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Shields Wins The Runaway during Comeback Year

Ponoka,AB- After 165 runs on Sunday afternoon, it was Shelly Shields fast time that brought home her $20,000 piece of the $100,000 pie, just two years after breaking her pelvis at the very same event.

Shields and her horse, Toast to Val smoked a 17.036 to beat out a tough pack of horses at the Calnash Ag Event Centre. Toast is by Toast To Dash, out of a Dashing Val mare. The 13 year old gelding was previously run by Shellys daughters, one just missing out on running at the AT&T Stadium in the American by one hole on Toast. Shields husband, John suggested it was her time to get on him and make some runs. They had a fantastic weekend at the Glacier Chaser in Montana winning the 1D the Friday and Sunday, and 2nd place in the 1D on the Saturday. Shelly has been placing at the CPRA rodeos, and has plans to get entered in an American Qualifier to see if she can take Toast to Arlington, for a chance at a million dollars at the richest one day rodeo.

Second place for $10,000 in the 1D was none other than Taylor Manning with her trusted steed, Good Little Nick aka. Matlock laying down a 17.148. This was his second run back since May as Taylor wanted to give him some time off and was able to jump on Merlin for the spring and early summer rodeos.

In third position was Cranna Roberts on Blur The Judge with a 17.279, and fourth was 13 year old, Kayce Liptak riding Running For Profits who stopped the clock at a 17.301. Both 3rd and 4th spot brought home $2,000.

The weekend also included an Open with capped entries at 450, plus a $250 50 person slot race named The Vegas, and the Splash and Dash which includes a beverage of choice on the barrels with money going to a charity. Over the last four years of hosting this event, producer Laciee Shock has handed out over $600,000! Next year is the fifth year, and Shock has announced that everything will be diamonds!

For full results, visit the Leather n Facebook page and to re-watch the event you can check out Equine TV on Facebook as well, where Lipstick and Cowboy Boots has interviews with Shields, and Manning during the event.

Top Five in each D from, prizes were given to 10th place:
1- Shelly Shields on Toast To Val 17.032 $20,000
2- Taylor Manning on Good Little Nick 17.148 $10,000
3- Cranna Roberts on Blurr The Judge 17.279 $2,000
4- Kayce Liptak on Running For Profits 17.301 $2,000
5- Callahan Tryan on Ranger 17.324
1- Kim Babcock on Perfects On The Fly 17.740 $20,000
2- Colin Balan on Bell Bottom Blue 17.751 $10,000
3- Carmen Pozzobon on Tammyslittleparadise 17.753 $2,000
4- Gaylene Buff on Tees Lil Dunnit 17.760 $2,000
5- Mariah Mannering on Happy Hour Special 17.779
1- Allison Thompson on JG Hectors Meridoc 18.454 $20,000
2- Shelley Hawthorne on Not Yet Unleashed 18.454 $10,000
3- Pamela Purves on JT Sizzle Smokey Bee 18.477 $2,000
4- Tami Jo Brewin on Passum Miss Mystic 18.483 $2,000
5- Chyanne Maurer on CL Fabio Dot Com 18.488

Arena Chatter Results

RFD-TV’s The AMERICAN 2019 Results

Below you will find results for the sixth RFD-TV’s The AMERICAN!
This year money won (up to $50,000) in all major events (except barrel racing) will count towards PRCA standings.

2019 Champions

Bareback – ORIN LARSEN 91 POINTS $100,000
Breakaway Roping – Madison Outhier (JR) 2.29 $100,000
Steer Wrestling – Ty Erickson 4.20 $100,000
Tie-Down Roping – Caleb Smidt 6.97 $100,000
Saddle Bronc – Ryder Wright 88.50 $100,000
Team Roping – Coleman Proctor Ryan Motes (Q) 4.24
share $700,000
Barrel Racing- Hailey Kinsel 14.217 $100,000
Bull Riding – Joao Ricardo Vieira (Q) 87 points $600,000
All Around Champ – Rhen Richard


Bareback Riding
Orin Larsen 91 points
Tilden Hooper on VIRGIL 87.75
Kaycee Feild 88 points (won 2018)
Steven Dent 87 points

Breakaway Roping 
Kelsie Chace NT
Jackie Crawford NT
Madison Outhier (jr) 2.29 Won the Jr. American with a 1.9
Taylor Munsell 2.62

Team Roping
Brown/Eaves NT
Proctor/Motes (Q) 4.24
Tsinigine/Yates NT
Minor/Minor 4.75

Steer Wrestling
Ty Erickson 4.20
Hunter Cure 4.30
Scott Guenthner NT
Stephen Culling (Q) 4.61

Saddle Bronc Riding
Ryder Wright 88.50
Jake Watson (Q) 87.00
Mitch Pollock (Q) B/O
Cody Wright (Q) B/O

Tie-Down Roping
Ryle Smith NT
Caleb Smidt 6.97
Rhen Richard 7.35
Ty Harris (Q) 7.47

Barrel Racing
Craig Brooks (Q) 15.361 (just passed first)
Hailey Kinsel 14.217
Kylie Weast 14.462 BEAUTIFUL RUN!
Amberleigh Moore 14.809 +10

Bull Riding
Cody Teel B/O
Joao Ricardo Vieira (Q) 87 points
Kaique Pacheco B/O
Jose Vitor Leme B/O

Short Go Results – Top 4 Advance to Showdown

Bareback Riding
Steven Dent on Full Baggage 84.50
Wyatt Bloom (Q) on Craig at Midnight 81.00
Tilden Hooper  on Spilled Perfume 87.00
Orin Larsen on Special Delivery 87.00
Bill Tutor on Delta Ship B/O
Kaycee Feild on Show Stomper 85.00
Wyatt Denny (Q) on Black Leg B/O
Ty Breuer on Knot So Foxy 78.25

Breakaway Roping – top four on average times
Paige Abernathy 4.04
Beau Peterson  2.83
Taylor Munsell  2.71
Abigail Hampton  broke barrier 2.0
Jackie Crawford  2.80
Madison Outhier  2.98
Kelcie Chace (JR) 2.31
Swayer Gilbert (JR)  Barrier 3.36

