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The Calgary Barrel Classic presents Canada’s Best

Maybe you own a tough barrel horse but have had zero desire to chase the Pro Rodeo trail all year. Maybe it’s not in the budget, or maybe rodeo ground doesn’t appeal to you. But you often sit and wonder how you and your superstar would fare against the Top Pro Barrel Racers. Sure, you could enter a few added money jackpots, where a few of the top pro girls might have time to stop by and make a run, giving you the chance to see how you compare. But what if there was a race with literally  the best from across Canada, all running against one another on optimal ground conditions; a true horse race?

The producers who brought you The Calgary Barrel Classic in 2015, are the genius minds behind Canada’s Best.

The first of ten qualifiers for Canada’s Best will be held in Chilliwack, BC during the Canadian Barrel Racing’s 3rd Annual “Coastal Classic” Futurity & Derby, September 3-5, 2016 at the beautiful Heritage Park.
Entries are due August 29th. HERE is the entry Form.



Are the wheels turning in your head? Let me give you some more details.

This event will be paying out $105,000 at the Finals.

The top 10% from each qualifier will be moving on to the Semi-Finals, which are held on the Friday in September of 2017, the Finals are held the very next day, on the same great ground.

The top 20 Finalists that make it will receive their $500 Entry Fee  back.

The WINNER of Canada’s Best will take home $50,000 CASH a beautiful buckle, and the title of Canada’s Best. 
2nd – $9,000
3rd – $8,000
4th – $7,000
5th – $6,000
6th – $5,000
7th – $4,000
8th – $3,000
9th – $2,000
10th – $1,000

There will be qualifiers held across Canada. Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & BC. Ten Qualifiers total. This is an event you WON’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON.

As it always goes, with the first few Qualifiers, people are still on the fence about entering. JUMP OFF THAT FENCE FOLKS!!!
Let this be the perfect time for you to ENTER AND QUALIFY!!! Numbers will only continue to rise at each Qualifier, making it tougher to get in!
What are you waiting for? 

As a Canadian, you may qualify on three different horses. As an American, please come visit your Northern Neighbor, as you can qualify on two horses!

You currently have 6 days remaining to enter the first Qualifier.

Please visit www.thecalgarybarrelclassic.com

Best of Luck to you!

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