Belle Starr – One Year Later

November of last year, I introduced my readers to a little boutique that was based out of Tofield, Alberta, but via the inter web only. The 5 year plan was to have Belle Starr Boutique in the town of Tofield, with a cute storefront, and still an online presence.  Fast forward to 2015 and the 5 Year Plan turned into an under 1 year plan. June 27th 2015, Belle Starr was up and running in town. Of course there is always room to grow, but its exciting to see a local business grow so fast and see success.  Belle Starr Boutique is another perfect example that following your dreams with hard work pays off.   The boutique will be returning to the Dodge City Marketplace at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton this year, with all of their new stock that was hand picked during a road trip to the Dallas Market & to Pendleton this summer. Of course, if you cannot make it to Edmonton during the CFR you can always head out to Tofield and stop by to visit the store.


Shelby Bochon-Duffy in Belle Starr Boutique wearing a blue aztec dress that you can purchase from the store. I NEED it!

How was the first year of business for Belle Starr Boutique?

The first year has been crazy! When I said I wanted a store front last year at this time, I was thinking it was a few years away! Watching this grow and come together has been a gratifying experience. You work hard and you see the results. It makes me proud of myself. It’s like a little business baby.

What big changes have you dealt with in the first year of owning the boutique?
The biggest change has been my lack of time for anything else! It’s all business all the time! I’ve grown up with both of my parents running their own business and always talking business. There is no real break from it! Even when I’m not working I’m thinking about work. Even being out, what you say and do reflects on your business. I’m much more carful with my opinions and my actions.


The store looks outstanding! Shelby needs to get into interior designing next.

There is always so much to learn when owning a business; What have you learnt in the first year?
I have learnt that you can’t do everything. You have to make sacrifices in your personal life to get ahead in business. It sounds so cliche but I’ve learnt that hard work really and truly pays off. I’ve learnt that the support of your family is really what matters the most, I wouldn’t be who I am today, or where I am today with out my parents. I’m so lucky to have that support.

Where do you see Belle Starr in another year from now?
In a year I would like my online business to be stupid busy, to have my business be well known. I would like to expand and bring in more lines that people love. I would like to hire on more girls so I’m not spreading myself too thin! I want to be able to go more mobile with it and not have to worry about the store front, I’m so lucky to have my girls who work for me now (Shelby Coupland and Kassidy Gates, I wouldn’t be ready for CFR if it wasn’t for those two!) And boots! I want so badly to get big enough that I can sell boots!


What fashion trends did you see on your trip down south that you want to bring here?

There was so much we saw on the buying trip. It was overwhelming! My favorite thing I saw though was boot rugs. I want them so badly! The just make an outfit look so Bad Ass!
The biggest thing I noticed though is all the girls down there just wear what ever they want and own it! Versus up here, I find that we are so much more toned down! Just wear what ever you want and rock it! It doesn’t matter if you’re the only person wearing it, own your own style!

What lines of clothing are you now carrying?
As of now, I have Dale Brisby, Cowboy Fresh, Pink Cattlelac, SAYiWON’T, Wrangler and then my hand picked ladies clothes from wholesale houses, “Southern Flair” is what I call it.


What are your fashion must haves?

Right now I am all about Aztecs prints. Obsessed actually. I’m liking layers, belts and big jewelry! I love wraps too! .

Whats your favorite pair of cowboy boots, and favorite lipstick?
My all time favorite boots are my square toe Tony Lamas. I need them re-soled I wear them so much! My favorite lipstick is, Sexer- iridescent fluorescent pink by Kat Von d


Don’t forget to say hi to the girls of Belle Starr Boutique during the CFR!! I am excited for the future of this store, and hope they continue to grow and succeed! 


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