Team Roping – top four on average times
Clay Tryan& McCoy Profili (Q) 4.01 plus 5
Riley Minor & Brady Minor 4.74 (14.38) 
Rhen Richard & Cody Doescher (Q) NT
Aaron Tsinigine & Trey Yates 5.97 (11.95)
Coleman Proctor & Ryan Motes (Q) 5.93 (11.30)
Marcus Theriot & Coleby Payne (Q) NT
Luke Brown & Paul Eaves 5.42 (10.32)
Kaleb Driggers & Junior Nogera NT

Steer Wrestling – top four on average times
Nick Guy 5.19 (11.37)
Tyler Waguespack 4.60 (10.38)
Stephen Culling (Q) 4.07 (9.72)
Curtis Cassidy 4.57 (10.21)
Will Lummus NT
Hunter Cure 4.05 (9.09)
Ty Erickson 4.33 (8.98)
Scott Guenthner 4.89 (9.37)

Saddle Bronc Riding – top four on average
Cole Elshere (Q) on Yesterday’s Delivery 77.50 (161.75)
Cort Scheer on Meat Cracker 81.00 (166.00)
Wade Sundell on Wild Bill B/O
Chase Brooks (Q) on Cash Deal B/O
Mitch Pollock (Q) on Assault 85.5 (171.50)
Jake Watson (Q) on Three Bells 89.00 (176.00)
Cody Wright (E) on Let er Rip 83.75 (171.00)
Ryder Wright on Get Smart 90.25 (179.25)

Tie Down Roping * unofficial 
Rhen Richard 7.94
Caleb Smidt 7.92
Bobby Abernathy NT
Tyson Durfey NT 
Trevor Brazile NT 
Ty Harris (Q) 8.20
Ryle Smith 8.46
Jake Pratt NT 

Barrel Racing
Taci Betts &  Bogies Smash 14.566 (29.309)
DonaKay Rule & High Valor (Q) 14.730 (29.391)
Amberleigh Moore & CP Dark Moon 14.570 (29.198)
Sydni Blanchard & Famous Heartbreaker (Q) 14.725 plus 5
Hailey Kinsel & DM Sissy HayDay 14.538 (29.046)
Craig Brooks & Grandiose Guy (Q) 14.495 (28.996)
Jessie Telford & CoolWhip 14.585 plus 5
Kylie Weast & Heavenly Firewater 14.678 (29.076)

Bull Riding
Brennon Eldred Speed Demon B/O
Joao Ricardo Vieira Cool Arrow (Q) 75.25
Buda Ken  Hard N Fast 
JT Moore Wild Onion (Q) B/O
Will Centoni Air Assault (Q) B/O
Chase Outlaw Legit (Q) B/O
Marco Eguichi Fearless B/O
Jeff Askey A Smooth Wreck B/O
Claudio Montanha Bad Beagle B/O
Parker Breding A Heartbreak Kid B/O
Cody Teel Magic Train 91.25 POINTS!
Chase Dougherty After Midnight B/O
Jose Vitor Leme Wild Goose B/O
Joe Frost Rug Rat B/O
Kaique Pacheco Rodeo Houston 67.00
Sage Kimzey Rum Dum B/O

Long Go ResultsTop 8 Advance to Short Go.

1 Ty Brueuer Onion Ring KR 86.5
2 Wyatt Denny Stevie Knicks NM 86.5
3 Kaycee Feild Biscuit RG 85.5
4 Bill Tutor Speckled Frog CP 85.25
5 Orin Larsen Scarlett Belle CP 85
6 Tilden Hooper Night Fist FR 85
7 Wyatt Bloom Tootsie Roll CA 84
8 Steven Dent Shaddy Nights CP 83.75
9 Will Lowe Topped Off CP 83.5
10 Clayton Biglow Zulu Warrior CA 82.25
11 Shane O’Connell Faded Night CP 82
12 Clint Laye Tipped Off FR 81.25
13 Garrett Shadbolt Xplosive Skies CA 81.25
14 Richmond Champion Ankle Biter RG 80.25
15 Caleb Bennett Night Crawler CP 79
16 Dantan Bertsch Trail Dust CA 68.5

Breakaway Roping
1 Sawyer Gilbert 2.22
2 Kalcie Chace  2.49
3 Madison Outhier 2.5
4 Jackie Crawford 2.64
5 Abigail Hampton 2.74
6 Taylor Munsell 2.83
7 Beau Peterson 2.84
8 Paige Abernathy 3.25
9 Josie Conner 3.26
10 Jaice Cross 3.35
11 Amber Crawford 3.82
12 Lydia Townson 2.18
13 Tanegai Zilverberg 
14 Tibba Smith 
15 McKenna Hickson
16 Lari Dee Guy

Team Roping
1 Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogera 4.78
2 Luke Brown/Paul Eaves 4.9
3 Marcus Theriot/Coleby Payne 4.94
4 Coleman Proctor/Ryan Motes 5.37
5 Aaron Tsinigine/Trey Yates 5.98
6 Rhen Richard/Cody Doescher 6.31
7 Riley Minor/Brady Minor 9.64
8 Clay Tryan/McCoy Profili 9.83
9 Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp 9.89
10 Spencer Mitchell/Russell Cardoza 9.99
11 Chad Masters/Joseph Harrison 10.06
12 Derrick Begay/Cory Petska 16.11
13 Dustin Equsquiza Kory Koontz 
14 Kellan Johnson/Carson Johnson 
15 Bubba Buckaloo/Chase Tryan 
16 Clay Smith/ Jake Long 

Steer Wrestling
1 Scott Guenthner 4.48
2 Ty Erickson 4.65
3 Hunter Cure 5.04
4 Will Lummus 5.37
5 Curtis Cassidy 5.64
6 Stephen Culling 5.65
7 Tyler Waguespack 5.78
8 Nick Guy 6.18
9 JD Struxness 6.73
10 Tyler Pearson 7.03
11 Blake Knowles
12 Tee Burress 
13 Dakota Eldridge 
14 Denver Berry 
15 Cody Cassidy 
16 Bridger Chambers 

