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Callahan Crossley CFR 2018

Making her third appearance at the Canadian Finals Rodeo will be Callahan Crossley, from Hermiston, Oregon. Crossley will be running Brownie Bi Bogie aka Brownie, who is by Bogie Biankus out of a Leo Bars bred mare. During the 2018 season she won Leduc, Armstrong, Merritt and Hanna pro rodeos, taking home just over $25,600 after running at 28 rodeos.

What things do you want people to know about your horse(s)?
He’s a family horse! My two sisters and my mom have all competed on him. He is very special to me and thankful for every run I get to make on him.

What quirks does your horse/horses have?
He is very quirky! Lol it seems like every day there is a new quirk 🤣 bridling, loading in the trailer, and cleaning out his feet can be a task in itself depending on the day.

How would you describe your horses barrel racing style?
He is not very flashy. He is just efficient and runs straight lines and doesn’t try to hit barrels. Very honest.

Tell us about your 2018 season; the highs and the lows.
2018 started out pretty good with winning a good amount at Regina… then coming into the spring and start of the summer things weren’t so hot lol placing at the bottom along the way kept me going and by the end of the summer Brownie was the strongest yet and made it all worth it 🙂

What was your favourite rodeo this year and why?
My favorite rodeo this year was Armstrong because I think it might be Brownies favorite, haha. The last three years he’s won 1st, 2nd, and 1st at that rodeo.

We all know that being competitive takes serious mental strength.What do you do to keep a sharp mental edge in the game of rodeo? How do you stay motivated throughout the season?
It is VERY hard to stay motivated when things aren’t going your way. I’m probably most guilty of all at getting down. Luckily I have a great family that told me to keep going and one more and one more and before I knew things turned around and got on the right track.

What does your feed program look like, keeping your horses in peak condition going down the road and even in the off season?
I like to keep alfalfa hay in front of Brownie at all times. He gets Purina equine senior, omelene 200 when going down the road, ulcer guard, horse guard products (weight gain, trifecta) Being 20yrs old I just like be sure that I am keeping weight on him and keeping him healthy. Weight gain is great for Brownie keeps him looking full, but it is also great for my young horse that seems to drop weight while traveling and is still growing.

What do you do to condition your horses leading up to the season, and what does your pre CFR routine consist of?
I just keep exercising him and going to barrel races to keep him in running shape. Too bad for Brownie he doesn’t get much of a break because he just can’t come back as strong as the younger horses can.

What has been your most memorable run over the years, can be embarrassing or run of your life?
Oh gosh, probably winning The Breeze last year for 50k!

If you could make a run on any one of the other CFR qualifiers horses which one would you choose and why?
That’s tough! Of course I’d love to run Rip’n Lady! Buttttt I’m afraid I might fall off 🤣

What is the one thing you cannot live without on the road?

What are you looking forward to the most as you head to the 2018 Canadian Finals Rodeo?
I’m excited to compete at the first ever Red Deer CFR! 🤗

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