Blanchard 13.62 $15,653.85
4 Lisa Lockhart 13.63 $11,000.00
5 Kassie Mowry 13.68 $6,769.23
6 Tiany Schuster 13.70 $4,230.77
Amberleigh Moore 13.75
Ivy Conrado 13.78
Taci Bettis 13.78
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.79
Kellie Collier 13.85
Stevi Hillman 15.18
Hailey Kinsel 18.54
Kimmie Wall 18.91
Kathy Grimes 19.17

World Standings (after round seven)
Tiany Schuster $285,339.1
Hailey Kinsel $219,129.96
Nellie Miller $209,498.29
Stevi Hillman $199,619.05
Amber Moore $198,921.81
Kassie Mowry $173,393.58
Ivy Conrado $151,289.87
Lisa Lockhart $149,396.63
Tillar Murray $144,673.64
Taci Bettis $140,446.22
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $138,327
Sydni Blanchard $123,784.83
Kellie Collier $97,568.72
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

Arena Chatter

Round Six WNFR Recap

Hailey Kinsel and DM Sissy HayDay had another smokin’ run to be a 13.49 to win the round. This has moved Kinsel to second in the world standings and she is first in the average.

Tiny Schuster got on the board tonight with a 13.52 taking home a second place cheque for $20,730.77 keeping her first place world ranking, and sixth in the average

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi on CanMan were a 13.74, what a fun horse to watch. The pair split 5/6/6 for $3,666.66 with Ivy Conrado who ran JLo and Stevi Hillman who was back on Sharpie. Conrado sits second in the average and seventh in the standings.

Amber Moore and Paige needed to get by another stride at third, but took it down. Amber is now 11th in the average and fourth in the world.

Best Dressed: Sydni Blanchard, she’s been wearing some great shirts so far

Favourite Run to Watch: Lisa Lockhart and Louie. They make it look so effortless

Canadian Report

Jake Vold spurred Revolving Door for an 85 point ride, and a fourth place finish, adding $11,000.00 to his NFR total, bringing Vold to the number three position in the current world standings, and to take the lead in the aggregate. Manitoban Orin Larsen rode Beyond Bugs for 85.5 points and $15,653.85. Larsen is sitting fifth in the standings after round six.

Tanner Milan got one down in round six in 4 seconds, good enough for $4,231, moving his total earnings from the NFR to $66,692. Milan will stay in fourth position in the World Standings. Scott Guenthner received a penalty for a broken barrier.

Layton Green rode Pete Carr’s Cool Runnings for 85.5 points to split fourth, which gave him $8,885 in round six. Clay Elliot thought he would be on the board tonight, but a re-ride sent him and Zeke Thurston to the crying hole.

Jeremy Buhler is having a rough Wrangler NFR, only cashing in during round five. Round six was a no time.

Bull rider Jordan Hansen stayed on Beutler & Son’s El Diablo for an 84.50 ride, cashing in on $16,500.00, which includes ground money. This brings Hansens total money to $125,929.25 (including season, & qualifying money earned)

Round Six Results
1 Hailey Kinsel 13.49 $26,230.77
2 Tiany Schuster 13.52 $20,730.77
3 Tillar Murray 13.63 $15,653.85
4 Taci Bettis 13.72 $11,000.00
5/6/6 Ivy Conrado 13.74 $3,666.66
5/6/6 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.74 $3,666.66
5/6/6 Stevi Hillman 13.74 $3,666.66
Sydni Blanchard 13.77
Lisa Lockhart 13.84
Nellie Miller 13.93
Kassie Mowry 13.96
Kathy Grimes 14.15
Amberleigh Moore 18.73
Kimmie Wall 19.10
Kellie Collier 19.50

World Standings
Tiany Schuster $281,108.33
Hailey Kinsel $219,129.96
Stevi Hillman $199,619.05
Amber Moore $198,921.81
Nellie Miller $188,767.52
Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
Ivy Conrado $151,289.87
Taci Bettis $140,446.22
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Lisa Lockhart $138,396.63
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $138,327
Tillar Murray $118,442.87
Sydni Blanchard $$108,130.98
Kellie Collier $97,568.72
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