Saddle Bronc
1 Ryder Wright Rich-N-Fancy 89
2 Cody Wright Bartender 87.25
3 Jake Watson Loaded Deck 86.75
4 Mitch Pollock Xecutive News 86
5 Chase Brooks Black Hills 85.75
6 Wade Sundell Cowboy Town 85.25
7 Cort Scheer Y U R Friskey 85
8 Cole Elshere Feather Fluffer 84.25
9 Rusty Wright High Valley 84.25
10 Isaac Diaz Crazy Eyes 83.75
11 Clay Elliott Umber Bubbles 83
12 Spencer Wright Bordertown 82.5
13 Jake Finlay Maple Leaf 81.75
14 Jacobs Crawley Kitty Whistle 81.5
15 Layton Green Miss Chestnut 81.25
16 Zeke Thurston Watch the Night 80.25
17 CoBurn Bradshaw Bad Onion

Tie-Down Roping
1 Jake Pratt 6.84
2 Ryle Smith 7.19
3 Riley Pruitt 7.5
4 Trevor Brazile 7.62
5 Tyson Durfey 7.83
6 Bobby Abernathy 7.9
7 Caleb Smidt 8.08
8 Rhen Richard 8.13
9 Ty Harris 8.2
10 Reese Riemer 8.29
11 Seth Cooke 10.96
12 Shane Hanchey 
13 Monty Lewis  
14 Haven Meged
15 Matt Shiozawa
16 Tuf Cooper 

Barrel Racing
1 Kylie Weast 14.398
2 Jessie Telford 14.49
3 Craig Brooks 14.501
4 Hailey Kinsel 14.508
5 Sydni Blanchard 14.52
6 Amberleigh Moore 14.628
7 DonaKay Rule 14.661
8 Taci Bettis 14.743
9 Ivy Conrado 14.774
10 Debbie Pate 14.865
11 Sarah McCormick 14.872
12 Michael Duffie 14.943
13 Jessica Routier 14.957
14 Stevi Hillman 14.97
15 Carman Pozzobon 14.972
16 Anita Randle 15.000
17 Brandon Cullins 15.122
18 Acey Pinkston 15.404
19 Nellie Miller 19.531
20 Taylor Langdon 20.034

Bull Riding
1 Chase Outlaw Johnny Thunder 87.25 86.25 173.5
2 JT Moore Cool Arrow 88 83.25 171.25
3 Joao Ricardo VieiraHard N Fast 88 80.5 168.5
4 Will Centoni King Herod 82.25 77.5 159.75
5 Brennon Eldred Johnny Cash 0 87.5 87.5
6 Derek Kolbaba Cool Customer 0 84.5 84.5
7 Riker Carter Short Pop 0 83.5 83.5
8 Manuelito de Souza Junior Truly Scrumptous 0 83.25 83.25
9 Aaron Pass Dragon’s Breath 0 82.25 82.25
10 Tyler Bingham Acting Crazy 0 81.25 81.25
11 Eli Vastbinder Ain’t Easy 0 81 81
12 Matt Triplett War Pig 0 80.75 80.75
13 Silvano Alves Rising Sun 0 78.5 78.5
14 Junior Patrik Souza Rocha Udder Brother 0 77.5 77.5
15 Sean Willingham Wired Child 0 77.5 77.5
16 Koby Radley Blitzkreig Bop 0 76.5 76.5

Arena Chatter On The Record

Endurance Equine

We know that the body of an olympic swimming athlete is one you can’t not stop and admire; hours in the pool, along with proper nutrition and cross training, has made these bodies the fine specimen that they are. If we know how well swimming can help tone and build muscle, why aren’t more of us swimming our equine athletes? The problem for Canadians was that though there are a handful of amazing Aqua Tredmills, there were no equine pools in the great white North; until Endurance Equine became a reality.

Klay, a professional team roper, who has qualified for the Canadian Finals Rodeo four times – twice as season leader, and Chelsey having worked at a bank for over ten years, make quite the duo to run a successful business such as this. The dream began when Klay’s good horse Lobo sustained a spiral fracture in his leg in practice back in 2013. During the rehab process, Klay dove deep into research on the benefits of water therapy. 

“We worked on this idea for years before everything lined up for us,” explains Chelsey “we both ended up leaving our careers, we moved onto the land we bought in Ponoka and built our facility after researching, planning, consulting with experts in so many different industries, and then researching some more.” she said.

Enjoy learning more about Endurance Equine, and how Klay and Chelsey Whyte can help you and your equine athlete out this season!

Where is Endurance Equine located? 
Endurance Equine is located just north of Ponoka – about a 10 minute drive. We are about 4.5 miles off of Highway 2 on a paved road. The barn is located on our home property, an acreage we bought a few years ago and broke ground on the summer of 2017. The barn is 6300 sq feet and houses our 8 indoor stalls, pool, solarium, bathroom and client lounge area. Outside, we have 8 pens with shelter and automatic waterers, with room for more pens if and when we’d like to continue building on. Our commute is short (aka a one minute walk across the yard) which is handy for us to be so close and also helps us be flexible with our clients.

What disciplines does Endurance Equine cater to?
We have been lucky to work with a lot of disciplines already! Our clients include horses used in all of the timed events, showing, cutting, reining, ranch, pleasure, trail/hunting. We have seen a lot of success with all of them and would love to continue our work with these disciplines.

