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Carman Pozzobon CFR 2018

This week we are set to witness the best of the best compete head to head for the title of the 2018 CPRA Barrel Racing Champion.

Will the 2017 Ladies Barrel Racing Champion, have a repeat finals, taking home the title?!

After 37 CPRA rodeos, and pocketing $44, 078.74, Carman Pozzobon is headed to the 45th Canadian Finals Rodeo in the number one position. Carman won Williams Lake Stampede, Airdrie, Kennedy, & Strathmore, placing at numerous other rodeos.

Carman will of course be bringing the legendary Rip N Lady who is by Frenchs Hula Guy and out of a Eli BetaStreak mare. She will also be bringing her 2018 futurity mare, LuLu aka TammysLittleParadise who is by Frenchs Hula Guy and out of Tammy Paradise, a Docs Paradise mare. Lulu came from Billie Bird as a two year old. “She’s easy for me to switch out from Ripp since she goes left as well and I can ride her aggressive too. Very honest and easy to be around.” Carman said.

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
Strathmore I would have to say. Ripps just loved that pen this year and we where both feeling great that weekend to make it a success. They put a good show on too, loved the running of the bulls.

What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo? How do you stay motivated throughout the season?
I get ahead at home so I can take off for long periods of time. Being able to bring some colts on the trail always helps me feel better aswell so I don’t get to far behind on them. It’s all about balancing life. Mentally I keep a clear mind, I don’t hang onto the negative, I’ll live in the moment during each run and push forward to the next so I never get hung up on a bad one. Love to see what the future has to bring even good and bad it’s fun learning life.

What does your feed program look like, keeping your horses in peak condition going down the road and even in the off season?
Like to aim for a fat pony cause they usually end up being in perfect shape then once you add the miles and runs.
Same for off season would rather get one back into shape than trying to gain weight going into a season.

I feed my horses Equi-cal from Lifeline which is a high fat feed. Low starch and sugars.

They live on Equine Fit supplements, each get what their body is needing which I get each horse scanned to make the supplements program so it’s all personalized. I love their Omega Complete for my horses to get all their omegas and Gastric gold to help there digestive system to stay healthy for my two main supplements. They have a great Calm and Focus Aswell.

Also use Elite Three Hemp, Sharp Edge, Bio Mane depending on each horses needs.

Zesterra is huge in my traveling program to keep the horses feeling great while making the miles. Also helps with colic or tying up. It gets rid of lactic acids and infection.

Grass is important on our days off.

What do you do to condition your horses, and to keep them in their best shape through out the season?
Well I find it way easier when I’m back in BC to keep ones mind fresh and the body in shape. There’s more access for mountains for conditioning and being away from the arenas. While I was in AB this year I would just make sure to get them a good exercise each day and build their lungs up as much as possible. If they needed some time off they would go to Coulee Equine and relax but still get Conditioned so their body could mend without being in overdrive.

What has been your most memorable run over the years?
The one that stands out for just Odd would be having the Meet and Greet on my first with the Dodge Rep at Grass Roots Finals last year. Best run would be winning the $20000 at Ponoka with a 16.90.

If you could make a run on any one of the other CFR qualifiers horses which one would you choose and why?
Brownie! Hes a wonder horse. Still going top notch at his age and so trying. He amazes me each run he goes out there.

What is the one thing you cannot live without on the road?
Avocados and Water. That’s my survival pack.

What are you looking forward to the most as you head to the 2018 Canadian Finals Rodeo?
The new changes. I always like new challenges and we’ve never been in the arena so we all have a fresh start in there.

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Be sure to check out Carmans website, carmanpozzobon.com!

*photo submitted by Carman

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