Canadians Total Earnings
JEREMY BUHLER $68,005.62 $10,000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $13,326.92 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $91,332.54
CLAY ELLIOT $89,331.7 $10,000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $99,331.7
SCOTT GUENTHNER $99,500.83 $10,000 $7,530.77 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $117,031.6
JORDAN HANSEN $92,660.02 $10,000 $0 $6,769.23 $0 $0 $0 $16,500 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $125,929.25
LAYTON GREEN $110,612.61 $10,000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $15,794.87 $8,884.61 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $145,292.09
TANNER MILAN $84,073.24 $10,000 $0 $26,230.77 $0 $0 $26,230.77 $4,230.77 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $150,765.55
ORIN LARSEN $99,239.98 $10,000 $20,730.77 $4,230.77 $0 $15,653.85 $5,500 $15,653.85 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $171,009.22
JAKE VOLD $102,160.63 $10,000 $26,230.77 $13,326.92 $15,653.85 $0 $0 $11,000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $178,372.17
ZEKE THURSTON $170,455.5 $10,000 $3,666.66 $0 $0 $0 $15,794.87 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $199,917.03
NFR TOTAL $362,941.02

Arena Chatter

Round FIVE WNFR Recap

Canadian Report

Jeremy Buhler is on the board! He and Tom Richards were a 4.0 to split 3/4 with Coleman Proctor and Billie Jack Saebens.

Orin Larsen was an 87.5 on Hi Lo Pro Rodeos Wilson Sanchez splitting 5/6 with JR Vezain with a for $5,500.

In the saddle bronc riding, Zeke Thurston and Layton Green were both an 87.5 splitting 2/3/4 with Brody Cress, each taking home $15,794.87. Clay Elliot was an 80.5 and is yet to pull a cheque. Heres hoping his luck changes in the second half of the finals. Zeke Thurston is just shy of the $200,000 mark heading into round six tomorrow.

Steer wrestler Tanner Milan won the round with a 3.8, and has moved to fourth in the standings and fourth in the average. Scott Guenthner was a 6.6, too long for a cheque tonight.

Jordan Hansen bucked off of Universal Rodeos Crime Boss.

Canadian total from the WNFR up to round five is $216,671.79 (go round money only)

Round Five Barrel Racing Results

1/2 Ivy Conrado 13.59 $23,480.77
1/2 Lisa Lockhart 13.59 $23,480.77
3 Hailey Kinsel 13.67 $15,653.85
4 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.68 $11,000.00
5 Taci Bettis 13.74 $6,769.23
6 Nellie Miller 13.75 $4,230.77
Tillar Murray 13.88 $0.00
Kellie Collier 13.90 $0.00
Tiany Schuster 13.90 $0.00
Kassie Mowry 13.93 $0.00
Stevi Hillman 14.00 $0.00
Kathy Grimes 14.06 $0.00
Sydni Blanchard 18.72 $0.00
Amberleigh Moore 18.74 $0.00
Kimmie Wall 19.04 $0.00

World Standings – Barrel Racing
Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
Amber Moore $198,921.81
Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
Hailey Kinsel $192,899.19
Nellie Miller $188,767.52
Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
Ivy Conrado $147,623.21
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Lisa Lockhart $138,396.63
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $134,660.34
Taci Bettis $129,446.22
Sydni Blanchard $108,130.98
Tillar Murray $102,789.02
Kellie Collier $97,568.72
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

Arena Chatter Results

Round Four WNFR Recap

Amber Moore is now just $61,455.75 behind Tiany Schuster in the race for the world title after winning round four tonight at the Wrangler NFR, and has moved to second position ahead of Stevi Hillman by just a few thousand dollars.

What happened with the ground tonight? We went from record SHATTERING times to some nasty slips on first and third.

Mowry and Junior slipped on first, Kellie Collier had a horse change to Muffin and had a bad slip on third, falling right to the knee, and Stevi Hillman on Truck with a slip in the hind end on third. Fingers crossed those horses are alright.

Fave run to watch: Amber Moore and Paige, though I held my breath the entire run after seeing the slips.

Best dressed: TIANY SCHUSTER

It was another rough night for the Canadians money wise.