What are some common injuries, issues or reasons people would come to Endurance Equine to use the Aqua Walker?
There are two sides to our business – conditioning and rehabilitation, which we approach a bit differently.
We use the Aqua Walker to condition horses for so many reasons. Some have had time off and gotten a bit (or a lot) chubby, need a switch up or boost to their regular routine, have trouble building muscle in certain areas like their topline or booty, want to gain a bit of edge or power, or just simply if their owner isn’t able to exercise for a while but want to maintain condition. Exercising in the water builds cardiovascular stamina, helps burn body fat, increases circulation, strength, and tones muscles. The water has built-in resistance which we can adjust with the speed of the hot walker. For less resistance, we have them going at a slower speed and for a bit more, we simply increase it. For even more resistance, we have the horses change directions in intervals which has them push against the current they create in the water. It makes for a very challenging but low stress workout. Most people are surprised by the speed the horses go – it looks fairly slow but they are getting worked well. Next time you’re in a pool, see how hard it is to push through water that’s up to your chest just by walking…and then speed up! All of this said, we are able to condition horses quicker in the water than if they were being exercised on land, in a safe, stress free and efficient way. It’s also enjoyable for the horses – they like the chance to play a bit (pawing, splashing, dunking their faces in..those are our favourite moments in the pool). With conditioning, we create a program based on the horse’s current condition and the expected outcome of the owner. The things that will vary with this are the length of sessions, how fast we increase the time of their sessions, how many sessions they’ll have and the speed at which they work in the water (that adjustable resistance factor). Although we can exercise up to four horses at once, each horse exercises to their own needs. We do this by grouping horses on similar programs together and have the ability to take a horse out of the Aqua Walker when their time is up and continue exercising the rest of the group. For more customized or individual programs, we would just have the horse in the pool on their own.
When a horse is ready to get back to work after an injury, the pool is the perfect way to start. The water is just as amazing as therapy for horses as it is for people! Since it is a low impact form of exercise it makes it an easier and more efficient way to work the body. The buoyancy of the water limits stress and pressure on joints, muscles, tendons & ligaments. It helps to safely condition the body with less strain and risk of re-injury. Typically after an injury and time off, the horse is carrying around extra weight, so it really helps to take the pressure off the body while they lose some of those pounds. The cool water also helps to reduce swelling or heat so it’s doing double duty. With rehab, each case is specific to each horse but we generally work on slowly and safely easing them back in to work with shorter sessions and less resistance. We gradually build it up until they are ready to be conditioned and then we work on that. The rehab to conditioned journey takes some time, so these horses are usually with us for an extended stay. We work with clients’ vets and other health professionals to ensure a well-rounded and appropriate action plan is in place.
As for common injuries, we see a lot of tendon issues, stifle injuries, arthritis and its related pain, along with general soreness.

What makes the Aqua Walker different from an Aqua Tredmill?
The benefits are mostly addressed in the above question but to fill in the blanks…
The Aqua Walker is a hot walker exerciser built into a four-foot-deep cemented pool. The pool floor has custom rubber mats for cushion and traction. The pool is over 8 feet wide, so each horse has plenty of room for free movement and turning around. The depth of the water and the built-in resistance and buoyancy it brings, along with the space each horse has for natural movement, would be the biggest differences compared to a treadmill.

What therapies does Endurance Equine have on site? Do you plan on expanding and incorporating more in the future?
As of now, we offer the Aqua Walker and our Infrared Solarium.
About the solarium:
In addition to boosting general health and the immune system, sessions in the solarium increase circulation as well as blood and oxygen supply. Decreased muscle tension, inflammation, and pain relief are advantages of this form of light therapy. Use of the infrared solarium after a session in the Aqua Walker helps with a quicker recovery post-workout, provides a calming and relaxing cool down, and aids in drying horses off. It’s also the best for a smile or laugh when you get to watch a horse really relax, yawn, and nod off.
We could tell you about our expansion plans but we’d have to kill you…just kidding – haha! 🙂
We have ideas and room for expansion, if/when we decide to that. For now, we are busy with what we offer but are always brainstorming what would work well in addition to what we have, that we’d be equally as passionate about.
We are also happy to recommend or work with clients’ massage therapists, body workers, chiropractors, farriers etc etc and often have them out to the barn to work on horses during their stay.

What are your goals with Endurance Equine in the coming years?
Our goals are fairly simple to lay out – we want to keep helping horses and sending them home to their happy owners. There is really nothing better in our eyes than watching an owner see their horse after time with us – the excitement, sometimes shock, and happiness of how their horses look and feel is amazing. We have been a part of simply helping horses lose a few pounds to helping a horse that was off for four years due to an injury actually get to run at a rodeo again (and they won it.). We have been so lucky to have already met and worked with so many amazing horses (and owners) and absolutely love that we get to go to work everyday doing something that we are so passionate about, together.

What have been some of the learning curves, ups and downs thus far? 
Insert joke about husbands and wives working together all day, everyday.. 😉 kidding there – it’s been so great combining our knowledge and skills to start this business.
The biggest learning curve was actually getting the business off the ground. Building something that no one in Canada has done before was a challenge. There really wasn’t much to go off and there were so many moving parts to manage so it just took a lot of time, research and trial and error. We had a ton of help from family and friends and are so grateful for our crew.
The ups have been the amazing response and support we’ve received, getting to meet and build relationships with so many amazing horses and their owners and everything working out so we could both take the plunge together, go for our dreams, and build something we think is pretty cool for our family.

What is the best part of owning Endurance Equine?
There’s really nothing better than not only helping horses look better but perform better – the best parts of our days are getting a call or text from a client saying their horse has never felt better, never had so much power and how pleased they are with the results.
We are proud and excited about the results that our Aqua Walker is giving. What we do is really fulfilling and we love to share our results through before & after photos.
One of the best parts of opening is the great response we’ve had – the trust and support of so many people (and it’s been a lot of people we’ve never even met) taking a chance on us and getting excited about what we do too.

What kind of packages are available for clients and their horses?
We have packages that include sessions in the Aqua Walker, Solarium, indoor or outdoor board at varying lengths. They are really just a guideline to get clients started on planning out their horse’s stay – we can adjust and customize so the package fits best. Our website has more information or we are always happy to talk it through on the phone.

How can people get ahold of you or find out more information? 
Facebook: Endurance Equine
Instagram: Endurance_Equine
Phone: 403-505-3046
Or come for a visit – we love to have people out to check out the facility and ask questions. We do prefer to set up a time so we can give everyone our clients and the horses our undivided attention when they need it. We have treats for horses (cookies) and humans (coffee or other depending on the time of day), too.


