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Calgary Stampede Day 3 Pool B

Calgary, AB – This afternoon Tiany Schuster damn near broke the arena record, which is held by Tammy Key Fischer with a 17.03. Schuster ran a blistering 17.060, and Stevi Hillman was not far off with a 17.070. This moved Tiany to the fourth position in the standings, while Hillman is now fifth, and our Canadian Nancy Csabay is sitting sixth.

Over to the tie-down roping, Morgan Grant received a no time while Logan Bird was a little long and broke the barrier, resulting in a 21.6 and a 7th place finish. Al Bouchard picked up a fifth place cheque with a 7.9. Bird is currently sixth in the standings, Bouchard eighth, Grant is ninth and Rombough is tenth with no times across the board. Here’s hoping his luck turns around for tomorrow.

Seth Brockman won the steer wrestling with a 3.5. Cody Cassidy finished fifth this afternoon with a 4.3. Cody is sitting eighth in the pool B standings heading into day four tomorrow afternoon.

Zeke Thurston won the saddle bronc with an 86 on Super Sox, and is currently third in the pool B standings with one ride to go. Rusty Wright is only $500 behind him.

Orin Larsen pulled a third place cheque today on Saturn Rocket with an 86.5 spur ride, and currently sits third in the standings. Clint Laye was an 84.5 on Mirage this afternoon, but was just out of the money. Laye continues to stay at $0 in the standings.

Tanner Byrne rode Milky Chance, one of his families own bulls for 86.5 points and a fourth place cheque, which leaves him sitting fourth in the standings. Brennon Eldred had a beauty of a ride on Evil Genius to win the round with an 88.5. Kimzey and Mauney tied for 2nd/3rd each with 87.5 point rides. Brock Radford was matched up with Sheep Creek and started out making a great ride, but came off at about 4.5 seconds. Radford has moved down to fifth place in the standings, and is ahead of Kolbaba by $1,000. Coverchuk was marked down as a slap today and Pankewitz has doctored out along with Chase Outlaw.

Results courtesy of Calgary Stampede

Tie-Down Roping
415 Smidt, Caleb Bellville TX 7.3
411 Moore, Timber Aubrey TX 7.4
419 Whitfield, Fred Hockley TX 7.5
410 Malone, JC Plain City UT 7.8
402 Bouchard, Al Scandia AB 7.9
418 Vest, Stetson Childress TX 11.3
401 Bird, Logan Nanton AB 21.6
413 Rombough, Lee Sexsmith AB NT
406 Grant, Morgan Granton ON NT
414 Shiozawa, Matt Chubbuck ID NT

Steer Wrestling
503 Brockman, Seth Wheatland WY 3.5
511 Graves, Stockton Alva OK 3.7
521 Knowles, Trevor Mt Vernon OR 3.8
518 Struxness, JD Milan MN 3.9
505 Cassidy, Cody Donalda AB 4.3
514 Irwin, Kyle Robertsdale AL 4.9
501 Armes, Bray Gruver TX 13.5
509 Erickson, Ty Helena MT 13.8
520 Waguespack, Tyler Gonzales LA 15.4
513 Hass, Clayton Weatherford TX 20.6

207 Clements, Mason Santaquin UT CH 79 Paradise Moon 87.50
217 O’Connell, Tim Zwingle IA TB 017 Raggedy Ann 86.50
214 Larsen, Orin Inglis MB C S45 Saturn Rocket 86.50
201 Aus, Tanner Granite Falls MN C Y1 YYC Departure 85.50
213 Tutor, Bill Huntsville TX V 038 Say When 85.00
211 Laye, Clint Cadogan AB V 716 Mirage 84.50
218 Peebles, Steven Redmond OR F 2 Ultimately Wolf 83.50
209 Dent, Steven Mullen NE F 82 Ultimately Cash 82.00
205 Brown, Jake Cleveland TX TB M438 Wild N Blue BO
210 Feild, Kaycee Genola UT C Y6 Yodi News BO

Saddle Bronc
114 Thurston, Zeke Big Valley AB F 532 Super Sox 86.00
106 Crawley, Sterling Stephenville TX C W1 Weekend Departure 85.00
107 DeMoss, Cody Heflin LA C Y62 York Alabama 85.00
103 Braden, Hardy Welch OK V 21 Painted Saint 84.50
105 Crawley, Jacobs Boerne TX V 071 Big Shoes 84.00
117 Wright, Jesse Milford UT CH 967 Joe Fabulous 84.00
119 Wright, Rusty Milford UT F 811 Red Poodle 84.00
116 Wright, Cody Milford UT C Z14 Zodiac Margie 77.00
112 Scheer, Cort Elsmere NE TB 700 Pearl Necklace LS
118 Wright, Jake Milford UT C Z33 Zenith Rocket BO

Barrel Racing
616 Schuster, Tiany Krum TX 17.060
610 Hillman, Stevi Weatherford TX 17.070
609 Grimes, Kathy Medical Lake WA 17.270
603 Cervi, Sherry Marana AZ 17.370
612 Lockhart, Lisa Oelrichs SD 17.380
605 Csabay, Nancy Skiff AB 17.520
611 Langdon, Taylor Aubrey TX 17.680
604 Crossley, Callahan Hermiston OR 17.910
617 Small, Cayla Welch OK 22.490
614 Moore, Amberleigh Keizer OR 22.560

Bull Riding
305 Eldred, Brennon Sulphur OK F4 211 Evil Genius 88.50
313 Mauney, J.B. Statesville NC O 96 Tennessee Whiskey 87.50
308 Kimzey, Sage Strong City OK E 0819 Minion Stewart 87.50
321 Byrne, Tanner Prince Albert SK F4 S30 Milky Chance 86.50
318 Teel, Cody Kountze TX F4 58A Lil Shorty 85.50
302 Coverchuk, Cody Meadow Lake SK O 116 Chip Shot SLP
315 Pankewitz, Tyler Ponoka AB V 105 Johnny Gringo DR
314 Outlaw, Chase Hamburg AR E 216 Big Shot DR
312 Kolbaba, Derek Walla Walla WA W 2 Double Major BO
316 Radford, Brock DeWinton AB V 035 Sheep Creek BO

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