Orin Larsen was the only Canadian in the bareback to take home money tonight after an 86.00 point ride on Four Star Rodeos Big Star, for $15,653.85. Jake Vold was 83.50 on J Bar Js Dirty Rags.

Team roping heeler, Jeremy Buhler and his partner Tom Richards received a no time tonight. Buhler has not picked up a single cheque thus far.

Steer Wrestler Tanner Milan was a 4.4, and Scott Guenther had a stubborn steer, running a 7.3. Both men came up short and will take home no money from round four of the Wrangler NFR.

In the saddle bronc riding Clay Elliot was bucked off of Let er Rip early in the eight seconds. Zeke Thurston was a 72.50 on Frontier Rodeos Tip Off, and Layton Green was 80.00 points on Keslers Willowbrook, but neither cashed in.

Bull rider Jordan Hansen was bucked off of Bridewells 100x Helmets Foothill. Only three men covered their bulls tonight; Trey Benton III, Joe Frost and Ty Wallace.

The nine Canadians have won a collective $140,024 over the last four rounds (Go round money only)

LBR Round Four Results:

1 Amberleigh Moore 13.56 $26,230.77
2 Ivy Conrado 13.58 $20,730.77
3 Taci Bettis 13.59 $15,653.85
4 Hailey Kinsel 13.63 $11,000.00
5 Kathy Grimes 13.73 $6,769.23
6 Lisa Lockhart 13.76 $4,230.77
Nellie Miller 13.84
Tillar Murray 13.85
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.87
Tiany Schuster 14.34
Kassie Mowry 15.41 bad slip on 1
Kellie Collier 16.12 bad slip on 3
Kimmie Wall 18.69
Stevi Hillman 24.59 bad slip on 3
Sydni Blanchard 25.40

LBR World Standings after Round Four:

Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
Amber Moore $198,921.81
Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
Nellie Miller $184,536.75
Hailey Kinsel $177,245.34
Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
Kathy Grimes $139,554.61
Ivy Conrado $124,142.44
Britt Pozzi Tonozzi $123,660.34
Taci Bettis $122,676.99
Lisa Lockhart $114,915.86
Sydni Blanchard $108,130.98
Pillar Murray $102,789.02
Kellie Collier $97,568.72
Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

Arena Chatter

Round Three WNFR Recap


First off. HAILEY FREAKING KINSEL. *mic drop* Do I really need to write anything else right now? Ok, I will.

Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday aka. Sister, ran a 13.11. Yeah, thats NOT a typo. A 13.11!!! Just before she ran, Kassie Mowry ran a 13.36 which broke the arena record* (some count the record, some don’t due to pattern changes)
Whats next from this wolfy pack of ladies? A 12? Who knows what we will see! Kinsel is leading the average and has moved to sixth in the standings.

Fave run to watch: OBVIOUS answer. Hailey and Sister.

As for the Canadian report. Jake Vold was an 87.00 on Northcott Macza’s Spilled Perfume which put him in third spot in round three, for $15,653.85. Vold has pocketed $55,211 thus far at the Wrangler NFR! Orin Larsen was a 73. Tim O’Connell spurred the PRCA horse of the year, Canadas own Virgil to a 91.5, a new arena record. It was badass, be sure to find it and watch it!

In the steer wrestling, Tanner Milan was a 4.9 and Scott Guenthner was a 4.5, just out of the money tonight.

Jeremy Buhler was another no time with his header Tom Richards.

Clay Elliot was an 82 just out of the money, Layton Green 83.5 on a re-ride, and Zeke Thurston a 79.5, and has moved to third in the world standings.

Jordan Hansen was bucked off of Stace Smith Pro Rodeos Torch. Sage Kimzey and Cole Melancon tied for first with 91.5 rides to each take home $23,480 each, as there were only 4 qualified rides! DANG!