Arena Chatter Whats Happening

National Symposium on Brain Injuries in Equine Sport

Leading Canadian equine organizations form a consortium to increase awareness of Brain Injuries and
Mental Health in the Canadian Equine Industry.
Spruce Meadows along with the therapeutic product innovator, Back on Track Canada and leaders from
the sport and emergency medicine community, announce the formation of a national consortium
committed to increasing concussion and mental health awareness across the Canadian equine industry.
Leaders from the Western and English riding communities have come together to design and initiate the
delivery of Canada’s first Symposium on Brain Injury and Mental Health in the Canadian Equine Industry,
slated for October 11th at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Alberta.
“It’s challenging to put a figure on just how many Canadians suffer from brain injuries,” says Dr. Louis
Hugo Francescutti, one of the country’s leading medical experts and educators on injury prevention and
the Symposium’s keynote speaker. “They don’t all present for care, especially the milder it is. The
trouble with a brain injury is that you don’t appear to be injured, (but) it is a leading cause of death.
Brain injuries affect thousands of Canadians annually — most especially those within the sports
community — and potentially carry $10 million per patient in economic impact for the country, says the
former President of the Canadian Medical Association and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of
Canada. “There’s an ambulance, there are doctor visits and follow-ups, the person’s IQ may be impacted
to the point where they’re unable to work,” he affirms. “Certainly, if its a youth, their parent will have to
take time off from work. It can break up families and cause divorce.
“There’s a lifetime impact to brain injuries that add up.”
Prevention is the safest and most effective way to save lives, Dr. Francescutti continues. “The thing I ask
all patients when treating for injury from an accident is, ‘did you think it would happen to you today?’
Accidents and injuries always happen when you least expect it.
Symposium workshop leaders, speakers, and panelists are being drawn from a roster of recognized
experts in the equine world. The one-day event is designed to equip participants with resources they
can take back to their respective horse-riding communities and put into daily use. “We want to provide a
toolbox of resources to all Canadian equine organizations, so they can better deal with the critical issue
of rider health and wellness,” says Dr. Blaine Bugg, President of the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports
Medicine Team.
“Equestrian Canada (EC) is delighted to have been asked to be a part of the continuing conversation
surrounding concussion awareness. Although there have been strides made, there is still a lot of work to
be done to help athletes and their support teams, in all sports, be armed with the information they
need. EC would like to thank the consortium’s founding members for making this Symposium possible,”
says Jon Garner, Director of Sport with Equestrian Canada.
The consortium’s founding members include Equestrian Canada, Spruce Meadows, the Canadian Pro
Rodeo Sports Med Team, the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair,
Benson Concussion Institute Inc., Ty Pozzobon Foundation, Back on Track Canada and others.

“We are excited to bring together a diverse representation of the Canadian riding communities in this
unprecedented initiative to improve rider safety and long-term mental health in our $13.5 billion
industry,” says Tobi Simms CEO of Back on Track Canada.
All Canadian equine organizations will be invited to join the consortium to raise nationwide awareness
of the prevention of brain injuries to riders, how to identify related mental health issues, and where to
find appropriate resources to deal with them.

Arena Chatter On The Record

Spielman wins $20k at The 3rd Annual $100,000 Slot Race, The Runaway

Ponoka,AB- After 165 runs on Sunday afternoon, Texas gal, Shelby Spielman is cashing in a nice $20,000 cheque after a picture perfect run at the Calnash Ag Events Centre in Ponoka, Alberta.

Spielman and her DTF mare, Fame N Red Hot, aka Hot Donna smoked a 17.032,  beating out three time CFR & Calgary Stampede qualifier, Carolynn Knapp who was holding on to first with a 17.095 on her great horse Lynx Java Honor.

Shelby accredits part of her Canadian success to her great friend Colby Gilbert

Shelby and Hot Donna are having a fantastic season running in the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, currently sitting 12th in the CPRA, but after a win at the Bruce Stampede this weekend with a 17.481, for $1643.36, a fifth place finish at the Bonnyville Pro Rodeo, they will continue to climb up in the standings to secure a spot at the Canadian Finals Rodeo.

Shelby and Hot Donna will continue their hot streak north of the border until they pack up and ship south to Lubbock, Texas where Spielman attends college at Texas Tech.

Check out their $20,000 run here, thanks to Equine TV

Laciee Shock and her crew put on another outstanding weekend this year, which is no surprise as the support she has from the barrel racing community for this event is insurmountable.  Saturday Shock hosted an open jackpot where 485 runs were made, and paid $1,316 to win each of the 4 Ds paying out a total of just under $17,000.

The Open jackpot replaced The Breeze 2D Slot, as the slots were not fully paid for this year. Those who paid into the Breeze received a refund on their slot. This year also included a new jackpot called the Splash n Dash, where riders had to grab a solo cup of white wine off of each barrel and consume the wine before the next barrel, which was a RIOT!

Laciee also raised money for the Ponoka Food Bank and for the Ty Pozzobon Foundation this year.

For full results, visit the Leather n Facebook page and to re-watch the event you can check out Equine TV on Facebook as well, where Lipstick and Cowboy Boots has interviews with Knapp, Spielman and with Mellisa Hollingsworth during the event.

Top Five in each D from, prizes were given to 10th place

Shelby Spielman – FAME N RED HOT 17.032 $20,000
Carolynn Knapp – LYNX JAVA HONOR 17.095 $10,000
Callahan Crossley – BOGIE BIANKUS 17.316 $2,000
Rylee Shields – FEELING DIRTY 17.347 $2,000
Helen Nowosad – RAISE THE GOLD BAR 17.374

Christine King – CRIMSON MEMORIES 17.733 $20,000
Sierra Booth – PLANTIMPI 17.750 $10,000
Ferrah Fogg – TURNPIKE COUNTY 17.760 $2,000
Frankie Wilson – GINA 17.783 $2,000
Bailee Graham – FLING ME A TOYE 17.828

Charly Rae Reeder – FRENCHMANS GUNNER 18.455 $20,000
Chyanne Maurer – CL FABIO DOT COM 18.477 $10,000
Amber Teed – SHEZA FAMOUS BULLY 18.478 $2,000
Marti Hampton – BLAZIN BUNNY DOC 18.491 $2,000
Laciee Shock – 18.511

Be sure to mark your calendars for the last weekend in July for the 2019 event!

