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I am all for trying new things, whether it be bright pink lipstick, or just an outgoing outfit that make people take a second glance,  but the Boot Rugs are something else. I am kind of on the fence about them… Mind you, I was the exact same way when BB Simon bling belts came out, when square toe boots became popular, or more recently, with the palazzo pants were making their way into our closets.. I will admit, I did end up with all three.

Boot Rugs have been out since the Fall of 2012, but I did not notice them until late 2013. Now here we are, Fall of 2014 and they are still not a big thing in Canada. YET!

What are the point of Boot Rugs you may ask? They are a boot accessory, and quite the statement piece. If I saw anyone in Canada wearing them, I would probably ask where they got them, what made them want to get them, and if they’re keeping their calves warm during the cold snap.. Who am I kidding, I will probably have a pair by the CFR but most likely for the NFR. Why not! I like to stand out and make a statement. I need a pair in my life!!

Now youre thinking, OK Cass, what do these things look like? What do you wear them with? WELL! All pictures I have found, the girls are wearing snip toe boots with the Rugs. Tends to make it look a bit more feminine. They are also either wearing dresses/skirts, leggings or skinny jeans. Regular jeans with any flare in the leg just wouldnt work the same. They would be too bulky at the top of the Rugs. If you are going to purchase a pair of Boot Rugs, I suggest buying something that will go with whatever you have for boots. My Gringos are already loud enough on their own, so I would find something that wouldnt take away from them too much (near impossible with the Rug, I know I know) maybe a more neutral pair.. Honestly, I could see myself buying a fluffy angora-style set.. Dont judge!

Santa Angela Collection from

Santa Angela Collection from

High Chaparral Boot Rug My Favorite Pair!!

High Chaparral Boot Rug
My Favorite Pair!!

You can find Boot Rugs online for anywhere between $100-$500USD. I am sure there are more expensive ones out there. They come in many patterns, colors,  and  textiles. I have found Tibetan lamb-wool, Cowhide, fringe, and hand-loomed fabric made in Guatemala.

Bar T Boutique

Bar T Boutique

Geronimo Boot Rug

Geronimo Boot Rug in the Fall 2012 edition of Cowgirl Magazine in the Fall 2012 edition of Cowgirl Magazine

Do I think these will be flying off the shelves in Canada any time soon? No. I do think you may see a pair here and there. But they’re not going to be the next big thing, at least not right away. We tend to take the longest to catch on to any new styles. Perhaps by the 2015 CFR you will see more of them.  Am I a fashion expert, heck no, so I could very well be wrong, but I am yet to find a Canadian girl rocking them! If you are interested in purchasing a pair, may I suggest checking out !

If you’re ahead of the game, and already own a pair, leave a comment and let me know what you think! 🙂

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