By round three, the nine Canadians have cashed in on $124,370 (go round money only)

Round Three LBR Results

1 Hailey Kinsel 13.11 $26,230.77
2 Kassie Mowry 13.36 $20,730.77
3 Amberleigh Moore 13.57 $15,653.85
4 Ivy Conrado 13.59 $11,000.00
5 Nellie Miller 13.66 $6,769.23
6 Lisa Lockhart 13.67 $4,230.77
Taci Bettis 13.68
Kathy Grimes 13.70
Stevi Hillman 13.84
Tiany Schuster 14.20
Kellie Collier 14.58
Tillar Murray 18.76
Sydni Blanchard 18.90
Kimmie Wall 18.95
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 19.18

World Standings After Round Three

1 Tiany Schuster $260,377.56
2 Stevi Hillman $195,952.39
3 Nellie Miller $184,536.75
4 Amberleigh Moore $172,691.04
5 Kassie Mowry $166,624.35
6 Hailey Kinsel $166,245.34
7 Kathy Grimes $132,785.38
8 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi $123,660.34
9 Lisa Lockhart $110,685.09
10 Sydni Blanchard $108,130.98
11 Taci Bettis $107,023.14
12 Ivy Conrado $103,411.67
13 Tillar Murray $102,789.02
14 Kellie Collier $97,568.72
15 Kimmie Wall $86,294.13

Arena Chatter Results

Round Two WNFR Recap

Round two recap is short and sweet:

Brittany Pozzi has now gone over TWO MILLION in career earnings. Hailey Kinsel takes the average lead, Nellie Miller second.

Favourite run to watch: Amberleigh on Paige and Nellie on Sister, both make it look EASY!

Round three prediction Amberleigh and Paige 13.4!

As for Canadians in round two, Jake Vold was an 87 and split 3/4 with Tim O’Connell for $13,326.92 while Manitobas Orin Larsen was 6th with 85 for $4,230.77.

In the steer wrestling, Tanner Milan won the round with a 3.5 cashing in on $26,230.77, while Scott Guenthner was a 4.5 just out of the money.

In the saddle bronc riding, Zeke Thurston split 5/6/6 for $3,666.66 with an 85 point ride, where Clay Elliot and Layton Green were bucked off.

In the bull riding, Jordan Hansen was fifth with a 84.50 good for $6,769.23

The Canadian earnings total is unofficially at $112,383.32!

Round Two results:
1 Amberleigh Moore 13.54 $26,230.77
2 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.62 $20,730.77
3 Hailey Kinsel 13.65 $15,653.85
4 Nellie Miller 13.74 $11,000.00
5 Sydni Blanchard 13.80 $6,769.23
6 Kellie Collier 13.83 $4,230.77
Taci Bettis 13.87
Ivy Conrado 13.89
Tillar Murray 13.90
Lisa Lockhart 13.96
Tiany Schuster 14.10
Kimmie Wall 19.07
Kassie Mowry 19.24
Stevi Hillman 23.67

World Rankings after round one (Unofficially):

6 2 Hailey Kinsel 27.34/2 1 13.69 3 13.65 3
3 2 Nellie Miller 27.38/2 2 13.64 1 13.74 4
8 2 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 27.61/2 3 13.99 13.62 2
7 2 Kathy Grimes 27.75/2 4 13.85 4 13.90
12 2 Tillar Murray 27.79/2 5/6 13.89 5 13.90
14 2 Ivy Conrado 27.79/2 5/6 13.90 6 13.89
11 2 Lisa Lockhart 27.94/2 7 13.98 13.96
13 2 Kellie Collier 27.96/2 8 14.13 13.83 6
9 2 Sydni Blanchard 27.98/2 9 14.18 13.80 5
1 2 Tiany Schuster 28.17/2 10 14.07 14.10
4 2 Amberleigh Moore 32.49/2 11 18.95 13.54 1
5 2 Kassie Mowry 32.92/2 12 13.68 2 19.24
15 2 Kimmie Wall 33.21/2 13 14.14 19.07
2 2 Stevi Hillman 42.35/2 14 18.68 23.67
10 2 Taci Bettis 13.87/1 15 0.00 13.87
Arena Chatter

Milestone Night for Tanner Milan

Courtesy of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

December 8, 2017

Tanner Milan led the Canadian parade to the winner’s circle on night number two of the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

After being out of the money in the first round, the two-time Canadian Champion dropped his steer in a speedy 3.5 seconds to claim the $26,230 first place cheque on Friday night at the Thomas and Mack Arena.