Arena Chatter Results

CPRA & WPRA Barrel Racing Standings as of July 27, 2018

Below are the CPRA and WPRA standings, courtesy of and

Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Barrel Racing Standings as of July 27, 2018

3 WEIR SHAYNA (24) PONOKA, AB 18,576.06
14 GANTER ANGELA (19) ABILENE, TX 9,093.21
20 WHITE KIRSTY (21) BIG VALLEY, AB 6,849.97

WPRA World Standings
1 Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX $179,073.37 31
2 Nellie Miller Cottonwood, CA $122,021.20 25
3 Taci Bettis Round Top, TX $102,674.53 39
4 Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD $88,493.58 23
5 Kelly Bruner (G) Millsap, TX $85,354.68 46
6 Kylie Weast Comanche, OK $77,646.38 40
7 Jessica Routier Buffalo, SD $75,977.81 36
8 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Victoria, TX $73,961.50 52
9 Carman Pozzobon Aldergrove, BC $73,644.18 31
10 Stevi Hillman Weatherford, TX $73,476.71 58
11 Amberleigh Moore Salem, OR $71,498.43 26
12 Carley Richardson Pampa, TX $66,441.39 28
13 Kellie Collier Hereford, TX $65,735.88 50
14 Tiany Schuster Krum, TX $64,435.17 51
15 Ivy Conrado Hudson, CO $63,489.53 37
16 Tammy Fischer Ledbetter, TX $62,907.85 45
17 Tracy Nowlin Nowata, OK $55,353.45 46
18 Jessica Telford Caldwell, ID $53,760.00 34
19 Nikki Hansen Dickinson, ND $50,687.39 41
20 Ericka Nelson Century, FL $50,038.86 57

Arena Chatter Results

Calgary Stampede 2018 Champions Crowned

Calgary, AB – Hailey Kinsel and Sister can’t be stopped. The sizzling duo won $21,000 in Pool B alone; more than anyone in any event in either pool of the Calgary Stampede this year. They then placed  second in the semi-finals this afternoon, and almost cracked into the sixteens, running a 17.078 to take home the coveted $100,000 cheque. Half of the money at Calgary counts towards the Womens Professional Rodeo Association World Standings.

That being said, we should see Canada’s Carman Pozzobon headed to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo this December in Las Vegas, Nevada. Time will tell.

Texas cowboy, Tuf Cooper won the tie-down roping champion title and the $100,000 cheque with a 6.8 run. The lone Canadian, Kyle Lucas suffered a no time.

Matt Reeves won the steer wrestling with a 4.7, where Canadians Scott Guenthner broke the barrier to be a 4.3 taking third place & Cody Cassidy ran a no time.

Richie Champion is a repeat champion, showing up with a 92.5 on C5’s Virgil for $100,000, the same match up from 2017 with the same result. Jake Vold was just a half point behind him for the second place cheque, and Clint Laye finished third with an 89.50 point ride.

It was not a four-peat for Big Valley’s Zeke Thurston in the saddle bronc. He post a 90 point ride on Get Smart, the same horse he won the $100,000 on last year, but was edged out by Ryder Wright by just three points, while fellow Albertan, Clay Elliot rode Timely Delivery for 84 points and the fourth place cheque.

Only one ride was made in the bull riding and that was by Marcos Gloria of Brazil, who currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. He rode Rattler for the $100,000.

It was wonderful to have Mellissa Hollingsworth on CBC commentating during the barrel racing and covering interviews with our rodeo athletes. She did a fabulous job, as did Ron McLean, Mark Lee, & Bob Tallman. It was great as always listening to Brett Monea during the bull riding and having Scott Schiffner during the final day, whom I hope becomes a main fixture over the ten days of Stampede next year.

Final four results below. Full Calgary Stampede results can be found here.

Barrel Racing Final Round
Kinsel, Hailey
Cotulla TX 17.078 $100,000
Bruner, Kelly Millsap TX 17.106 $25,000
Routier, Jessica Buffalo SD 17.256 $15,000
Lockhart, Lisa Oelrichs SD 17.272 $10,000

Bareback Riding
Champion, Richie Dublin TX onVirgil 92.50 $100,000
Vold, Jake Airdrie AB Trail Dust 92.00 $25,000
Laye, Clint Cadogan AB  Special Delivery 89.50 $15,000
Biglow, Clayton Clements CA Onion Ring 86.50 $10,000

Steer Wrestling
Reeves, Matt
Cross Plains TX 4.7
Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA 6.7
Guenthner, Scott Consort AB 14.3
Cassidy, Cody Donalda AB NT

Saddle Bronc
Wright, Ryder Milford UT Stampede Warrior 93.00 $100,000
Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB Get Smart 90.00 $25,000
Scheer, Cort Elsmere NE Wild Cherry 89.50 $15,000
Elliott, Clay Nanton AB Timely Delivery 84.00 $10,000

Tie Down Roping
Cooper, Tuf Weatherford TX 6.8
Smidt, Caleb Bellville TX 7.1
Moore, Timbe rAubrey TX 8.5
Lucas, Kyle Carstairs AB NT

Bull Riding
Gloria, Marcos
Edmonton AB Rattler 76.00
Wallace, Ty Collbran CO Anika’s Pet BO
Frost, Joe Randlett UT Heavens Basement BO
Vieira, Fabiano Perola BRZ Kill Switch BO

Wild Card Round – Barrel Racing
Miller, Nellie Cottonwood CA 17.300 $6,000
Collier, Kellie Hereford TX 17.400 $5,000
Nelson, Ericka Century FL 17.500 $4,000
Bettis, Taci Round Top TX 17.520 $3,000
Schuster, Tiany Krum TX 17.600 $2,000
Murray, Tillar Fort Worth TX 17.680 $1,000
Weast, Kylie Comanche OK 17.720
Moore, Amberleigh Keizer OR 17.820
Laurence, Nicole Cresson TX 18.100
Skocdopole, Diane Big Valley AB 18.120
Hinton, Jaime Bulverde TX 18.480
Crossley, Callahan Hermiston OR 27.540

Semi-Finals – Barrel Racing
Routier, Jessica Buffalo SD 17.260
Kinsel, Hailey Cotulla TX 17.290
Bruner, Kelly Millsap TX 17.300
Lockhart, Lisa Oelrichs SD 17.310
Wright, Carmel Roy MT 17.440 $3,300
Richardson, Carley Pampa TX 17.490 $3,300
Conrado, Ivy Hudson CO 17.520 $3,300
Miller, Nellie Cottonwood CA 17.590 $3,300
Pozzobon, Carman Savona BC 17.860 $3,300
Collier, Kellie Hereford TX 22.840 $3,300


Arena Chatter Results

Advancing to Championship Sunday from Pool B of the Calgary Stampede

The following from each event will be advancing to Championship Sunday at the Calgary Stampede. Those who did not advance have one last chance on Wildcard Saturday!

