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The whole reason I ever started writing my own blog was because I followed a few great ones and thought I could do it too. Why not. Secondly, at the time I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but on a platform other than Facebook.

Since it’s been about two years since I started Lipstick & Cowboy Boots, I want to point you in the direction of a few of my favorite blogs! Click their blog name to check out my favorite posts they’ve done!


Levity & Lipstick

Danika is the wife to PRCA Team Roper Ryle Smith, and travels down the rodeo trail with him. I really hope to see him head to the WNFR so I can drool over¬†Danika’s style, and a few more blog posts from her ūüėČ
What I LOVE abut Danika is that she doesn’t sugar coat life on the road.
In the post I linked, “Check Yo’self Before You Rodeo Wreck Yo’self” she talks about what we all must imagine life¬†as a rodeo wife to be like, but how it really is; WHICH I AM SO THANKFUL SHE DID, because we all get so caught up trying to keep up with the Jones’, which I am personally sick of.
We see endless images of gorgeous outfits sitting in the bleachers cheering for husbands and boyfriends, but miss the dose of reality which she perfectly describes in her post.
ALSO, she has her own brand of Lipstick, which DOES ship to Canada.


Rodeo Grind

Gina has been at it since February of this year, and is absolutely KILLIN’ it with each post she does.
She studied Communications at Eastern New Mexico University, and is super handy in the team roping & barrel racing pen. I was VERY impressed when I saw her futurity horse work last year. Gina is ridiculously well spoken. Seriously, read a post and I dare you to tell me otherwise. Whether she is writing poems on her blog, or digging deep on Canadian Professional Rodeo Association politics, everyone up in Canada looks forward to each Wednesday morning when she posts her latest and greatest! Check out Gina’s fall fashion picks in the link above ūüėČ


Whiskey & Pickle Juice

Adventures of Tayla & Dana If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, check this blog out. Way back when, I actually interviewed Tayla for one of her other ventures. Eat Beef, Drill Oil, Rope Calves. Tayla is witty, sassy, and smart. She studied Journalism and Print Media at SAIT (Man oh man, when I learn these ladies stats, I really think I am a little fish swimming with Sharks in this blog business) Tayla and Dana¬†head out on adventures around the world. Tayla is¬†currently planning her¬†UK trip & Dana is outlining her India & Brazil trip! On the blog they also discuss their online dating experiences etc. I enjoy their blog because it’s relatable and hilarious. Check it out for yourself!


Remarkable Sparkling Mess

This particular blog post that Hannah Barrett wrote just made me happy because someone out in the world had all the same guilty pleasures as me and wasn’t afraid to share it all the while, being perfectly written. ( I WISH I had half the writing talent these ladies all have. Even just the talent in their right hand!)


With a Western Twist

I began talking to Louisa when I had to hunt her down for the Top 16 Under 25 for Western Horse Review Magazine. Naturally I went to Facebook to find each person, tried sending a message, but we all know it goes to the message request box which no one ever seems to see, so I clicked Add Friend. With this, I happily stumbled upon Louisa’s own blog. Shes a passionate writer which you can see when you read anything she has written. My current fave is the blog linked.¬†Even though her blog’s main audience may be girls in the cutting pen, this post speaks to anyone whose got on a horse to go compete. THANK YOU for writing this one Louisa!


The Cowgirl Manifesto

Marissa was one of the reasons I began writing. I loved everything she wrote about. I loved that she had an opinion and was sharing it with the world. I loved that it all revolved around barrel racing, I loved that she was funny, and I loved that she was real with what she was writing. That is what all of these blogs have in common. They’re not sugar coated crap. They’re straight forward, and say what they mean and how they feel, and it’s often relatable for many of us.

What are your favorite blogs? Leave a comment below!



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