“I was a lot sharper on the barrier tonight and being sharper and getting a good start really helped me.”
Mounted on Tom Lewis’ doggin’ horse, Maverick, and with brother and talented hazer, Baillie on the other side of the steer, Milan won his first ever go-round at the WNFR. “It’s something I’ve always dreamed of and it dang sure feels good to get it done.”

The Cochrane cowboy, appearing at his second National Finals, jumped three places to fifth overall in the world standings and gained much-needed ground on season leader, Ty Erickson. Milan moved to within $53,000 of the leader. Erickson and the second half of the Canadian steer wrestling tandem, Scott Guenthner, of Provost, Alberta, both finished just out of the money with identical 4.5 second runs.

In the bareback riding, Canadian frowns turned upside down when Jake Vold’s announced 77 score earned the three-time Canadian title holder a re-ride. And given a second chance, last year’s runner-up for the world title didn’t waste the opportunity, recording an 87 score on Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Hollywood Hills to split 3/4 in the round and pick up $13,326 for the effort. The bad news for Vold was that he was unable to narrow the gap on front-runner and defending World Champion, Tim O’Connell who equaled Vold’s score with an 87 point ride of his own.

Vold’s 174.5 on two leads the average with O’Connell in second spot and Manitoba’s Orin Larsen in third. Larsen picked up a sixth place cheque in the go round, courtesy of his 85 score on Pickett Pro Rodeo’s Uncapped for a $4230 payday.

And in the bull riding, 2016 Canadian champion, Jordan Hansen, cashed his first-ever cheque at the WNFR as he rode Sutton Rodeo’s High Roller to 84.5 points and a $6769 haul, a nice bounce-back performance after the Calgary talent bucked off his opening night bull. Things got a little tighter at the top end of the bull riding leaderboard as 2017 Canadian Champion, Garrett Smith, won the round with an 87.5 and inched closer to overall leader and three time title holder, Sage Kimzey who was 86.5 to spilt 2/3 in the round. Smith, the Rexburg, Idaho sensation, is now just $12,000 back of Kimzey and is second in the average with the Texas superstar holding down 4th spot. Wayne Vold’s Heaven’s Basement took home the rank stock award as the seven year-old brindle bucked off the very tough Tim Bingham.

Things did not go well for the trio of Canadian saddle bronc riders on a Friday night that felt like Friday the 13th. In a round that saw the bucking horses dominate, there were only seven cowboys able to record scores. Reigning World Champion, Zeke Thurston, 2017 Canadian Champ, Layton Green, and 2016 titleist, Clay Elliott weren’t among the seven success stories on this night as CoBurn Bradshaw rode Calgary Stampede’s Tiger Warrior to a whopping 89 score to win the round. If there’s a silver lining for the Canadian trio, it’s that the guy all three are chasing, season leader Jacobs Crawley was also victimized by the tough Friday pen of broncs. Bradshaw, however, has moved to third in the standings and is now very much in the championship conversation as he also leads the average after two rounds.

In the team roping, Arrowwood, Alberta’s Jeremy Buhler remains in 15th spot overall after a no time on Friday night. The defending world champion and 2017 Canadian champ is roping alongside Arizona roper, Tom Richards, after regular partner (for both of those championships) Levi Simpson, finished one spot out of the top fifteen and is having to watch his longtime partner from the sidelines. Former Canadian Champions, Dustin Bird (twice) and Russell Cardoza won the round with a blistering 3.9. Kaleb Driggers and 2016 World All-Around Champion Junior Nogueira continue to lead the world standings.

And in the barrel racing, Salem, Oregon’s Amberleigh Moore posted a go-round winning 13.54 second run while Tiany Shuster’s seeming insurmountable lead coming to Las Vegas seems even more secure after Friday night. While Shuster has been out of the money through two rounds, her nearest rival, Stevi Hillman had a difficult round two run (23.67 seconds) and took herself out of the average and very likely out of the title chase as well.

Trevor Brazile, seemingly on a mission to take back his All-Around crown after a year’s absence from the PRCA, won the tie down roping with a Brazile-esque 7.4 run on Friday night.