Canadians that have secured a spot for Sunday from Pool B include Carman Pozzobon, Brendan Laye, Marcos Gloria, and from Pool A, Clint Laye, Jake Vold, Kyle Lucas, Clay Elliot, Zeke Thurston, & Cody Cassidy.

In the case of a tie in the top four standings, I believe they take the rider with the higher score average.


Competitor Perf 5 Perf 6 Perf 7 Perf 8 Aggregate On Place
217 O’Connell, Tim Zwingle IA 83.00 84.50 84.50 87.50 $12,750.00 4 1
209 Dent, Steven Mullen NE 88.50 82.50 85.50 80.00 $12,500.00 4 2
204 Breuer, Ty Mandan ND 83.00 87.50 76.00 86.00 $10,750.00 4 3
205 Brown, Jake Cleveland TX 85.50 79.50 84.50 BO $6,500.00 3 4/4
219 Vezain, J.R. Cowley WY 85.50 80.50 80.50 85.50 $6,500.00 4 4/4

Tie-Down Roping

Competitor Perf 5 Perf 6 Perf 7 Perf 8 Aggregate On Place
404 Cooper, Tuf Weatherford TX 7.1 6.7 NT 7.4 $13,500.00 3 1
408 Jarrett, Ryan Comanche OK 6.8 7.2 7.3 NT $12,000.00 3 2/3
405 Cox, Blane Cameron TX 7.9 7.7 6.7 11.6 $12,000.00 4 2/3
410 Malone, Justin Plain City UT 7.2 NT 7.3 NT $6,500.00 2 4

Saddle Bronc

Competitor Perf 5 Perf 6 Perf 7 Perf 8 Aggregate On Place
120 Wright, Ryder Milford UT 84.50 92.00 90.00 89.00 $20,000.00 4 1
119 Wright, Rusty Milford UT 86.50 84.50 87.50 85.50 $12,500.00 4 2
116 Sundell, Wade Boxholm IA 81.50 89.00 87.50 82.50 $9,250.00 4 3
115 Scheer, Cort Elsmere NE 84.00 80.50 85.00 88.50 $9,000.00 4 4

Steer Wrestling

Competitor Perf 5 Perf 6 Perf 7 Perf 8 Aggregate On Place
516 Reeves, Matt Cross Plains TX 4.3 18.5 4.2 3.5 $14,500.00 4 1
504 Eldridge, Dakota Elko NV 4.7 4.1 4.3 NT $11,000.00 3 2
521 Knowles, Trevor Mt Vernon OR 13.9 NT 3.7 3.9 $8,000.00 3 3/4
510 Laye, Brendan Consort AB 4.5 4.3 6.4 4.8 $8,000.00 4 3/4

Barrel Racing

Competitor Perf 5 Perf 6 Perf 7 Perf 8 Aggregate On Place
607 Kinsel, Hailey Cotulla TX 17.350 17.280 17.110 17.040 $21,000.00 4 1
614 Pozzobon, Carman Savona BC 17.380 17.460 17.220 17.260 $15,000.00 4 2
616 Routier, Jessica Buffalo SD 17.640 17.470 17.200 17.340 $10,500.00 4 3
615 Richardson, Carley Pampa TX 22.730 17.550 17.490 17.200 $7,000.00 4 4

Bull Riding

Competitor Perf 5 Perf 6 Perf 7 Perf 8 Aggregate On Place
314 Nance, Cody Springfield TN BO 75.50 87.50 87.00 $10,500.00 3 1
308 Kimzey, Sage Strong City OK 78.50 85.00 81.00 82.00 $10,000.00 4 2
304 De Lima, Ramon Sao Paulo SP 74.00 BO 88.50 85.00 $9,500.00 3 3
306 Gloria, Marcos Edmonton AB BO 83.00 BO 90.50 $8,000.00 2 4/4/4
311 Lockwood, Jess Volborg MT BO 85.50 BO 85.50 $8,000.00 2 4/4/4
321 Mauney, J.B. Statesville NC 85.50 BO 87.00 BO $8,000.00 2 4/4/4
Arena Chatter Results

Advancing to Championship Sunday from Pool A at the Calgary Stampede

The following from each event will be advancing to Championship Sunday at the Calgary Stampede. Those who did not advance have one last chance on Wildcard Saturday!

Canadians that have secured a spot for Sunday include Clint Laye, Jake Vold, Kyle Lucas, Clay Elliot, Zeke Thurston, & Cody Cassidy.


Competitor Perf 1 Perf 2 Perf 3 Perf 4 Aggregate On Place
206 Champion, Richie Dublin TX 86.50 85.50 83.00 84.00 $15,000.00 4 1
215 Laye, Clint Cadogan AB 85.50 88.00 73.00 83.50 $13,000.00 4 2
220 Vold, Jake Airdrie AB 82.50 86.50 88.00 77.50 $10,000.00 4 3
221 O’Connell, Shane Rapid City SD 83.00 68.50 85.50 79.50 $7,250.00 4 4

Tie-Down Roping

Competitor Perf 1 Perf 2 Perf 3 Perf 4 Aggregate On Place
416 Solomon, Cory Prairie View TX 6.9 7.9 9.5 7.0 $15,000.00 4 1
415 Smidt, Caleb Bellville TX NT 7.3 8.2 6.7 $13,500.00 3 2
417 Swor, Cade Winnie TX NT 6.9 7.1 NT $11,000.00 2 3
409 Lucas, Kyle Carstairs AB 7.3 NT NT 7.0 $8,500.00 2 4

Saddle Bronc

Competitor Perf 1 Perf 2 Perf 3 Perf 4 Aggregate On Place
110 Elliott, Clay Nanton AB 86.00 86.00 85.00 84.50 $14,000.00 4 1
117 Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB 89.00 85.50 82.50 87.00 $13,500.00 4 2
109 Diaz, Isaac Desdemona TX 86.50 87.00 84.50 74.00 $11,500.00 4 3
107 DeMoss, Cody Heflin LA 83.50 75.00 87.50 89.00 $11,000.00 4 4

Steer Wrestling

Competitor Perf 1 Perf 2 Perf 3 Perf 4 Aggregate On Place
520 Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA 3.9 4.5 5.5 4.6 $11,500.00 4 1
509 Irwin, Kyle Robertsdale AL NT NT 4.1 3.8 $11,000.00 2 2
501 Cassidy, Cody Donalda AB 4.0 4.4 NT 14.4 $9,500.00 3 3
503 Edge, Cole Durant OK 4.4 5.1 5.1 5.0 $7,750.00 4 4

Barrel Racing

Competitor Perf 1 Perf 2 Perf 3 Perf 4 Aggregate On Place
602 Bruner, Kelly Millsap TX 17.460 17.660 17.430 17.170 $19,000.00 4 1
604 Conrado, Ivy Hudson CO 17.540 17.450 17.500 17.460 $17,000.00 4 2
609 Lockhart, Lisa Oelrichs SD 17.360 17.710 22.410 17.430 $12,000.00 4 3
620 Wright, Carmel Roy MT 22.760 17.510 17.700 17.510 $8,500.00 4 4

Bull Riding

Competitor Perf 1 Perf 2 Perf 3 Perf 4 Aggregate On Place
305 Frost, Joe Randlett UT 85.50 86.00 BO 87.50 $15,000.00 3 1
303 Davis, Cooper Buna TX 85.50 BO 79.50 78.00 $10,000.00 3 2
318 Vieira, Fabiano Perola BRZ DQ 82.00 BO 85.50 $8,000.00 2 3
319 Wallace, Ty Collbran CO 81.00 BO 87.00 BO $7,500.00 2 4
Arena Chatter Whats Happening

Grit, Glamour & Goals to host Mellisa Hollingsworth in Red Deer for the ‘MNP Live Lookbook & Gala’

June 22nd, 2018
For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Cassie Hausauer, G3 Events

Grit, Glamour & Goals to host Mellisa Hollingsworth in Red Deer for the ‘MNP Live Lookbook & Gala’

RED DEER, Alberta — Grit, Glamour & Goals – MNP Live Lookbook & Gala is bringing Motivational Guest Speaker Mellisa Hollingsworth to Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta on September 8th, 2018. Hollingsworth is accompanied by ten of the top boutiques in Alberta for a fashion show, and the Calgary Dueling Pianos.

“This whole event was built on the idea of bringing together women of the rural community and supporting all the small business that our western community hosts.” said Rayel Daines. “With enough support we will be able to successfully support mental health initiatives by donating a portion of the silent auction proceeds to Healing Hooves Equine therapy program.” Daines added.

The hosts of this event are thrilled to announce that Meyers Norris Penny (MNP) is the title sponsor of this event for 2018.

Mellisa Hollingsworth is an Olympic Bronze Medalist, Canadian Champion and Overall World Cup Champion. She is one of Canada’s most decorated Skeleton Athletes, and the first Canadian to win an Olympic medal in the sport of Skeleton. If you view her website you will see she has a lengthy list of career highlights including a Bronze medal at the 2005-06 Olympic Winter Games, Torino. Hollingsworth is also a barrel racer and a CBC Sports commentator who covers the barrel racing during The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, The Calgary Stampede and most recently partnered with former Canadian Finals Rodeo Champion, Nancy Csabay and competed on The Amazing Race Canada, which is set to air on July 3rd.

After taking a year hiatus, Grit, Glamour & Goals plans on being an annual event, with hopes of expanding in the years to come.

“We would love to see this event grow each year moving forward and I think we have created a really special event, especially with bringing in an Olympic athlete as our guest speaker this year, and the addition of the dueling pianos.” said Emily Leggette, the newest member of the Grit, Glamour & Goals team. Leggette was a huge help in the 2016 event, which featured paraplegic barrel racer, Amberley Snyder.

Ten Top Retail Shops from Alberta have confirmed spots at this event. They include: Prairie Willow Co., Bold & Brassy, Dirt Road Pretty, Renegade Ranchgirls, Twisted Label, Cody & Sioux, Ulla-La Boutique, Winslow Rowe, Wildrose Retro, Brax & Charlie & BadHoss Silver, all bringing their best lines, and offer deals you won’t see anywhere else. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit for the Canadian Finals Rodeo, look no further, or get your Christmas shopping done all in one night!

This year Grit, Glamour & Goals has partnered with Westerner Park for the $1,000 scholarship. To apply you must:

-Be a female enrolled in post secondary full time for the 2018/2019 school year (diploma or degree).
-Provide a 3-5 minutes video of yourself explaining your experience in the agricultural and/or western community; how do you plan to contribute to the future of the community?
-Also include a brief summary of how this scholarship would assist you in the costs associated with your education.
-Essay Applications can be sent to, Subject- Scholarship Application.
-Application deadline is September 1st, 2018 at midnight

This event will be a semi-formal event. Doors open at 3:00pm for shopping, dinner to be served at 6:00pm, guest speaker to go on at 7:00pm, fashion show at 8:00pm, and the Calgary Dueling Pianos to close out the evening beginning at 8:45pm. (tentative schedule, see website for full schedule)

Tickets are $65 (plus applicable service charges) which include entry to the event, dinner, and complimentary table wine. There will be a cash bar available. Tables seat 8 and only 350 tickets will be sold.

You can purchase tickets via Tickets Alberta at, or visit the G3 website here for details.

About G3 Events:

Grit, Glamour & Goals; G3 Events was created in the spring of 2016 with the goal in mind to create events which celebrates the modern western woman, to bring people together to encourage, celebrate and support one another, and for a night of fun and motivation. Their second event takes place on September 8th, in Red Deer, AB featuring Mellisa Hollingsworth. G3 has also created the Grit, Glamour & Goals Scholarship. For more, visit G3 Events on Facebook or Instagram.

About Mellisa Hollingsworth:

Mellisa Hollingsworth is an Olympic Bronze Medalist and multiple time World Cup Champion in the sport of Skeleton. She is also a Real Estate Agent, Barrel Racer, CBC Sports Commentator, and most recently a Sheraton Celebrity Dance Off Contestant. For more information, please visit

About Meyers Norris Penny:

MNP is a leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm in Canada. We proudly serve and respond to the needs of our clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Through partner-led engagements, we provide a collaborative, cost-effective approach to doing business and personalized strategies to help organizations succeed across the country and around the world.